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Kilt Night

Will tonight live up to an entire year of anticipation?
It’s been about a year since we’ve met, we even worked together for a few months. We often meet at the bar, giggling over beers and shared cigarettes as we roll our eyes at the boys trying to get in our pants. I tease you every time that one of these nights I am going to get you drunk to take advantage of you; you just laugh it off as me being playful. You have no idea how serious I am, and how tonight will be the night I make my dreams come true.

Tonight our local group of Scottish friends is having a kilt night at the local microbrewery and we are both going. At the last minute my husband has to work and can’t come with us as originally planned; I feign being heartbroken but in reality am pleased I get you to myself tonight. My sister is out of town for the week and I am watching her house, which means we will have the house to ourselves without worries of your roommates or my husband bothering us. I have you meet me at her house so we can get ready and you will have to come back here when we are dropped off. The excuse I’ve used is that because the house has two bedrooms you can sleep there if you’ve had too much to drink without worries of sleeping on the couch or being otherwise uncomfortable.

You arrive at 7pm to get ready, I am still in the shower, but have pre-warned you to just come in while I finish getting ready. I hear your voice as you open the bathroom door a crack to let me know you’ve arrived. At the sound of your voice, my nipples harden and I feel the electricity surge through my body under the hot water. My fingers trace the water down my body to my cleft and gently separate my clean-shaven lips to rub my hard button. I wonder to myself how long I will wait tonight to feel your hands on my hot flesh. Despite the urge, I stop rubbing myself and turn off the shower. As much as I want to climax, I know by denying myself right now it will be so much stronger with you.

I wrap myself in a big towel and enter the bedroom to see you in process of changing with your back to me. We have decided to wear our Renaissance festival gear tonight, which means I will have to tie your corset, which brings me that much nearer your milky white breasts. From behind, I can see the outline of your breast and the shadow of the barbell piercing through your nipple. The dragon tattoo on your back captures my attention; I have seen both the pieces on your arms and shoulders but never had a chance to see the dragon’s tail snaking down across your spine. It is so realistic looking that without thinking I reach my hand out to trace it.

My touch startles you. As you gasp, I pull my hand back. As you turn to look at me, I can see your nipples have grown hard, I wonder if they are hard because of being exposed to the air or from the pleasure of my touch. I have pushed too far already, fearing I have pushed you away I apologize and excuse myself to let you finish changing. You grab at my arm and pull me back into the room, telling me I don’t have to leave. As you pull your hand away, the backs of your fingers brush against my nipples through the towel. As you realize what you’ve done instead of pulling your hand back, you raise your eyebrow seductively and press your hand harder against me. Your tattoos are reflected back to me in the mirror and I can see your nipples growing harder as you contemplate your next move.

I see you torn between your baser urges and your thoughts, part of you wants to succumb to me and part of you is scared to. I desperately want you, but only if you want me back. I want to seduce you yes, but only if you willingly submit yourself to the pleasure you desire. I offer to help you dress, to change the subject and move on with the night, alleviating your fears; we quickly dress and head to the microbrewery for the festivities. We wisely have decided to travel by cab this evening so that we can enjoy ourselves without worry of safely returning home.

We are the hit of the night with the boys, mostly because we each have almost all our cleavage exposed over the tops of our corsets. Many pretzels and pieces of popcorn are tossed into our décolletage as the boys got more and more drunk. The more beers I have, the bolder I become. I keep “accidentally” brushing against your thighs trying to adjust my skirt. Gauging your reaction is difficult; you aren’t trying to stop me or shifting away from me when I touch you, but at the same time you aren’t reacting at all. I am wondering if you even realize what is happening. A few minutes later you have to use the bathroom and tell me to come with you. Instead of choosing the public restroom with the multiple stalls, you walk toward the large unisex handicapped bathroom. I find this odd, because normally you are very shy when it comes to us being in the bathroom together.

As soon as the door is closed and locked behind us, you pin me to the door and lightly kiss my lips. Your 6’ slight frame appears more imposing in this moment than ever before. Your breasts heave as your breathing grows labored. My lips part and I feel your tongue enter my mouth. As our tongues mingle together, I rub my hands along your sides. You pull me closer to you while tracing the tops of my breasts with your fingertip. My nipples are growing hard from your touch. I break our kiss to lightly kiss and nibble on your neck. I can feel your pierced nipples straining against your corset. I pull your left breast from under the corset, freeing it to the cold air of the bathroom. Dropping my face to your chest, I lick and bite at your nipple, sucking it and the barbell through it into my mouth. I hear quiet moans escaping your lips as I tease your nipple. I can tell you are nearing orgasm from my stimulation and pull the other nipple out to tweak with my hand. You struggle to come quietly as I ravage your nipples simultaneously. I am taking no prisoners, and I want you to know that I will ensure pleasure ripples through your body multiple times tonight. You grip my head to your breasts as you struggle to catch your breath. As your breathing returns to normal, your icy blue eyes lock on my hazel ones. I can see the hunger burning in them and know tonight you will be mine.

