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Living with roomates

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Girls teach a boy to make love like a woman
Cara and Lori had been roommates at nursing college, so it seemed natural that they should share and apartment when they graduated. I had been friendly with Lori’s younger sister, in high school. I finished college and got a junior management job with a courier firm.The job required I move to the city, and Lori was the only one I knew there.I called Lori about helping me find a place to rent close to the airport which is where I would be working.

Lori remembered me from high school, and said that I could stay with her and her roommate until I got settled. I cautioned her that it could be a while, because good places were hard to find, but Lori was totally unconcerned.

When I walked into the door of the apartment, the first thing that hit me was how small it was.
There were two bedrooms, but they were side by side, with a shared bathroom in between.I was also noticing Lori had grown up to be a beauty.She was about 5'7" with a slim waif like build. Long dark hair pulled back in a pony tail and dark eyes to match.Cara was blond and looked like she be a cheer leader.She was a little shorter than Lori, and had beautiful blue eyes.

Lori sat me down, and explained that the folks back home didn’t know but she and Cara had been sleeping together since their first year of college and were lovers. They were actually looking for a roommate when I called, and they were happy to have someone they knew.

Everybody was pleased with the arrangement. The girls were working at the local hospital and I was at the airport, so we all had crazy shifts and often we would not see each other for days on end.

The only problem was the one bathroom, often I’d be leaving and they’d just be coming in, and we agreed that we needed to worry less about modesty than our schedules. I’d often go in to brush my teeth and Cara or Lori were in the shower. A couple of times they were in there together, however they assured me they were just trying to save water. Generally we just kept the door to washroom open out of courtesy to the others.

I had just worked an afternoon shift and got home about midnight. I walked straight to the
bathroom, to my surprise both girls were in the tub which was surrounded by candles. ‘Oh sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt a romantic evening”

“That’s ok Mike, we were just going to go to bed, but first we want to shave and get all smooth”

“ I assume your shaving more than your legs and under arms”

“Oh for sure Mike, there’s nothing worse than going down on a lover and getting a bunch of hair in your mouth, it just breaks the mood, do you want us to do you as well?”

“ I’m kind of used to the way I look, and besides in case you haven’t noticed you are the only two getting any action around here”

“As a matter of fact Cara and did notice, and we feel bad about that, come on get undressed and join us, we’ll give some relief, but you have to do as we say”

Well this was a dream come true, the girls got out of the bath and helped me out of my clothes. I sat in the tub, while Lori sat on the edge and let Cara smear her with shaving cream. There wasn’t much there to shave, but when she was done the area was totally smooth, and I was at full attention. Lori bent over with her ass inches from my tongue and asked if I could see any hair. I confirmed Cara had done a great job, “Good then you won’t mind if she does you now”

At this point I was so aroused, they could of asked anything and I would have said yes. I got out the bath while Lori got the scissors. My erection made it easier for the girls to get to every crevice, and in about ten minutes I was as bald as the day I was born. I was also dripping pre cum, and the girls enjoyed coaxing the fluid out of my shaft and onto their fingertips, they were sharing it like ice cream and feeding it to one another.

Lori’s eyes were wide and shining “ Let’s take him our room and see how long we can get him to last” Cara pushed me down on the bed and held my erection firmly in her hand,Lori lay down beside me and instructed me to slowly taste her nipples, sucking very gently. “We have to teach you to make love like a woman”

Cara put her head on her lovers freshly shaved mound, describing each movement as she went. Finally she brought my head down to join her, I was told exactly where my tongue should go, and how much pressure to apply. These girls had been together a long time and really knew what the other liked.

Cara shifted into a 69 position and Lori was slowly circling her labia letting the orgasm grow slowly.Cara continue to pump my shaft for more clear fluid and used it a desert topping as she licked her lovers clitoris. I moved my head up to join Lori,and learn her secrets on Cara.

Lori had her fingers inside her lover and leaned into me, to whisper that she can make Cara squirt all over herself. I had never seen this before and wanted to help make happen. Lori pushed her fingers deep into her lover massaging her g spot, while I licked her clitoris. Cara had moved and was no longer in a 69 with Lori but instead was sucking me, looking for more than just pre cum in her mouth.

Lori had one hand in Cara and the other inside herself. Cara moaned loudly and there was a gush of clear honey scented fluid raining down on Lori and myself, as I shot streams of cum into Cara’s mouth. I put my hand on Lori’s breast and squeezed her nipple which along her stroking herself brought her to a quaking orgasm.

Being clean shaven had dramatically increased the feel and intensity of my own orgasm. Cara had swallowed hard but had plenty of my cum on her tongue as she French kissed her lover. Lori milked Cara’s tongue it had been along time since either of them had tasted a man, and they seemed to be enjoying sharing the experience.

I rolled over and closed my eyes, ready for sleep. Lori whispered that we weren’t done, remember we told you that you are going to make love like a woman tonight, that means more than one orgasm. I groaned as the girls poured baby oil on my back legs and buttocks. They poured more oil on their breasts and massaged each other as they massaged me with their hands and bodies. I was so warm and relaxed I actually fell asleep for a few minutes. When I awoke Lori was standing over me with a 6 inch black dildo sticking out from a harness between her legs. Cara was sucking on the dildo, while continuing to rub oil in my backside. I could feel her well lubed finger exploring my sphincter, stretching it, and getting me ready for her lover. Cara brought mouth next to my ear, “make sure you stay relaxed, we’ll be very gentle” I couldn’t help but feel apprehensive, but Cara moved up and positioned my face right at the opening of her sex as she showed me her opening and massaged herself, I buried my face into her and let
her enjoy my tongue.

Lori was now sliding her stiff member up and down my well oiled butt crack and I could feel her explore the tip of my opening. I brought my knees up to give her better access, and she was able to reach around to stroke my cock as she continue to stroke the my scrotum and perineum, stopping just at the tip of my opening.

It was hard to stay relaxed, I want to tense up, but Cara was doing a good job of distracting me, and the oil felt so good. Lori entered me slowly and I could feel the pressure on my prostrate. It felt like she was trying to milk the cum from me through her gentle stroking. I couldn’t help but push back onto her, which encourage her to quicken her pace. I was being fucked hard, and cum was spewing out of my cock and onto the bed sheets. I pulled my face away from Cara’s smooth, wet pussy and she writhed onto her side into orgasmic spasms with hand diving between her legs. Lori collapsed on top of me and stroked the last drops of fluid from my flaccid member. Lori whispered in my ear “Baby you are one beautiful piece of ass, and we’re going to make you very very happy”
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