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Living out my dream 2

Ashley takes me home for a sexy shower.
My mind was scurrying with random thoughts. I couldn’t believe my luck. The day started off so horribly, but ended on a surprising note. The rest of the afternoon flew by, and around 4 pm, Ashley started to gather her stuff.

“Hey, Jen?” she said, catching my attention.

“Yeah?” I answered.

“Can you give me a lift home? Zack won’t be off work for another hour, and I’m so ready to get out of this nasty room,” she explained.

“Sure,” I replied.

Smiling, Ashley bounced out of the room. I reached for my phone and dialed my husband’s phone number. As it rang, my eyes searched the room, making sure that our task was finished.

“Honey, I’m gonna be late tonight. We’ve been cleaning up the mess left from the vandals, and then I’m giving Ashley a ride home,” I told him.

“That’s fine. Be careful, and call me, if you need anything,” he said.

“Oh…one more thing, I had planned to grab a bite to eat and visit with some the girls,” I continued.

“Okay. Want me to wait up?” he asked.

“You don’t have to. I know you have an early morning tomorrow. If it gets too late, I’ll just stay at one the girls’ houses. Love you,” I said.

Disconnecting the call, I spotted Ashley’s thong lying in the floor. I reached down and picked it up. The crotch was still damp from her juice, and it smelled heavily of pussy. The memory of what we had done flooded my mind. With a grin, I shoved the tiny scrap into my purse and left the room.

Ashley was waiting for me by my car. All I could think about was her bare cunt. I wanted to push her over the hood, open her legs and tongue fuck the shit out of her. By the time we made it out on the road, my panties were drenched…again. I don’t know how I made it to her house, but before I knew it, we were pulling into her driveway.

“Can you stay awhile?” she asked.

“Yes. I told my husband that I was giving you a ride home and that we were gonna eat,” I said, smirking, “He knows that I might be really late.”

Ashley laughed. We stepped inside, and the moment the door was closed, my cute, little blonde friend was all over me. She pushed me back against the door and wrapped her arms around my neck. Pulling me closer, I felt her bubblegum flavored lips crush mine.

Once I gathered my wits, I dug my fingers into her hair. My tongue pressed against the seam of her lips, seeking it’s way into her warm mouth. At some point during our kiss, she managed to get one of my legs between hers and was grinding her naked pussy against it. She was so wet that my pants were immediately drenched.

I broke the kiss and said, “I see that you’re being a bad girl, again.”

“Uh huh. You need to punish me again,” she moaned.

“Oh? Well, what do you suggest I do this time?” I countered.

“Well…In my room, I have the biggest strap on,’ she purred.

“Go on,” I urged.

“You should put it on. I feel that the only way I will learn to behave is by having my ass fucked with it,” she continued.

My pussy clenched, at the pictures invading my mind. All I could see was me behind her, watching her puckered hole swallowing this large dildo. I let go of her hair and reached down to cup her ass. Tracing the crack, I wiggled my way inside and rested my middle finger against her hole. Ashley moaned, slightly, and then began to push her hips backward.

Her tiny star was still slack. Looking at her with questions in my eyes, I pressed inward, and my finger sank all the way in with no resistance. Knowing she should be tighter after five hours, I asked her about it.

Ashley blushed, as she said, “On my way to your car, I had to stop by the bathroom. I couldn’t help myself. When you said that you would give me a ride home, I got so horny. So, I went into a stall. Then, I got my hairbrush out.”

“And?” I said.

“Well…the handle is thick and rounded; so hard. I bent over and fucked my ass with it,” she admitted.

“Oh, you HAVE been a bad girl,” I said.

Ashley squirmed, as I pushed my other middle finger inside and pulled her hole open. I could feel her pussy getting wetter; it was resting against the outside of my hand. Every so often, her slit would contract, trying to suck my little fingers inside.

“Let’s go get a shower,” I told her.

I kept one of my fingers inside her ass, as she led me to her bathroom. I knew it was difficult for her to focus, with me slowly fingering her butt. She was so receptive to what I did to her. I wanted to make her into my little slut.

Ashley awkwardly bent over to turn the water on. In that position, I was able to see the palm of my hand resting on her globes, with my finger buried all the way up to the knuckle. I wiggled my digit faster and listened to her groan.

“Hold onto the edge of the tub. I want you to stay bent over, I told her, pushing her upper body down.

“Keep those legs straight!” I ordered.

