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Lana 2

The morning after the night before
I don’t believe in the culture of ‘orgasm for orgasm.’ I suppose it is the sub in me that is happy to give a lover that pleasure and enjoy her climax for itself.

I reveled in Lana’s satisfaction. Her breathing slowed and her eyes closed almost as if she were asleep. I watched her from between her knees, occasionally kissing her pale triangle of hair and the wet lips beneath.

Lana slowly recovered from what had clearly been an earth-mover for her and, as she did, I moved to sit beside her, my arms around her and held her, our breasts nestling together, her face close to mine. I kissed her eyes. She said nothing for many minutes but I could tell she was almost purring.

Eventually she disentangled herself from me, stood and taking my hand guided me to stand and then led me to the bedroom and as she led the way she discarded her dress. As I followed her up the stairs I watched her buttocks move with a sway that was graceful, almost as if her hips were connected to her body by some soft elastic material. In the doorway of her bedroom she stopped, turning to face me. My dress was around my waist, my breasts exposed and she touched them with a sort of reverence.

Very slowly, she pushed my dress down and I stepped out of it. Now we were both clad in stockings but I alone was still wearing my pale blue knickers. She touched the front of them.

‘Pale blue shows moisture,’ she whispered.

She led me to the huge bed that dominated the room and beside it we kissed again before she pushed me gently onto the bed and I lay back and spread my legs. She stood beside the bed looking at me. In the soft light of the bedroom her pale hair contrasted with the blue of her hooded eyes and her lips curled into a smile.

‘I could eat you.’ I hoped she might! Generous I may be but at that moment I could feel my love button rubbing from between my lips on the soft silk of my knickers and I knew I could cum at the merest of intimate stimulus, words even, never mind touch.

Her long body descended to lie beside me and she rolled onto her side, looking at me intently. Her right arm slipped under my neck and curled around me, her left hand first covered my breast, gently palming my nipple before sliding down, achingly slowly over my belly and down to rest lightly, without pressure, on my knickers. I think I moaned, I know I closed my eyes and bit my lip.

‘She whispered, ‘Please, Emma, please don’t let it go until I ask you to.’

I opened my eyes and rolled my head slightly to look at her. Her request was in fact a command to my mind and I nodded at which she smiled. Her eyes now seemed harder but perhaps it was my submissive soul that saw that and interpreted her words. She kissed me, her hand resolutely still on my mound. I moved to push my hips up but she murmured to lie still and so, of course, I did. As her lips caressed mine without opening them or entering me with her tongue she traced around my upper thighs with a light fingernail. I could not prevent my legs opening wider, I had no control over them and she seemed to recognise this for she did not chastise me for moving. Her mouth moved to my chin, then down to my breast but again all she did was softly kiss my nipple. All the while her fingernail made that light scratch across my flesh above my stocking tops and I could not hold back a gasp of pleasure. Interminably she stroked and kissed and I lay still, as still as I could. I even think, in recollection, that I held my breath but my memory is clouded with so many different sensations.

Slowly she moved so that her arm left my neck and she lowered her head to my belly and now her tongue did slip from between her lips and left a damp trail across me, around my navel and the cool of her tongue felt like the heat of a candle, so did it burn me. I groaned and felt her tongue lick around the waistband of my knickers. She made no attempt to remove them but now her finger was moving under the loose leg of the silk knickers and stroking ever closer to my pussy.

Her hair brushed against my stomach as she licked me and her finger grew ever closer to my core. I wanted desperately to feel her enter me again, as she had when she’d held me away from her, looking into my eyes. And then she was. Her finger touched my lips and I knew they were already swollen and my entrance wet and ready. Her finger slithered into the heat of me and I raised my hips. Her finger instantly withdrew. I almost cried and let my bum rest again. She kissed my stomach and her finger entered me again and this time I managed to stay utterly still and she whispered, ‘Good girl.’

For anyone who is not a submissive it is hard to explain just how those two words make her feel. They are all she wants to hear, all she strives for.

Then Lana’s finger was joined by another and together they curled inside me and she began to move them relentlessly in and out, first crossing them then spreading them and I found myself moaning with ever increasing excitement but I reminded myself to lie still and the discipline helped me to hold my climax back. I am sure now that this was her intention, her aim.

Her tongue left the skin of my stomach and began to lick my knickers over my clit. There is only so much you can take.

‘Oh, God, please, Lana, please.’

My plea was met with total silence and her tongue worked more firmly and then it was in actual contact with my clit, my knickers moved aside and I was open to her. She sucked my clit, squeezed her between her lips and I totally lost it.

