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Knowing One's Place

Miss Caitlin knows everything...
Megan reluctantly turns back into the magnificent bedroom, the air still thick with the exotic cocktail of schoolgirl pussy juices mixing with the residual puddles of cum on the floor; a heavy aroma that fills her head with sexual thoughts and bringing her back to an aroused state, despite having squirted merely minutes ago. Caitlin has her back to Megan before turning around, her eyes with a warm seductive glow; indicating for Megan to sit down.

“Now Megan, how did you enjoy Becky’s punishment? Did she please you enough?” asks Caitlin softly.

“Oh yes Miss Caitlin,” replies Megan, relieved that she’s not in trouble. “She was amazing, I’ve never squirted before.”

“Becky received a more lenient punishment as she lied to me and not for the first time either. Your punishment however, is still undecided,” murmurs Caitlin, carefully watching the smile slide of Megan’s beautiful face. Paralysed in fear, Megan can’t even answer her mistress for fear of her punishment. “I will let you go for now Megan, but please remember – I am in charge and I also have the power to humiliate you further. I expect you are late for supper so you are excused,” finishes Caitlin quietly.

Megan scuttles out of Caitlin’s house and runs home, tears forming as she approaches her front door. A quick wipe of her eyes and a deep breath to compose herself and she opens the door, attempting to explain herself to her parents – something that never goes well. As predicted, her parents refuse to listen to her and she is grounded for two weeks. The only saving grace of the punishment was that it meant her other punishment from her mistress will have to be postponed. Once she is alone, she breathes a deep sigh of relief and she continues her daily life – almost forgetting about Miss Caitlin. A knock on the front door interrupts her solitary confinement and she sneaks out of her room and listens from the top of the stairs.

“Hello! Could I please have a very quick word with Megan? I know she is grounded, but this really won’t take long,” says a soft seductive voice. Reluctantly, Megan’s mother agrees to the short meet – she asks who she should say is waiting.

“It’s Miss Caitlin,” murmurs the girl. Feeling her insides freeze with panic, Megan slides away from the stairs and returns to her room, waiting for the news. Megan is escorted down the stairs by her mother, and she stays in view.

“I hope you haven’t forgotten your punishment my dear girl. As soon as you are out, I hope you are ready,” whispers Caitlin softly, before kissing her softly on the mouth – taking the young girl by surprise, and also shocking her mother standing behind her. Caitlin puts her hand on a table behind Megan, leaving a small package behind, and waves goodbye – letting Megan deal with a now very curious mother. Megan’s heart sinks, now having to explain what just happened and also having to explain why she’s called Miss Caitlin.

Finally having escaped her mother’s incessant questions and served her time – Megan slowly makes her way to Caitlin’s, dreading what she has in store for her. She arrives and is led straight to the punishment chambers, but her heart lifts when she sees only three other girls; a pleasant surprise as she expected all of the girls to bear witness. She notices that Becky is back in the stocks she was previously in, Miss Caitlin tending to her; but the other girl brunette girl standing just out of reach of Becky, slowly stroking her pussy with her fingers – spreading her pussy apart as her fingers taunt and tease Becky, helpless to do anything. The unknown brunette signals to Caitlin that the girl has arrived.

“Ah Megan; I’m glad you can join us. You are already familiar with Becky,” gesturing to the bound girl. “This is Emma – she is the other senior of our group. She is also very good at teasing,” says Caitlin, a smirk beginning to appear. She releases Becky from the stocks and gestures for Megan to take her place; with cold dread sending a shiver up her spine, Megan removes her clothes and gingerly places her hands and head in the appropriate restraints – wincing slightly as the restraints are locked into place.

Becky moves in front of Megan, kneeling down and softly kissing her before Megan feels the sharp sting on her bum; increasing in speed and strength each time as her cute little bum is spanked. The poor girl tries to focus on kissing the beautiful blonde in front of her, but cannot escape the undeniable fact that she is now heavily aroused – a soft moan escaping her lips as her pussy moistens with every spank.

“Oh look Miss Caitlin, I think she’s enjoying this too much!” giggles Emma, pointing at the wet pussy lips. Megan blushes in humiliation, knowing that her pussy is going to be dripping wet in a few moments. “May I please tease her Miss Caitlin?”

“Oh I think she is ready now,” replies Caitlin, moving round to speak to Megan. “Now Megan – you are not allowed to cum under any circumstance. If you do, then we will increase the length of time until you learn to control yourself. I am in charge and only when I explicitly give you permission to cum, are you allowed to. Do you understand?”

“Yes Miss Caitlin,” whispers the girl, her voice heavy with humiliation. Caitlin then pulls Becky away to the bed, leaving Emma to bring Megan to the brink – and beyond.

