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Layla and Alanna

Layla's first night with her girlfriend is one to remember
The cab door opens and out pops a sleek black umbrella. Layla can hear the pouring rain beating on the top of it as she pulls herself out of the cramped cab after a long day at work. She looks up gazing at her new apartment admiring its modern exterior before she quickly runs for the door almost forgetting about the downpour taking place around her. As she sprints for the door, her umbrella cutting through the wall of raindrops, she feels the puddles splash on her shoes soaking her medical scrubs around her ankles. Layla reaches her door and fumbles trying to find her new key cursing herself for not having it ready.

Opening the door to the apartment, Layla sighs with relief, grateful to be out of the rain, She tosses the umbrella to the side and begins to peel off her coat. Hanging up the drenched coat Layla notices that her scrubs are soaked and wonders why she even bothered with the coat. Walking into the cozy living room of the apartment she spots a note on the coffee table an recognizes her girlfriend's handwriting. Smiling she reads the note :

" Hey sweetie , I hope your day wasnt to bad . Im working late tonight so dont wait up , fridge is full help yourself . so happy you decided to move in with me :) XOXO Alanna "

Layla has been seeing Alanna for eight months now and its has been honestly the best eight months of her life . She moved in with her girlfriend two days ago. Layla works as an ER nurse for the local hospital and Alanna works as a Sous Chef for a large restaurant in town. The two 20-somethings met when Alanna brought her co-worker into the ER for a severe burn. Layla had just gotten out of a previous marriage and had never been with a woman before so needless to say she was shocked when this beautiful woman sliped her her number as they were being led out of the ER. Layla didn't want to hurt her feelings so she agreed to go on a date with the attractive Alanna but she soon relized that there was much more to this then a pity date, she actually had some feelings for this woman.

Layla sets down the note left by her girlfriend and continues into the bedroom. It was a rather large bedroom for this size apartment, it was big enough to fit a queen sized bed a walk in closet, and the master bathroom was also joined to it. Layla slowly pulls her dripping scrubs over her head, tossing the top into the laundry basket, revealing her large bare breasts to the chilly apartment air. She prefered working without a bra the ER can get quite hot with all the running around she does.

She notices the window open and moves to close it feeling the cold rainy outside air blow across her perky nipples as she closes the window. Layla sits down on the bed giving her tired body a rest after standing all day at work, She slips of her nurse booties throwing them into the corner by the door for tomorrow morning. Sliding off her pants she tosses them into the laundry basket as well and standing up she giggles at how damp her panties are from the pouring rain that soaked through her scrubs. Grabing a towel from the closet she walks into the bathroom.

Her girlfriend's bathroom is beautiful. white tile lined the floor and a huge mirror along the wall over the twin sinks, on the otherside was a small bathtub a bit cramped but relaxing none the less. Instead, after placing her towel by the sink, Layla glanced at her favorite part of the bathroom. A large Shower big enough for three people surrounded by glass doors on one side.

Standing in the middle of the pretty bathroom she sliped her thumbs through the hips of her panties slowly wiggling them down her long legs letting them fall to the floor around her ankles. Bending over to step out of them she catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She has a stunning body, long flowing blonde hair with a little sliver of a redish highlight going down her right side, a skinny womanly figure with curves in all the right places, beautiful long legs that seem like they keep going forever. Layla eyes her breasts and brings her soft hands up and gently cups them together, they easily can fill a 36 C cup bra. Twisting her body so that her bum faces the mirror, she places a hand on it just barely giving it a rub as she admires her sexy backside. Turning around to face the shower Layla steps inside. She quickly turns the nob and jumps back, pushing her firm bum against the glass, letting out a slight scream because of the cold water.

Waiting for the water to warm up she grabs her girlfriends shampoo and begins to lather her wet blonde hair. Stepping into the warm water she feels it run down her naked body carrying the shampoo down and over her large breasts, across her tummy, inbetween her legs, and down her thighs. Reaching for the soap Layla wishes Alanna was here to help wash her back; they frequently take showers together after work. After washing herself she steps out of the stall and drys off with the towel she left on the sink.

She walks back into the bedroom and tosses the wet towel into the laundry and continues into the kitchen completely naked. Looking for something to eat she bends over placeing her bum up on the countertop and opens the fridge and peers inside.

Layla smiles when she sees a bottle of Mont. Pierre's 1957 Vintage Merlot, her favorite. Deciding on a liquid dinner she grabs a wine glass from the cabinet and pours herself a glass of the delicious wine. As she twirls the glass under her nose loving the sweet aroma it has she clicks on the television and laughs when she sees the TV show " Scrubs" is on. Thinking she has seen enough scrubs today at work she finishes her glass of wime and heads back to the bedroom her eyelids feeling heavy.

Layla crawls into bed naked, she loves sleeping nude on chilly nights like tonight, and snuggles into the sheets ready to doze off into dreamland. Her last thought is that her girlfriend could be here to snuggle with her on this chilly night...

