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Lise's Bar - The Dark Night

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Ten minutes to ponder
Ten minutes. Time passes at different rates. When something you are hoping for is awaited, time drags. When you’re in the dentist’s waiting room, time drags then too because you want the ordeal over. But when you are trying to formulate an answer to a question, the allotted period flies past.

I watched the clock’s hands and I swear they moved faster than normal. I could think of nothing but what was on the other side of that door. Twice I stood, preparing to leave, to fly away. Something deep inside me stopped me.

The crucial moment arrived and I stood, drawn to Greta, knowing that if I did not go into that dark night I would always wonder.

I knocked on the door and, there being no command to enter, I hesitantly opened it and moved into the doorway. There was a single candle burning on the far side of the room. It cast little light but it caught Greta’s silk dress and I could vaguely see her eyes and the pale skin of her face and arms. She was sitting.

‘Come to me, Kitty. Close the door and come and kneel in front of me.’

I walked slowly towards her and when I got close I could see more clearly but only her. The halo of light from the candle beside her lit nothing of the rest of the room. Vague shapes, small reflections were all I could pick out. I knelt close to her and in front of her.

“Give me your hands.’

I stretched them out towards her and she held them and just as she had on that first night in Lise’s Bar, she thumbed the webbing between my fingers. Her hands were cool and the touch calmed my heart a little although I was sure she could hear it.

She moved to lean forward and cupped my chin, lifting my face up and then she kissed me. It was a gentle kiss. Her tongue gently pressed against my lips which opened without any conscious move on my part. I felt her tongue slide slowly into me, licking me gently inside. Her hands came to my cheeks and stroked my hair back. She tilted my face gently and her tongue came deeper into me, her mouth open over mine.

‘Kneeling suits you, Kitty. It is as if it is where you should be, where you want to be. Is this not so?’

‘Yes, Miss Greta.’

Kiss upon kiss. It seemed she was in no hurry and our mouths and tongues danced together. Then slowly her hands ran downs my back and stroked me there too as she pulled me closer to her. I could not maintain the contact with her mouth and I was forced down into her lap and rested my head there, gratefully almost, as I felt the warmth of her against me. Her fingers deftly but slowly unbuttoned the back of my blouse, her fingernails scratching me slightly as they moved from button to button. She spread the silk so her hands could stroke me above the line of the corset and across my shoulders.

Her hands left my back and returned to my cheeks and she lifted me slowly to kiss me again then pushed me away and pulled the blouse down my arms until it came off and I was exposed. I looked down and the candlelight was enough to see me, open to her and my nipples proud and extended. She did not touch them. I could not follow her hand as it moved out of the circle of light but when it returned it held a silk scarf of the same material as her dress and she tied it around my eyes. Fear gripped me then and I started to rise but she kissed me.

‘Stay still, Kitty. You are safe with Greta.’

Her hands traced the hills and valleys of my face.

‘You know you are safe with me, don’t you, Kitty.’

I nodded.

‘Say it, Kitty.’

‘I know I am safe with you Greta.’

‘Of course you do. Relax now and let Greta look after you. This is what you want, no?’

‘Yes, Greta, I want you to look after me.’

‘And I will look after you.’

Her fingers ran through my hair and scratched the nape of my neck. I heard the whisper of silk as she shifted position and then she pulled me down once more to her lap where I found her legs open and I could feel the softness of her pubic hair under my chin.

‘Love my kitty, Kitty.’

There was a smile in her voice and I needed no further encouragement. I let my tongue rest against her lips which were slightly open it seemed to me. I did not move for a while but savoured the moment until her hands gripped my hair a little more tightly and I licked, slowly up between them, then down again. As I loved her I felt her lips swell and flower, opening a little more and allowing me to taste her. I licked, letting my tongue find her clitoris and sucking it gently. Her hands remained in my hair and she caressed me.

My hair was pulled but gently so I had to lift my head and she kissed me again, deeply and lovingly.

‘Now, stand up.’

I stood and heard that rustle again as she stood too. A small tinkling noise came and then her fingers rolled my left nipple and pulled it and then the fire hit me as she clamped it. As I opened my mouth to gasp her mouth closed over mine.

‘Shhh, Kitty, just a little jewellery.’

The second nipple caught fire then.

‘They look so pretty. I love them on you. You are beautiful. You nipples love the fire, don’t they, Kitty?’

There was a mesmeric quality to her words that made me almost need to repeat her words back to her.

‘I love the fire, Miss Greta.’

‘Of course you do.’

I felt her hands run over the sides of my breasts and yet again she kissed me as my nipples cooled to a dull ache. I then felt the cool of leather as it was brushed across my nipples and stroked up over my breasts to be tied tightly but comfortable around my neck. Then, nothing. I heard nothing at all. I turned my head as if my mind was telling me to look despite being blinded. I almost panicked but before I could say anything I felt the heat of her behind me and her hand came around to cover my mouth.

‘No words now, Kitty. For now Miss Greta wants you mouth closed.’

