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Lesbian TV - A fantasy vision of the future

A weather girl takes her first steps into live TV porn

2012 went down in history as the year the world changed. The fall of the Euro leading to a break-up of the European Union was just the catalyst which led to a sea change in British culture. The coalition, which was already teetering on the brink of collapse in Britain, finally bit the dust in September leading to a snap general election. Suddenly the euphoria caused by the Olympics and the diamond jubilee seemed a long way away.

When former porn star Helen Eszterhazy, better known as Peachy Paula, formed her political party, the mainstream political groups sneered. However, her policies were just what the country needed: Zero tolerance on crime in cities, emasculation for perverts, no VAT on chocolate and hard core lesbian porn on prime time TV. A week before the election, the polls put her two percentage points ahead. The Tories and Labour said the voters would see sense when they entered the ballot box.

They did, they voted for Helen's Utilitarian Alliance..

On election night, the country watched, amazed as she was swept to power, taking landslide majorities from one constituency to another. Safe blue Tory seats in Surrey and red Labour heartlands in the industrial north were turning purple over night.

It must have been good to be a fly on the wall when Her Majesty had her first audience with Helen, knowing what some of her policies entailed. Some said that part of the reason that British television was so boring with its politically correct agenda, was so as to not offend the Queen. That would all change now. Limiting her erotic TV schedule to lesbian only might have been a master stroke as it appealed to a wider audience than did heterosexual porn. It didn’t take long for her new channel to take off.

It was PIN protected for parental control, but was free to view, since all the major brands were falling over themselves for a share of the advertising slots. The biggest surprise though, was the number of mainstream anchor women who wanted to be part of the new broadcasting revolution. Former mainstream news readers and TV personalities alike were joining the Lesbian Channel one by one to take their share of the limelight and bare all.

The live lesbian sex shows were attracting huge audiences, particularly as they were going head to head with the Soaps. Given the choice, people wanted to see close-ups of hot girls kissing and licking pussy, rather than fall asleep in front of mediocre TV serials. At the end of the Nine O’clock news one evening on the Lesbian Channel it was announced that the first of a weekly special was planned in the November. The news and weather forecast would conclude with the two news anchors and the weather girl having a threesome on set. This was hot enough to begin with but when it was announced that Susanna Mead and Louise Pinchin had joined the station and would be in on the act it was every man’s dream come true.

The two 30 something girls, so prim and proper when they had been on BBC’s News On The Hour would leave nothing to the imagination.

In the English East Midlands an 18 year old girl was avidly watching the programme. As Laura Woodhall watched the news and weather she knew she had to be part of the station. She had recently graduated in meteorological studies and had experience on local radio. Her voluptuous figure meant she would be perfect for the special broadcast, which was planned for later in the autumn. She posted photographs of herself, along with her CV to the Lesbian Channel.. Her weekly slot on Lincs FM, was popular with the listeners, with her off the wall humour and titillating snippets from around the country.

The channel were inundated with applications for the role, despite their strict stipulations. Many hopefuls were summarily dismissed but when they read Laura’s application, it was a no brainer that she should be on their short list for an interview. She had all the qualifications and attributes they were looking for; appearance, intelligence, big natural boobs and a nice bum. She attended the interview a week before the first broadcast.

Laura was delighted to be greeted by Sally Eszterhazy the new Prime Minister's elder sister, herself a former lesbian porn star and one of Laura’s heroes. Laura had every one of her DVDs including the seminal Velvet Lovers, which Sally had made in 1991. Now in her 40s, Sally and her sister had won over the British people with her promise of a Utitilitarian Utopia, where hedonism and the politics of common sense had swept her to power. Laura wanted to be part of the new lesbian porn craze, which Sally had introduced as Head of Entertainment in the new government. There were big bucks to be had and Laura could eat some famous pussy on the way.

“Come in my dear,” said Sally in her sexy Hungarian accent as she invited Laura into her office.

“Thank you,” said Laura. “Can I just thank you for giving me the opportunity to be here today.”

“That is quite all right,” said Sally. “You’re CV was perfect, we had no hesitation in offering you an interview.”

Laura was asked to sit down and Sally crossed her legs, causing her short, pencil skirt to ride up her shapely thighs. Laura couldn’t help but gaze at the pearly white skin of her legs. Sally smiled, all too aware of the effect she had on young lesbian girls like Laura.

“I see you have worked in local radio,” said Sally.

“Yes, I still do, for one day a week.”

“Is it not a daunting prospect to be in front of the camera?”

“No,” said Laura, confidently. “I relish the idea.”

“Indeed? And, to undress before the nation’s men? Knowing that they will be masturbating.”

“It doesn’t bother me,” said Laura frankly. “I will be too wet contemplating the other women.”

Sally raised an eyebrow at Laura’s candour.

“I can see you are a naughty young lady,” said Sally. “Would you stand up for me please.?”

