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Living out my dream

A middle aged teacher finally gets the chance to seduce the hot female intern.
Life has its ups and downs, especially my life. My name is Jeni. I am a 40 year old mother of two wonderful teenagers. While I don't think I am super gorgeous, but I do know that I look good enough to get a second glance, as I walk down the street. My body is slim, with a nice set of breasts, that I got enhanced about 9 years ago. My naturally blonde hair is cut short, almost boyish in style. It’s true that men take more than a passing glance, but it’s not a male that heats my core.

I work at a local school in southwestern Florida, as a part time PE teacher. There is one person I am longing to attract, and she is no male. Ashley is an intern in the Math department. She is a cute blonde, with bright blue eyes, and a tight bubble butt. I’m guessing her perky breasts are C cups, but I can’t be sure.

Here lately, all I can think about is her beautiful body, so much so that she invades my dreams at night. She works with me at the school, so I have to be careful not to jeopardize our jobs, and I always see her with a man, so I dare not approach her. It seems that I will have to explore her body in my dreams for now.

I’m married to a strictly moral man. I love him, but he’s unwilling to try anything new and fun. Our sex life is missionary position with the lights off. In other words, my life is dull. I needed some spice to my life.

As I drove to work, I pondered on how to get my stuffy husband to loosen up and wondered what he would do if I ever mentioned that I wanted to be with another woman.

“He would probably have a shit fit,” I laughed to myself.

Pulling into the parking lot, I noticed lots of activity in the front of the school. Various repair trucks were lined up, and the principle was directing traffic. Concerned, I shut off my car and went to see what was going on.

“Jeni! I’m glad to see you,” Mr. Rogers said.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Well, it seems that last night some vandals broke in and destroyed school property. They smashed windows, walls, toilets…practically everything!” he responded, “I’ve dismissed classes today, so we can figure out what’s missing and broken.”

“Oh, my God!” I said, eyes wide.

“I need you to inventory the storage room in the old part of the school. It’s a big job, so I’m sending Ashley to help,” he instructed.

“Okay,” I answered.

A thrill went through my body. Ashley was coming to help me! How was I going to stand being in the same room with her, when it was hard enough to work in the same school? Just the thought of her body in close contact sent a massive pulse to my clit.

I headed back to the storeroom. Opening the door, I discovered a dark and dusty mess. Sighing, I ventured further, trying to take note of everything. There didn’t appear to be any damage back there.

“Good God! What a mess,” I exclaimed.

Gathering my stamina, I found a corner to sit and started counting the boxes of pencils. About an hour into the day, Ashley dragged herself into the room. I had to mentally remind myself to close my mouth, when I saw what she was wearing. Dressed in a halter top that barely covered her pert mounds, it must have been chilly in the room, because I could clearly see her erect nipples pushing against the thin material. Her tiny mini-skirt almost reached to the middle of her tight, tanned thighs. My throat was dry, and at the same time I was drooling.

“Hey, Ash. What a way to start our morning, huh?” I asked.

She grunted a response, and then dropped to the floor to start on the bottom shelves. With her back to me, I got the pleasure of watching her reach for boxes in the back. She was sitting on her knees, so every time she leaned inward, I saw everything.

When she showed up in that skirt, I wondered if there was wearing regular panties or a thong covering her delicate folds. That led me to ponder if she was bare or covered in downy hair. I didn’t have to guess anymore.

With a clipboard covering my lap, I slipped my hand between my legs and touched my crotch. It was not a surprise to find a damp spot directly over my humid hole. The very next time she leaned forward I started rubbing my throbbing clit in a slow, firm circle.

A thin strip of material had wedged itself between the plump globes of her ass. I could not rip my gaze from that strip, and in fact let my eyes follow the trail down. The puffy and very bare lips of her pussy bulged beneath the tight silk. I was being slowly tortured and nearly came, when she opened her thighs wide to steady her body.

A thin sheen of sweat covered my forehead and upper lip, as I rubbed harder and faster. My own slit was drenched. I was about to cum, just from staring at her almost bare, upturned ass. With thighs trembling and ragged breathing, I let several small waves of pleasure wash over me.

Trying to hold in my moans, I pressed down hard on my huge nub. A blinding sensation radiated from my clitoris, sending bolts of electricity straight down my thighs. My warm cream soaked my panties, as both my kitty and ass trembled.

I leaned back, trying to catch my breath. The room was hot to start with, but I was sweltering. Shedding my jacket, my modest sports bra clung to my moist skin.

Luckily, Ashley remained oblivious to my actions. Ready to resume counting, I stood up to survey the upper shelves. About an hour later, Ashley finally woke up enough to talk.

“Hey, Jeni, how the hell did we get recruited into doing this shit job?” she asked me.

“Low men on totem pole, I guess,” I replied, absently.

A few minutes passed. I could tell she was getting bored, because that is when the chatter started.

“Man...I think time is going backward. This is totally boring,” she complained.

