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Lexi, Jenna and the Cabin In Vermont Pt. 2

Lexi and Jenna get to know each other better in bed. Will they join in on a sexy jacuzzi party?
Jenna and I awoke to sunlight spilling over our naked bodies. My eyes lazily took in the curve of her hips, the dip in her back and the ridged outline of her collarbone. Jenna’s skin reminded me of natural suntans, strawberry scented lotion and set her apart from all the other chicks running around Manhattan. She didn’t spray tan. She didn’t botox. She didn’t crash diet. Jenna existed freely in her skin and right now, Jenna, my best friend, lay naked in my usually very straight arms. I didn’t mind bending for her. In fact, I could still taste her slick sex juices on my lips. I smelled her core on my fingers. My husband, his whore and our impending divorce lay in another part of my conscience, eons the fuck away from where I am right now.

When did I start having romantic notions about people? About Jenna, my college roommate turned party buddy turned ride or die BFF bitch for life…turned lover…

She stirred in my arms. Her breasts rubbed against mine. Jenna’s auburn locks slid along my nipples causing them to peak, as if reaching up to her lips begging to be kissed. I pretended to be asleep.

“Lexxxiiii…” Jenna cooed in my ear. She ran her fingernails up and down my skin. A smile flashed across my lips, I bit it back.

“Ohh, ok, so you’re still “asleep”, huh? Ok…” She slid her fingernails down my naked thighs and slowly pushed them apart. I shifted my hips slightly to make it easier for her to do whatever she was starting to do to me.

I felt Jenna’s tongue sliding down my belly but from an unusual angle. I kept my eyes shut as best as I could when all of a sudden Jenna blindfolded me.

“Hey, what…”I sat up with a smirk. Jenna immediately pushed me back down.

“Oh so you are awake. I knew it. You’re mine. Don’t move unless I fucking tell you to…” Jenna said this right against my mouth, biting down on my bottom lip when she was done.

My clit twitched.

“Uh, ok, Jenna…” I said, licking my lips, feeling the sting of her bite, wishing she was still biting me.

Jenna’s weight shifted on the bed. I struggled to undo the blindfold but she slapped my hands. Suddenly, I felt her straddle me…but in reverse. Jenna’s firm round ass rested atop my breasts, her wet pussy lay in between my cleavage. I inhaled her scent and stuck out my tongue, hoping for a taste.

Jenna licked a trail downwards from my belly button to my mound. Her full lips found my aching clit. Her mouth on my mound sent me whirring, rolled my eyes back and forced shockwaves through my brain. She swirled her tongue over my clit and sucked it, like a dick, up and down, running her tongue along the tip, flicking, teasing…

I breathed deeply, heavily, moaning all the while inhaling the scent of her sex only inches away. “Jenna, baby, I need you on my mouth.” I’d never talked to a woman this way. How did it come so easily? Was it just cuz it was Jenna?

Before I could over think anything, Jenna lifted her bottom. Her asshole and soft buttocks caressed my chin and lips. Her dripping wet slit landed on my mouth and I got to work. Holding her by the asscheeks, I slid my tongue deep into her cunt. I could still taste Jack’s cock inside of her. It made me hungrier for her and curious about where Jack and Mick might be…

Jenna and I lay wrapped in a delicious 69. Her lips sucked and teased at the opening of my pussy. Jenna swirled her tongue furiously over my clit, then slowed down, then stopped only to renew rhythm. She slipped a finger into my asshole and I almost lost it. I kept my focus on her clit and sucked it, hard, holding on to my orgasm. Jenna must have known I was close. She pushed her pointer finger in and out of my tight rosebud. With her other hand, she finger fucked me until she was fisting me. My juices flowed in abundance. I couldn’t control anything…

My clit, anus and pussy throbbed and swelled until everything convulsed…

“Jenna, Jennna, fuckkk, babe. I’m cumming, cumming. Fuck, yes, keep fucking me, please. Don’t fucking stop.” Jenna flipped off of me and started fucking me missionary style with her fist. I held her by the neck, thighs wrapped around her ample hips. I’d never been fucked by a woman before, didn’t even know this type of fucking could happen between two chicks. I did not want it to ever end. The blindfold slipped off my eyes. 

