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love in the sun

Tags: lesbian, fun, sun
first timer has warm experience in the sun

I was lying in the warm sun, it seeped into every pore. Eyes closed, one hand lightly resting on my chest one on my stomach, the book I had been reading lying open on the table. The world was perfect. I was relaxed, fulfilled and warm.

  Then I felt a hand run up the outside of my leg. Open my eyes and there she was shining in the sun. My heart began to quicken and breath ran short, I knew what she had come for.

Assertively without waiting for me to speak, she kissed me sharp and sudden, rough and hotter than the sun on my face. I had never been with a woman before. This was different, softer almost.

Still lying there on the bench, she leaves my lips to travel along my body. She kneels between my legs and looks at me. She reaches up and takes a clothed breast in one hand, and fondles and presses til I sigh. My eyes kept closed, she told me to keep them shut, so I could feel it all she said. And I did.

She takes her hand back down and draws me closer to her so I sit almost on the edge of the bench. I had a shirt on, flowing and feminine. I looked around, private, no-one can see, so I relax.

Her hands part my thighs, she’s breathing faster too.   One hand runs up my thigh toward my cunt, she gently rubs her thumb over it, panties still on. I am so eager for her to touch me, I thrust myself forward more. She pulls my skirt up higher and removes my panties. She spreads my legs again and touches my wetness. She lowers her head and begins to lick and suck my clit. I moan in ecstasy, this is what I have been waiting for, but she teases me, and takes it slow.

She puts two fingers inside me as she eats me, I can hear the lapping of her mouth. She pumps her fingers harder as I moan more, and uses her teeth lightly on my clit. As I am getting closer to the end she stops suddenly.

She tells me she has bought along a toy. She brings over a pink, shiny double ended vibrator. She sits me up against the wall, shoving my skirt up again. She gets rougher as she feels the growing need.

I look at the vibrator, she knows I want it. But first she pulls her own skirt up, already has her panties off. Suck me she says. And i do. She shoves her cunt in my face and i lap up every bit of her juices. I use my fingers as well.

She drags herself away and grabs the vibrator. She slowly eases the thing into me, placing her it in her own cunt as well. We both moan with pleasure as she turns the dial making it vibrate at its highest. We fuck the thing hard, kissing and grabbing and sucking each others’ breasts. She cums quicker than me and rips the vibrator out and starts going down on me again, this time she’s quick, fucking me expertly with three fingers, I cum hard, hardest I have in a long time.

Hope we do this in the sun again.  

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