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Lesbian Magic Part Two

Sarah played a seductive game with lesbians but can she survive it?

Sarah felt herself being pulled away from her friends into another room. She didn’t know why she went so easily but a strange voice inside of her head told her to go. She felt uncomfortable being around these lesbians from the way that she was dressed and feared that it would encourage them to try something.

She was wearing a tight pink crop top that barely covered her breasts and had one of the four buttons undone to make her breasts more visible. Her breasts were the perfect size to attract men she thought and anything larger than her 34 DD or smaller would take away from her overall beauty.

She loved her large breasts and how she could use them to control men. She was also wearing a short black skirt and only wore it to show off her sexy legs. She knew by showing off her body like this that men wouldn’t be able to resist her and with her flaming red hair, none did. 

The girl that had a hold of her hand was Mexican and had a nice fit body. She thought that the girl was cute but could never admit that to anyone. It would be too shameful for her to say out loud that she thought a lesbian was cute. It wasn’t because she could never admit another girl was pretty and has more to do with the girl being a lesbian. She feared that it would come off as if she was gay herself and didn't want to be labeled a lesbian.

Sarah often found herself attracted to women but never in a way that she wanted sex from them. She found that the female body was just as beautiful as men but with men, she wanted to do more than look at them. Out of all of her friends, she was the most risque and adventurous when it came to sex.

She wasn’t afraid to do things and performed oral sex on a guy that she just met that night in the bathroom. She didn’t dress this way to play nice and thought the guy was hot. She was young and wanted to be wild while she still had the chance to.  

The girl that was leading her deeper into the house was wearing a black criss-cross halter top and brown twill shorts. This girl wasn’t the only one that Sarah found was cute in this house and thought that the woman who let them in was very attracted. She let herself have a few glances at the girl ass that was leading her away and wished that her butt was that round.

The only encounter that she ever had with a girl was when she was in her late teens and was practicing kissing with a friend of hers. She only did it to be a better kisser for the boys and she didn’t want to go any further than that but she did enjoy those kisses. She only started dating when she went to college and found out most of the guy that she kissed wasn't too good at it. They were sloppy and at times they were too rough. The kiss that her friend gave her was so soft and tender that no man kiss could equal it. 

Sarah just turned twenty-one and that was the reason for the trip that led them here. Angel was only three months younger than her and she wasn’t allowed to be in a bar but decided to go out dancing instead. She could have left her behind but she was too good of a friend to ditch her like that. It is not like that she never had a drink before and it was just legal now.

The place that they found did play some great music and the guys there were all over her. She spent most of the time dancing and snuck into the bathroom with of them. The night was perfect until they had car trouble in the middle of nowhere and now she is here.

Sarah liked holding this girl's hand and how soft it felt. Guys hands are usually rough and at times unpleasant to be touched by. The girl took her to the area of the house where a party was going on and the music there was at the perfect volume. Lots of men's parties that she went to, played music too loud and made her head hurt.

There was a dance floor with few women dancing provocatively with each other and a bar with few tables near it. It looked more like a barroom than a room in a house and the room was packed full of women. She was surrounded by lesbians and felt naked all of a sudden. Some of them were looking at her with bedroom eyes and other just stared at her midriff licking their lips. She worked hard on her body every day to keep it in shape, but now from all the attention that she was getting was wishing that she wore something less revealing. 

The bartender had her black hair in a ponytail and Sarah thought that the girl was very attractive but couldn't help herself by being captured by the girl beauty. The top few buttons on the bartender's shirt were undone and revealing a lustful cleavage. She was washing the bar off with a towel and Sarah couldn’t stop looking at her breasts.

The way the bartender’s breasts were pressing hard against her nearly open shirt and gave the impression that it could pop out any second. Sarah doubted that the girl was wearing a bra and saw enough of her breasts to think so. She knew that bartenders sometimes dressed sexy to get better tips and she was showing enough of her breasts to ensured a week worth of tips in one night.  

