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I glanced over at Liss lying on my queen-sized bed...
Disclaimer: This story is only available on Lushstories. (c) iszofia 2010 - 2012

I glanced over at Liss lying on my queen-sized bed. She was lying on my bed, left leg straight and right leg bent at a right angle on the bed. I could see her baby blue lacy underwear reflected in the TV opposite the bed. She had her arms by her side and was gazing up at the ceiling.

Every now and then she gave a sad, deflated sigh. I had ignored the first two sighs as I concentrated on my biology homework. But when she sighed for the tenth time, I put down my pen and turned to face her. I had a feeling that it was going to be more than the usual boyfriend trouble. Normally Liss tells me straight away if something is bothering her. She’s really bubbly and a real chatterbox but since school let out she’s been awfully quite. Very unlike her.

“What’s bothering you Liss?” I asked.

“Um, nothing much,” she said.

“C’mon, Liss I know something’s up. You’ve been really quiet,” I said.

I left my desk and went over and lay down next to her. “Tell me what’s up. Has it got something to do with Luke?" I asked.

When she didn’t answer I rolled over onto my side and looked down on her. “What, Luke not satisfying you?” I questioned jokingly.

Lissa and Luke have been dating just over a year and they have been fucking every chance they get. Lissa tells me that Luke is great in bed. She tells me everything. Liss and I have been friends since we were five and we have done just about everything together.

When she didn’t answer me, I prodded her.“Well, is he”? She blushed. “C’mon you can tell me, you know you can tell me anything, Liss,” I said gently .

“Okay, I’m just a bit embarrassed,” she said.

“Well don’t be.” A thought occurred to me. Maybe after all that fucking, Liss had never had an orgasm. “Have you ever had an orgasm?” I suddenly said. Liss blushed a deeper pink. It was so unlike her.

“Um, I think I have," she said. I waited for her to go on. “But I don’t think I’ve ever had one like you have.”

“Oh, it can be different for everyone else,” I said.

“I know, but sometimes I get this feeling like I’m about to pee but nothing happens. I don’t pee or anything,” she said quickly. She started to describe the orgasms she gets being with Luke. “But it just doesn’t get me over the edge.”

Suddenly she turned over to face me. She stared at me for a while with her big gorgeous blue eyes. I stared back at her waiting for her next words.

“I want you to help me,” she whispered softly. I stared at her. “Help me release this tension in my body. Help me show Luke how he can go down on me.”

“Liss, are you asking me to eat you out”? I asked crudely, more surprised than shocked.

“Yes,” she said.

We’ve done a lot of things together, seen each other’s naked body, showered together and slept in the same bed. We’ve shown each other our pussies and kissed each other lots, we’ve masturbated in bed, watched porn together and then masturbated together but not each other or go down on each other.

The air around us shifted, I could sense a change in the air, slightly electrify with a good feeling.

“I want you to do what Dave did to you,” she said.

Dave was an ex boyfriend. He and I dated for about five months and we broke up when he left to go to another school. He was fantastic at giving cunnilingus and he was the guy I first squirted with. The first time it happened I soaked the bed sheet through to the bed. Often when I masturbate, depending on what kind of release I want, I think about him and the wonderful things he used to do with his mouth, tongue and hands.

“Are you sure?” I asked. I felt myself starting to get excited. This was unchartered territory. If we ventured there, would it be the same again?

I could see she was thinking the same thing.

I decided to take the lead. I had to be sure this was what she really wanted. Because this was something I had wanted to do for ages.

“Liss you’re my oldest friend. My best friend. Are you attracted to me sexually?"

“I think you’re, hot, sexy and beautiful,” she replied. “I don’t think I’m bi.” She frowned. “I don’t feel with other girls what I feel for you. I love you and you’re my best friend.” She reached out and twisted a strand of my dark hair around her index finger. “It feels good when I’ve kissed you,” she whispered.

I brushed her cheek with my hand and lent in to kiss her soft lips. It was different to our usual wild, drunken/sober kisses. This time it was more tender. It was a kiss saying we trusted each other whatever happens. I kissed her again, a little bit harder and Liss moved under me.

The air crackled with static. There was no turning back now. I positioned myself over her. Looking down on my gorgeous best friend with her long brunette locks, blue eyes, with her tight, toned suntanned body. Her perfect c-cup perky breasts. Liss and I have a similar body shape but I’m taller and my hair is darker than hers and I have hazel eyes with golden flecks of gold and green. Thanks to my mixed heritage.