Laura did as she was asked.

“Turn round slowly for me,” said Sally.

Laura did a little twirl and then looked at the older woman’s long brown hair. The beautiful brunette’s locks flowed over her blouse, following the contours of her breasts.

“Would you undo your blouse please?” Asked Sally.

Laura hesitated.

“Do you mean now?”

“Of course my dear, is it a problem?”

“No, no of course not.”

Laura looked Sally in the eyes as she began to unbutton her blouse, popping open the buttons one by one. Sally watched impassively as Laura’s lacy white bra was revealed.

“When you wrote that you were an F cup, I wondered if you were exaggerating, but I see that you were not,” said Sally.

Laura looked at her prospective boss bashfully as she slipped her blouse off, placing it on the desk before her.

“And your bra, if you please…”

Laura gulped and felt a ripple of excitement run through her young body, scarcely able to believe she was undressing for her idol. She reached around behind her, undoing the catches carefully, knowing that fumbling would not look good. She released her bra in one go and it fell forwards under the weight of her boobs.

Sally licked her lips and walked slowly towards her would be employee. Laura looked at Sally’s beautiful hazel eyes as the older woman’s hands reached for her breasts. Sally fondled Laura’s boobs gently, teasing the nipples with her thumbs. Laura shivered with excitement as Sally stroked her boobs.

“You really have a nice pair there, my dear,” she said, as she weighed Laura’s breasts in her hands.

“Thank you,” said Laura.

Sally looked down at Laura's skirt and licked her lips. 'In different circumstances,' she thought.

“You can put your things back on now.”

Laura was almost disappointed that she hadn’t been asked to go further, but she respected the porn actress’s professionalism, as well as her restraint.

“Do you have any questions to ask me?” Said Sally.

“Only, do you have many other girls to interview?”

“No, you are the third and final girl. However, I am happy to say that you are hired.”

“What? Really? I’ve got the weather girl’s job?”

“That’s right!” Confirmed Sally with a big smile.

“Oh thank you… thank you so much!!!”

Laura was elated and could barely contain her excitement, and was suddenly full of nervous energy.

“I got the job, I got the job!” She said, almost dancing around the office.

“You will be fantastic,” said Sally.

“Oh I won’t let you down, I’ll make you proud!” Said Laura.

“I know you will. I am pleased for you. You are going to make a lot of men very hard and a lot of women very wet.”

Laura shook Sally’s hand and kissed her on the cheek. A little part of her wondered if one day that kiss would be on her lips or even somewhere better. For now the prospect of kissing the nation’s two hottest news anchors was hot enough.


Laura arrived at the station on the day of the big shoot and was introduced to the two stars of the show. She was familiar with both Susanna and Louise from their former morning slots on the BBC, but was amazed at how sexy they were in the flesh. They were both wearing mid thigh black skirts and Susanna wore a grey blouse and Louise a light blue one. Laura had turned up in a figure-hugging beige skirt, skin-coloured hold-ups and a pink blouse.

After a chat with the women over coffee in the green room she went off to rehearse. It would be a challenge to deliver the next day’s weather forecast while slowly undressing but she had practised over and over at home in front of her girlfriend. Laura was confident she could pull it off. Even so her tummy was a flutter with nervous anticipation. She just had to forget about the camera and go with the flow.

As Laura brushed her hair and adjusted her skirt the two minutes buzzer sounded. That meant she needed to make her way on set, where she would be introduced ahead of the news and then wait patiently while the two hot anchor girls read the day's international events.


The producer counts the girls in from three and then the station announcer introduces Susanna and Louise and then the camera cuts to Laura who smiles as she basks in the glory as their all new weather girl.

The set includes a large crescent-shaped desk, where the news girls are sitting and a long pink sofa at one side with Laura and her weather map at the opposite end of the set.

Susanna begins to read the news with the Louise giving extra details and talking over the start of the outside broadcasts. Susanna reads the headlines in her well rounded vowels and perfect diction.

It’s good news from Europe with the new French Franc doing well against the Dollar. The next item is the latest Middle East peace talks, which are doing better than expected.

The two anchors are professional and serious. There is no hint of the naughtiness that is to come, it's just like any normal News show. By the time the broadcast reaches the sport, the girls have a twinkle in their eyes and Susanna begins to fiddle with the top button of her blouse. The girls stand up following the autocue and move away from the desk. Louise reads out the evening’s late football scores and undoes her own top button as Susanna slowly unfastens her blouse. The girls are teasing the viewers. They look so business-like but slowly and surely they are undressing. Laura feels the hackles raise on the back of her neck, knowing it will soon be her turn.

Susanna and Louise discard their blouses to reveal their black brassieres. The dark-haired Susanna has full breasts, her cleavage almost spilling over her black bra. The blonde Louise is a smaller B cup but they look pert in her low cut bra. They continue to undress and unzip their skirts. As they reveal their black hold-ups and silk panties, Louise concludes the news with a feel good story of a pet rabbit, which was rescued unhurt from a bonfire.