Sarah was led right to the bar and tried not to keep staring at the girl’s breasts. She was powerless to look away and felt bewitched by how beautiful the girl's breasts were. She admired women beauty from time to time but never this close and feared it would give off the wrong impression.

The last time that she saw breasts that had affected her like this was last week when she was in college. She was talking with her professor and when the professor bent over her desk to find her paper but ended up flashing her. Ms. Anderson was wearing a loose shirt and it opened up exposing her breasts to her. She was in her late thirties and looked too proper to have a wild side to her. She wasn’t wearing a bra and one of her breasts had a piercing in it.

She was shocked to see that her teacher wasn’t as proper as she once thought and wonder what else was the girl hiding. The professor’s breasts weren’t big as hers and was a little bigger than a handful but were still nice to look at. She couldn't stop looking at her professor's breasts and only stop because she moved out of view.

“Let get something to drink and by the way I am Regina. Tina here is a really good bartender and she can make you anything that you want,” Regina said with a slight Hispanic accent.

“I can give you anything that you want and like a Screaming Orgasm or a Sex On The Beach,” Tina said flirting sexually with Sarah. 

Sarah felt stunned by her action and didn’t know what to say or do. She never had a girl so boldly flirt with her like that and didn’t know how to handle it. She was so taken back from her action that she didn’t realize that Tina was staring at her breasts and felt her face turned red from embarrassment.

She was expecting something but nothing that bold or to the point. She expected that kind of action from men and was asked by a guy once if the carpet matches her drapes but coming from a woman it was a little unsettling.   

“I will just have a glass of wine,” Sarah said feeling uncomfortable and avoided eyes contact with Tina.

“Are you sure that I can’t interest you in an orgasm,” Tina teased flirtatiously. 

“No, a wine will be fine,” Sarah said nervously.

“I am only playing, sugar, and I could tell that you were straight when I first saw you. Sorry, but I get a kick out of making straight people squirm and show that we woman can be sexual too. I will not live my life by a man's point of view of how I should act,” Tina replied with a smile.  

Sarah was on her second glass of wine when she started to relax some and found that she rather like Tina. She kept flirting with her and she didn’t mind anymore after she realizing it was part of her personality. It was in her nature to flirt and she overlooked it. She kept her hands to herself in which she appreciated but she had noticed that Tina's eyes wandered to her cleavage a few times. She didn’t mind that she was looking as long as she didn’t go any further and it was the wine that was helping her to be ok with it.

Sarah found that Regina was also a delight to talk to and was funny at times. They were in a deep conversation when two girls came to the bar ordering some shots. One was a blonde girl named Julia that looked around sixteen with pigtails but she was actually nineteen and looked like a younger version of Emily Browning. She wore a short plaid skirt and a white blouse that made her looked like a Catholic school girl.

Sarah thought that she looked a little too innocent to be here but she knew that looks can be deceiving. The other girl was Samantha, who had short brown hair and looked like a cute guy that she once dated. Samantha wore a T-shirt of a band that Sarah never heard of before and blue jeans. For a brief moment, she found herself attracted to her before pushing it away and focusing on something else. 

They were friendly and wanted Sarah to join them in drinking in some shots. Sarah didn’t think that there would be any problem that would come from it and joined them. They down a few and were having a good time laughing. She drank enough to make her a little drunk and drinking too much can make her a little wild.

Alcohol let her open up to do things that she normally wouldn’t do and the last time she had a threesome with two guys at a party. She can get naughty and a little freaky. She blamed her parents for her wild behavior for not letting her date growing up and now that she was free wanted to experience everything.

The last three years were spent doing what she had missed during high school and the alcohol let out her sexual side that she had to ignore growing up. Sober, she wasn’t as adventurous to do crazy sexual things but when she was drunk her inner slut came out. She did things sober before but there were limits to them and nothing too out there.

Sarah didn’t think being a slut was a bad thing and found it could be freeing at times. Sober, she thought too much about the risk and drunk she just did things. Women were often shamed for liking sex and she would never let herself be told what to do with her body. She doesn't need anything to drink to have sex and it just that alcohol let her do things without thinking about it.

