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Kelly's First Time

Kelly's First Time

Kelly's first lesbian experience
I was the summer of my 19th birthday, and college parties were the norm. I had been in a few relationships with guys, but they never seemed to work out. There was always one problem or the other. I often found out they were cheating on me, and this really upset me.

My name is Kelly and back then I was sort of innocent to the ways of the world. I had dark hair that I always kept short; my brown eyes are big and round, that helped that innocent look I had about me.

I had just finished yet another relationship with a guy and was feeling depressed. I sat at my desk in college and saw a note sticking out of my bag, I knew it wasn't there before I got to class. I ripped open the envelope and saw a cream colored card. I scanned my eyes over it and smiled as I read.

You are invited to Jessica's slumber party.

I knew all about Jessica, she was one of the wealthy girls in college; apparently, she didn't want any help from her parents when it came to education and that's why she ended up in our college instead of going to a high class university.

Jessica is what I'd call a leggy blond. It was obviously not her real color; I could tell by her dark roots that she dyed her hair. She was beautiful and knew how to get things done. She was always the one volunteering to do things that the professors asked, an all round good girl.

I looked at the invite it said to come in pajamas or lingerie, I knew most girls would opt for pajamas, so I would try and get some lingerie to be different.

I spent the rest of my day daydreaming and thinking of Jessica. I saw her after class, and she gave a knowing smile that made my heart flutter. She knew was thinking of her, I was sure of it. I knew when the time came I would be hers.

Finally the end of the day came, and as I was walking out a felt a pair of arms slide around my waist. There was a peck on my neck and whisper in my ear.

"You’re coming tonight, right?"

I turned around to see Jessica's smiling face. I nodded at her and she seemed to beam with joy. "Dress sexy for me Kelly, and I will make all your dreams come true."

I blushed I had never been spoken to this way, not even by a guy, it made my legs shake. I knew Jessica had something planned and I could not wait to find out what.

I left college and went straight to the shopping mall, where I went into the lingerie shop. I looked at all the revealing lingerie on offer, and decided on a black lace one piece with matching stockings. I knew I would look amazing and went to the changing rooms to try it on. I have to say I looked sexy. I even turned myself on looking in the mirror.

I paid for my clothes and went home.

I had a hot bath and put on my best perfume. I put a black lace ribbon round my neck and put on my lingerie. Just in case my mom saw me leave, I put on a black skirt and a T-shirt on top my lingerie and left the house.

I drove down the quiet street till I got to the nice part of town. The apartment buildings were tall and all very elegant. Jessica's parents had bought her a nice apartment not too far from college so she could drive to and fro easily.

I rang the bell and waited for an answer, I heard her cheerful voice, and when I told her it was me she hastened me to come up.

When I arrived up three flights of stairs she was at the door waiting for me. My tongue must have hit the floor as she looked amazing.

She wore pink lace bra and panty set that looked amazing against her lightly tanned skin. She smiled at me, and invited me in. She handed me a glass of wine and urged me to undress. I took off my T-shirt and skirt and watched as she whistled her approval.

"Wow Kelly, you look fucking incredible. ״

I blushed as she took me by the hand and led me to the couch. We sat looking at each other while slow music played in the background. Jessica's hand slowly slid over my leg and up over my belly. I knew what was coming, and I wanted it as much as I knew she did.

Her hand rested on my breast as she looked into my eyes. I smiled shyly at her and leaned forward. She seemed to take the hint and leaned in too. Our lips touched and I could feel the electricity jolt through my body.

My first kiss with another felt amazing as she slipped her tongue into my mouth. I licked her tongue and could feel her breath heavily through her nose as we kissed. Her hands slid over my body and she gently cupped my crotch. She just rested her hand there feeling the warmth of my body.

We parted and she looked deeply into my eyes.

"Kelly, I have a confession to make. You are the only one I invited; no one else is coming. I have wanted you for so long and it was the only way I could think if getting you here."

I don't know what came over me but I just smiled and pushed back on the couch. I climbed on top of her and again started to kiss her. We made out like we were in heat and I could feel Jessica's hands on my back and butt pulling me close to her.

I slipped my arms underneath her, hugging her close to me as at the same time unclasping her bra. She realized what I was doing and pull down the straps of my one piece freeing my breasts.

I sat up pulling her up with me, our lips still locked in passion. I pulled at her bra feeling the material fall away from her breasts, and her nipples pressing against me.

I pulled away and blushed. "I have never done anything like this before," I said sheepishly.

She smiled and stood up. She held out her hand for me to take and led me into a large bedroom.

