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Lana 3

My relationship with Lana develops
‘What are you doing on Saturday?’

Lana hadn’t spoken to me since that last weekend. Her work was high-powered stuff, corporate bollocks she called it but I suspected it was far more complex than she suggested. Certainly she seemed to be a very high earner and my friend Gina said she was something special. As if I didn’t know that already but perhaps that was not what Gina had meant.

‘I am disturbingly available.’

I could hear her laugh at the other end of the ‘phone line.

‘I have to go down into darkest Cornwall and I wondered if you’d like to come too. I will have to leave you to your own devices for a few hours while I have a meeting but I wondered if we might not find a decent hotel somewhere and come back on the Sunday? We could drive down early on the Saturday. How does that sound?’

I agreed without hesitation.

‘Excellent – will you book a room for us?’

‘It would help to know where and is it one room or two?’

‘Launceston.’ Infuriatingly she rang off leaving me with the quandary of one room or two. I mulled on this for a while and decided to give her the option when we got there and to book two rooms – after all, I should not be presumptuous and anyway I had no idea what hoteliers in ‘darkest’ Cornwall might make of two women sharing a room.

I got a text message. ‘One you ass.’ So much for my decision making powers.

That had all taken place on the Wednesday. I found us a lovely little hotel that even said ‘gay friendly’ on its website; a statement that would normally put me right off but it looked gorgeous and the sample menu was divine. It also had a room with country views so I booked it.

Another text: ‘I’ll be with you at 8. You’re driving my car so I can read on the way down.’

Friday evening I packed. I decided on simple for the journey – a skirt and blouse – and a decent dress to wear for dinner. I packed a nightie and some of the usual stuff and went to bed early with a book which I read knowing I wouldn’t remember a thing about it in the morning. I did remember the lovely orgasm I gave myself thinking of her though.

My alarm woke me at 6am and I showered and got ready. I was, of course, excited. I hadn’t seen her since the previous weekend and so I was also a little nervous. I was even more nervous when I heard her ring my doorbell. I opened the door, suitcase already beside it and my coat over my arm despite it already being a warm spring morning.

‘Ah, good, you’re ready. Let’s get moving?’

She waited while I closed and locked my door then I looked up into her eyes and said, ‘Hello.’

She grinned. ‘Hello to you too.’

She gave me her car keys and we walked a few steps to a dark blue Jaguar.

‘I cant drive that! It’s like putting a pony club member on a racehorse.’

‘Don’t be wet. It virtually drives itself and I need to read.’

Reluctantly I got in the driving seat and studied the controls. It felt like a ‘plane’s cockpit. The leather seats were snug and there were only two pedals. I’d never driven an automatic before. Lana already had a file open on her lap and had donned a pair of reading glasses and seemed totally focused. Oh well, I thought, here goes. Gingerly I pulled away from the kerb and drove through the early morning streets of the City and out to the motorway. She was right. Within a few minutes I had grown in confidence and we barreled along the road although I kept finding myself going excessively fast and had to slow down.

In occasional glances to my left I noticed Lana was wearing a dark business suit, a white blouse that was probably silk and a pair of black, very sheer stockings with killer heels. She was every inch the professional.

‘It’s got cruise control if you want to avoid getting arrested for breaking the sound barrier.’

I laughed and slowed down yet again.

She read for a while then said, “You look good.’ That was pretty much the sum of conversation I got from her all the way through Somerset and Devon. Finally she closed the file and threw it onto the back seat.

‘I do like a woman who can be silent sometimes.’

‘I knew you had to work.’

‘Good girl, thank you. Now tell me about the hotel.’

I told her all I remembered and wondered why I had bothered to send her the email with the details. She seemed satisfied with my description of it and that was all that mattered. She directed me the last few bits of the route to her meeting which was in a big hotel on the outskirts of the town.

‘I’ll call you when I have finished. It’ll take a while so enjoy yourself.’

I watched her tall figure move lithely up the steps to the grand entrance and then drove off into the centre of town and found somewhere where I felt safe parking the beast of a car. I drew some admiring glances in it and wondered if that was why Lana had bought it.

I found a coffee shop and read a newspaper then wandered through the pretty streets. I found a little boutique that sold wonderful lingerie and indulged myself there and also bought something for Lana. I hoped she wouldn’t think it presumptuous of me but we had been intimate and so a pair of silk knickers might not be unwelcome. At the price I paid, I hoped not anyway.

It was about 3 when my ‘phone rang. ‘I’m done, could you come and get me?’