The threesome was a perfect example of it and she let herself be filmed by one of the guys while she was blowing him as his friend was pounding her from behind. If she was sober she would fear that it would end up on the net and demanded that he would stop filming but she just got more into sucking his dick. Only when she was drunk would she have sex with more than one guy or flash them.      

“Let have some fun while we drink and would anyone like to play risk poker?” Samantha asked with enthusiasm.

“What is risk poker?” Sarah asked with some interest.

“It is a combination of truth or dare and strip poker. When betting you write down a dare, truth, or to strip on some paper and put it in a pile on the table. The one with the lowest hand must do whatever is drawn or answer the truth question by the winner. Getting a dare or the truth is just like the game but you don’t get a choice and is done blindly. A strip is the winner choice of what is taken off and it must be only one thing,” Samantha explaining the rules with some excitement.

Sarah had drunk enough that her wild side was kicking in and could be easily talked into doing something crazy. She thought the game sound fun and naughty. She wasn't thinking clearly and just thought it was some girls fooling around. She was too drunk to care if she ended up having to show her boobs and it was the risk of playing with lesbians that excited her. She liked the idea of them lusting after her so she agreed to play the game. Julia, Regina, and even Tina agreed to play too.  

Tina grabbed a deck of cards, some paper, pens, and a bottle of rum from underneath the bar. They found a table near the corner of the room and poured some rum into glasses that Samantha carry over from the bar. Sarah was halfway done with her rum when they started the game and was feeling her inner slut wanting to come out.

The game started off a little slow with minor dares and a few truths. Tina was the first to lose and was asked about her first time with a girl. She said she was sixteen and was at a sleepover with her friends and her best friend Rachel was sleeping next to her. She went on to tell them how Rachel slipped underneath her covers and went into detail how she started fingering her as she was sleeping.

Waking up, she did not understand at first what was happening. She bit down on her lips and didn't want her friend to know that she was awake. She was too scared to do anything and it was feeling too good to stop. She let her friend have her way with her and ended with Rachel eating her pussy as everyone slept. Sarah could almost see it and felt herself becoming a little excited from the story. 

Samantha lost next and was dared to kiss everyone playing the game. Sarah’s heart was pounding hard in her chest and felt some panic after hearing the dare. With each girl that she kissed was turning Sarah fear into excitement and each kiss was more erotic to watch than the last.

When it came to be her turn to be kissed she found that she was looking forward to it and closed her eyes but she just got a peck on her cheek. She felt herself getting a little upset over not being kissed like the other girls and couldn't stop about thinking of being kissed by one of them.  

The kiss brought back memories of her friend Monica from high school and how they would practice kissing. She could still feel how her lips felt and how her tongue that tastes like cherry popsicle moving around in her mouth. Feeling the heat of body against her own and how her body reacted to it.

Sarah shook her head, trying to knock those thoughts lose and didn’t know why she was turning an innocent experience sexual. She realized that it must be the alcohol as she gets more sexual while she is drinking. She was drunk and was feeling great but not to the point of being out of control. 

Sarah lost the next hand and was asked if she ever kissed a girl before. Alcohol didn’t just make her more sexual but it also made her truthful and removed the filter in her brain that kept her from saying too much. She told them everything and few things that she shouldn’t.

She told them about Monica and how her parents told her that she couldn’t date. They wanted her to focus on school and boys would distract her too much. She told Monica how embarrassing it would be having to kiss a guy and to be bad at it. High school was the place where you learned stuff like that and not when you are in college.

She explained that Monica talked her into giving her a few lessons and it was okay because girls do this all the time. Monica kept saying that she was doing better but she needed more lessons. She didn’t mind and confessed that she got wet a few times from her kisses.

Realizing what she let slip out made her face turned red from embarrassment and felt a little naughty for saying it. She didn’t regret saying it and rather found it was exciting that she did. The whole thing was turning her on and wonder if she should make something up to tease these girls with, but decided against it.

