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Love how this feels

Two girls fall in love at school
I was sure, in all the 17 years of my life, I was straight. I'd fucked guys before and screamed from the orgasm. I'd had too many boyfriends to count on both hands. Once I'd liked a guy so much I'd waited an hour every day for him to finish class so that we could "accidentally" walk home together, so this new urge I had for a girl in my class was frightening. It was inexplicable.

She, Lucy, was hot - all the guys wanted her. She wore to school to most provocative outfits, though, so you couldn't really blame them. Her tits were the biggest I'd ever seen on a girl our age - and perfectly shaped, the kind that even girls would want to touch, just to feel that swell and gasp in jealousy. As well as this, she'd wear a push-up bra, so her massive tits would spill right out of her top. She looked like Eva Longoria, a dark beauty. I'd seen her ass many times in gym class in the changing rooms - she would always wear a G-string - and it made me want to put my hand in my slit, rub, and cum just from the sight of it.

The ass and tits of other girls would rarely prick pleasure in my clitoris, only if I saw them bare. But that was normal I guess. Where I started to wonder if I was a lesbian was when I saw just the outline of Lucy's fucking huge, round ass.

I was attractive too, I admit. At the time, I had average-sized perky tits and a small but firm and nicely shaped ass. I was fair-haired with long legs and sexy blue eyes - or so I was told. After Lucy joined our class though, I couldn't fuck boys anymore - it wasn't what I wanted. Daniel, a built, brown-haired sex bomb in our class, started to hit on me the week I started craving Lucy, and as he daringly reached up to massage my tits after gym class one day, I told him I wasn't sure that I wanted him. He was confused, but then again, so was I.

Lucy and I became friends - sort of - at school. We had the same taste in music and clothes, and we were both popular with boys. We'd often sit together and eat together, and sometimes in gym class we would work in partners, as we were expected to do. Jokingly we would compliment each other's bodies and laugh about who was checking us out in the gym. It was fun, but the whole time, all I wanted to do was push her against the wall, pull down her panties and lick her to an orgasm.

One day after gym, we were getting changed quite slowly and started to talk about things that distracted us from seeing everyone else walk out. Without realising, our teacher locked us in the change-room, turned off the light, and left with the class. Nobody would be here until the next morning. I felt so bummed and so pissed off with our teacher - how could she do that without checking? On the other hand, I thought, is this a coincidence? The amazing girl I've always wanted to girl-fuck is locked in the dark with me for 12 hours.

'What the fuck!?' Lucy said as she pushed against the door.

Lucy was in her push-up bra and jeans because she couldn't find her top.

'I know, what a retard this teacher is. Seriously - she didn't notice two girls were missing?'

Lucy banged on the door, then sighed and I could hear her through the dark as she went and sat back down. 'What's going to happen now?'

'Maybe there's another door'. I suggested.

'There isn't. It's that one, and it's locked. Ugh'. She groaned, it made my cunt wet up a little.

As the minutes ticked on, we sat down and found some lollies in our bag which we ate on a nice thick gym mat we found near the showers. After a while, we started to talk about other things again - what we wanted to do when we grew up. She said she wanted to be a model or a playboy bunny, but not to tell anyone. I laughed and said my lips were sealed.

'Do you want to take a shower in the dark? How much fun would it be, I've never done that before!' Lucy said playfully, slowly pulling at my shorts.

'Seriously? OK here's the deal - I'll do it if you do it'.

'I'm already standing up'. She said as she lifted herself off the ground, pulling me up with her. We said nothing as we stripped, just giggled. I imagined her in her beautiful, tanned nakedness with her hair and breasts loose and her long, bare legs brushing against one another as she tip-toed into the shower.

We stepped into the cold tiles and turned it on, a burst of cold water washing over our bodies. We both screamed and ran back out. 'I changed my mind,' I said. 'We won't be able to find the hot tap,' I laughed.

'Hmmm', she sighed, sitting back down. I wished so badly I could see her right now.

