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Losing Myself- Part 1

This was the first time I’d gone this far with anyone, and I still couldn’t believe that it was Mia!
The drive to Mia's was excruciating! I was excited, nervous, scared, happy, unsure, all at once. I kept myself busy by listening and singing along to the radio and playing games with license plates (not as fun alone by the way), trying to imagine what she might be like in person. Is she really talkative like online and on the phone? Is she as crazy in person as on Lush?
After a 1900 mile drive I finally reached her home town. My nerves and those butterflies in my stomach were getting the best of me, but my panties... they were already wet. I was trying to calm my nerves when I heard that same Donald Duck voice on my GPS: "In 0.5 miles you have reached your destination! Yay! Let’s go have a party!"  My grip on the steering wheel tightened. My head was spinning and I was already shaky, my pussy aching and my nipples hard as rocks.
I put my purse on my shoulder and walked up to the front door. There was a silver knocker with a last name on it; I hit the door a few times, nervously placed my hand behind my back, and looked around the yard. A dog was barking; Princess, I assumed. A TV was loud in the background. I thought to myself, “Robert,” but that didn’t stop me from hearing that familiar voice, yelling, “Turn that fucking TV down!” The door handle jiggled, and my heart was immediately in my throat. The door swung open. A tiny, vicious Chihuahua went straight for my legs. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.
“Delilah!” Mia said excitedly, as she reached for a hug.
I giggled nervously and hugged her back. Her scent was intoxicating, her perfume flowery and her long black silky hair soft as a rose petal. I slowly pulled away, knowing that if I didn’t I’d say or do something to embarrass myself.  I put my shaking hands in my back pocket and giggled a little more.
“Hey,” I said awkwardly.
She just laughed and said, “How would you like a tour of the land, and maybe something to drink?”
“I’d love that...” I replied, my smile never fading.
She reached down and picked up Princess, who was now sitting at my feet. “Let me put her inside and we’ll get to it,” she smiled. 
I followed her up to the back, towards the barn. “This is a lot bigger than I expected,” I said, looking around at all the animals.
There were dogs, cows, horses, chickens, pigs, and even a roster. She gave me some food to feed the cows and horses; their lips tickled my hand and I giggled like a kid in a toy store! I saw a beautiful brown horse with white spots out in the middle of the field. I slowly walked along the fence, some of the curious cows following us and mooing along the way.
“What is it, Delilah?" Mia asked, following close behind me.
“That horse. It’s so beautiful,” I said, glancing back at her and pointing at the stunning creature.
She slowly opened the gate, letting us in. “Oh, that’s Shadow.” As we got closer she looked at me and said, “I have an idea!” She pulled my hand and we skipped toward the horse. In between giggles she asked me, “Would you like to ride him?”
I sort of laughed and raised my eyebrows. “I’d love to, but it’s been over 12 years since the last time I rode a horse.”
“It will all come back to you; it’s like riding a bike, but more hairy.” Mia laughed as she waved a guy over.
“José, por favor tráeme a Rey… Vamos a montar un rato, ah y también vamos a necesitar que nos ayudes a subir.” [Jose, please bring Rey… We’re going to ride a little, and we’re also going to need your help to climb on.]
He said, “Si, señorita,” and headed quickly to the barn.
“Is he getting the saddles?” I asked.
Mia laughed and said “No, silly goose,” while shaking her head. “We’re riding bareback!” she exclaimed. She could see I’d never done that before, so she put her hand on my wrist and said, “It’s nothing, relax.”
I saw her sexy worker coming back with another horse. It was beautiful too, a little taller and more muscular than shadow, with dark brown hair and a silky black mane. Mia walked over to the horse, and he helped her up. She held on to the horse’s neck and threw her leg over him. Whoa! I was not expecting that… No panties under that short skirt. I felt my clit start to peek out, in between my very wet lips. Trying my best to ignore my excitement, I did the same thing when the guy came over and helped me onto Shadow’s back. His finger slid up my shorts, and touched my soaked panties; I immediately knew that he knew how wet I was. Once on the horse, I looked down on him, and I swear I saw him wink and smell his finger. I felt myself blush as I looked over at Mia.
“All right. Are you ready?” She asked with a grin.