She was feeling a need to be kissed and watching more kissing dares on the other girls was driving her crazy. She was at the stage of being drunk where she would be up to do things that she wouldn't do when sober. She was this drunk when those two guys wanted a threesome and it was the next day that she regretted her actions. 

She finally got a dare to kiss Regina and she didn’t hold back. she slipped her tongue into her mouth and tasted the rum. She took her time kissing her and only stopped when she was ordered by the other girls that the time was up. Sarah got another kissing dare but this time it was with Tina and she was more adventurous with her hands. It wasn’t until she got back to her seat before she noticed that Tina had undone a button on her shirt. 

Thinking about what Tina did was making her want to be naughty and tease her. She thought that Tina would never get beyond just kissing her, so she decided to undo another button on her shirt to tease her. That left only one button on her shirt and it was making her breasts more visible.

She could feel the last button was barely resisting the pressure to pop off and she pushed her breasts forward to increase the risk of it happening. She found the idea of that happening exciting and almost wish that it would. The black lacy bra that she wore was no longer hidden and could be seen sticking out.

Sarah found that it was amusing that Tina kept her eyes glued to her breasts and lost a few hands because of it. She was the first one at the table that had to strip and have to remove her shirt. She could see that her first thought about Tina being braless was right when her small pink nipples came into view and they were hard as little bullets. Sarah couldn’t turn away and kept staring at Tina's breasts.   

“How do you like this pair?” Tina said as she arched her back and pushed her breasts forward

Sarah felt the blood rush to her face and felt foolish for falling into the same trap that she set for Tina. Tina was talking about both her breasts and her hand of cards. Tina flirted a lot and almost everything she said was sexual in some nature. She had a paired of kings and queen that gave her that round but for being distracted by her breasts, Sarah lost. Tina smiled, reading the dare and Sarah knew that she was in trouble now.

The dare would test her limits and she wouldn’t have done it sober but all the girls here was thankful that she wasn’t. She was feeling a little randy and at this point, she had gone too far to stop. She liked playing this game and figure that she could walk away at any time that she wished.

“I dare you to walk over to the dance floor and dance seductively with two girls of your choice,” Tina said with a cocky grin. 

Feeling great and fearless she walked over to some girls before sliding between them. It surprised her in how easy it was for her to do that dare and the pleasure that she was getting from it. She was swaying her body against a girl while moving her body up and down.

Things soon heated up as they started to respond to her by gliding their hands all over her body. The second girl pressed her body against Sarah and kissed her. The girl behind Sarah grabbed her breasts and pulled back on her top until the last button popped off.

Swaying her body, she lowered herself as her hands were sliding down Sarah’s body and down her legs. When she came up again she guided one hand under Sarah’s skirt and started rubbing her pussy through her panties. The second girl just kept on kissing Sarah and slid her hands in her shirt to undo Sarah’s bra.

Sarah didn’t foresee this happening and thought it would be some harmless fun but it was becoming too sexual. She felt her bra loosen as the girl unhook it and pulled it down enough for one of her nipples to pop out. The girl broke off her kiss with her and started sucking on her nipple. These girls were giving Sarah pleasure that she never knew before and was putting up no fight. Sarah got lost in their touches and was moaning in ecstasy. They pulled away from her laughing and she felt confused. 

“That should teach you for trying to cut in without asking,” The first girl said before moving to another end of the dance floor with her girlfriend.

Sarah walked back to the table feeling sexually frustrated and a little confused on what just happened. She didn’t care that her shirt was open or her bra was hanging loosely on her. She could feel the air on her stiff nipple that was still wet from the girl saliva and the wetness between her legs. She didn’t care that the girls were looking at her with lust-filled eyes or that she went too far this time but she felt a need to cum. She never felt so good being touch before and wanted it to go on.

On the next hand, she lost again and had to strip. Taking off her shirt, that led to her bra sliding down revealing her breasts before removing it. She did not care that she was now topless. Her nipples were hard with slightly puffy pink areola and she resisted the urge to touch them.

“Two for one, girls this is your lucky night,” Sarah said while taking a deep intake of breath.