Layla awakes to the sound of keys being fumbled with outside of the apartment door. Rubbing her eyes she glances over at the clock on the nightstand , it reads " 12:30 AM". Reaching a hand beside her she motions for Alanna to see who it is at this time of the night but she feels an empty bed next to her. Layla hears footsteps in the bedroom and sits up in bed and hears her girlfriends lovely voice in the darkness.

" Sorry sweetie ended up working a double...Pastry Chef went home sick ....i should have called, go back to sleep." Layla collapsed back into her pillow and watched as her girlfriend undressed before her in the darkness. Alanna unbuttoned her Chef coat tossing it in the laundry with a wet thump. It was still pouring outside, her bra was next. She unclasped the back and tossed it aside missing the basket completely. Layla knew she was tired from working so late and whispered, " You sound wet , take a nice hot shower hun, you'll feel much better. " Alanna must have heard her because Layla noticed the bathroom light switch on and she heard the shower turn on.

As Layla lied wide awake in bed covered loosely by the sheets around her, her belly started to grumble and she remebered she hadn't had any dinner. Hearing the shower run she imagined her girlfriend washing herself. Her soft fingers lathering her short black hair, Alanna taking the Loofa and washing in between her legs, soapy bubbles running all over her body.

Layla sat up wrapped the sheets around her and stood up out of bed and walked to the bathroom door. peering inside she could she her baby in the shower. Her eyes looked through the glass at that tight lovely bum she had grow to love covered in excess bubbles from the Loofa. Layla steped inside the bathroom as her girlfriend was exiting the shower.

Alanna saw her wrapped in thier bedsheets and says, " Can you hand me my towel sweetie'" Layla walks over and picks up the towel but instead of handing it to Alanna she lets the sheets slip off her body revealing her naked self to her girlfriend.

Alanna stared at her girlfriends smooth naked body and blushes, " Oh, did You want to dry me off, hun?" Layla nods and walked toward the woman dripping water all over the nice tile floor. She wraped the towel around her girlfriends shoulders and pulled her in close and gave her a passionate kiss and whispers, " I was so lonely tonight hun , I didn't even eat dinner."

With Layla starting to dry her off Alanna said, " Awww sweetie , did you want me to make you something now? How about some pasta?'"

As her girlfriend finished Layla moved the towel in between her legs and slowly rubbed the cloth on her girlfriends tight sex and whispers in her ear, " I was thinking dessert hun."

Alanna blushed so hard and kissed her girlfriend deeply, the two lovers'' tongues wiggled and twirled around one another. Layla moved her hand up to feel Alanna's warm breast, hers were a little larger than Layla's 38 D's. As Layla dropped the towel in her hand she felt a slight moan from her girlfriend muffled by their kiss as she was kneading her breast. Layla backed her girlfriend up against the countertop of the sinks and lifted her up onto them, smiling into her eyes as she took in Alanna's sexy body slowly spreading her legs apart. Layla moved onto her knees and said, "Whats this'you got me a cherry pie, is it any good?"

Alanna turned bright red and placed her hands on her baby's head and pulled her down onto her warm pie.

"Shut up and Taste it already".

Layla closed her eyes and loved having her tongue dive deep into the layers of her sweetie's delicious cherry pie, working her tongue in and out tickling her clit with the tip of her tongue , she could hear Alanna starting to moan rather loudly and her hands on her head were pulling her down hard on her sex.

Alanna began to thrust her hips against her babys tongue and face as Layla was flicking her tongue and making lewd slurping noices on her dripping wet sex. Within no time Alanna was moaning loudly and calling out Layla's name.

"Oh, Layla your gonna make me cum so bad, I....I think im going to gush" Layla opened her mouth wide on Alanna's throbbing sex and mumbled, "Give me all you got sweetie , I'm thirsty."

Layla hears her girlfriend scream out with pleasure as she orgasms, gushing lovejuice into Layla's wanting mouth. Layla slurps as much as she can but some of it drips to the floor and puddles. She takes a big mouth full, rises up to Alanna's eyes as she is still cuming and swallows her delicious dessert looking her girlfriend in the eyes.

"Mmm Tasty can I get a recipe' " Alanna leans in close and kisses Layla wanting a taste for herself and pulls away completely satisfied. "I do taste quite good don't I?"

Layla helps her sweetie up from the countertop and takes her by the hand into the bedroom and leading her onto the bed she wraps her arms around her and whispers, "Told you a hot shower would make you feel a lot better didn't I?"

The two lovers hold each other in a loving embrace as they drift to sleep the sound of rain still falling on the roof above them surrounded by the chilly evening darkness of the apartment....

Layla notices that her tummy has stopped grumbling and smirks to herself knowing that her girlfriends cherry pie has her stuffed for the night. she gently closes her eyes falling into a relaxing sleep. If only there were bedsheets around to cover up with...

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