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Lingerie Delivery
naughtykellypreston & Julie_Julia

Lingerie Delivery

Contributing Authors: Julie_Julia 
a delivery takes a nice turn
I am a busy PA to the CEO of an international import/export company and struggle even to find time to go shopping for clothes as often as I would like. So I began shopping online, recognizing the benefits of the far wider choices available and the freedom to browse any time of the day or night. I also liked being able to try on what I had ordered, seeing what colors and styles went with what I already had in my wardrobe, what suited me best and all in my own home rather than in the cramped changing rooms in the fashion stores.

Although I also liked to order several different colors, designs and sizes, knowing I could send back what I didn’t want to keep for a refund, I was growing increasingly tired of having to repack and return my unwanted items, often requiring a special trip to the mail office. So when I saw an ad for a fashion site that offered “Free returns – we collect from your office or home address at a time to suit you and we’ll even repack your unwanted items.” It sounded ideal.

Browsing their site, I was particularly attracted to their wide range of imported European lingerie, soon finding myself ordering several different beautifully sexy bra and panty sets in two or three sizes, unsure quite how the sizing compared to my usual, rather conventional brands. As I clicked the ‘Order Now’ button I pondered whether I had chosen these rather exotic and sensual things to please my girlfriend, or if in fact I was anticipating the thrill of wearing them simply for my own pleasure.

“Guaranteed next day delivery”, the site had said, and I'd checked the box ‘Between 2 and 4 pm’. Ordering on a Friday meant I could be home when they arrived on Saturday afternoon, but my girlfriend would be out at yet another tedious day at college giving me plenty of quality free time to unpack and try my new purchases in private.

I paced the kitchen, frequently looking at the clock, and found that I quite enjoyed the anticipation of the call at the door. When the bell did ring, I jumped, and then calmly opened the door. It was just before 3 pm. I was impressed. But not as impressed when I saw that the delivery boy was in fact a rather attractive female, maybe ten years older than my twenty eight years, and looking very smart in her maroon skirt and jacket.

“Hi, I have a delivery for you. Could you sign here please?”

I scribbled my name on the form and took the box.

The driver then explained about the free returns collection process, but added: “Well, actually, you could do me a huge favor. This is my last drop of the day and, well, it would help me so much if you could possibly decide now if there’s anything you plan to return. I could then take away what you don’t need; save me coming back another time?”

I was not expecting such an unusual request, but was planning to try on my new stuff straight away so I smiled at Julia (her name was on her badge) and invited her to step inside.

I made her a coffee and we chatted for a moment. Julia was very friendly, with a bright, pleasant personality, long wavy hair and a slim figure. Knowing I did not keep any valuables downstairs, I left my unexpected guest and climbed the wide carpeted spiral staircase to my large bedroom, sensing that a pair of clear blue eyes was watching the backs of my legs, all the way to the top.

Soon I was rummaging through mountains of scented tissue paper and pulling out beautiful lingerie from its stylish packaging and laying out the different items on my soft wide bed. I smiled when I saw how well made they all were and felt a warm feeling begin to grow inside me as I ran her fingers over the exotic lace, smooth satin and neatly stitched straps of my purchases.

Knowing the only way I could select what I would keep was to try them all on, I unbuttoned my dress and shrugged it onto the floor then unclipped my rather dull sensible white bra. My 34c breasts dropped only slightly but I soon nested them into the softly padded cups of a fabulous black bra with deep blue appliqué butterflies on the spaghetti-thin double shoulder straps. I reached behind my back and clipped it on its middle setting and admired myself in the full-length mirrors. It felt so right against my skin and made my breasts look firm, full and rounded. I turned side on and posed in various positions, liking how I looked and getting more than a small thrill from seeing myself looking sexy in my own bedroom.

Well that was a success; now I needed to try some other designs and sizes. Systematically I tried each item. I decided to keep the navy blue deep-plunge bra in two sizes. The larger one was more comfortable and I thought she could walk and dance all day and night in that, but the smaller one gave me a cleavage like I'd never achieved before and made me feel daring and confident.

The sophisticated deep cherry red balcony uplift bra looked great and I knew it was just what I needed under the long sleek cocktail dress I'd recently bought and the middle of three sizes fitted me perfectly.

Then I picked up the bra I'd ordered on a wild whim, knowing it was far away from anything I'd normally have bought. In my hands it was a maze of black straps and small panels of semi-sheer fabric. It took me a moment to work out how to put it on but soon I had her arms though all the right places and clipped the front-fastening clasp between my breasts.

