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Life's Little Curveball Ch. 01

Life can be tricky, it can also be boring, slow,and repetitive but, most of all, it can be wonderful

Life can be tricky, it can also be boring, slow, and repetitive but, most of all, it can be wonderful. I learned the first one while picking up innuendo, a hidden meaning, in my best friend Holly's jokes.

I'm Sarah, and I'm here to tell about a time I had with my friend Holly that turned into a long time of exploration. 

Holly and I were friends all through our lives, we got our ears pierced together, went o our first dates together, and even made love the first time in the same night, we were two of a kind friends. We lost our virginity at 16 and talked about it a lot, we never lied to each other.

When we were still young and attractive, me at 5'2" and 110 lbs with a 34 b cup, and Holly at a gorgeous 5'6" 115 lbs with amazing legs and a 36 c cup, she was just amazing.

We were sitting around playing pool in my basement wondering how to make the game more fun, but nineball was old, and we both were still, after many years, terrible at the game. Finally Holly got wild and said, "I wish we could invite a few boys over and play strip-pool."

"Yeah, but I just dumped my boyfriend, and you've been without on for weeks." I said, glumly.

"So? Who needs boys anyway, I have my hands." Holly said with a mock laugh.

"That's sick Holly, it's your move." I said.

"Oh come on, you know you do it Sarah." Holly said, making me blush. I didn't all the time, but only when I felt a need for sex so great that I couldn't help it.

We played a few rounds, I lost that game, along with the conversation with it, we played again but this time for more than just pride. 

"Let's play strip pool, just us." Holly said smiling and lining up the balls.

"I don't know Holly, I mean I know no one is home but still that's a little weird isn't it?" I said.

"Well... no, I don't think so, I know you're jealous of my tits, and I know I want to have your ass, but I haven't seen it, nor have you seen me, so why not? Call it a learning experience if anything!" Holly said leaning on my shoulder cutely.

"Fine, but don't get to disappointed when you see me naked, I am not as attractive as you think." I said sighing.

We played and she knocked two balls in, both solids in the first shot, she had gone from amatuer to pro in one talk. "Yes! I'm doing great tonight!" Holly said smiling at me.

"Now what are the rules?" I asked.

"One piece of clothing per ball." Holly said looking to me expectantly. I slid off my rings and was wearing a necklace and a hairtie so I had a cushion, but Holly had no rings so I might be alright in this afterall.

Holly sunk another ball in before missing, so I took off the necklace and lined up a shot, missing horribly. Holly took her shot and hit two balls into the corner pocket, again making me lost two articles of clothing.

"This time I pick, I want your shoes off." Holly said coyly. Removing them I sighed again and shot one ball in, the nine ball, which was play, since this was a regular game.

"Fine, your shirt then." I said seeing her cupped breasts come out of her shirt and bounce infront of me. Taking my next shot I got anoyther in but I was too shy to rell her to take her bra off now, praying for more courage later I told her to remove a shoe.

I missed the third shot, and then got into a bad losing streak. Holly sunk in six balls, so that constituted my socks, pants, panties, and shirt. In a bra and defeated for one round I started to actually get turned on from this.

"Turn around sexy." Holly said with a wink, I did and she whistled sarcastically. "that's nice." she said, with some undertone I thought to be unusual.

"You rack and you might see mine." Holly said, passing me the triangle, setting the balls up I took my shot and got one solid in.

"Go ahead, you already said it." I said, my heart beating faster as she slid down one strap of her bra to reweal one nipple that stood out like a sore thumb from her breast. The whole bra off I spent a few minutes soaking them in, they were amazing, silky weights that were good enough to eat... what was I thinking? I wasn't a lesbian.

"Take your next shot, double or nothing, my treat." Holly said catching me staring. Licking my lips unintentionally I shot at the two ball right in the corner, chances are I'd sink it. Plunk she took off another sock and a shoe, and told me "Same situation, try another."

Swallowing at the thought of her in her panties I took a deep breath and hit the cue ball toward the five, rolling slowly it knocked into the five and sent it into a hole. Holly took off her pants and the sock, her panties were a tiny bit damp, I guess she was interested too.

"Same again." Holly said, smiling.

"But you have one piece of clothing..." I said curiously.

"Well, yeah but... you're right, I'll find some way to make it count, just go." Holly said ecouraging me.

Taking the shot I sank the six, my eyes now glued to where her mound would be in a few seconds, she slowly peeled the panties down to tease me, very slowly, then with a whoosh they hit the floow and my mouth almost did too.

"You shave?" I asked.

"Yeah, feels better when someones tongue is up there with me shaving." Holly said with a wink.

"You've been single for a while Holly, old habit?" I asked.

"Yeah, Hey let's do something else, want to watch some TV? You won by the way." Holly said.

"Sure, naked though?" I asked.

"Makes it more interesting, besides, you're not naked yet." Holly said with a giggle, losing all modesty I inclasped my bra and walked to the couch in the basement with the old tv and flipped through the movie channels.

It was about two AM when this happened, and the show "Real Sex" was on, the one that talks about media erotica and shows a lot of it. 

"Oh I love this, the show is so sexy." I said watching the hung men hang around and talk about nudists.

"I know, god they're hot." Holly said smiling to me.

The subject changed to lesbianism, this made me readjust my sitting, I felt nervous having myself next to a naked girl on a couch with women talking about strap-ons and eating each other.

"Makes ya think doesn't it?" Holly said, surprising me.

"About what?" I asked.

"How it'd feel..." Holly said, rubbing her leg.

"No, it kinda makes me feel weird, not a good weird either." I said.