I returned to the car and drove back to the hotel and parked it. I went inside and found her sitting at a table with a cup of coffee on a table beside her and a file open in her lap. The reading glasses were perched a little way down her nose.

‘Hi – take a seat and get a coffee or something and then we can go and find the hovel you chose for us.’ I told her I didn’t need a drink but she said she needed to finish up some work so I might as well. I wondered if a relationship with Lana would be a long round of sitting in silence. Sub I may be but there are limits.

‘Sorry about that.’ She closed the file. As she slipped into her brief case she said, ‘I don’t mean to be rude but this was important and difficult and I needed to concentrate but now I am all yours.’ Her smile may have been matched by my own. ‘What have you been up to?”

I told her about my stroll around the town and the boutique and few other bits of interest and asked her about her meeting.

‘It went well, thanks. They are a consortium trying to get permission to build a wind farm. Personally I think it’s a complete waste of time and effort but they pay the piper so they call the tune.’

Coffee consumed we went out to the car and I handed her the keys. She took them and asked, ‘Any damage?’

I smiled. ‘I think you’ll find it as you left it in my care.’

‘Let’s hope so for your sake.’ Her eyes had a wickedness about them that had a distinct affect on my nipples.

Lana drove confidently and without needing directions to our hotel. It had a long driveway that ended in a circle around a large cedar tree. The views were stunning and we got out and had a good look at our surroundings. I felt Lana’s arm around my shoulders.

‘Lovely. So is the view.’ She looked down at me and smiled then gave me a brief kiss on the cheek. ‘Good choice.’

We got our overnight bags from the car and went to the front door of the hotel which opened on cue and a woman of about fifty welcomed us. Formalities were brief and she led us to our room which had beamed a ceiling and windows in three walls all of which looked out over countryside of immense beauty. Our landlady, Miss Carlton, left us and said she and her partner would love to welcome us with a glass of champagne when we had, in her words, freshened up.

‘Business or bed partner do you think?’

“Probably both, Lana.’

‘Hmm – she did have the look of the country dyke about her. I noticed her staring at your nipples.’

I put my hand under my left tit and smirked, ‘Well, who could resist?’


Lana kissed me then quite fiercely and her hands roamed freely over my back and arse. My neck was arched back and she licked my throat as her hand suddenly covered my breast and squeezed my nipple with more than a little power. I groaned into her mouth and she squeezed even harder which sent a very clear message down into my knickers.

‘I need to get out of this battle dress and into something a little more suitable.’ Lana disentangled herself from me and hefted her bag onto the bed, opened it and took out a dress which she spread on the bed. ‘You can stay as you are until we change for dinner I think. I just want to get this bloody suit off.’

‘I think you look stunning in it.’

She hesitated for a moment. ‘You like the power look, don’t you?’ I nodded. ‘Well, I’ve had it for today and I hope you like what I have selected.’ With that she turned away and went into the bathroom where I heard her pee mainly because she left the door open. I took the little bag containing her present from my bag and placed it on top of her dress which I studied. It was obviously knee length, I guessed and cut from a really fine material, not silk but probably a cashmere mix and in a stunning mid blue. The neckline was high and cut as V on the throat. I knew she’d look gorgeous.

While she was in the bathroom I put a few of her things in drawers and did the same with my own. She came out looking gorgeous in just her stockings and panties. Like me she wore no bra and she seemed totally comfortable walking back into the room like that. I did a wolf whistle.

‘Down, girl, the country dyke is waiting to ply you with drink. Oh, now, what is this?’ She picked up the small bag and took the flimsy silk knickers from it. They were almost sheer and like small shorts – French knickers with wide legs each of which was slit to the waistband and edged with thin lace. They were dark blue and, I thought, gorgeous.

‘Oh, Emma, they are lovely. Thank you!’ She kissed me. ‘I think I’ll save them for when I have had a shower before dinner.’

She kissed me then slipped her dress on and looked stunning in it.

‘You like?’

‘I love. Let’s go and get plied?’

Miss Carlton and her partner were waiting at the foot of the stairs. Miss King was younger and definitely the prettier of the two and, I suspected, very much the junior in more than age. She had a bottle of champagne (complimentary for ‘special’ guests she assured us) open on the side table and poured while her boss (as I saw her) told us about the history of the house and the local attractions. They left us alone with our drinks and we sat in the comfortable sitting room and chatted for a while. They were in and out to pour more wine, well, for Miss King to serve while Miss Carlton supervised. We could barely stop giggling. I went to stand by the window and survey the garden and I felt Lana arrive behind me. She placed her hand on my bum and caressed it. Her face came close to my ear.