I sat down on the toilet, which was positioned next to the tub. My little fuck slut was obeying nicely. Her white, upturned ass quivered with need. Urging her legs open, I saw that her puss was brightly flushed and very puffy. A pair of small, inner lips pushed their way between her two fat, outer ones; several beads of pearly cream oozed their way out.

I pulled my finger from her ass. It was such a beautiful sight, seeing her wide open hole tremble a second before snapping shut. Unable to help myself, I stretched her ass cheeks open and flicked my tongue against her slack star. Ashley gasped, and her pussy literally jumped.

Ashley whimpered, when I stood up. I pulled her up straight and told her to undress. As she got naked, I did the same. We stepped into the shower and let the hot spray rain down on our bodies.

She knelt in front of me and picked up my foot. Placing it on the soap dish, she ran her hands up my leg, stopping at my pussy. She wiggled closer to where she was face to face with my needy cunt. Lust must have slackened her hesitance, because she pressed her face against my lightly furred slit. Moaning, I leaned back against the wall, allowing her deeper access. I sighed in relief, when I felt her fingers separate my lips.

“My God, Jeni! You have the prettiest pussy,” she said, right before her tongue touched my throbbing clit.

I felt her fingers form a “V” around the sides of my twitching clit. It had been so long, since I was this turned on, and I knew that it wouldn’t take much to make me cum. My legs turned to jelly, when I felt her tongue lap over the tip of my bud. I was doing good to stand, after several licks, and then she changed techniques on me.

Ashley started to lick the sides of my hooded clit, as she pushed two fingers from her other hand deep inside my slick sheath. I don’t know how she found my special spot, but she did. Stroking that rough patch with firm strokes, she sucked and slurped my clit, until I was panting loudly.

“I think you like that,” she said; her mouth still brushing my erect bud.

Diving back in, she tapped my clit several times with her tongue, before wrapped her lips around the whole thing. She started sucking deeply, while moving her head back and forth, tugging on the hood.

I was so close; my thighs trembled. Sensing this, Ashley swirled her tongue around my clit, working it quickly in alternating directions. Her fingers, deep inside my cunt, kept stroking my spot.

It was so hard to pull air into my lungs. I was gasping for life, as the waves hit me. Every muscle in my body tensed up, and I grabbed the back of her head. Several hard contractions gripped my pussy, as I humped her face. Her hand was soaked in the cunt cream leaking from clenched hole.

Ashley, pleased with herself, gently pulled her fingers from my quivering cunny. My legs were boneless, so she steadied me, as I got my bearings back. I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her close. I wanted to taste myself on her lips.

The water was getting cooler; we had to hurry before it turned all the way cold. We soaped each other’s bodies, and then quickly rinsed off. Once we were towel dried, she led me to her bed. That’s when my curiosity took over.

“How is it that you have a strap on?” I asked.

She rummaged through her nightstand and pulled out the biggest dildo I have ever seen. Laying it on the bed, Ashley set out a large tube of lubrication. I didn’t know how this thing was going to fit inside her, without ripping her in two.

As she looked for a suitable harness, she answered, “Simple. I like kinky sex, and so does Zack. Sometimes, he will strap that monster on above his own cock. That way he can fuck my ass and my pussy at the same time.”

I was speechless and a little bit jealous, and she wasn’t even done with the explanation.

“Also, Zack likes when I use it on him. He tells me that when it butts against his prostate, cum literally pours from him,” she continued.

Curiosity satisfied, I let myself appreciate the view in front of me. Ashley had gotten down on her knees to look in the bottom of the closet. Being naked, her holes were visible and gaping. I couldn’t wait to work them over.

Pulling a mess of straps out of the back of the closet, she approached and gestured for me to stand up. As she held it open, I stepped in, and Ashley pulled it up and over my hips. Before buckling it, she slipped the dildo into place. When she was finished, she stepped away, so I could see myself in the mirror.

My slim, naked body was reflected back to me. Full, heavy breasts, tipped with large, erect nipples, sat up high on my chest. A flat belly led to slim hips, which sported a nine inch, and as thick as a beer bottle, black dildo. I had to admit; I looked so sexy. I pushed her to her knees and pressed the tip against her lips.

“Suck it, bitch,” I said, roughly.

Ashley’s beautiful face flushed; eyes glazed. She opened her mouth wide, and I pushed the head of the dildo in. I was impressed; by the way she slid almost half of it down her throat.