Snow was falling hard outside of our window. I grabbed Jenna's sexy auburn locks and pulled. With every thrust, I pulled her closer. She growled and moaned into my neck taking a bite out of me. I was still cumming. My juices spewed over her fist and down my thighs giving us enough lube to keep going. Sweat beaded between us, along Jenna’s neck, between her breasts, all over me…sex sweat, the best kind.


The hard raps at the door startled us. Jenna slowed down but didn’t stop fucking me. With her hand still inside of me, I called out.

“What? Who the fuck is knocking?” I was out of breath. Jenna’s mouth met mine and we were locked in a kiss.

“Lex, it’s me Little! Can I come in? I have breakfast for you, Sis.”

I broke the kiss with Jenna. “Fuck, Jenna, we gotta stop…”

Jenna laughed and pulled me back. “It’s only, Little. Take a deep breath, Lexi. We’ve had sleepovers before…not like this but Little has seen us share a bed. Hand me a t-shirt.”

I smiled at her. “Give me one second, Little…”

I jumped off of the king sized bed, dug through my suitcase and tossed Jenna a baby tee, while pulling on a white thermal. I slid back into bed and pulled the covers up over our legs. “Ok, Little, you can come in.”

Little, my baby sis whose real name is April, slowly unlocked the door and entered pushing a cart covered in silver trays and decorated with flowers in vases. Little ran over and jumped on me, covering me with sisterly affection and kid sister kisses. “Ohh Lexi, I knew you would come eventually!” Little hugged me and lay in between Lexi and I. “And you brought, Jenna! Oh Jenna, it’s been forever. So glad you’re both here!”

Oh boy if she only knew how much I’d cum in the last 24 hours…and that Jenna had just given me the best orgasm of my life. But Little was so innocent and naïve, she would never even think that such a thing could happen between Jenna and I. So I didn’t bring it up. I let her serve us homemade French toast with strawberries, eggs Florentine, Greek yogurt, coffee: the works. We had a breakfast picnic on the bed as the snow fell outside. We caught up on everything. I finally told Jenna and Little about how I caught Derek cheating on me with some bitch I didn’t know, how I caught them in our bed and how I just left.

“That son of you know what,” Little said in between bites, “What a disrespectful, jerkface! Well, listen, don’t know if you met Jack and Mick but they are super cute and could possibly help get your mind off Derek.”

Jenna giggled. I shot her a look. “Umm yes, Little,” I stammered, blushing, “They stopped by yesterday and introduced themselves.”

“They’re such givers,” Jenna offered while snickering into her cup of coffee.

Little looked at Jenna, “That is so true. They just finished helping Smith fix the six person Jacuzzi. I left them drinking beers in their swim trunks. We should totally join them.” Little’s innocent smiled lifted my spirits and made me nervous. Was this the weekend my baby sis found out how much I loved sex, had sex and wanted sex?

She left my cabin after making us promise to meet her down in the Jacuzzi later.

I lay on my stomach and held my chin up with my palms. This was my thinking pose. Jenna took it as an opportunity to massage my firm round ass. “So are we going downstairs or what?” Jenna’s hands rolled my buttocks one at a time making me exhale heavily.

“You think I want to sit in a hot tub with my baby sis while wanting to fuck you and be pleasured by her husband’s two best friends?” I spread apart my thighs a bit for her as she massaged me.

“Yes, I do. Little isn’t a baby. Who’s to say she hasn’t had all three of those hunky hung men fucking her at the same time? I know that’s what I would do if I was with Smith and those were his best friends.” Jenna’s tongue slid in between my buttock. My pussy grew wetter and wetter…

“Jenna, I don’t think Little is like that…”I said, moaning into the mattress.

“Yeah and two days ago, we’d never ever had sex and you never thought you liked girls and you sooo like this, Lexi baby.” Jenna cooed into my asshole before kissing and sucking my perenium and licking up my waxed ass crack.

“Good god, Jenna, you’re driving me crazy and you’re probably right…Fuck it, let’s meet them all downstairs and see what happens…”

Jenna's tongue slipped down to my pussy from behind. All thoughts of a jacuzzi party slowly slipped away but I knew we would meet them. Tonight was going to be one hell of a night...

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