‘I’m going to fuck you senseless tonight. In fact,’ she hesitated, ‘I might fuck you before we have dinner.’ Her hand slithered under my dress and she stroked my thighs. ‘Then you can smell of me all through our meal, can’t you?’

I leant my head back onto her shoulder and nearly fell over when she stepped away because Miss Carlton had come back.

‘What time would you two lovelies like to eat?”

Lana said we’d like a latish dinner, say 8.30 if that would suit and she said that would be fine. Would we like to see the menu and choose now to help chef prepare?’ With something of a flourish she produced two menus and we sat and sipped our drinks and made our choices which Miss King, who confided that her name was Phoebe, recorded faithfully.

‘Her name is Grace. Now that we know you we’d be happy if you would call us Grace and Phoebe.’

And so, of course, they became Grace and Favour in our minds from that moment on.

We went back up to our room and Lana shut and locked the door rather decisively.

‘Take off your skirt and blouse.’

I stood, looking at her, then undid my blouse and pulled it out of my skirt. I unzipped the side of my skirt and let it fall to the floor. I slipped the blouse off and stood with my arms at my sides.

‘Take off your panties and turn round.’

I did as she instructed and felt her come to me and run her hand slowly down my back, over my arse and down to my stocking tops. She kissed the back of my neck. There is something distinctly special about being almost naked in the presence of a clothed lover. She was now directly behind me and her mouth was on my neck as her arms encircled me just under my breasts. She nuzzled into me. I leant back against her and her hands roamed freely over me. I felt her hand leave my breasts and suddenly it was between my legs from behind me, her finger caressing me between my wet lips. Her teeth were sharp on the flesh of my neck.

Lana led me to the bed and gently pushed me onto it. She went then to her case and to my amazement she produced a dark blue feeldoe. She lifted her dress and pulled her panties to one side. Deliberately and with her eyes locked on mine she introduced the short end of the device into her pussy which was clearly wet and ready. I spread my legs.

‘Hungry, aren’t you?’

She knelt between my legs and lifted my knees.

‘Aren’t you going to undress?’

Lana said nothing but slowly moved until the tip of her dildo was touching my lips. As she pushed gently into me she bent forward and her mouth came close to mine.

‘Don’t speak, feel.’ Her mouth closed on mine and her hips began to move at a slow pace, gently entering me deeper and deeper before withdrawing and then re-entering, a movement she repeated as she kissed me, her tongue mirroring the actions of her girl cock. I lifted my legs around her and her pace increased relentlessly. My back arched under her and she groaned into me. My arms went around her and we started to rock together, her nipples hard through the fabric of her dress. I felt myself begin to climax and she must have sensed it because she withdrew from me and knelt back, looking at me intently.

‘Turn over.’ I rolled onto my front and she placed her hands on my flanks inducing me to lift my hips. Nothing could have prepared me for what happened next. I felt the slick girl cock touch my arse. The tip of it touched me and I felt gentle pressure. I tried to relax and slowly, inexorably it entered me. I gasped as it slid deeper and deeper and her clothed body folded down over my back.

Her teeth bit gently into my shoulder and she whispered, ‘Do you like this?’

I nodded, unable to speak and her hand cupped my breast. She began then to rock behind me, slowly, again, increasing her pace. The hand moved from my breast and went down to touch my clit, strumming her gently as she fucked me. I lifted my head and groaned, or was it a scream of pleasure? I only know I was close, so very close to my orgasm and she must have realised yet again because this time she began to move fast, pumping into me until she said that I could let it go and I did. Arching my back I could not hold either my climax nor a bellow of animal pleasure. I remained taut, my back arched, my head up for what seemed a lifetime until it was over and I slumped forward on the soft sheets with Lana still buried in me. I suffered, if that is the right word, aftershock after aftershock, my whole body trembling.

Her withdrawal felt like a bereavement. She turned me onto my back and then I saw her remove the feeldoe and she moved up my body so that her pussy, with her panties still drawn aside covered my eager mouth. I pushed my tongue at her and she rocked on it, her moisture covering my nose and chin and lips. I worked hard and she came quickly, noisily and with a flood of moisture.

We lay together for a while and then Lana decided we should get ready for dinner.

‘Don’t wash your face! Oh and if you look in my suitcase you’ll find a black bag – I bought something for you too.’ Thee was a smile in her voice.

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