I trailed my hand down her left side, my hand dipping into her nipped waist and coming to rest between her legs. Through the flimsy material of her underwear I could feel her wetness soaking through. Liss sighed and closed her eyes when I placed my hand over her mound. I pushed her top up and cupped her breasts and brushed my thumbs over her nipples; they instantly stiffened.

Bending down I took her left nipple in my mouth, gave a small suck. I licked her other nipple. I knew Liss was enjoying it, goosebumps were spreading over her skin. I took off her top and I shifted lower until I was in between her legs. Pushing up her skirt I looked at Liss’s beautiful pussy, looked at it the way I’ve never looked at it before. Liss and I wax each other’s pussies, but I’ve never studied her before. This time I let my eyes linger on her neat cleft, her shiny smooth two day waxed lips, starting to glisten with moisture.

I brushed my fingers lightly over her mound and gently parted her moist lips. Slowly I bent my head downwards. Liss, feeling the action, moved her legs wider. Breathing in I could smell the sweet, muskiness of her sex. At that moment I wanted to really taste her. My mouth closed over her pussy and I began kissing her, then I moved downwards and licked the entire length of her slit upwards, parting her lips open with my tongue. She tasted sweet.

Liss moaned and shuddered slightly. I wanted to give a mind-blowing orgasm so I deliberately ignore her clit for the time being. I continued licking her slit, sucking and nibbling her fleshy lips. I licked her perineum and Liss groaned her delight. I rubbed her there with my finger, wet and slippery from her juices dripping down there.

Liss was breathing heavily by this time, finally my mouth closed down on her clit, I felt its hardness and sucked at the little bean of delight until it grew even bigger in my mouth. Liss moaned loudly and started pressing her sweet pussy harder to my face. I sucked a little harder and rubbed my fingers over her hole. She was really wet and my right hand was covered in her juices.

Liss’s moans were getting louder and louder and I inserted a finger into her pussy. There was a sharp intake of breath and thrust against my face. I inserted a second finger into her and felt her tight pussy expand. I moved my fingers in and out of her sucking on her clit, feeling the juices run down my hand, listening to her moan. “UHHH it feels soooo goood,” she said. “I love you eating my pussy,” she moaned.

She ran her fingers through my hair, the other intertwined in the bed sheet. She was writhing and moaning so loudly. With my left hand I inched closer to her ass. I felt for her tight puckered pink hued asshole, drenched in her pussy juice. I sucked harder on her clit alternating with full tongue licks while still keeping my mouth over her clit. 

With my left index finger I rubbed at her asshole. Pumping my fingers in and out of her pussy and sucking and licking her clit. I worked her until she was bucking against my face. Then I inserted my finger into her asshole. “Ohhhhhh God,” she had to scream out. I massaged her clit harder with my tongue, fingers thrusting in and out of her holes.

Liss was screaming, hips rising of the bed. I knew she was close to the edge. Taking my finger out of her ass I concentrated on her g spot and tapped rhythmically. “Oh god baby, oh god baby," she repeated over and over again like a mantra. I worked on her relentlessly, feeling her writhe and buck under me. She was getting so wet and I was swallowing some of her sweet juice.

“Emmm,” she cried, “Emm don’t stop. Uh, uh, uh,” she moaned, it was the lustiest sound I'd heard. "I’m cumming,” she screamed. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

I felt her pussy tense and clench around my fingers. Then wave after wave of orgasm flooded her body. I felt vibrations on my fingers as her pussy pumped out her juice, then a gush of warm liquid flowed out of her drenching the bed sheets underneath her.

I held Liss against my mouth bringing her to another mini orgasm. Finally she shuddered to a stop, unable to take anymore. I kissed her mound and drew up. Liss was sprawled on the bed, hands that had been clutching the sheets now unfurled. A pink flush glowed on her face, her eyes closed with a huge smile on her face.

She opened her eyes and looked at me and broke up into peals of laughter. “Oh my god, Em. That was fucking awesome.”

I laughed and crawled up and lay next to her. We looked at each other and then kissed each other. “I can taste me,” she said.

“You taste delicious,” I told her.

“Yeah, not bad,” she said. We laughed again, hugged each other and lay there in a moment of silence. “You’ve have to show Luke that,” Liss said breaking the silence.

“Serious?" I asked.

“Yeah,” she confirmed.

“Well, bring on the sex education then. Eating Pussies Out 101.” I grinned.

Then we both got of the bed and headed towards my ensuite.

Luke's Lesson- Part 2

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