I gasped as I admired myself in the mirror. The bra hardly covered my boobs at all but somehow it managed to lift and shape them, just about concealing my nipples but very little else. Narrow straps dived under my arms and over my shoulders to meet in a cluster between my shoulder blades. I felt my nipples hardening and when I stood side on to the mirror I could see them protruding invitingly from the fronts of my boobs, the thin material stretched tight over their pointed profile.

I had never felt this aroused just from looking in the mirror, and I felt a rush in my pussy when I picked up the matching black strappy thong. Running my fingers over the multiple strands of glossy material, I glanced at the label reminding me that once I had put it on I would be unable to return it for refund. I knew I would want to keep it and soon I had slipped out of my serious cotton panties and was sliding the wildly exotic thong panties up my smooth legs.

I stood facing the mirror and arranged the myriad straps on and over my hips. I was acutely aware of how wet my pussy was as the tiny triangle of semi-sheer material contacted my swollen lips. However, I was not aware of the blond woman in the maroon uniform standing in the entrance to my bedroom, nonchalantly leaning against the doorframe and admiring the show.

I did not notice her hand slide inside her skirt and start to gently rub her own crotch. Only the sound of the light moan clued me into the fact she was there.

"Wha. Why are you standing there? I asked you to wait downstairs."

Before I could say anything else she was standing in front of me. She smiled wickedly as she placed a finger against my lips. I could smell the pungent fumes of her pussy as she smiled at me.

"Be quiet my little one, I know how wet you are, and I can see in your eyes that you need this as much as I want it."

I was in no place to argue. My mind raced, I know I wanted whatever she was going to do to me, but I could not seem to be so easy. I struggled; this seemed to spur her on. She leaned forward and kissed me, her lips were soft, and I could feel her tongue sliding into my mouth.

As she kissed me, she pulled on my panties, making the sheer material go into the crack of my pussy. I whimpered deeply into her mouth as her hand slowly played with my crotch. She pulled me to the bed and pushed me down onto the various loose pieces of underwear. I could feel them on my back as I watched Julia start to undress in front of me.

She took off her maroon jacket revealing a white blouse; I could clearly see her black bra underneath. She unbuttoned her blouse and then removed her skirt. She wore black lace bra and panty set that looked amazing against her white skin. She also wore black sheer stockings that made me wetter than I thought possible.

"Do you like what you see? Look how wet your pussy has gotten. You are dripping, and I can't wait to taste you."

I closed my legs embarrassed by this self assured woman. She climbed on the bed so that she was directly on top of me. Her soft skin was warm against mine, and her heavy breathing gave away that she was as excited as I was.

Her lips touched mine once more, but this time I felt the electricity pulse through my body. Her hand kneaded at my covered breast as I whimpered into her mouth. I knew I was hers for the taking, and I would submit to everything she had planned for me.

Julia's hand roamed my body, resting firmly on my panty covered cunt. I closed my eyes as she slowly started to rub my crotch. The sensation was amazing and I could feel her fingers getting coated with my juices.

She placed a finger into my mouth, and I could taste my sweet juices. She then licked her remaining fingers whilst giving me a wicked smile. She roughly pulled down the cups of my bra revealing my rock hard nipples. She leaned forward and licked at my breasts before taking my nipple with half my breast into her mouth. I groaned loudly as she sucked hard on my tit, taking care to lick softly over my nipple.

As she sucked on my breasts, the rest of my body did not go wanting. Her hand had slid over my belly and down into my panties. Her fingers gently pushed against my swollen mound, her finger sliding in and around my crack.

Just when I thought she could not do more to me I could feel her teeth graze against my nipple. She gently bit down on it and pulled at it with her teeth. I was in heaven and a new wave of pleasure overtook my body.

Julia started to kiss down my body taking time to kiss and lick at my belly. She pulled my panties to one side and kissed just above my swollen pussy. She slid her tongue along the length of my crack making me whimper in pleasure. She sucked and licked on my tight hole as she expertly rubbed at my clit.

I could feel my body tingle and I knew it would not be too long before I orgasm, but Julia had different plans. She moved away from my pussy instead kissing down my leg to my foot. She gently kissed my foot as she massaged the pads of my toes. She looked directly into my eyes as she took my foot into her mouth.