"Don't worry babe I'll teach you everything you need to know." She sat back on the bed and motioned for me to lie back next to her. She pulled the straps on my one piece down to my hips exposing my breasts properly.

Her hand rested on my breasts and she slowly started to caress and squeeze them. She leaned forward kissing my breasts before taking a nipple into her mouth. She slowly started to lick and suck hard on my nipple, making me groan with pleasure.

I could feel her teeth graze gently then bite on my nipple before sucking and licking them once more. It felt so good, making my body shake with anticipation.

Jessica smiled up at me as she put her hands on my one piece and gently peeled them off me. She held my legs together and lifted them up. As she held on the back of my thighs keeping my legs in the air she started to kiss my butt.

I could feel the wetness of her tongue trace my round ass. That was when I felt it; I felt her tongue slide over the crack of my pussy. It was the first time anyone had ever licked my there. I had sex many timed and been fingered, but the boys had never licked me.

Jessica let my legs down and spread them. She gave low whistle before slipping her head between my legs once more. She definitely knew what she was doing, as her tongue darted over my already juiced up quim.

I groaned and whimpered in time with her tongue. She seemed to take great pleasure in this, and sucked hard on my pussy lips stretching them and pulling them with her mouth.

I slid my hand through her hair as she went to town on me, forcing her onto my pussy more. I knew I was close to orgasm as my telltale signs were coming thick and fast.

I was losing breath and my body was starting to have a mind of its own. My body started to shake, first a quiver then more violently, and to top it all off I started to get a tingle on my foot. That was when I knew I was there. I let out a moan and pushed Jessica's head away. My body went taut as I screamed my orgasm.

Jessica stood up and smiled down at me. She peeled off her pink panties and lay next to me on the bed. We kissed gently as she placed my hand in her crotch, she was sopping wet.

"Kelly I want you to eat me out, just do what I did to you, and we will both enjoy it."

I smiled at her and gave her another peck on the lips. I kissed down her neck till I got to her perfect breasts and gently suck and licked on first one then the other nipple. I then gently kissed down her firm belly to her clean shaven snatch. It was smooth and I quite liked the feel against my nose.

I gently gave a lick at her already sopping wet slit; she tasted amazing, she gave a small satisfied coo as I dipped my tongue into her honey pot.

I lay there on my belly with my head between another girl's legs. I would never have thought it possible, but there I was and I was enjoying every second.

I closed my eyes savoring the smell and taste of my new friend as she placed her hand on my head. I could feel her grind her pussy against my face as her groans grew louder with every lick.

Every second that past, my licks got quicker and her moans got louder. She pushed my head away and grabbed hold of her pussy. She rubbed herself hard and to my amazement she squirted a small stream of cum that seemed to disappear as quickly as it came.

Jessica smiled shyly at me and pulled me up for a kiss. We sat there kissing for what seemed like an age before she said. "Kelly I am going to fuck your brains out."

I watched as she stood up and walked over to her chest of drawers. She fished in her top drawer, and I gave a huge grin when she pulled out what looked suspiciously like a dildo in a harness. I had seen strap-ons in porn and the internet but never up close.

I watched with intrigue as she stepped into it like she was putting on panties. She slid it up her waist and tightened the straps. She walked back over to me and smile. She told me to lie on my back so she could fuck me missionary style. I smiled and did as was told. Jessica slid her hand over my pussy making her hand wet with all my juices.

She slid her hand up and down the shaft of her dildo lubing it up before climbing in top of me and pushing her "cock" into my waiting hole. I groaned as she started to move her hips slowly. I could feel the plastic toy slide in and out of me as she leaned forward and slowly started to kiss me.

Slowly Jessica's hips started to move faster, and I could feel wave after wave of pleasure overtake me. She then sat up; placing both hands on my breasts ad age seemed to drive her "cock" into me. I screamed and groaned, she seemed to take pleasure in hearing me moan.

She lifted my legs so were resting on her shoulders. She held my legs in place and drove her hips hard. My body had already started to shake as another orgasm rippled through me.

Finally Jessica relented and pull the dildo from my aching pussy. She peeled off the strap-on and climbed on top of me. We kissed slowly and deliberately as she held me close.

Jessica lay back on the bed and motioned for me to lay with her. I lay next to her resting my head on her shoulder. She pulled the bed sheets over us and slipped her arm around my waist. We lay there out of breath listening to each other breathe. I could feel her head snuggle closer to mine.

"Kelly I really like you, I would love for you to be my friend so we can do this again."


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