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Learning Curve

Miss Caitlin's test...
Megan, the high school senior and the new girl of the school, has just been totally humiliated. Her cute bum still stinging and now glowing a luscious red as her legs continue to struggle to support her slight weight – and now, her face the same shade of red as her behind. The new girl, with her hands gripping the bed sheets, leans forward so her dark brown hair covers her face and embarrassment; and her tight, pink pussy still on display for all of the other girls in the room to see. With her beautiful head down in an effort to hide her embarrassment, she hears and senses movement from behind her and she winces – scared of what’s going to happen next. A hand grazes along her legs, softly caressing her smooth limbs and a soft moan escapes her lips. She closes her eyes and tries to envisage a private room with no prying eyes, watching her every move; she risks a small glance to the side and her eyes widen as she realises that it isn’t Caitlin.

The girl that is touching her is a beautiful blonde girl with long hair sweeping across her shoulders. Caitlin appears at her shoulder and Megan’s eyes snaps back down to the bed, fearing punishment. A wicked smile flashes across Caitlin’s beautiful face and she whispers something to the blonde girl, who also smirks and strides away from the bed – beckoning another to join her. Fear and panic takes hold of Megan but a glimmer of hope arrives as she hears the chatter of the girls as they file out of the room, all of them showing respect to Caitlin – bowing their head and giving a passionate kiss. The door is pressed shut and Megan sighs in relief, but perhaps a moment too soon.

“Girls? You may show her to the master bedroom for the final part of the ritual,” murmurs Caitlin softly to the remaining two girls. “And then you may return here and have all the fun you need.”

“Yes Miss Caitlin, thank you Miss Caitlin,” chorus the girls. Megan is quickly stripped of all of her clothes; the two girls careful to feel Megan’s soft breasts and rapidly hardening nipples as they remove her bra before attaching the blindfold yet again and lead her to another part of the house. Megan feels herself blush again as her hands get bound behind her back. Pleading with her captors, she begs and grovels to be released but they are equal to the task, placing a ball-gag into her mouth and tying it around her head. Her beautiful dark eyes well up underneath the blindfold as she sits on the floor, bound and gagged. Horny and humiliated, Megan realises that this is dangerous combination, especially with Caitlin lurking nearby.

Caitlin doesn’t keep Megan waiting for very long, her gorgeous red hair and smooth skin exposed – although not for Megan to see due to her blindfold. Caitlin has found her new member incredibly obedient and is pleased with her performance; just one last hurdle to clear before her new girl is released to join her gang and looks forward to seeing her develop her role in her growing group. Caitlin’s pussy is extremely wet from the initiation ceremony and she stands tantalizingly close to Megan’s mouth – her pussy giving off a seductive aroma around the new girl, alluring her captive to lean towards her.

“Now then Megan; you have a final task – to show your new mistress and supreme leader how much you appreciate all that I’ve done for you. Now be a good girl,” whispers Caitlin sexily, removing the ball gag.

Megan lurches forward, driven mad by the sweet scent of her new mistress’s pussy – her tongue lapping vigorously at the pussy lips presented at her mouth. Caitlin moves a shade closer, her hands entwining in her captive’s hair, pulling her mouth closer to the wet pussy – wanting to feel every lick. Caitlin pushes her wet pussy which is eagerly met with licks and little soft nibbles; which in turn is answered with soft moans, getting louder as the new girl’s tongue works its way into a rhythm – spreading the wet pussy lips apart and the bound girl becoming increasingly horny as the pussy juices flow into her mouth. The young dominator suddenly starts moaning louder and pulls the head in to her pussy, feeling the tongue penetrate her and pulls Megan to the edge of the bed so she can sit down and be eaten out. Megan is really out of her depth now, the young girl being forced to submit but enjoying every second of it – and now, relying on her hearing to know if she’s doing something right basing it on Miss Caitlin’s moans; her soft, sexy mouth sucking and nibbling, teasing the now swollen pussy lips of her new mistress and then pushing her tongue into her depths. The redhead mistress squirms on the bed, unable to contain herself as her moans fill the room; her ecstasy evident as her pussy releases its secret hidden liquor – filling her girl’s mouth, the scent and taste overpowering Megan as she swallows and savours the sweet taste.

The young mistress pulls away from her restrained friend and stands silently behind her, waiting patiently for her moment to pounce, knowing exactly the thoughts going through her head and anticipating the next stage. Megan waits quietly, replaying the scene over in her head; then a tingle in her crotch snaps her back to reality as the girl stands up and trying to think straight but a hand pushes her face down on to the bed roughly; the ball gag quickly back in place meaning that the humiliation wasn’t quite finished. Back in an embarrassing position, her face burns as she feels fingers dancing over her pussy; tempting her and teasing her.

“Where do you think you are going?” whispers Caitlin. “I’m not done with you yet.” Megan whimpers as her pussy lips get spread easily, her meek protests sounding more like moans of pleasure through the gag.

The devilish mistress spreads open Megan’s pussy with her expert fingers, teasing and tormenting the bound girl in all the right places – making her squirm and moan constantly. Megan’s hands are clenching and releasing as she desperately tries to wriggle free from her bonds to satisfy her aching pussy. Feeling the tongue go inside her again she cums unexpectedly into her mistress’s mouth.

“Naughty girl,” was all she heard before feeling sharp slapping sensations on her inner thighs, before some directly on her pussy causing her to squirm more violently than ever. Caitlin giggles at Megan, humiliating her further by plunging two fingers into her warm pussy – fingering the poor bound girl faster and forcing her to cum again, and again without permission. Another two direct pussy spanks follow quickly with the fingers still deep inside and the mistress feels the pussy contract on her fingers; using this moment, Caitlin quickly slides a couple of fingers into Megan’s bum – fingering both holes slowly in order to build the newest orgasm. Megan whimpers into the gag, her hips shaking as both of her holes get pleasured; taking her to new heights and realms of orgasm. Her hot pussy begins to pour out its precious nectar as both holes contract rhythmically, intensifying the release as she feels Miss Caitlin’s fingers speed up. She squeals through the ball gag, squirming and flailing, pleading with her actions for permission to cum yet again – this time, her new mistress allowing it is as she slides her whole hand into Megan’s pussy, leaving two fingers in her ass to prolong the effect. Megan can’t hold on any longer as her pussy contracts over her mistress’s hand, her ass squeezing on her fingers as moans of satisfaction and humiliation become one sound of pleasure. Finally, Caitlin removes her hand and fingers from the tender hot holes of her new slave girl and a quick flick releases the ball gag – Megan gasps for air and continues to moan as she lies bent over on the bed still in her restraints, flushed from climaxing on multiple occasions: but she at least remembers her manners.

“Thank you Miss Caitlin,” she murmurs.

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