I looked up at this beautiful blond woman in black lace underwear as her tongue slid over my big toe. She sucked heartily making my body quiver in anticipation. As she sucked on my feet she lifted one of her stocking feet and placed it directly on my open pussy.

I could feel her foot nudging against my open hole, and gasped when I felt it enter me. I grabbed hold of her foot, forcing it deeper into me. I groaned loudly, all my cares and inhibitions gone out the window. I ground my hips against her foot, as she carried on gently sucking on mine. The soft material of her stockings against my clit was a sensation I had never felt before and I knew I liked it.

Julia stood up and removed her panties. She then motioned for me to remove the clutter from the bed. She sat on the bed opposite me and opened her legs, I could see how wet her pussy was, that only made me wetter.

She grabbed hold of my foot, placing it gently on her wet pussy. She then planted her foot on my pussy, and soon we were gently foot fucking each other. I could feel the folds of her pussy on my big toe, as I tried flicking her clit with it.

We both groaned in unison as we pushed our feet against each other. Julia held my foot rubbing it along her slit and her clit. I held onto her foot doing the same. I could feel my body start to go; I knew if we kept this up I would cum in no time. She seemed to sense it too, as she pulled her foot away, leaving frustrated.

She smiled at me and told me to lose my underwear. I took them off and spread my legs. I watched as she got to her knees in front of me and slowly started to kiss my thighs. With every kiss she inched closer to my waiting hole. Finally she was close enough. Her tongue gently licked at my clit making whimper. After a small lick over my open hole she pulled back.

I screamed in anger. She was not letting me cum. She was enjoying the hold she had over me.

"Do you want me to let you cum, Kelly?" She asked in an almost coy voice.

I groaned out a yes.

That was all she needed. "Beg me for it," she said.

"Please make me cum, I need it so bad." I whimpered.

All of a sudden I felt two fingers slide deep inside my pussy. At the same time I felt Julia's mouth clamp around my clit and suck hard. Her fingers and mouth worked together perfectly, and a wave of pleasure washed over me.

My feet tingled and my lips went numb as a huge orgasm erupted from my inner core. I screamed loudly and bucked against her fingers, but she did not stop. Her fingers carried on sliding in and out of me and her lips carried on sucking my clit.

I thought I was going to faint as wave after wave of pleasure and orgasm after orgasm seemed to overtake me.

Finally my body subsided and I lay back exhausted and completely spent.

It was then I realized that she had taken her fingers out. I opened my eyes to see a pretty pussy hovering over my face.

"My turn" she said cheerfully, as she lowered herself on to me.

I held onto Julia's hips as I leaned forward to lick this amazing woman's hole. I licked her hole gently at first, before my mad mind made me try to ravage her pussy with my tongue. I licked her deeply, sliding my tongue inside her as far as it would go. I then sucked on her lips pulling at them with my mouth. She groaned and whimpered on top of me while grinding her hips into my face. I held her hips tightly to my face as I ate her out as best I could. I pushed in a finger deep right up to the knuckle, making her groan once more.

I was getting off on eating her and could feel my juices flow freely. I pushed Julia off me and made her lay on her back as I had done for her. I buried my head between her legs kissing, licking and sucking on her open pussy. I pushed two fingers deep inside her as my spare hand rubbed her clit. She groaned loudly making me rub and finger her faster. Julia's body started to shake and I could feel the telltale signs that she was about to cum. Her pussy contracted, tightening around my fingers. Her breathing became short and her body started to shake. She gave out an almighty scream and pushed my hand away from her pussy. A small trickle of cum erupted from her pussy, and I quickly leaned forward to lap it up.

Julia lay back on the bed and I climbed up to cuddle with her. She held me close for a moment before getting up.

"Let's have a shower baby; I need to get back to the office soon."

I smiled and led the way to the bathroom. We climbed in together and washed each other the way lovers do.

Once dried, I watched her get dressed as I put on the deep cherry bra and deep red panties that seemed to match. We walked down the stairs and hugged once we got to the door. We kissed passionately our tongues sliding in and out of each other's mouths. Her hand slid inside my panties, snaking her fingers into my still wet pussy. She took her fingers out and licked her lips.

"Something to remember you by, I will definitely be delivering here again."

One last kiss and she was out the door.

I stood by the door for what seemed like an age before heading back up the stairs. I looked at my room, what a mess. There was underwear everywhere. Then it dawned on me. She was meant to take stuff back.


A challenge by Julie_Julia to replicate her story in a different way.Many thanks for her help and I hope this does you proud.

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