The game went on and few of them also had to strip. Regina lost her shirt and Sarah thought her dark brown nipples were cute. Tina lost her pants and was now only wearing black see-through panties with a rose embroidery on them. Samantha still had her shirt on but her pants and panties were gone. Julia was the only one that hasn’t stripped yet and still looked too innocent to be playing this game but Sarah would soon find out that Julia wasn’t as innocent she appeared.

Julia lost the next game and had to masturbate in front of everyone. She pulled her chair out and place the chair so that Sarah would have a good view of her. Lifting her skirt, she let Sarah see that she wasn’t wearing any panties. She was completely shaved and had a tattoo that read, 'lick here to open' with an arrow pointing to her pussy.

Raising her leg up on her chair, she started to masturbate while looking at Sarah. Never breaking eye contact until she came and then she licked her juices from her fingers.

Watching Julia masturbate turned Sarah on so much that she was more than willing do the same dare and didn’t care who saw her doing it. Lost in her desires, Sarah still didn’t lose the next hand but Julia did. If that dare came earlier she would have quit the game but she was so horny now that she wasn't going to fight it.

Julia climbed underneath the table grabbing Sarah's legs and pulled her until her butt reach the edge of the chair. The dare was for Julia to kiss Sarah's inner thigh for thirty seconds but she had other plans in mind and do her own dare. She started as she was told for a few seconds, teasing the girl before she sliding Sarah's panties aside and started licking her pussy.

She wanted to do this since she first saw her and always wanted to eat a redhead's pussy. She tasted great and was going try to make her cum before the time ran out. She failed but promised herself the next time she wouldn't and gave Sarah’s pussy one last lick before getting back to her seat.

Sarah wasn’t happy and felt worst than ever now. She was really close to having an orgasm and she was almost in tears from needing to cum so badly. Sarah’s body was burning with lust and her pussy was soaking wet. She didn’t care who fucks her as long as she came and was prepared to do it herself if they denied her request.

“Please, let Julia have five more minutes! I dare you... I dare anyone to eat my pussy but as long as you make me cum,” Sarah said deliriously.

“After this hand and we will see, but let's just play with the winner getting to pick the dare. The loser has to do whatever the winner wants and be their slave for the rest of the night,” Tina said smiling and was happy that Sarah was at the point where she wanted her. “Does that sound fair?” Tina asked already knowing the answer.

“Yes, more hand,” Sarah said and would agree to anything if it meant that she would cum.

Sarah had a full house and knew that she was going to win. She had a dare picked out and would have Tina licking her pussy until she came several times. That is all she wanted and didn’t want to do anything else. When she lost to four aces she started to regret the bet and didn’t want to be a slave to a lesbian but her need to cum made her submit.

Tina stood up and pulled down her panties before placing it on the table. She started walking around the table like she was thinking about what she wanted Sarah to do and she already knew but just wanted to make Sarah sweat a little. 

“I will make you cum so hard that you will never want a man again but I am not so sure you really want it. If you got on your knees and eat my pussy then I might be convinced,” Tina said with a smile and in a domineering tone.

Feeling defeated and needing to cum Sarah dropped to her knees. She crawled to Tina as everyone watched her being humiliated a little, before being allowed to cum. She was upset that she has to do this but she was also turned on by it too.

Sarah focused on Tina’s crotch as she was crawling to her and it felt longer than it was. Tina had a thin line of pubic hair running down the middle and her pussy lips were open up like a flower with dew drops glistening its petals.

Tina was giving Sarah instructions on how she wanted her pussy eaten and held onto her head to keep her in the right place. She noticed the more Sarah was licking her pussy, the more into it that she got. She could tell that Sarah wasn’t the best at it but she was pretty good and it would just take a little longer to cum.

“Tease me first and never go directly to the pussy. Kiss and lick the other edge of my cunt until I am begging for your tongue. That is it! Now... lick my pussy... fuck! Almost there...” Tina said moaning and ending with a scream as the orgasm hit her.

