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Lesson Learned

Iris meets Lia again. Has Iris learned from the past?
Lessons Learned

When I walked into the club for Gina’s bachelorette party, I was too frazzled from work to wonder who else might be there. I’d left the office closer to seven than six, ran home to change into my one appropriate dress, and now I was late. A broken chunk of sidewalk almost made me later, but I managed not to fall. I was sure I looked ridiculous as I stumbled towards the door, but I got in without further trouble.

Once inside I took a minute to orient myself amid the pulsing music and whirling lights. I hadn’t been to a club in at least two years. At twenty-eight, I was pretty much over that scene. It had been fun, but it got old; or I did. It was hard to say.

It was also hard to think while the music pounded through my head. As the song subsided, a movement caught my eye and I saw Annie, Gina’s sister, waving at me. Relieved, I waved back and started over.

After two steps, I stopped. She was here. I could feel it.

Annoyed, I gave myself a shake and continued over to the party. What had I expected? Lia was Gina’s oldest friend; of course she would be here.

“Iris! You made it!” Gina came over to me, all smiles and hugs. “I was afraid you’d get held up at work.”

I smiled back. “Almost. They tried but I snuck out the back.”

“Well, sit down.” Gina motioned me to a chair and signaled to a waitress.

I opted for a Long Island Iced Tea. That was stronger than anything I’d had in ages, but I felt like I needed it. When it arrived and I tasted it I was glad to find they hadn’t skimped on anything. I took a healthy gulp.

I was happy to catch up with Gina and chat with some other women at the table, friends I hadn’t seen in a while and friends of friends. I was relieved that the party was just at a dance club and that they hadn’t gone in for male strippers. I could admire the masculine physique as well as anyone else, but at the moment a plain old club was more my speed.

“Hi, Iris.”

Her voice shot through my body. That wasn’t fair. I hadn’t seen her in months and didn’t want this kind of reaction. But I never could help it.

“Hi, Lia.”

She looked better than ever as she dropped into the seat next to me. Her eyes were a bright blue, her lips cherry red. She ran her tongue over her lips and made no secret of checking me out. Already warm from my drink, my body heated up even more.

“It’s been a while,” she said. “How are you?”

“Good.” I nodded. “Been working more than anything. You?”

She shrugged, bare shoulders sliding against her long, wavy dark hair. “Same company, new position, but work’s work. I was glad when Gina invited me. I thought it would be fun to see some people again.” Lia’s eyes trailed down my face to my chest and back up. Emboldened by my drink, I did likewise. Before either of us could say anything more, Gina dragged Lia off to dance.

I watched for a few minutes, drinking my cocktail but not tasting it. I was mesmerized by Lia. Her strapless dress hugged her body and emphasized her curves. Skinny heels, the kind I could never wear, made her legs look long and sleek. She looked fantastic.

Lia smiled and laughed as she danced with Gina and some other women from the party. They did those faux sexual moves that make some women feel brave and daring while entertaining the straight guys. When Lia did it, my mouth watered.

It took another drink before I would let anyone drag me up to dance. Even with the week I’d had and my desire to shake everything off for a day or two, dancing was not my favorite method of reducing stress. Since it was Gina’s party, though, I tried to be a good sport.

Lia came over and gave me a sexy smile. “I didn’t think you’d had enough to drink for this.”

“I’m not sure I have.”

She grabbed my hand. “Come on, you’re not even trying.”

“You know I don’t like to dance.”

“You always liked dancing with me.”

That much was true, but it wasn’t because I liked dancing. It was because I liked the way Lia’s body moved, both on her own and in rhythm with mine. My body remembered those feelings and I could tell by looking at her that she did too.

I let her pull me farther onto the dance floor. She swayed her hips to the beat and put her hands on my waist, enticing me to mirror her movements. Her eyes locked on mine. I responded to the pressure of her hands and rocked back and forth. After a few minutes, I put my hands on her shoulders and stepped a little closer.

Our bodies touched as we used dancing as an excuse to get as physically close as possible. No one noticed since the place was so crowded, and likely no one cared. This club was gay-friendly, so two women or two men getting close didn’t draw much attention.

Lia kept her eyes on mine as she danced. I relaxed as the alcohol started having its effect and I slipped into the familiar feel of being with Lia. I pulled her to me and trailed a hand down her back and over her ass.

She bit her lip and closed her eyes for a moment. When she opened them, I saw the want. She dragged her hand up from my waist and over my breast before settling on my neck. Her fingernails skimmed over my shoulder and neck, raising goose bumps on my skin. I put one hand behind her neck and leaned in to kiss her.

I was playing with fire but I didn’t care.

I felt her shiver as we kissed. Damn, we had chemistry! Her body woke every nerve in mine and I wanted to do the same to her.

The kiss ended with the song and I stepped back. Our eyes met and I knew we both wanted more. However this was Gina’s night, so any personal desires would have to wait.

Lia didn’t say anything but as we walked back to the group her hand traveled down the length of my arm. I felt sparks everywhere she touched.

