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A girl virgin gets lessons in lesbian love.
Like all my stories, this is a work of pure fiction, derived by an active imagination and a lot of wishful thinking. Any resemblances to living persons, including me, are purely coincidental and unintentional.

“More lube, baby. Make sure you cover your entire hand.”

I squeezed more of the KY over my hand, and then slowly began twisting it into Lida’s pussy. Squeezing my fingers to a point, I carefully pushed them in. I moved in past the first knuckle, and up to the second knuckle, and the tip of my thumb.

“Oh God! Push harder, baby. Work your hand in deeper.”

“Are you sure I’m not hurting you?”

Lida’s moans as she pushed her hips up toward me and her furious rubbing of her clit seemed to answer that question. My hand was now in up to the base of my thumb, the widest part of my hand. With a final thrust, I pushed in all the way to my wrist, twisting it as I felt the warm wetness of her pussy. I felt her walls grip it in a seeming attempt to prevent me from pulling out. I used my fingers to explore every inch of her; finding and pressing her g-spot and being rewarded with a loud moan and a flood of juices. I curled my fingers into a fist and push them in deep as she arched her back and gasped out instructions.

My mind flashed back. How had I gotten here? I had never been with a woman before, never considered it until recently. I had never even kissed a woman sexually, let alone had my whole hand inside someone’s pussy. I thought about the events that led me here.

We had met in a chat room online and hit it off instantly. We began to talk every day, at first in the chat rooms, quickly moving off site, and then to the phone. Our discussions often went into the wee hours of the morning. We became fast and furious friends and before I knew it, I was asking if she would like to come and visit me. I had no sexual expectations, as I knew she was in a relationship already and had told her so. The trip was of mutual benefit to both of us; but I did secretly harbor a hope that something might happen. When I picked her up at the airport, I recognized her immediately. We hugged like long lost friends.

After loading Lida’s bags into my car, we drove home, stopping on the way to pick up some food for dinner. We got back to my place, opened up a bottle of wine and sat down to eat. We discussed our plans for the next couple of days. I knew she had recently been through some personal tragedies. I allowed for the fact that there would be times when she would just chill out and not do much of anything. I was okay with that. We finished up our meal and opened a second bottle of wine,

Lida was very enthusiastic about certain subjects, as well as music, and soon had her laptop open. She flipped from video to video, while music always played in the background. We talked into the early hours of the morning, before finally showing her to the bedroom. I grabbed my pillow and a blanket and headed out to sleep on the couch; she looked at me and at my king sized bed, and said it was just downright silly for me to not sleep in my own bed. My heart leaped just a little as I crawled under the covers on my side of the bed.

The next few days, we fell into a pattern of talking about so many different things, listening to music, shopping for food and of course, sharing many bottles of wine. Lida was a vegetarian, so she did all the cooking, while I helped with the prep work. We sang and danced, watched her videos and talked endlessly. One day, while sitting in front of my computer, and Lida on my lap, she took my hands and placed them on her breasts. We sat there scrolling through facebook for about ten minutes, while I massaged her tits, squeezing and pinching her nipples.

Lida was into exercising, so we would do crunches together. When she went out for a run, I followed her on my bike. We found a local gay bar and went there a few times. She was like a magnet, drawing people to her. I felt the same pull and began wanting her more and more. I would lie awake watching her sleep at night, imagining we were making love. During the day, I hoped she would initiate something again.

One day we were both in one of the chat rooms; she on her laptop and me on my computer. There were a few girls in the room openly having cyber sex. It was getting pretty hot and I found myself becoming rather aroused. I tried to hide it, but apparently I was not succeeding.

“Is that getting you hot, baby?”

I muttered something in reply, feeling rather self conscious. I tried to make a joke about what the girls in the room were doing.

“Rub your pussy.”

I muttered something again, but this time, Lida came over to where I was sitting and looked me in the eyes.

“Come on, baby; rub your pussy for me.”

I reached down and started rubbing myself through my pants and could feel myself turning red. I always kept my bag of toys next to my computer…… just in case. I had shown her some of them, so she knew they were handy. She pulled out one of my vibrators and my favorite dildo and sat on the floor in front of me holding them.

“Take your panties off, baby. I want to see your pussy.”

I stood up and pulled my shorts and panties off, then sat back down, spreading my legs a bit. I wet my fingers with a bit of lube and began rubbing my clit. Lida added some lube to the tip of the dildo and handed it to me. I pulled my lips apart and pushed the dildo in, working it in and out with one hand, while rubbing my clit with the other one. I was soon quite aroused and no longer paying any attention to the conversation on the screen. I soon heard the vibrator turn on and felt her begin rubbing it against my clit.

“Are you getting hot, baby? Cum for me. I want to see you cum.”

I was moaning quietly as I felt an orgasm begin to build.

“Louder, baby. I want to hear you scream. Tell me when you are ready to cum.”

My moans got louder as I got closer to climaxing. Lida was using the vibrator on my clit, and I was fucking myself with the dildo.


As my body jerked in orgasm, Lida suddenly took the vibrator and shoved it into my pussy, next to the dildo. The sudden extra width in my pussy initially hurt, then surprised and shocked me for a second. Then she grabbed the dildo from my hand and simultaneously fucked me with both toys. I leaned back in the chair as wave after wave of pleasure swept through my body.

“Yea? You like that, baby? Keep cumming for me. Don’t stop.”

My finger went to my clit and rubbed the swollen head, producing yet another orgasm. Finally she stopped and looked me in the eyes.

“It had to be done, baby; you know it is what you wanted.”

I nodded and sat there slumped in my chair as Lida leaned in and kissed me hard on the mouth. After several minutes, my breathing finally returned to normal. Lida went back to her laptop and we checked on the progress of the cyber going on in the chat room. We were both giggling about what had happened. That was my first taste of what was to come over the next days.