Trying to ease some of the boredom, I began to ask her questions about her life. I was hoping to break the ice; test the waters.

“Hey, Ash, what do you do for fun?” I inquired.

“My boyfriend and I go to the beach, mostly. I am still a bit too young to do much else," she told me.

“I wish I could go clubbing,” she mused.

“I used to be heavy in the club scene. Don't get to do it much anymore,” I replied.

“Why not? You have a rocking bod! I bet you would have loads of fun,” she remarked.

“My husband isn't into the kind of clubbing that I want to do,” I found myself blurting.

“What kind are you talking about?” she asked, sitting back on her heels, looking at me.

I found myself telling her about my marriage and the all the exciting things I wished that we would do. She was, amazing, easy to talk to. I watched her expression change from bored to intrigue. Uncomfortable with myself, I went silent.

“I wonder what it’s like. How does it feel?” she muttered.

Sitting back on my heels, I looked straight into her blue eyes. Locking our gaze, I took a deep breath, licking my lips.

“Well, I’ve always thought it would be soft; comfortable. Another woman would naturally know where to rub and to lick,” I murmured.

Ashley's eyes were glazed, as if she was trying to visualize. I decided to tell her what I felt in my fantasies.

“In my dreams, I fantasize about rubbing my lips over her warm breasts, focusing on her pert nipple. My mouth can't help but to open to allow my tongue a taste of the ripe fruit, I continued.

“Then, when she can't take it anymore and is squirming in her seat, trying to relieve the steady throb in her pussy, I let my hands travel to a sweet folds. I believe that a woman is gentler. Her fingers are softer, not so rough,” I whispered, “I would spread her puffy lips open, revealing the flower inside. Spying the soft pink flesh, with drops of dew coating it, all I can think about is how much you I want to taste those pearly drops,” I whispered to her.

As I softly talked to her, I moved closer. Our gazes locked; attention held. I was amazed at how quickly I became aroused. Ashley’s breathing was erratic. Her breasts were heaving; almost struggling with her top. With my mind on auto pilot, I reached out and brushed the tips of my fingers over her taut nipple. She jumped a little, but didn’t move away from my touch.

“Then, as my tongue gets coated in her creamy wetness, her spasmodic hole searches for something to suck. So to relieve her need, I push my finger gently inside her wet sheath and let it nurse on my firm digit,” I continue.

Taking a chance, I leaned forward and brushed my lips against hers. Rolling her huge nipple between my fingers, I felt her arch into the palm of my hand. With a soft groan, I wrapped my hand around the back of her neck, bringing her mouth closer to me. Her lips are so soft, and I couldn't help tracing them with my tongue. Hesitantly, she opened her mouth allowing my tongue to dive inside.

I take my time exploring her sweet mouth. My tongue tastes every nuance of her. Little by little, she began to respond, and soon, our tongues are battling for control. Breathless, I break the hottest kiss I have ever had.

Ashley cupped my breast in her hand, testing it’s weight. Growing bolder, she pushed her hand under my bra and pulled gently on my pebble hard nipples. I pulled back from her to look her in the eyes.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

She nodded, so I pushed her back onto the floor.

“I have to see your breasts. They have kept my mind occupied all morning long,” I said, as I pulled up her halter.

Her full globes bounced out. My mouth watered from the sight of Ashley’s honey colored breasts that were topped with nice, rosy nipples. Kissing down her neck, I nibbled my way to her turgid peaks. My tongue touched the very tip of her nipple, causing her to gasp. My strong tongue flicked and teased her pebble, before I sucked it into my mouth to feast on her flesh. Not wanting her other breast to feel neglected, I let my hand squeeze and mold it.

“Harder...please,” I heard her whisper.

Wanting nothing more than to please her, I bit her tender nipple harder, while my other hand slapped her other breast, with a volley of short, sharp slaps that caused it to redden. I roughly pinched her nipple. Supremely aroused, she grabbed the back of my head, trying to bring me closer.

Apparently, she liked a little rough play. Maybe, she needed a firm hand. Grinning to myself, I decided to weave some of my hardcore fantasies in. Playing rougher than my norm, I tried my hand at being the dominant one.

“Are enjoying this? Do you want me to spank that ass?” I roughly said to her.

While I waited for her reply, I continued to spank her beautiful tits. Gasping for air, Ashley’s blue eyes were glazed with need. When she nodded her consent, I pulled her to her feet.

“You are a bad girl! First, you were late to work, and then your constant complaining...” I said in my stern teacher voice, “A naughty girl, such as yourself, needs a firm spanking. You have exactly one minute to get that tiny scrap of material that you call a shirt off.”

She steadied herself and pulled her shirt all the way off. I watched, as she let it drop to the dusty floor. Ashley stood before me, in her short skirt and dainty sandals.

“Turn around and slowly pull your panties down,” I told her, my voice husky.