We sat down as Gina began to open her presents, which included plenty of lingerie and sexy underwear. One box contained a collection of sex toys that made Gina laugh, blush and squeal all at the same time. I’d gone in on a negligée with Annie. I was all for sex toys, but Gina and I weren’t quite close enough to exchange them as gifts.

After another drink I needed a bathroom. I squinted across the room and saw a sign that was probably the one I wanted and headed over. It was the right place, although the restroom was down a set of stairs and at the end of a short, dim hallway. As I washed my hands I took a deep breath, grateful for the momentary quiet. I could still feel the bass but it was a soothing thrum compared to being out in the main room.

I stepped into the corridor and found Lia waiting.

“I missed you,” she said. Her eyes raked over me.

I knew what I looked like: a sheen of sweat on my face from the heat of the club; my blond hair damp with stray strands dangling to my shoulders; my nipples hard bumps under my thin black dress. Lia licked her lips.

“I missed you, too,” I said. It was true. I’d gotten over it, gotten past it, whatever, but I missed her.

“Wanna try again?” She pushed off the wall and stepped over to me. Her face was flushed and with a dress shorter and thinner than mine, there was no hiding her arousal.

Instead of answering I walked her back against the wall and crushed my lips to hers. She gave a small gasp of surprise but there was no resistance. Her arms came up and gripped my shoulders as I pressed my body against hers.

My hands ran up and down her sides, down over her hips and then back up. Her nipples were hard buds under my palms as I covered her breasts with my hands. Our tongues dueled and I ground my hips against her.

“Jesus, Iris, that feels good.” Lia’s voice was hoarse as she dropped her head back and bared her neck to me.

I latched on to the pulse point in her neck, biting down and then soothing the area with my tongue. Lia’s breath came in short pants punctuated by the occasional soft moan. I loved those sounds.

I wedged my leg between hers and felt the heat of her pussy against my thigh. She hissed out a breath and jerked when I moved my leg; she must have been close to coming already.

I wanted more and tugged down the top of her dress, baring her tits. Still kissing her, I didn’t look at them but took advantage of the access and pinched and twisted her nipples. She moaned again and rocked against my leg. Leaving one hand on her breast, I reached down with the other and yanked up her dress.

She wore a thong but it was no barrier. I pushed it aside and slid a finger into her, letting out a groan myself. I loved the way her slick walls clenched around my finger; after a moment, I added another and used my thumb to massage her clit.

Lia held on to me now to keep herself up. She thrust against my hand as I moved my head down and took one dark pink nipple in my mouth. The pebbled skin teased my tongue as I sucked on the tip. My free hand pinched and tweaked her other nipple and I felt her body tense.

“Iris. Iris, someone might see.”

“Do you want me to stop?” I started to pull my fingers out of her.

She reached down and grabbed my wrist and shoved my hand back up. “No. Hell, no. Not when I’m this close.”

I fused my lips to hers once more, pressing our bodies close. I felt the damp skin of her breasts against my dress and she was dripping wet between her legs. I flicked my thumb over her clit; she moaned and dug her fingernails into my shoulder. Once more and she lost it.

Lia buried her face in my neck to stifle her cries. I could feel her teeth on my skin as she bit down. Her body shook and her inner muscles spasmed around my fingers. I slipped an arm around her to help her stay upright while I continued to massage her clit and draw out her orgasm. After another moment I stopped and stepped back, keeping my arm around her waist so she wouldn’t fall.

She pushed her hair back and gave a throaty laugh. “You haven’t lost your touch.”


Lia followed me into the ladies’ room as we went to straighten ourselves out. We weren’t as much of a mess as I feared, apart from Lia’s dress. We were sweaty, out of breath, and our makeup was a little worse for wear. On the other hand, we probably looked like anyone who’d just spent some time on the dance floor.

I washed my hands and ran my fingers through my hair. My purse for the evening wouldn’t accommodate a comb, so fingers were the best I had. I watched out of the corner of my eye as Lia pulled her dress back into place, covering the breasts I had so recently been feasting on.

She wet a paper towel and used it to remove the makeup smudges around her eyes. I hadn’t worn any mascara or eyeliner but my blush and lipstick were gone or uneven, so I grabbed my own towel and wiped the rest off. With the lighting in this place, no one would notice anyway.

“Iris.” Lia laid a hand on my arm.

My skin tingled as I looked up and my brown eyes met her blue ones in the mirror. I wondered what she’d say. Would she be mad, despite the fact that she’d wanted me to do that? Would she blow the whole thing off as no big deal?

Lia ran a hand down the front of my dress, pretending to smooth the fabric but in reality copping a feel. “Can we go back to your place after the party?”

I hesitated; this was not necessarily a good idea. Lia and I had chemistry to burn, but outside of the bedroom—or nightclub hallway—we didn’t always work.

“Come on, baby.” Her hand drifted down the front of my dress, below the skirt, and her fingers traced circles on my thigh.

I closed my eyes for a moment and opened them after a deep breath. Lia was still there, her hand so close to my sex, which I knew was furiously wet after what we’d done. I wanted her to touch me.

“All right,” I said.

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