“Ready as I’ll ever be,” I replied with a slight laugh.
Mia showed me how to kick my feet on the sides of the horse to make him walk. We went all over, and she showed me a bunch of old run down ranches that were still full of possessions from the families that had once lived there. After a while we started to gallop, and my pants started to slowly ride up in between my pussy lips. I know the sight was amazing for Mia, because I saw her glance over at me and my pussy every now and then. It didn’t bother me; I knew she had a thing for camel toes. The denim began to rub my clit. Mmm… it was driving me crazy! I started breathing a little heavier, but tried hiding it from Mia. My hips were grinding against the horse, and my legs were shaking as I got closer to my climax. The horse picked up speed, which just made my jeans rub my clit even more; I lowered my head and grinded my teeth as an orgasm ripped through my body. My toes curled, my breathing heavy, and I knew I looked flustered. My clit was still extremely sensitive as we came to a stop. I looked over at Mia, and I could tell she knew something was up. She just smiled and turned Rey towards the barn…
“Jose!” She yelled, and waved him over. Without saying anything he helped us off the horses.
I smiled and said, “Gracias.”
“What was that all about?” she asked with a knowing smile.
“Oh it was just exhilarating to ride a horse again,” I said, lying through my teeth.
She just laughed and walked towards the house; I followed close behind. Once inside she introduced me to her brothers and mom. Not knowing Spanish sucked, because all I could do was stand there and look puzzled. Mia laughed and took my hand. "Come on, let’s go to my room." Without a word I followed her. For being a tiny house on the outside, it was huge inside. As soon as Mia opened her bedroom door I laughed. "What?!?!" She said, with a questioning look.
I just shook my head. "The princess crown on the mirror! That is so you!"
"Well of course! I'm the princess." We both laughed as she picked up Princess, who was lying on the bed. I sat on the corner of her bed, still looking around at everything.
I gently scooted back on the bed, which in return caused one of the many pillows to fall off her bed. I quickly reached for it, unaware that Mia was doing the same. We bumped heads pretty hard. I looked up at Mia and she was giggling and rubbing her head, same as me. Looking into each others eyes, something clicked. We both slowly lowered our hands. I'm not sure what overcame me, but I slowly leaned in and kissed her. It was odd, I have never kissed a guy, not even my ex-boyfriend and I felt the connection with him; but with Mia it was different. I was loving it, until I realized exactly what I was doing.
I quickly pulled away from her and put my hands to my face. "Oh god! I'm sorry Mia! I didn't mean... I ... well... I did mean to! But I shouldn't have... Oh god! I should go!" I stood up and walked towards her door to leave.
Before I could comprehend what was happening she grabbed my wrist and turned me around, kissing me deeply. I tried to pull away. As my mind said no, my body said YES, so instead of pulling away I put my hand on her cheek, returning the kiss. I'm not sure how much time passed, but when she pulled away I was breathing heavily, my pussy was on fire and drenching my panties, my sensitive nipples were poking through my shirt.
"What was that...?" I said almost inaudible. I was kind of embarrassed. I should have stopped her, but I didn't. I let her pull me into the kiss…. and I loved it.
"A kiss," she said with a smile.
That smile melted my heart; I was butter in her hands after that. Mia stood in front of me, her hand on my hip. She slowly slid her hand under the hem of my shirt and began to lift it over my head. I slowly raised my hands above my head and helped her take it off. I've always been ashamed of my body, so as soon as my shirt was off and she threw it to the side, I wrapped my arms around my stomach. She wasn't having it; Mia took a step closer and placed her hands on mine. My heart was racing, my stomach in my mouth. She walked backwards, pulling me along to the bed. Before I knew it, she turned me around and laid me back on the bed. I watched her as she crawled over me and kissed me softly on the lips, then trailed kisses all the way to my shoulders. I felt her hands gently rub my tits. A moan escaped me as I arched my back. This was the first time I’d gone this far with anyone, and I still couldn’t believe that it was Mia!
I opened my eyes as she slid down my body. "Mia, I...." She put her finger to my lips.
"Shh... Relax; let me explore your body." She moaned into my mouth. For some reason, her words calmed me, and I slowly slipped into a euphoric state.
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