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Kissing 'cousins'

This is my first story hope you like

Angie and I call ourselves cousins yet we could not be any more different in appearance.   She is tall, blonde, tanned, and naturally slim the kind of girl or the boys loved. Me I am on the shorter side of average height olive skinned brunette and worked hard to keep my figure curvy. Angie and I are not actually biologically cousins but our parents are best friends and we have grown up together calling each other’s parents Aunty and Uncle.

Angie I were best friends growing up and told each other all our childhood secrets – naturally as we got older our secrets got more and more X-rated we shared everything. By the time we where 22 Angie had settled down with an older man Tom who is in his late 30s business man, has already been married once has young children and   little or no interest in socialising. Angie however still liked to party every now and then. This caused frequent arguments as her Tom tried to control her more and more.

Whenever they argued he would storm off and she would ring me. I would then go around there to comfort her. I found that I started to enjoy comforting Angie and that I was finding myself becoming attracted to her. I enjoyed holding her head against my breasts as she sobbed.

Angie and I frequently visited the gym together and I found myself sneaking looks at her body in the changing room afterwards. Her small perky breasts, her toned tight butt and long slim legs and the thin landing strip on her pussy.

I found myself thinking about Angie more and more. Although I had not been with a women before I started to wonder what it would be like to be with Angie and whether this was wrong even if we were not biologically related we had still grown up like cousins.

Angie's boyfriend was going out of town to a conference for a few days. She phoned me and asked if I wanted to stay over – it would be just like when we were kids she said we could rent some movies, we could stay up all night talking but now that we where adults we could have a few wines as well. I eagerly agreed Angie and I had not had a ‘sleep over’ since our late teens.

When I arrived Angie had already rented some movies and set up her lounge room so that we could sleep in there just like when we would have sleep over’s as kids. Angie was already dressed like she was ready for bed in tight boxer shorts that hugged her arse and a tight t-shirt that showed her flat tummy. She asked me if I wanted to get in to my PJs as well while she poured us a wine.

I excused myself to get changed as I undressed and dressed in my own shortie PJs I thought about how much I wanted to be with Angie, how wrong it was – what would our parents think if they ever found out? And would Angie even want to be with me anyway.

I returned to the lounge room where Angie had our wine poured – she suggested we chat awhile over our drinks before we started to watch the movies.

As we sat on the couch I found myself easily relaxing as Angie and I chatted about old times, the ‘family’ holidays we had together as kids, our first boyfriends, laughing about how we had told each other all the awkward details of the first time we had sex. The wine flowed freely and before I knew it I felt tipsy so knew Angie must feel the same way.

Out of nowhere Angie said to me

“I have seen you looking at me in the change rooms at the gym’’

“I have not’’ I tried to protest

“You have so” she said, “I know because I have been looking at you as well”

I was taken aback not sure what to say.

Angie started to rub my leg

“I have really appreciated how you have been there for me after every argument with Tom”

“Thanks” I mumbled awkwardly not sure what to reply.

“Sometimes Tom makes me feel as if I am not attractive’’  

“Do you think” I am attractive she asked

“Of course I do I reply

With that she begins to kiss me I cannot believe this is happening it is something   I begin to kiss her   back slow and soft at first then more and more forcefully.   Angie pulled away taking my wine glass of me and placing both mine and her wine glasses on the ground. Angie kissed me even more forcefully pushing herself on top of me as she lay on top of me she began to suck and lick my neck, my pussy was already wet and throbbing aching for more.

Forcefully I rolled myself and Angie off the couch so that we land on the mattress she has set up for us early giving us more room to move around. I began work my way down her sexy body kissing the outside of her t-shirt   I can see how erect her nipples are. I left up her shirt and my finger over one erect nipple then the other   the soft moans that Angie lets out makes my pussy throb even more. I place my mouth over one nipple and begin to lick and suck although I have not been with a woman before I know just what to do – I know what I like after all. I remove Angie’s T-shirt completely as I move from one breast to the other listen to her moan as my hand works its way downwards and I rub her pussy from the outside of her pants. Her soft moans driving me wild.

We toss and turn as she removes my top also, grinding herself against me making my pussy so wet. I feel her hand slid down my pants and her finger slid in to my now soaking pussy as her finger moves inside me I can feel my juices following on to her finger.   She removes her finger and starts to suck my juices of it.

“mmmmmmmmm , nice “ she says

This drives me wild. I sit up take hold of her and shove her down on the mattress licking and sucking and kissing all over her body. I tell her to lift her butt up while I remove her shorts exposing her pussy. I work my way down kissing her all over her stomach I can tell by the way she is wiggling and lifting her tight arse up that she wants my lips on her pussy – I decide I want to tease her, So I blow gently on her pussy before starting to lick up and down her thighs, and then kissing her stomach again. I can tell this is driving her wild and it is making my own pussy even wetter.

Finally I cannot resist any longer and I start to gently lick the outside of her pussy which tastes so sweet. I flick my tongue around the outside then gently suck her lips. Her moans tell me she likes it.

I insert one finger than another than another as I start to finger   fuck her. I part her pussy lips and start licking sucking and fingering her listening to her loud moans, her heavy breathing all the time getting hornier and hornier myself I reach down to my own pussy that is now so wet there is a patch on my PJ shorts.

Noticing this Angie says

“My turn, my turn” which reminds me of when we were kids and she used to demand her turn on the swing.

There is no teasing from Angie as she pushes me down takes of my shorts and shoves her mouth straight on to my throbbing pussy, licking and sucking better than any man has before.   I am in ecstasy as   flicks her tongue   around my clit.

I don’t want her to stop but at the same time I want to suck her pussy again.

“shall we 69” I ask

“fuck yeah” she replies.

She positions herself so that she is on top of me her pussy near my mouth

“you eat pussy much better Tom does’’ she says before she starts to suck my pussy again.

I pull her towards me loving the taste of her sweet pussy which muffles my loud moans as we lick and suck each other.

I start to finger fuck her hard which makes her suck my pussy even harder.

We are both screaming loud with pleasure by now and I can feel my body tensing reading to orgasm

“I think I am going to cum” I say

“ me too she replies”

“don’t fucking stop then” I say as I shove my fingers in her harder and harder

I feel her body tense at the same time as mine   we both let out long loud moans as we orgasm together.

As she settles down beside me she says

“see I fucking knew you where sneaking a peak at the gym”

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