Ashley spun around. Her small hands raised her skirt enough to grab hold of her thong’s waistband. My breath caught in my chest, as she pushed the thong over her hips and down her legs. She had to bend over to get them past her knees, and when she did, her puffy lips parted. Her inner folds were flushed with need and very damp.

“Quickly, young lady!” I admonished.

She stepped out of her panties. With lightning fast reflexes, I yanked her close to me and pulled her to the chair. Sitting down, I draped her across my lap. Her head hung off my right side, and her legs dangled to the left. That nice bubble ass was right in front of me.

I rubbed my hand over her quivering, bare globes. Relaxing her with a soothing circular motion, I caught her off guard when I, without any warning, brought my hand down and slapped that ass cheek sharply. The sound echoed in the room, but was soon muffled by her squeals. Again, and again, I slapped those perfect cheeks.

By the time I was finished, her chest was heaving. Without her panties, I had the perfect view of her flaming red ass. I pushed her off my lap, making her stand in front of me.

“Put your panties back on,” I demanded.

Bemused, she slid the thong back on.

“Hold your skirt up, and don’t let it fall free,” I warned.

Standing up, I walked behind her and grabbed the back of her panties. I pulled her thong tight, burying it deep between her ass cheeks. Returning to the front, I used her panties to stimulate her swollen clit.

Back and forth, I pulled her panties; making it flick roughly over her throbbing nub. Her hips began to pump; her ass bobbing. I could hear her tiny gasps and moans. After several seconds of this torture, I pulled them to side and reached in to touch her sopping pussy.

Unable to take much more, I yanked roughly and ripped her panties off her hips. Damn, she was stunning. I slid my middle finger into her drenched box and felt her muscles contract around my finger. She was dripping wet and loving this. I pushed in another finger and began to finger her sheath roughly.

“Oh, God! Fuck my pussy! Shit, Jeni... oh, shit,” she yelled.

“You like that? You like my fingers in your wet cunt? Maybe, I should put my thumb in your ass. Would you like that? You like it down and dirty, don't you? You want me to finger fuck your pussy and thumb your ass, don't you?” I said to her, crudely.

“Yes. Yes. Yes! Oh, please!” she begged.

With my two middle fingers deep inside her rippling, soaked hole, I pressed my thumb against her wrinkled rosebud. With firm pressure, I continued to push until my thumb sunk past her anal ring. With extreme care, I wiggled my all the way inside. Then with alternating movements, I worked her pussy and ass hard. My lap was drenched with the copious juices that drained from her weeping slit.

“Lean over that table,” I told her.

I made her walk to the small table with my fingers still in her body. Only when she was in place did I pull them from her holes. Both remained slack and open from a few seconds before snapping tightly shut.

I pushed her torso flat on the table, causing her groin to poke high in the air. Getting to my knees behind her, I pulled her delicate skin open wide. Her hole was bright red and so swollen. I could actually see her clit pulse, wildly.

I buried my face into her wet slit, tonguing and probing. I was so hungry that I intended to eat her whole. I licked her from throbbing clit all the way to her gaping ass. I loved how she tasted, salty and sweet.

She was getting close. I knew this, because she began to hump my face, literally fucking my tongue. I wanted her wait, so I left her tasty cunny alone. Stiffening my tongue, I probed her puckered star. I felt her reach back, with both hands, and pull her ass open for me. I rimmed her hole with my tongue, until her pussy and ass were slick and shiny with my spit. She would need more than my small fingers to ease this need. Looking around, I found a small glass bottle.

“Climb on the table, Ash,” I said, “Open your legs wide for me.”

She laid there, legs hooked over her arms, spread out like a delicious buffet. I rubbed the end of the bottle over her swollen pussy. Her hungry, little hole opened and closed in spasms. Using my thumb, I rubbed her clit, as I inserted the rigid bottle deep into her.

A low, keening sound came from deep within her. That bottle had to be as big as my fist, but her greedy cunt sucked it right up. She bucked against that bottle, needing very little help from me. I had the bottle all the way up inside her. I kept jacking her nub, using the same rough pace that she had set with the bottle, until suddenly; she arched her back, sharply. Her whole body went stiff.

“OH GOD...gonna cum...don't stop! YES, YES, YES!!!” she screamed.

I let her ride out her orgasm on that bottle. As soon as her hips stopped bucking and her legs relaxed, I gently pulled the bottle from her quivering hole. Oyster colored cream drooled from her very wide open pussy, forming a small puddle on the table under her.

I watched her trying to catch her breath. She just lay there, breathing deeply. When she finally sat up, she smiled at me. Relief coursed through my body.

“Wow, Jeni. I’m speechless,” she said, “I’ve never came so hard in my life.”

I grinned, my face flushed a bright red.

“You think that we can do that again?” she asked, softly.

“Uh…yeah. I would like that a lot,” I stammered.

“Good, because I want to do that to you,” she admitted, “and I’m pretty sure that would totally get off on watching.”

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