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Late Night Loving

You get a surprise late one night
So this was just a little story originally intended as an email to another user on Lush and she told me to publish it, so I did. I'm not a professional writer, so don't expect too much, this is a first time effort.

I shut the front door quietly as I entered the house and tip toed to the kitchen. It had been a late night at the office again. I sighed inwardly feeling a little guilty. I felt bad about leaving you alone all these nights. I would have to make it up to you.

I remembered hearing the pout in your voice as I had to explain to you that I'd be working late. Again, I sighed inwardly and pulled the fridge door open. Hmm... I was hungry for something, or namely, somebody else.

I pushed the fridge door closed before turning and making my way back out into the hall and then upstairs towards our bedroom. I stood in the doorway admiring the way the light from the hall fell on you.

Your skin glowed a soft gold, legs bare, sheets tossed everywhere, one arm flung out, the curve of a hip, tousled hair falling across your face in soft curls. A few stray strands shifted slightly in the wake of your deep steady breaths. Beautiful. My gaze shifted, trailing my way down your body, nothing but lush feminine curves. And you were MINE.

I switched the hallway light off and stepped in, my footsteps muffled on the thick carpet underfoot. I threw my clothes off in an untidy heap onto the floor and walked naked, into the tween-suite. After turning the shower on, I stood in front of the mirror, examining myself critically.

Once the room fogged from the steam I stepped under the hot water. I sighed in pleasure as the liquid heat pounded down onto my bare skin, cleansing and relaxing. I spent less time than usual, eager to get back to you as fast as possible.

Drying myself off roughly with a large fluffy towel which I then dumped unceremoniously into the hamper. I donned an oversized tee you'd been given as a promo from work. I padded back to the bed and tossed the covers back on my side. I grimaced a little as my shower-warm skin came into contact with the cold linen.

I snuggled over to you, my arm sliding over your hip. I was pleased you weren't wearing any panties, it would make my job a lot easier. You sighed as you felt my side of the bed dip and you wiggled your butt back into me, trying to get closer in your sleep. My lips curved as I buried my nose in the back of your neck, inhaling the scent of you at the nape. It was intoxicating.

Feeling more than a little frisky, I leaned down, and pressed my lips to the cusp of your jaw, giving a small sucking kiss. Your breathing shook a tad, so I did it again. This time, the tiniest of sighs escaped your lips as I ran my nose up to the lobe of your ear, and flicked my tongue out to tease that sensitive spot behind.

You shivered in your sleep as I slid my hand down past your stomach and between your legs. Nails on your inner thighs. I moved my hand back over your hip and down gently, to squeeze your butt. Your hips jumped a tad as my fingers dipped between the swell of your butt cheeks. I caressed the deep crevice with one finger, feeling the loving baby-softness of your skin. Starting to get impatient, I closed my teeth gently around your shoulder as I moved my hand further down, fingers sliding onto your folds from behind.

A few gentle rubs and I started to feel moisture. So easy. Your breathing shallowed, beginning to come in irregular pants. You were nearing consciousness, but I didn't want you fully awake yet. I continued to stroke your outer lips, until I was satisfied that you were wet enough.

Moving my mouth to your neck, I bit down firmly at the same time that I slid a finger deep into your folds. "OH!" You come awake with a gasp which immediately turns into a moan as I began to move my finger inside of you, sliding in and out slowly.

I breathed hotly into your ear, "Hi baby, I'm home" as I added a second digit to the first and began to plunge my fingers ruthlessly in and out of you. "Oh baby please, slow down!" "Shh, I say, biting down on your neck again. Rewarded with a cry, I began to move impossibly faster inside you. Your body started to shake, the muscles in your lower back spasming, your tummy trembling.

You were getting close and I wanted to finish you. "Cum for me baby, you're so wet, your pussy is so wet, can you hear my fingers plunging in and out of you? Cum darling, I know you're close, just let go, I want you to cum for me, please baby girl." I continued to whisper hot secret things in your ear as I pushed you closer and closer to the edge.

Your hips were rolling, meeting me thrust for thrust, your breathing well and truly scattered. My other hand came up and around to cup your jaw. I turned your head and looked into your eyes as I fucked you from behind. Eyes gone black with passion. "Kiss me" and I claim your mouth with my own, your moans swallowed by my mouth on yours. I kiss you hard, my tongue moving roughly inside your mouth before I pull away and look into your eyes again.

Without missing a beat I slide a third finger inside your wet swollen flesh as I say, "MINE". That's all it takes. Your head falls back, exposing your neck, and I smile in triumph as I feel you spasming around my fingers, body shaking, gasping. You cry out as I sink my teeth into your neck again, marking you, claiming you.I slow my strokes, allowing you to ride out the pleasure, before slowly pulling them from your pussy, eliciting a deep moan from you.

You turn and snuggle into me and I bring my fingers up to my mouth, sucking them inside, eyes closing at the nectar on my tongue. I open them again to look into eyes darkening once again at the erotic sight I am presenting to you.

"You know baby, I'm still hungry..."

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