“A slutty bad girl, such as you, should enjoy a good face fuck,” I growled.

Her eyes bulged, as I pushed further down her throat. Slowly pulling back out, I rubbed the now shiny head all over her lips, smearing spit down her face. Ashley, breathing heavily to catch her breath, sat back on her heels and waited for my next demand.

“Get on the bed, baby, and lay on your back,” I told her.

Ashley lay back on the bed, and I positioned a pillow under her hips. The pure lust glowed in her eyes. I opened her thighs and pushed her knees to her chest. She was wide open, like a buffet. Her dark pink flesh shivered under my gaze, and her clitoral hood was fully retracted. Ashley’s clit was hard; pulsing.

I slid my hands down her silky thighs. She hooked her hands beneath her knees and held on. Pulling her to the edge of the bed, I sank to my knees on the floor in front of her. Using my thumbs, I separated her folds enough to allow my tongue to tease her cunny with short, whispery strokes.

“Oh!” she gasped.

I pushed my hands under her ass and separated her firm globes. Each hand massaged the muscles there, while my tongue danced up and down on her inner lips. By the time I twirled my wet tongue over her trembling clit, she was moaning loudly; her hips starting to buck against my mouth.

“Behave!” I admonished, spanking her bare nub, lightly.

Nibbling my way down to her asshole, I let my strong oral muscle lick her like the juiciest lollipop. Finally, I reached my destination and glided my tongue across her pucker, ticking the sensitive nerves there. Ashley’s star flinched, and her moans grew louder.

Wanting to inflame her senses even more, I circled my tongue around her brown hole, and then began to hum, as I traced various patterns on her ass. A low keening sound erupted from her, when my pointed tongue pressed against her back opening.

“Yes!” she hollered.

My sexy slut loved her ass played with. Keeping her on edge, I pulled my tongue out and traced the outer rim again. Her soft protests tickled me. I knew she was waiting for the main event, so I thrust my tongue back in her hole and wiggled it, before standing up.

“Hand me the lube,” I asked.

I coated my fake cock with a thick layer of slimy lube. Stroking up and down, I made sure every surface was slick. Ashley was still on her back; legs open wide. Her forbidden hole was slick with my spit and rather loose. Regardless, I squirted a generous amount of lubrication on her rim, and then pushed the tip of the tube into her sphincter and squeezed hard.

Her tiny rosebud flinched from the cold goo. Guiding the head to her ass, I pressed lightly. Inch by inch slowly began to disappear, as her asshole gobbled the dildo up. It was so erotic to watch the wrinkles surrounding her back door smooth out, as firm latex invaded.

Ashley, panting, pushed with her tight abs. This relaxed her asshole enough for me to slide halfway inside. As I withdrew, the dark pink skin just inside her anus was pulled outward. Her rim was paper thin.

The pressure must have been immense, because her pussy bulged obscenely. The dildo glided back in with no resistance, and this time, I shoved all nine inches inside. Her rim twitched, trying to snap shut.

“Pound my ass, Jeni. Pound it hard, while I rub my clit,” she begged.

Snapping my hips back and forth, sharply, I assaulted her gaping hole. Ashley let go of her legs. With one hand pinching and pulling her nipple, she used the other to furiously frig her huge clit. I grabbed her hips and fucked her hard.

Her juicy cunt spurted small jets of milky white fluid, as it gulped air. Her nipple turned purple from the amount of pressure she was using to pinch it. I watched her twist her clit like a knob, right before she screamed.

I pulled out of her ass, while she came. The intensity of her orgasm caused most of the lube I had pushed inside her asshole to fall to the bed in large globs. As she came down from her high, she relaxed her tight muscles.

I was thunderstruck at how sexy she looked. Her body was coated in a thin sheen of sweat; chest heaving. Her nipples were pebble hard; the left one purple. Her pussy was crimson and glazed with her cream. The tiny rosebud of her ass had bloomed into a full rose.

Ashley opened her eyes, and said, “That was amazing!”

“Definitely,” I agreed.

“I agree,” chimed an unknown voice.

I squeaked, as I dove to the opposite side of the bed. Ashley laughed. She rolled off the bed and approached the guy, leaning against the door jam.

“Jeni, this is Zack,” she giggled.

Zack looked over at me, and said, “No need to hide now. I’ve seen everything and loved everything I saw.”

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