“And now over to Laura for the weather,” says Susanna.

The camera cuts to Laura who is standing next to map of the British Isles. The map is covered with little orange sun symbols.

“Tomorrow will be another fine day across the country, with plenty of sunshine...”

She begins undo the buttons on her cuffs and loosens her blouse.

“… and it will feel unseasonably warm in sheltered parts of the south east.”

“However there is a chance of a shower in parts of the Pennines….”

She continues undoing her blouse, without taking her eyes from the camera.

“…and in the Welsh borders. However these are likely to be light and isolated.”

She slips her blouse off and allows it to fall to the floor.

“Temperatures will be above average for the time of year, particularly in the south...”

She points to Surrey and Berkshire, and then undoes the button on the back of her skirt.

“…people should remember to use sun block with UV levels unusually high.”

She slides her skirt over her hips inch by inch. She is calm and professional throughout, reading the weather and looking composed but amazingly erotic.

“Winds will be generally light with an on shore breeze in the east, making it feel more like 15 degrees…”

She slips out of her skirt and stands there sexily in just her lingerie and hold-ups.

“The maximum temperature today was eighteen degrees Celsius in Herne Bay…”

Laura smiles and then unclips her bra effortlessly, revealing her beautiful boobs.

“…And that’s the weather forecast for Lesbian Channel.”

She slides her panties down, slowly unveiling her little landing strip of blonde hair and her slightly swollen pink pussy lips. Throughout the country men and women alike are glued to the television as the first naked weather forecast in British broadcasting history draws to a close. The fun has only just begun.

Laura is joined by Susanna and Louise who are still in their matching black lingerie. There is a mischievous look on the girl’s faces.

“Well Laura, how was your first nude weather forecast?” Asks Susanna.

“Yes, I think it went well,” says Laura.

The two older girls turn to the camera as Enya is piped over the studio speakers and they continue to undress, taking off first their bras and then their panties. Susanna’s boobs are gorgeous with big pink nipples and Louise’s are smaller but so perky. Both girls have a neat little muff, but their pussy lips are still clearly visible.

“Well, perhaps you can join us on the sofa,” says Susanna. The look on Susanna's face is smoking hot and Laura feels a tingling in her pussy.

The three girls walk naked across the studio and Laura sits in the middle as the other two begin to fondle her body gently. Susanna caresses Laura’s breasts as Louise squeezes her bum cheeks. They continue their exploration of Laura’s body, sandwiching her between themselves, rubbing their boobs into her body. The camera zooms in to Laura’s breasts as Susanna runs her tongue around her juicy nipples. Another shot shows Louise who is running her fingers between Laura’s legs and then she licks them, as they are coated with Laura’s juices.

The soft music continues as the girls start to kiss each other. Laura is clearly enjoying the attention from the two starlets of TV News. She exchanges a long French kiss with Susanna first and then with Louise. They fondle each other as the camera shows their saliva stretching from mouth to mouth as they enjoy a three way kiss.

The two news anchor girls kneel on the sofa side by side and Laura faces them and then slips her fingers into each girl’s pussy. She fingers them slowly and they are unable to disguise the pleasure they are experiencing. Laura kisses each girl again as she masturbates the famous, sexy broadcasters for the watching millions. What men have only fantasized about before is now reality on the ground-breaking channel.

Susanna and Louise take control again and position Laura length-wise along the sofa. Susanna smiles for the camera and licks her lips before going down on the luscious blonde weather girl. As Susanna begins to eat Laura’s pussy, Louise hovers over Laura’s face and then lowers her pert bum over Laura’s lips and nose. The cameras zoom in, to give crystal clear close ups of Laura’s glistening pussy as Susanna licks her oozing vagina and nibbles her swollen clit. Laura is moaning as she eats Louise noisily, licking her ass and pussy, the camera getting a clear view of Louise’s wet little bum hole.

The girls swap round and Louise takes her position between Laura’s legs and continues where Susanna left of feasting on Laura’s now soaking wet pussy. Laura’s girly juices can be seen smeared over Susanna’s lips as she sits on Laura’s face and there is an unmistakeable look of satisfaction on the brunette’s face as Laura licks her pussy.

The moaning and panting, licking and slurping is picked up perfectly by the sensitive microphones and the sounds and amazingly erotic images are sent around the country as men are tossing themselves off and girls are fingering themselves in a nationwide orgy of masturbation. The music in the studio fades as the girls’ moans grow louder and louder and Laura is brought to a shuddering orgasm, her body twisting and writhing.

Afterwards the three girls share another three way kiss, with a mixture of saliva and pussy juice coating their lips and then they wave goodbye until another week when the country can watch them do it all over again.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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