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Little Fairy Princess | Lesbian

She had to dress up for her wife.

A small scene was taking place between two girls that are madly in love with each other, and the younger one simply loved being teased by the other. Problem was, she was far too shy to ever admit to it. The teasing from her lover felt exciting, especially since it was from someone she deeply loved and cared for. This woman was the first person she had ever fallen in love with.

“Go on, dress up as a little pixie for me. Show me what you look like in your favourite outfit!” She cheekily ordered, sending a wink in her lover’s direction with a smirk curling her lips.

She knew of her obsession with the Faerie Realm, so much so, her beloved even owned a book that taught the faerie’s language and hiding places. She had many other things, too, she was quite a collector when it came to the Fae and was also a fairy artist. She was even aware of her desires to become a pixie in the garden. Thus, she wanted to take advantage of her adorable obsession once and for all!

“But I don’t feel like it right now, Kal-Kal.”

“Please dress up, Tristy,” Kalina requested another time, still as calm as before. “I promise to give you a surprise if you do...”

“What kind of surprise?” Tristy turned her full attention to Kalina, very curious as to what was in store for her this time around.

“Hey, it isn’t a surprise if you know what it is!”

“... Fine." Tristy huffed and skipped into the wardrobe without another word.

Next minute, the pixie girl fluttered out of the double doors to meet with her beloved knight once again, and this time clad in skimpy garb with a pair of big green butterfly wings. Fairies and pixies would usually be nude or in very little clothing, thus Tristy dressed herself in a lace crop-top and a pair of black and white striped shorts. She even spiked up her little blonde mohawk. At the sight, Kalina still had such a devilish smirk painted along those rims, giving the sign that many dirty thoughts had popped into her head.

“So cute!” Kalina complimented, hoisting her torso from the mattress to take a good view of her little Tristy. The pixie even had a thong strapping appearing over her hips! “Come here, my little princess!”

Tristy was a big kid at heart, she felt a strong connection with the Fae and even as an adult. Faeries were never just a child’s interest, even adults could admire them! Tristy was only a twenty-year-old housewife, so she was just stepping out of her teenagehood.

Not only faeries, Tristy also adored mermaids and various other goddesses. In general, she was shy, always hidden away in a fantasy world, but with her lover, she was upbeat, lively, and her inner self simply bloomed all around her. She never had many friends, only Kalina, thus she became overly attached to her on the first day they met.

Running over to the bed, Tristy hopped onto the mattress and sat beside Kalina, still blushing intensively, with girlish giggles slipping from her lips.

“You’re a foot shorter than me,” Kalina whispered in Tristy’s ear.

“I know, you told me before, Kal-Kal!”

“Come here, shorty.” Kalina gripped onto Tristy’s slender wrist and tugged her into her lap, holding her close. “Well done for doing as you were told.”

“So, what’s the surprise?” Tristy asked.

“Here, princess.”

Pushing Tristy to lie on the bed, she spread her legs apart and tugged down those black and white striped leggings, now exposing her skimpy laced thong. Kalina chuckled some with amusement, pinging one of the black straps on Tristy’s hip. Tristy squeaked in response. Brushing the front of her panties to one side, Kalina exposed her lover’s little pink vulva, now diving down to have a mouthful of that juicy clitoris. She gave it a little wet kiss.

Kalina enjoyed pleasing her wife, and especially when the girl showed signs of embarrassment!

Sinking her tongue into Tristy’s slit, her lips suckled on that little pleasure buzzer as she kept a fixed gaze on the blonde’s face. Tristy’s hips jolted some, they could not stay still. Kalina slipped a single index finger into Tristy’s moist entrance, accompanied by the middle finger, as she proceeded to feel her deep. Her other two fingers sunk into her anus in the process, pleasing both her holes at the same time. In and then out, she repeated this process with long, gradual strokes. 

“No, I want to see your face!” Kalina demanded, pulling away the pillow that Tristy hid her face with, later tossing it across the room before returning her attention back to Tristy’s vagina. “Blushing, huh? Such a good girl!”

Her hips quivered with an orgasm approaching, her features were coloured a rosy hue, and it was not long until a white creamy fluid spurted from her g-spot and all over the face of her saviour. It was easy for Kalina to arouse Tristy, to make her squirt, seeing as only a simple image of her in mind could do the trick.

As a result, she was craving for more.

Holding her hips down, Kalina’s tongue lapped up the juices like a snake slithering through the sand, tasting every bit of Tristy’s pussy. Tristy squealed, sweat building up, as yet another orgasm was on the way. She was squirming with excitement, Kalina’s strong hands keeping her held in place.

“Kal-Kal...Kal-Kal...” Tristy squeaked, arms above her head.

Kalina was too busy teasing Tristy’s little pussy, her lips practically latched onto the walnut of her clitoris. One hand released her hip, reaching up to uncover those ample breasts, cupping one mound as her thumb caressed that erect nipple. Tristy’s chest, shoulders, and face were dusted in a reddish flush due to the blood flow. Tristy was still embarrassed to show Kalina her face, thus she hid it behind the palms of her hands this time. The second Tristy began to squirt once again, Kalina took this chance to pull away the hands from her lover’s face.

“Ah, so that’s what your orgasm face looks like!”

Rolling onto her stomach, Tristy turned her back to Kalina with giggles swarming the atmosphere of the bedroom. Kal-Kal towered over Tristy’s form, fishing out a little something-something from her pants and soon slipping the length into Tristy’s virgin vagina. Tristy loved it when the head first slipped in, stretching out her little hole to its very girth. Hands pressed onto Tristy’s back, pushing her into the duvet, as Kalina’s crotch went on to meet her lover’s buttocks with each and every strike. White fluids were already coating the rubber member!

The pleasure centre in her brain lit up with fireworks as she felt Kalina already beginning to drill her. Tristy glanced over her shoulder to view the other with the same cheerful expression painted upon her face. Kalina planted butterfly kisses over Tristy’s neck, now nibbling and suckling the soft skin. Both her hands slid down to capture Tristy’s hips, one locating her womanhood and proceeding to stroke the swollen bean. Tristy’s body felt numb, warm, and each stroke on her clitoris encouraged her hips to quiver madly.

Whilst that little episode came to an end, Tristy bounced up to plant a small peck on Kalina’s hook nose. She shook her booty in the process, only for those jiggling buttocks to earn a slap.

“Shall I make breakfast now?” Tristy questioned with a purr. “A big girl like you must be hungry!”

Kalina was six-foot in height, possessing a rather toned build, and thus was quite the “big girl” to lil’ ol’ Tristy.


Written for a wonderful woman! This is a light-hearted and cute short story where she dominates me, yet gives me lots of love. I love her being a pervert towards me... a romantic pervert! ❤



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