That night when went finally went to bed, Lida did not put on her PJs, but climbed into bed naked. She lay down and spread her legs and showed me her pussy. As she rubbed her clit, I leaned over and kissed her, then moved down a bit and sucked on one of her tits while I massaged the other.

“Use your fingers and fuck my pussy, baby.”

I moved my hand down and pushed two fingers inside her pussy; her other hand pushed my head down between her legs.

“Lick my clit while you fuck me.”

I began licking her clit, tasting a woman for the very first time. Lida continued gasping out instructions, telling me how to recognize and read a woman’s reactions. I realized she was teaching me how to make love to a woman. We had talked about my sexual history, so she was aware that I was a “girl virgin”. She gently guided my hands, my head; showing me how to match the pace of them both, showing me how and where to touch. I listened to every word eagerly and soon she was moaning.

“Fuck, baby. Oh God, that feels good. Don’t stop!”

As her hips arched in the air, I increased the pace of both my tongue and my fingers, pushing them in deep and hard. I was rewarded with a sudden jerk of her body as it was racked by an explosive orgasm. I felt the walls of her pussy squeeze my fingers tightly. Her clit was hard and swollen and her breathing was rapid. I finally stopped and moved next to her, the question of whether I would be able to go down on a woman and if I would enjoy it finally answered. We kissed and cuddled. Soon she turned and we began to kiss again. I was getting very aroused. I felt her hand move between my legs. Spreading them slightly, I felt her fingers sliding my lips apart, and then two of them enter my pussy. Waves of pleasure ran through my body.

“You like that, baby? You like the feel of a woman’s fingers fucking you?”

All I could manage in response was a moan. Lida continued fucking me till I was near the point of exploding, then would stop until she felt my shuddering cease. Then the fucking would start again. Each time she brought me closer to the edge, and each time she would stop just before I tumbled over. Her ministrations were driving me crazy! I had never felt like this before. She leaned in and kissed me, then slid her body down until her head was between my legs. Her tongue worked on my clit while her fingers continued working their special magic in my pussy. The first touch of her tongue felt like an electric shock had hit my body, and in less than a minute I was struck with one of the most intense orgasms I had ever felt.

“OH GOD!!!!”

Wave after wave of ecstasy racked my body as I jerked my hips up and down, each rise meeting her fingers and causing them to enter me deeper. Her tongue never left my clit, following the movement of my hips rising and falling. After what seemed like an eternity of bliss, she finally stopped. I was as limp as a wet rag and could not have moved if the house had caught fire. I lay there for several minutes until my heartbeat and breathing finally slowed to normal. We lay there in each other’s arms until we fell asleep.

The next morning we woke up and took a shower. There was a fair amount of rubbing, slipping and sliding as we took turns washing each other. When the hot water finally ran out, we got out, dried off and got dressed. Lida fixed an amazing omelet of sun dried tomatoes and goat cheese. I lightly toasted a couple of crescents and poured a couple of glasses of orange juice. We discussed plans for the day, and then headed out to the store to get what we needed. When we weren’t working, we watched her videos and there was always music playing. We did crunches, danced and wrestled around. It seemed like Lida was constantly running over and jumping on me when I was sitting on the couch.

The next night, Lida dug the largest dildo from my bag of toys and brought it and the bag into to the bedroom. After covering it with a condom and lubing it up, she handed it to me. I pushed it into her pussy. Between the lube and her already soaking wet pussy, it slid in easily. I fucked her slowly, trying to build her up as she had done to me. I worked on her clit with my thumb, but soon she pushed my head down and my tongue began working on it instead.

“Wait, baby, I want you to cum with me.”

Lida turned around until we were in a 69 position and pulled out my favorite dildo from the bag. I positioned my head between her legs and inserted the large dildo in her pussy again. She began licking my pussy, fucking it with her tongue. Once again, her touch was like and electric shock to my pussy. I was quickly aroused and the juices flowing down my leg were quickly lapped up. Soon her tongue moved to my clit; it was hard and swollen already. Each lick of her tongue produced yet another shock. Pushing the dildo deep into my pussy, she matched her rhythm to mine so we were moving in perfect synchronization.

“Tell me when you’re gonna cum, baby. I wanna cum with you.”

Before I knew it, I felt that familiar wave rising from deep inside. My body stiffened as it got closer.

“Almost there, Lida.”

“That’s it, baby, cum for me.”

Lida increased the pace of her licking and I did the same. I could feel her body tensing up as well; feel her walls gripping the dildo. Then the orgasm hit and my hips bucked against her mouth, my legs squeezing her head. I heard her moan as her own orgasm exploded. We lay there, entangled with our bodies writhing together, neither of us willing to stop and let go. Finally, we stopped and laid there, our heads between the others legs, unable to move; trying to catch our breath.

“God that was amazing, Lida!”

“Yes it was, baby.”

We turned once again and laid facing each other, breasts touching so we could each feel the others heart beating. Slowly our breathing returned to normal and we kissed each other deeply. We fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arms and woke up in the same position in the morning. During the remaining time Lida was here, I got many more “lessons” in how to pleasure a woman with my mouth, with my hands and using toys. In return, I had some of the most amazing sex of my life. And that brings me back to where this story began. Tomorrow, she had to return home. We packed her bags after that and loaded them into my car in the morning. At the airport, I pulled up to the curb and helped her with her luggage. We shared one last lingering kiss, and then she walked away through the doors. I will never forget our time together and what we shared.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © My stories are mine. They come from a sometimes twisted and always vivid imagination and sometime wishful thinking. There is always a chance some ideas may have come from an actual experience. i prefer my stories stay the way they are because, well... they are mine.

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