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you dont know what i want to do...
There are days when you annoy me so much I just want to fuck you senseless so you can't talk and annoy me further. There are other days when you're so sweet I just want to lie you down and show you how much I love you. Last night... Last night was completely different to any of those nights.

You just got out the shower and entered your room with just a towel covering your naked body, the water dripping from your wet hair down to the top of the towel, down your cleavage.

I want so much to lick at the droplets running over your bronzed skin. You turn your back to me not saying anything. You're angry at me and I don't know why, it should be the other way round. You called me lazy In bed... I admit I was before, but I've changed. I've realized that I need to give back to not loose you, but by the way you're acting now I think I already have.

I start to panic, but then you drop the towel. Beads of water running down your back, over your tattoo. I watch the droplets run all the way down to the small of your back, you turn around and catch me staring. You're looking at me as if to ask 'what do you think you're looking at?'

I look from your captivating eyes down your slender neck to your perfect breasts, your nipples hard from the cool breeze coming through the window. I can't help but stare, wishing I could close this gap between us and hold your naked body close.

You're still looking at me; you cock your hip and put your hand on it. I can't contain the animal in me for much longer with you naked in front of me, looking at me like that. I pull my eyes away from your breasts and back up to your eyes, the look you're giving me is intense. I grip onto the bed harder trying to keep myself grounded and not move, you turn your back to me again.

You bend over to pick up the towel, your arse in my eye line, you're teasing me I know it. You murmur something under your breath, all I catch is the word disappointment and I am instantly reminded of why I was angry.

I loose my grip on the bed and spring towards you, pushing your naked body into the wall effectively pinning your arms to your front with the towel in your hands. I pull your damp hair away from your neck placing a rough kiss there, I bite down hard, you gasp.

"Lazy, huh?' I whisper into your ear sucking the lobe then biting, "I'll show you lazy..."

I move my hands around your body to grab the towel from in between you and the wall, as I do you move your hands to your sides. I throw the towel over the other side of the room, and grab your hands and thrust them back to where they rested before. I push harder into your back making sure you cant move, I slowly slide my hands up your thighs, over the sides of your arse until I reach your hips. I dig my fingers into your skin pulling your arse to my cunt, keeping your chest against the wall.

I kiss your shoulder hard, biting at the muscle between there and your neck as you roll your head back and forth. I remove my left hand from your hip to grab your hair, pulling your face towards mine. I capture your lips roughly, biting and sucking at your lower lip, I thrust my tongue into your mouth dueling yours for dominance. My right hand leaves your hip and runs up your side to the side of your breast, I let you lean back into me so I can capture your already hard nipple.

Pinching and rolling it in between my fingers switching from right to left. Your moaning into our kiss, you break away panting your left hand wrapping around my neck to get hold of my hair at the base of my neck. Your finger nails scratch the skin there slowly getting harder the harder I pinch your nipples.

I slide my hand down from your breasts over your stomach, scratching lightly until I reach your cunt. I move my left knee in between your legs spreading them further apart. My left hand leaves your hair scratching down your back until I reach your arse. I slap your arse once and roughly bite your shoulder, marking you so you can remember just how lazy I really am. My hand moves over your arse to the apex of your thighs, your dripping wet already. I thrust two of my fingers into you hard, as I do that I run my finger lightly over your clit. Your knees nearly give way, I move my thigh under you to keep you up as well as forcing my fingers deeper Into you. You growl in my ear, panting and moaning. I keep on thrusting deep into you whilst biting where ever I can.

I kiss my way down your shoulder, licking along your muscle, down your spine, biting and licking flesh, all the while my fingers are inside you. In and out, hard and fast, your moaning is getting louder. I suddenly feel your walls begin to clench around my fingers so I pull out, you whimper and thrust your hips back towards me begging for more. I bite your arse cheek, growling as I do so as a warning.

I flip your round by your hips pushing your back to the wall, you let out a groan as your back hits the wall. I thrust my fingers back inside you as deep as I can, I kiss the inside of your right thigh and bite, marking you again. I trail my tongue over the mark, through your folds towards your clit. I lightly run my tongue over the bundle of nerves, you hands reach into my hair, nails scraping my skull.

You're pulling my mouth to your pussy trying to get more friction against your sensitive clit. I stroke my tongue over your clit again, harder this time, your fingers tighten in my hair and your moaning is getting louder. I curl my fingers inside you hitting that spot that makes your knees go weak, still thrust hard and fast. I look up at your face, I see you watching me so I through you that wink and smirk from behind your pussy. With that I feel your walls clench around my fingers again, this time I dont stop, I curl my fingers more going harder and faster, your nails dig into your skull even more im worried you might draw blood but I don't care.

You're moaning and groaning is driving me to work harder, I suck your clit in to my mouth, and you come undone, covering my fingers in your cum. I don't stop, I carry on thrusting and sucking. You're moans are on the verge of screams, I bite your clit and you come undone again. I ease my fingers out of you and you slide down the wall into my lap, I cradle you there whispering affection into your hair. I kiss your forehead.

"Don't call me lazy unless you want a repeat performance..."

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