Emma moves in front of Megan, planting a sensual kiss to arouse her more – then slowly stroking over her body as she approaches her bare ass. Already moaning softly from the soft touches, Megan squirms as she feels Emma’s slender fingers stroke her moist pussy lips; struggling to control her urges already: desperate to cum, Megan rocks her hips against Emma’s fingers, slowly feeling the tingle in her pussy travel up towards her stomach. Emma teasingly licks Megan’s wet pussy lips, sucking on them – setting Megan’s pussy on fire, her lips rapidly swelling up; her clit pushing its way out, getting more and more sensitive by the second. Emma blows on Megan’s hot pussy, the teasing breeze making Megan squirm even more.

“Now remember Megan, you are not allowed cum!” giggles Emma. Moans from the bed provide a small distraction as Becky appears to be providing Miss Caitlin with pleasure while watching Emma push Megan’s pussy to the limits; Emma brings the girl’s attention back by slowly sliding a finger into her soaking pussy, causing an involuntary jerk of the hips. Emma promptly fingers the poor girl faster, managing to extract louder moans; moving her head between her legs and sucking on the swollen clit, plunging her fingers deeper into Megan’s pussy. She looks up to see Becky and Caitlin watching her intently; and her pussy struggling to contain her girly cum – beginning to squeeze around Emma’s finger. Megan whimpers, feeling a sharp slap on the inside of her thighs.

“Naughty girl! We’ve only just started and you’re ready to cum so soon!” says Emma sharply. She spanks Megan’s inner thighs again just as Caitlin approaches, to get a closer look; Emma slides a second finger into Megan’s incredibly moist pussy, stretching it and beginning to finger her faster. Caitlin smirks as she watches Megan try to control her hot pussy, desperately trying to stop herself cumming – her moans and whimpers increasing drastically in volume as she struggles, rattling the restraints. Emma expertly hits Megan’s g-spot, which results in shout from the girl; now begging for permission to cum. Emma looks up at her mistress who denies permission yet again; Caitlin slowly sits down in front of Megan, spreading her legs and starting to tease the restrained girl by stroking her own pussy – moaning as she slides her fingers deep inside. Emma continues to finger Megan faster, sliding a third finger in; followed by a fourth and then her whole hand is swallowed up by Megan’s saturated pussy.

“Ohh god please! I need to cum! Please Miss Caitlin!” begs Megan, feeling her pussy stretching over Emma’s wrist, as the hand is pumped in and out of her swollen pussy.

“No Megan, not yet,” moans Caitlin, fingering herself deeply. “You may cum after I have cum properly.”

Megan desperately gasps, her poor pussy unable to cope with the pleasure; her knees buckling over Emma’s hand, forcing it deeper inside her. Emma licks and sucks on the swollen pussy lips, moving her hand faster in the pussy as she glances at Caitlin – the mistress very close to cumming. Caitlin stuffs her long fingers into her pussy, moving it faster inside her as she begins to spank her swollen clit. She closes her eyes and pushes her hips up as she slides her fingers out of her hot pussy and rubs her clit incredibly fast; forcing her cum out and spraying Megan in the face – thus giving her permission to cum too. Megan’s moans and whimpers get louder as her poor pussy is played with – but despite having permission to cum, Emma has slowed down her motions with her hands and has managed to take Megan to the brink of cumming and now lets her down off her massive near-climax.

“Please Emma, please make me cum!” whimpers Megan, her swollen pussy lips being licked as Emma teasingly and momentarily increases her fisting before slowing down again. Slowly speeding up, Emma’s hand slides in and out of Megan’s swollen pussy; her other hand working her clit: Megan begs and pleads for more, her pussy desperate to cum and her legs giving way beneath her. Emma cruelly waits a few more moments before speeding up, quickly bringing the poor girl to the verge of orgasm again, feeling the pussy contract around her hand and the creamy cum starting to flow out of the swollen pussy. Slowly removing her hand from Megan’s pussy, Emma lightly spanks it and suddenly Megan’s cum spurts out; along with moans followed by her collapse in the restraints. Emma releases the restraints and Megan lies back, her pussy still contracting from the intense orgasm; Emma kneels down and licks the cum of her lips, sucking on Megan’s swollen pussy lips and her clit forcing the girl to cum again involuntarily.

“Oh god! No please! P-please, my pussy!” moans Megan. Emma ignores her and rubs her face in Megan’s cum soaked pussy, inhaling and swallowing the sweet cum of the girl.

“Megan, this is the most of your punishment served,” whispers Miss Caitlin. Megan whimpers, her hips bucking from the attention her swollen pussy is getting from Emma who enjoys the hot juicy liquid filling her mouth. “I left a nice little present at your house for your mother to see all of your little sessions; of course protecting everyone’s identity but yours. In fact, I left instructions for her to start watching just after you left. So she will be most pleased to see you back in such an aroused state – I hope you can do us justice,” murmurs Miss Caitlin’s powerful voice.

“She tastes lovely Miss Caitlin, can we play with her again?” asks Emma hopefully.

“Oh yes Emma. I think Becky has some interesting ideas that involve all of us and our dear Megan,” replies Caitlin, a soft smile appearing. “And of course, your ideas are welcome too Emma.”

“I can’t wait Miss Caitlin,” says a voice quietly from the floor.
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