'There's nothing else to do.' She added.

We stayed there in the dark with the shower dripping quietly, spread out on the gym mat.

'Hey... Amber...' She said quietly.

'Yeah?' I replied at the same volume.

'You want to do something fun?'

My cunt heated up like a furnace and I could feel my heart start to beat faster. I already imagined my disappointment as her next words would probably be something like, 'want to play I spy?'

I was wrong though.

'Sure,' I murmured.

'When I say fun...' she said, still very softly, 'I mean... sexual...'

I paused. She found my tit in the darkness and started very slowly hardening the nipple with the tips of her soft fingers. The whole while, I couldn't believe she had felt the same urges as me, and decided being locked in this gym room was maybe the best thing that could've happened.

'You want to do this Amber?' She murmured, though quite confidently.

I moaned quietly. 'Yes, it feels so good'.

She giggled seductively and whispered, 'spread your legs'.

I slowly took my long legs, and spread them apart with the knees. I could feel Lucy's goddess-like body moving towards me, and then I could feel a tongue being inserted into my slit. I gasped with pleasure, not believing how turned on I felt. No boy had ever given me this soft, loving pleasure before.

'Oh my god, yes Lucy, lick my cunt'.

Lucy started licking with more speed and enthusiasm, my high moans urging her on. I told her I was about to cum and she slowly stopped.

'No... please...'

She moved ontop of me, and it nearly took me over the bridge, just feeling her tits against mine. 'No, I'm not finished yet gorgeous'.

She moved her face to mine and kissed it gently, her huge, perfect blow-job lips now caressing mine.

'You're so hot', she said softly, brushing the top of my hair with the back of her hand.

'I want to lick your fucking massive tits'. I said with sincerity and desire.

'Oh, would you?' She said, excitement coating her tone.


'Beg for my tits', she murmured softly, then bent down to kiss my neck.

'Please, I fucking need to suckle your tits, please Lucy, please'.

She moved forward, and as I took one large, tanned, hard-nippled tit in my mouth I licked very fast, causing low moans to escape Lucy's throat. She started humping me slowly as I licked, which excited me even more.

'Oh Amber, suckle harder!!!'

I sucked with my lips, which made her squeal and start humping harder, before she suddenly stopped. She moved around and positioned herself so our tits met, as did our clitorises.

'Let's girl-fuck, Amber, please?'

'Beg to clit-rub with me', I said very softly, my breathing shallow.


I spread my legs very far apart and opened my lips, before taking Lucy's soft vagina lips apart and doing the same to her. 'Oh my God, your cunt is the sweetest, softest thing...' She moaned gently.

Then, she positioned herself ontop of me, and we tit-rubbed and clit-rubbed, moving back and forth, back and forth. Our juices made our fucking so much easier, as we were both so wet, our cunt's had spilled their pleasure flows out all over each other's lower bodies.

'Ah! Ah! Ah!' I screamed in bliss, every time she rocked on me. My eyes were wide apart as I'd never felt such pleasure as this.

Lucy was squealing with pleasure even more loudly than I, but eventually, she needed even more. She bent down over me, and instead of rocking back and forth, held onto both my perky, hard tits and secured that I couldn't move with her legs pressing my hips together. This way, she could rub much harder and much faster. I choked on my own breathing once I felt this pleasure, so amazed that a human body could experience such things.

Lucy's squeals turned to screams as she desperately fucked me, squeezing my tits like she wanted them up against her cunt too. 'AH!' I yelped as I felt a stream of cum flowing from my over-pleasured cunt.

'I'm fucking cumming! Oh it feels so FUCKING good!' I moaned out in a high voice. Lucy's rubs had gotten so fast it was like vibrations - the ultimate sensation against the clitoris. I could feel a huge jet against my vagina-hole where Lucy filled it up with cum and moaned, still clutching my soft melons. The rubbing slowed, as did our moans, and after that she rolled off me. My heart was still throbbing - that had been one amazing fuck.

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