With that she pressed something to my mouth and I knew it was a ball. Obediently I opened my mouth and she pressed it in behind my teeth and I felt the strap tighten behind my head.

‘So beautiful.’

Cuffs were fitted to each wrist and then my hands were lifted up and the cuffs were somehow attached to the collar she had fitted.

‘You look so good, Kitty, just as you should. I am so proud of you. Just look at you.’

Another lingering kiss and she tweaked the clamps on my nipples. She remained behind me and licked my neck and back down to where the corset covered me. She pressed herself against me and I realised she was naked now, or at least her breasts were, her nipples hard against my skin. She rubbed herself on me, pushing her breasts against my back and her pussy to the latex covering my arse. Hands roamed over my hips.

Greta moved in front of me and lifted the hem of the skirt to tuck it into the waistband.

‘This is better for Greta, now I can see your kitty, Kitty.’

That smile in her voice again. I felt her lick the gag and make a small moan. She moved behind me and lifted the hem of the skirt as she had at the front and tucked it in.

‘Now Greta can see your ass.’

Her hand caressed it. I could not follow with my senses what happened for a while until I felt a finger, slippery with some lubricant, stroking between my buttocks.

‘More jewellery for Kitty. You will love this I think.’

I felt pressure on my hole and knew what was coming. It was small but heavy and she pressed gently and worked it slowly until the widest part gave me a little fire and then I closed around it I felt it settle in me. She tapped it.

One hand on my shoulder, her mouth was very close to my ear. ‘When I fuck you, Kitty, that will make you go wild. You are being a good girl and Miss Greta is very pleased.’

Her breath was warm on my ear. A sudden excruciating pain in my left nipple as she removed the clamp and I bellowed through the gag.

‘Mmm, that makes Greta wet. Maybe I shall do the other one.’

I felt pressure on it.

‘No, I think Greta will wait for that pleasure, no Kitty? Too much pleasure too quickly is not good.’

Greta took my hand and led me a short distance across the room. She undid the waist of the latex skirt and slowly removed it. I could feel the slithery material as she caressed me with it. Guided by her hand I sat down onto what was obviously a bed and eventually I was lying between her legs and suckling once again at her. She let me work my tongue for her pleasure for a while then pulled me up to like beside her and she kissed me again and slipped her hand between my legs and began to finger my now wet pussy. Her thumb worked my clitoris. I could feel myself rising to the pleasure.

‘Wait, darling. Do not make Greta cross.’

She rolled away and a short while later returned, pushing my onto my back, lifting my knees and kneeling between my legs. I felt a dildo at my entrance and then she pushed it in and began slowly to rock her hips, curling her body over me and covering my mouth. My hands, still clipped to my collar, yearned to stroke her. She was making love to me, she said those very words.

‘I am making love to you, Kitty. Can you feel my dildo and my jewel working together for you? I told you, everything is pleasure.’

My orgasm was close and she sensed it because she withdrew cruelly from me just when I wanted more than anything to continue to feel that glorious intrusion. I was guided to straddle her, for now she was lying on the bed on her back and her dildo entered me again and I wanted it to stay there forever. I lifted and lowered my hips now, wantonly and she knew it because just as I thought I was about to climax she pulled off the second clamp and I screamed as the blood came back and set my nipple alight once more. Tears ran down my cheeks. Her fingernails gripped my nipples and pulled me down and as she bucked under me so she kissed my face around the gag. Once again I felt the climax approaching. I tried to ask permission but the ball denied me. I was in a frenzy now, my body in pain but all my sexual needs flooding from me in a spate. I could feel the wet between our bodies.

‘You may give it to me now, Kitty. But, be warned, it will hurt.’

I did not understand but I took it that I could release and I was not certain that I could have held it back any longer anyway.

It started. It began somewhere in my kidneys and seemed to overwhelm me and my back arched a little and then it was as if I had been caught in a huge wind. The orgasm was almost painful and then suddenly it really was painful as a stroke of something thin stung my buttocks. Not once, but twice, three times the scorpion struck me and the mix of pain and pleasure lifted me to a place I had never been before an out of body experience in which I could see myself over her, loving her and being loved. I screamed but the scream was the highest pleasure I had ever known. Her arms held me and I knew she was cumming too because I heard that noise she made and felt her body lift beneath me.

It took me a while to recover – never had I felt such intensity, such intimacy, such a connection with my lover. Yes, it hurt. But the pain was part of the pleasure in a way I had never experienced before. I could feel her arms around me. Gently she unclipped my hands from the collar and I stretched them out, letting the blood return to them. She held me and then she undid the gag and licked and kissed my mouth.

I was lying beside her now and as I recovered so I could feel the tenderness in my arse where that cane had struck me those three times.

Greta untied the scarf around my eyes and I blinked as I realised the room was more brightly lit now. It was a normal bedroom, not the dungeon I had imagined. But the startling thing, the thing that made me gasp was the sight of Eva standing, naked to the waist and holding that instrument of pain, the thin, wicked cane that had hurt me and taken me to heaven.

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