"Oh come on, now I kow you've thought about this, we used to read your brothers playboys when you were little hoping our breasts would get that nice." Holly said embarrasing me.

"I thought about mine growing, not me licking one." I said.

"So if someone with a nice set of tits came and said you could lick them you'd say no?" Holly said.

"Yes." I said plainly.

"Even me?" Holly asked, making my heart skip a beat.

"... What are you trying to say here Holly?" I asked, blushing.

"Nothing, you're taking it a level up, not me, I'm just throwing me in to see if you had to know them." Holly said inocently smiling to me.

"Right, well still no." I said.

"You sure?" she asked me.

"Yes." I asked.

"I think you're lying but it's okay." Holly said, she was right, if she asked me I probably would lick them, I don't think I'm a lesbian, I just want to know how it feels.

I sighed and grumbled under my breath, thinking it would lead somewhere and not tease me about it, I now had dampened a part of the couch, but she was next to me, our arms touching a bit, so I jabbed her with my elbow gently. 

"Hey!" Holly said jabbing my back playfully.

"Oh, big scary girl." I said sarcastically lightly pushing her shoulder. Holly pshed me her hand brushing my tit, I gasped but she didn't seem to notice.

"Oh like it matters, we've known each other for so long, people even think we've experimented already." Holly said pushing my shoulder this time.

"What?" I said. 

"Yes, from how we always hug and cuddle because we're like sisters? Well, they think we were bi and being affectionate." Holly said, "Speaking of which I really want to cuddle if that's okay?"

"Miss your ex?" I asked leaning in a bit and hugging her, sighing as I felt her soft breasts press intomine.

"A little yeah." Holly said hugging me into her arms as welaysdown next to each toher looking into each others eyes. "But mainly..." Holly added trailing off.

"What is it?" I asked, my heart beating harder and faster.

"I wanter to..." Holly said starting to tickle me as I screamed out in laughter and fell off the couch, langin on my back facing her with my legs open.

"You bitch, that was so mean!" I said laughing still.

Holly was silent, looking at me, but then I realized she was looking down there.

"How long have I known you Sarah?" Holly asked.

"Since we were two." I said laying there, breathing heavy.

"Has there ever been anything we didn't share?" Holly asked.

"No..." I said, getting very excited.

"I do want to experiment..." Holly said catching herself after that and blushing, "I... I mean, well, I planned this out so much how could I be at a loss for words, wrong thing to say, I'm sorry, it's just... a few weeks ago I walked in on your showering and you didn't notice, and I felt something, I was attracted to you... and now seeing, you like that, it makes me want to be with you as more than a friend, even just once." Holly said tearing up. I climbed on the couch and held her as she cried softly.

"There there Holly, it's okay, we've been friends for too long for this to scare me." I said rubbing her head softly.

"I know... thanks for not kicking me out Sarah, I'm not a lesbian I don't think, but I need to know." Holly said, looking into my eyes.

"So do I..." I said leaning toward her and brushing my lips against hers then she pulled back.

"Do you mean it?" She asked, shocked.

"Yes sweetie, I mean it." I said kissing her gently, and we held each other. The light kiss without any tongue turned into two kisses, then three then my mouth parted and my tongue grazed her lips and she moaned and opened her mouth, we kissed like we had done it for the past few years, predicting each others actions and being able to tell when one wanted a break.

"I love you Sarah..." Holly said looking into my eyes and kissing my softly.

"I love you too Holly." I said me now haveing a few tears run from my eyes, out of happiness. Holding her close to me we layed back and I said, "Let me start, I won our game remember?"

"Yes... please touch me Sarah." Holly said to me sweetly. I reached my hand out and grazed her cheek with it, moving it to her neck and down slowly, cupping her soft breast which felt like fire as my heart raced.

I rubbed her nipple gently in my palm, not knowing what to do, but her sigh told me it was fine. I moved my head to her neck and kissed it and licked it gently, moving it along her collarbone and over her mound to her red hot tip, licking it and sucking on it gently.

I lowered my hand to her stoumach and rubbed it sweetly in circles, building up the courage to move it lower, I slid my hand on her soft skin and felt the tip of her slit, I stopped in surprise.

"No, please Sarah, keep going, it feels perfect." Holly said, laying back and spreading her legs wide. I moved my hand up her leg, me being lower since she moved, I slid it up her thigh, getting inches from her soft lips, which I could smell. I moaned softly and lowered my head, taking in her sight and smell, lavishing in it.

"Please Sarah... make love to me." Holly begged.

"Alright." I said in a quiet loving tone, I leaned my head close and licked up her slit, her sweet taste making me want more. I licked more and more on the outher lips, realizing this was teasing her, not making her enjoy herself I backed up a bit and spread her lips seeing her angry clit and open hole I smiled, moving my mouth back I touched her clit with my tongue and she jerked back in ecstasy.

"More..." she gasped to me.

I licked it, then pinning it between my lips I began swirling it with my tongue, dancing with her clit as she writhed beneath me, almost to an orgasm simply because we have been arousing each other for hours.

Holly began to grind against my mouth as I licked faster, she started to moan lightly and then begand to gasp and in a tembling voice said, "Pleas don't stop, I'm going to..." And then her mouth clamped shut and she was sent over the edge of an orgasm that took her three minutes to get out of, I counted.

"How was that?" I asked as she gasped and panted on the couch, trying to speak.

"... never... have I ever gone like that.... for so long." Holly said laying back and smiling, "If I could move... I'd please you too." she added.

"We can do that in the morning, just remember that now we're not friends." I said with a smile.

"Lovers... I like the sound of that." Holly said, curling up with me to sleep.

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