I screamed, ‘Please!’

Her free hand took mine and squeezed it and I knew it was my release and it triggered a massive wave of pleasure that went on and on.

I don’t remember a great deal from that moment until I woke up. It was still dark outside and Lana slept peacefully beside me – one arm thrown over me. We were covered in the soft cotton of her bed sheet. I lifted myself up onto one elbow and studied her in the little light that came through the curtains from the streetlamps outside. Her eyes were closed and she had a serenity about her.

I bent down and kissed her softly on the forehead. She did not stir. I lay back and tried to sleep but my hand would not allow it. It went down between my legs and I felt the knickers still damp there. I did not consciously start to stroke myself, it just happened. I lifted my knees and relived in my mind the loving she had given me; her soft voice, her warm skin, her busy, deft fingers. I suddenly felt another hand on mine and I turned. Lana’s eyes were open. She said nothing but her finger pressed mine against me and suddenly her finger and mine were inside me. I have no idea how they got past the silk but enter me they did and then we were together, her finger guiding mine, her hand pressing mine. I came then, not the explosive climax of the first but soft and slow. I trembled and she held my finger deep inside me as little aftershocks played through me.

‘Sleep now.’


The next time I woke up I was alone and I could hear a radio from somewhere in the house. I got out of bed, took a robe from the back of the door and went downstairs. I found her in the kitchen. She was wearing a long nightdress in deep red and it flowed like blood over her, lustrous and soft. The contrast with her hair and eyes was amazing. She poured me coffee and I didn’t say that I’d prefer tea.

Over coffee we sat at her kitchen table. I could not stop looking at her.

‘Do you have any plans for today?’

“Well.’ I said, ‘I guess I’d better get home and change at some point – I only have the evening dress that I wore last night.’

‘Tell you what; why don’t I drive you home and you can change, then a bit later and we’ll go out to dinner together?’

I said I’d love that. We ate toast and then while I showered she got dressed in a knee length skirt and blouse and then sat and watched me put the long dress back on and stuff my dirty knickers and stockings in my handbag.

‘I rather like knowing you’re naked under that!’

I grinned at her and then we went to her car parked nearby and she took me home. As soon as we got in the door she pushed me gently against the wall.

‘Stand still.’

I leaned back against the wall and once again she lifted the long dress really slowly and her hand cupped me.

‘I’ve been wanting to touch you again ever since we got dressed.’

‘I’ve been wanting you to.’

She smiled. ‘It’s odd but I almost wish you hadn’t showered. I liked smelling myself on you.’

‘I wish you’d said.’

‘One day you will know and I wont have to say.’

Odd, isn’t it, how some sentences carry more meaning than perhaps the mere words express. Her words made me feel that there was the possibility of something more than a mere night of delicious sex. It was as if she read my mind.

‘We might be good together – better perhaps than we know?’

I sensed the question in her words.

‘How can we know unless we try?’ I asked.

‘That is precisely what I was thinking.’ Her hand did not move, she just held me there as she had before and I wondered if this was something she liked to do often. I looked down at her hand.

‘I like to have you like this. It tests your obedience.’

I looked up, startled by her words and that surprise must have shown.

‘There you are you see. So much for us both to learn.’

Her eyes smiled at me and there was a kindliness and warmth that made me shiver. She took her hand away then and the dress fell once more to my ankles.

She licked her finger.

‘I think you had better get changed. You can’t go out to dinner like that. She came with me into my bedroom and I went through my wardrobe to find something to wear. She selected for me and watched as I roiled stockings on.

‘You don’t wear tights?’

‘My ex didn’t like them.’

She nodded. ‘And so you never do.’

When I had both stockings on and they were clipped securely she took my hand and had me stand up. Her hand went behind my neck and she kissed me, firmly and deeply. Then she did something that made me feel as if it was all I had ever been waiting for. She placed a hand on each of my shoulders and pushed me down, down to my knees and she held my head against her. She stroked my hair. In that moment I knew she could see into my soul. I nestled against her and my hands roamed up her legs. She lifted the skirt of her dress and I pressed my face to her panties and felt the heat of her. I turned my face to caress her with my nose and she pressed onto me.

I was kneeling like a servant before her. I kissed the silk of her panties and she stroked my hair. She came then, suddenly and hard. It was quick and exciting and it passed quickly too.

She lifted me to my feet and took my head on her shoulder.

‘This is going to be fun.’

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