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Late Night Secret

Cindy wiped her husband's sweat off of her bare chest just as he rolled off of her. Unsatisfied with his bedroom performance (for a while now), she always waited until he was sleep before tiptoeing to the bathroom to finish what he started.

For some odd reason tonight, he didn't fall asleep as quickly as he usually did. Cindy was sexually frustrated and needed to cum asap. It was all she was thinking about, tuning everything else out.

"Baby, don't you hear that?" he inquired.

"Hear what?" she annoyingly asked.

"That loud music. Sounds like it's coming from our downstairs neighbor," he replied.

"Try to tune it out and go to sleep, dear," she said.

"It's so loud; I can't. I'm going to ask them to turn it down."

Cindy sat up as he began to get out of the bed. "You're going to knock on Anya's door half naked at two o'clock in the morning?" Cindy's jealousy of her hot, young neighbor surfaced. I don't think so. I'll do it."

"OK, hurry back," he instructed.

Only if you're sleep, she thought. Cindy hurriedly rushed out her front door wearing her thin robe to shield her sexy lingerie she'd worn for her husband. She decided putting on clothes were unnecessary; she was only going to ask her neighbor to turn her music down and back to her apartment she would go to masturbate.

Down the steps and up to Anya's door in seconds. Cindy extended her closed fist to knock. When she did, the door gradually opened. Who leaves their door unlocked at this time of the night? Cindy thought. Letting her curiosity get the best of her, Cindy found herself slowly entering Anya's apartment.

"Anya?" she called loudly, trying to speak louder than the blasting music from Anya's bedroom. Cindy looked down to see a trail of red and white rose petals surrounded by lit candles that led from the front door down the hallway. Cindy followed to see where they ended, which was at Anya's ajar bedroom door.

Nervously, Cindy descended down the hall. I hope she's OK, Cindy kept thinking as she enclosed the distance between herself and Anya's bedroom. Cindy pressed her face close to the door's crack to peak inside the dimly lit room. Cindy gasped as she witnessed Anya's tanned body in the nude. Knowing it was wrong to spy on this girl's private time with herself, Cindy's feet remained frozen in place. She was unable to tear her eyes from the enticing scene.

Anya was completely nude, laying on her back, with her right hand buried inside of her shaved pink velvet. As her fingering increased, Anya's lower body kept jerking upward. Her perky mounds bouncing, broadcasting her erect nipples. Anya used her left hand to hold onto the edge of her bed, often digging her nails into the mattress.

Cindy bit down her bottom lip as her own womanhood began to pulsate.

The loud music began to face, signaling the end of the song was near. As the volume decreased, Anya's moans were audible. Her yelps turned Cindy on. Taking her eyes off of Anya, Cindy looked down to see how excited this was making her. Her warm juices were trickling down her thigh.

"Like what you see?" a sweet voice inquired.

Cindy stumbled back, noticing Anya standing face to face with her. With raised eyebrows, Anya questioned, "What are you doing in my apartment?"

Stuttering, Cindy found it hard to explain. She'd forgotten her original purpose was to ask her to turn her music down. Out of lust, her new purpose was get off on watching Anya get off. Of course, Cindy couldn't tell Anya that.

Finally, the right words came out. "Your music. It's a little too loud, and I came to ask you to turn it down please."

"Only if you're done faking it for your husband," Anya shot back.

"Ex-excuse me," Cindy stumbled over her words.

"I turned my music up to drain out the sounds of yall fucking," she said.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know we were that loud," Cindy giggled, blushing from the embarrassing revelation. "We'll promise to keep it down if you keep your music down."

"I got a better proposal," Anya smiled her nude body stepped closer to Cindy. "I'll promise to keep my music turned up to the maximum..." Anya's voice trailed off as her lips collided with Cindy's soft lips.

Cindy pushed her back. She used the back of her hand to erase the wetness from Anya's lips. "What the hell..." Cindy frowned.

Anya kept an evil smile plastered on her face. She inserted her index finger in her mouth then let it journey down between her breast to her navel before Cindy said anything.

"Stop it," Cindy demanded.

"No, you need to stop faking it for your husband and really be pleased," Anya said. "I know he's not doing it right. I can tell by your false screams. Let me remind you how..."

"I'm not gay, and I'm not cheating on my husband!"

"You think you're not gay, but I say otherwise. You just watched me masturbate. You're only inches away from my naked body. In no way have I restricted you from leaving. Here you remain, dripping your cum on my floor."

Guilty as charge, Cindy looked down. The evidence was oozing down her legs, proving there was a fire blazing between her legs. Unable to look Anya in the eyes, Cindy announced it was time for her to go back to her apartment. Anya did not stop her; Cindy secretly hoped she would. Cindy turned and headed the opposite way of the hall. Suddenly, she heard Anya moaning behind her. Instinctively her head turned around to see what was going on.

Anya was leaning against the wall with one of her legs resting on the wall in front of her. With her fingers between her legs again, she cooed at how well she was making herself feel. Anya used her free hand to squeeze one of her breast and occasionally raised her boob to her lips to lick her own nipple. Anya's eyes were locked on Cindy; Cindy's eyes were frozen on Anya as her walking pace decelerated.

"Oh shittt. I'm gonna make myself cum. Oh shittt, oh shittt," Anya cried as she slid down the wall to the floor. With her legs ajar, she continued to feed her fingers to her wet pussy. She was turned at an angel where Cindy had full viewing access. "Ohhh, ohhh, hmmmm, shittt. Here, here I cummmmmmmmmmmm!" Anya removed her hand. On cue, her pussy squirting her bodily fluids into the air for several seconds.