We return to the table, much to the pleasure of the boys, in an obvious state of disarray. Your chest is still flushed from your orgasm and my hair is a mess of curls from where you had gripped me during your orgasm. If any of them know what went on in that bathroom, no one is talking. Another round of beers arrive and we toast to nipples, because without them breasts would be pointless. You blush as I giggle at our private joke. I rest my hand on your knee over your skirt under the table, wanting to maintain our earlier connection. You reciprocate after pulling my chemise (a long cotton or muslin dress worn under a corset or bodice to cover the exposed flesh) to my knee. Your touch on my bare skin ignites my passion again.

Your orgasm has made you bold; as we drink and chat, you move your hands closer and closer to my clean-shaven mound. What you don’t know is that I dressed tonight; I never put on any panties in anticipation of this moment. I can feel myself growing wetter as you draw closer to my cleft. I can see the wheels turning in your mind as you try and appear nonchalant while drinking your beer. It is almost like you keep daring yourself to go higher up my leg, challenging me to stop you, and challenging yourself to draw new boundaries. As your fingertips brush against my wet bare lips, you nearly spit your beer out as you realize what you are actually feeling. Our friend Paul notices the look on your face and asks if you’re okay. Making up some excuse you change the subject, but never remove your hand from my mound.

You probe my wet folds and find my clit standing at attention; you brush your fingertips against it over and over again, bringing me to the brink of orgasm before allowing me to climax quietly at the table surrounded by our kilted friends. As I come down from my climax, I see you surreptitiously clean your fingers of my juices. I nearly climax again as I see you licking your fingers clean. Paul catches your eye and raises an eyebrow to question you. You respond that you got beer all over your hand and you would hate to waste it. It is obvious he doesn’t believe you, but nothing more is said.

You follow me the next time I go to the bathroom. Not knowing you are behind me, I go to the public restroom instead of the handicapped. You grab my arm from behind and pull me into the handicapped stall. Before I can realize what is happening, you have me on top of the changing table in the stall and my skirts pulled up to expose my bare mound. My juices were still glistening on my bare lips, and you wasted no time before gently separating my folds with your tongue. As the barbell through your tongue rubbed my still engorged and sensitive clit, the tip of your tongue dipped into my cavern to taste my juices. I struggled to remain quiet enough to keep our activities secret. We visit this location often and neither of us would want to have the embarrassment of the employees knowing we were fucking in the bathrooms.

You quickly stand and bury your tongue in my mouth again, muffling my moans and allowing me to taste myself on your tongue. You quickly shove two fingers deep within me and rub my g-spot while teasing my clit with your thumb. If not for your tongue in my mouth, my screams would have given away our activities almost immediately. Almost as quickly as we started, I climaxed again and you held my trembling body as I tried to catch my breath. As our eyes locked, I knew you were ready to submit to your desires willingly. We quickly paid the tab and instead of calling the cab, Paul agreed to drop us off at my sisters.

As soon as we got in the door, I text my husband to let him know we had arrived safely and were going to bed. I failed to mention that we were going to bed together, that was a part of the story he didn’t need to know. We joked that I stood a better chance of getting into your pants than he did, and I was proving that comment correct tonight.

I slowly untie your corset, allowing your milky white 34C breasts to fall naturally. I unzip your skirt and let it fall to the floor, and then unbutton the corset to remove it. You stand before me wearing only a small black mesh thong that is obviously soaked through with your juices. You quickly undress me, exposing my breasts and quickly taking a nipple in your mouth. As you suck and bite my nipples, I push aside the fabric of your panties to stroke your wet slit. I can feel the ring in your clit and tug it hard enough to cause the combination of pleasure and pain I know you like. You become distracted as the bolts of pain and pleasure shoot straight to your clit. I use the moment to my advantage and push you toward the bed. I sit you on the edge of the bed and push you back. Pulling your soaked panties off, I positioned your soaking wet pussy right off the edge of the bed so I could lick and suck it from the floor.

I slowly lick from the base of your slit to the clit and pull the entire piercing into my mouth, using my tongue to flip it around. You are already grinding your pussy against my face and I know I am doing it right. Your hands run through my hair, pulling me deeper into you. My tongue teases your clit as my teeth tug on the ring. You are screaming my name and thrashing about on the bed; I know you are getting close. I am quickly rewarded with a rush of your juices as you climax all over my face. I climb up to straddle you and kiss you deeply. You suck your juices from my tongue as you rub and pinch my nipples.

We readjust on the bed and continue making out and caressing each other’s bodies as our excitement levels return to normal. Snuggled next to you in the bed I feel safe, almost like I’m home. I am glad we finally took the leap and gave in to our hormones. Kissing you deeply I thank you for tonight before we fall asleep in each other’s arms.

I’m supposed to go visit a friend in New Orleans in April; do you want to tag along? ;-)

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