Sarah did as she was told and when she started to lick the girl's pussy she felt a surge of sexual energy that came over her. It was like nothing that she ever experienced before and she got extremely turned on. She found it was exciting when she was sucking a guy's dick in the bathroom but this was ten times more powerful.

She could feel herself becoming addictive to it and wanted to drink down her juices. She shoved her tongue deep into Tina's pussy as far as it would go and lick up while swirling her tongue. After making Tina cum, she pulled back with her face wet from her juices then licked her lips.

Tina figured that Sarah was the type that let herself get freaky after drinking too much and waited for the right time to act. She had played this game with the girls before and used it to seduce girls. They always started out slow and built up the girl's courage a little at a time, until they had her, like they just did with Sarah. The girl was good to go and up to do anything that they wanted now.

“Lay face down on the table and prepare yourself for your reward. Be patient and remember good things cum to girls who wait,” Tina told Sarah and she couldn’t help to slip a pun in. 

Sarah did as she was told and got on the table. She felt her hard nipples against the wooden table and was looking at Regina drinking rum while she was talking with the other girls. It didn't seem odd for a half-naked girl laying like this and especially when she just ate another girl pussy for the first time.

A few minutes passed before she felt Tina behind her removing her skirt and then pulled down her panties to her knees. She felt a tongue licking her pussy and she started to moan but it soon stopped. Tina pulled her panties the rest of the way down and tossed them next to Sarah face. Sarah could see her pink panties were wet and she could smell her scent on them. The scent wasn’t just strong and Sarah found it very arousing.

Sarah felt something long and phallus-like entering her. She moaned in surprise as it went deeper into her and felt herself being slowly fuck. She could tell from how it felt that it was bigger than any man that she ever had before and was reaching into places no dick had ever touched before.

Lost in her moans and the pleasure that she was receiving, she watched as Regina was going through a bag on the table. She pulled out some strap-ons and started passing them out to the other girls. Realizing now that was what Tina was using on her and that they all were planning to take turns with her.

She was too far gone to care that she was going to be used by them or that it was happening in a room full of people. Tina grabbed the back of her hair and pulled back as she picked up speed. Sarah arched her body and let out a series of short moans.

Trying to hold herself up with weak hands as a powerful surge of pleasure was hitting her and from each one that hit her, she had enough time to response halfway before being hit by another one. When the orgasm hit Sarah, she saw a blinding white light and let out a loud cry. Barely holding herself up as two more hit her and she tried to catch her breath.

After Tina stepped away from her she turned around and sat on the table. She could see that everyone was watching her and that they were enjoying what was being done to her.

Regina came up to her and started kissing her before sliding the fake penis inside of her. Sarah held onto Regina as she started fucking her and let out moans between their kisses. Breaking the kiss, Regina took Sarah’s breast into her mouth and started sucking on her nipple. Sarah came again and laid back on the table while breathing heavily as the orgasm ran through her body.

Sarah couldn’t move and didn’t know how much that she could take but she was about to find out. Samantha was next and fucked her as she laid there moaning. After cumming again, Julia quickly raised her leg over her shoulder and started pounding her pussy as hard as she could. This sweet innocent looking girl was fucking her with force of a man and she was loving it. The orgasms came so fast and in numbers that she couldn’t count them. 

Sarah though that it was over with but she was wrong and the bystander that was watching wanted some of this redhead too. The strapon was passed from girl to girl and with there being only four of them, the fucking never ended. Sarah didn’t know how many of them had fucked her and she passed out from the intense pleasure that she was receiving. She felt hands and kisses moving all over her body as she sank into a blissful sleep.

Sarah woke up an hour later in a strange bed and was nude but she felt great if achy. Her pussy was sore from being fuck so much and couldn't close her legs. She couldn’t believe that she just had sex with a group of women and that she enjoyed it. Closing her eyes, she tried to think of how many women that she just let fuck her and there were over thirty women in the room.

All of them did touch or kiss her but only eight actually fucked her. Feeling herself falling back to sleep and starting dreaming of Monica.  

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