After regaining her composure, Anya lifted her head to see Cindy standing at the end of the hallway in awe. Anya smiled, "When was the last time you came like that, Cindy?"

"I've never cum like that. I didn't know it was possible," she admitted.

"With that square you married, it's not possible. But I'm known for doing the impossible, baby, let me show you."

Anya crawled towards Cindy's barely nude body. Starting at her ankles, Anya ran her tongue up Cindy's hairless legs. It sent shivers up her entire body.

"No! I...I can't! I can't! I'm married!" Cindy cried as Anya's wet tongue ascended higher, passing her knee.

Anya did not reply; her mouth was preoccupied. She continued her tongue action until she reached Cindy's midsection. Using her lips to pull Cindy's thin lingerie down her legs, Anya's head went back up to taste her unwrapped dessert. She teased Cindy by offering one long lick then returned her tongue back into her mouth. She looked up at Cindy looking down at her.

"Why you stop?" Cindy inquired.

"You said you can't; you're married," Anya smiled.

Cindy's flesh was aching for the warmth and talents of Anya's tongue. Therefore, she used her hands to push Anya's head towards her dripping wet pussy. Anya giggled with excitement as she dove in. She extended her tongue and did a few circular laps on Cindy's outer folds, sending Cindy into a state of complete ecstasy. The teasing was over and Anya delivered the business. She pulled Cindy's puffy folds apart and inserted her tongue deep within her pink walls. Cindy squealed. Her legs were weak, so she leaned on the wall. She slowly slid down the wall and ended up on the floor. Anya's hands kept Cindy's legs spread eagle, thus allowing her head to dive deeper.

"Fuck, fuck, oh shit, Anya. Oh my fucking goodness. Oh shit, baby, oh shit." Cindy screamed.

As Anya ate Cindy, she used each of her hands to caress each of Cindy's boobs through her silky satin bra. Cindy covered her mouth as she roared in pleasure as her finale began.

"Anya! Baby! I'm...I'm...."

Before Cindy could announced it, her vagina delivered a massive load of her cum on Anya's face. Anya smiled, enjoying the sweet taste on her lips. Anya stood up and extended her hand towards a satisfied Cindy. She pulled Cindy off the floor and led her to her bathroom. "Time to clean off."

More rose petals decorated the floor and candles aligned the tub filled with bubbles.

"Were you expecting someone?" Cindy asked.

Anya stepped into the tub first then turned around to face Cindy. "I hope that someone joins me before our water gets cold."

Cindy stripped out of her robe, bra, and soiled thongs. She joined Anya in the round tub. Anya attacked her with kisses as soon as Cindy settled down in the steaming water. Anya squeezed between Cindy's legs as they kissed. She pressed her wet body against Cindy's. Their skin touched, their boobs smashed together, and their pubic areas rubbed against each others.

Cindy found herself moaning in Anya's mouth, liberated by the stimulating pleasure she'd been deprived of. Distracted by Anya sucking on her earlobe and neck, Cindy never noticed what Anya grabbed off the side of the tub and submerged under water. Until it was implanted in her hallow hole.

Cindy moaned loudly in pleasure as Anya inserted her nine-inch glass dildo in Cindy's pussy. Making waves, Anya inserted and withdrew the dildo rapidly.

"Oh, fuck, baby. Oh fuck, yesss. Fuck me harder, Anya, baby. Harder!" Cindy requested.

Motivated by her demands, Anya pushed every centimeter of the toy in Cindy. Gripping the edges of the tub and trembling in the water, Cindy was so close to cumming again. It didn't take long before she erupted, mixing her juices with the tap water. Exhausted, Cindy slipped further into the tub, head resting on the edge. Drifting into a slumber, Cindy was unaware of Anya's next move. Anya had gotten out of the tub and returned with another toy seconds later.

"Come over here, baby," Anya seductively motioned Cindy her way with a wicked smile.

"What you got in store for me now?" Cindy asked.

"Come see," Anya smiled brightly.

Swimming over, Cindy planted a kiss on Anya's lips. Cindy opened her legs to straddle Anya. When she did, she found Anya's secret: a strap-on.

"Ride me like you ride your husband," Anya advised as Cindy bounced up and down on Anya's artificial dick.

"I'm gonna ride you better than I do him," Cindy admitted between moans.

With one of her breast housed in Anya's mouth, Cindy bounced like a kangaroo. The dick was filling her pussy up, hitting every crevice, and pleasing every area of her insides. She continued to ride it like a stallion until her walls contracted and ejected a third round of her goodies. Completed drained, Cindy collapsed on the strap-on and rested her heaving body on Anya.

Not done with fucking Cindy, Anya held Cindy's waist down and proceeded to thrust the strap-on in Cindy until Cindy pulled off of it. Attempting to escape, Cindy stood up to exit the whirlpool tub. This allowed Anya the opportunity to insert the strap-on from the back, hitting a new spot Cindy hadn't known existed. Changing her mind quickly about fleeing, Cindy threw her ass on Anya. Cindy rested her head on the edge of the tub and used her hands to pull her cheeks apart for greater access. Anya fucked Cindy doggy style until Cindy exploded once again.

With both girls agreeing on another round, they headed to Anya's bedroom which housed her king size bed. Both girls jumped in and immediately assumed the 69 position. For Cindy's first time with her head between another girl's legs, she assumed she did a great job, considering the massive cum oozing from Anya's tight hole after half an hour of eating.

The girls cuddled up naked with Anya spooning Cindy.

"Good thing I didn't turn my music down or your husband would have heard all that," Anya whispered in Cindy's ear as she nibbled on her lobe.

"Promise me you'll keep your music turned up to the maximum every night..." Cindy began.

"So, I can make your kitty kat pur."

"It'll be our late night secret, baby."

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