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I saw she needed me as soon as I walked into her house. She looked so stressed and frustrated, I knew she had not cum in a while from our talks on the phone, and her hunger and need for release were radiating off her in waves.

"Hey baby", I said and kissed her.

I felt her clinging to me in a kind of furious desperation, my fingers intertwined into her hair pressing her mouth closer into mine.

"Come on baby", I whispered into her ear, "I'll make you feel better".

I led her to the couch and pushed her down onto it, I pulled off her pants and panties while she took off her top, revealing her already hard and puffy nipples. I kneeled in between her thighs and kissed her mouth again, her mouth was so hungry and demanding. My fingers were already in her soaking pussy, she moaned into my mouth, biting playfully on my lip. I moaned as well and disengaged from her mouth, trailing my tongue to her breasts, while her hands trailed all over my back, under my top- unclasping my bra. I nibbled on her nipple and she pushed her hot pussy into my hand.

"Please", she moaned, "please make me cum, I need it so much".

Her words turned me on even more than before and I felt my stomach tighten with desire. My finger flicked her clit and she shuddered. My mouth leaving her nipple only long enough for her to remove my top and bra, then covering it again- nibbling and biting gently, Her hips moving as though on their own, grinding her pussy on my hand. I stood up and pulled her up as well we kissed deeply before returning to the couch.

This time I lay down and immediately she got on top of me, her pussy hovering for a second over my open lips before she sank down onto me, a sigh of relief escaping her mouth as my mouth came in contact with her flesh. I stuck my tongue in between her hot moist lips and licked every bit of skin that I could before touching it lightly on her clit, she bucked and moaned on top of me, her fingers feverishly seeking my soaking pussy. When her hand touched my puffy pussy lips I moaned into her and she let out a lusty scream, her hand pressing harder against me, her fingers entering my slit. Her pussy was so wet it felt like it was flooding my mouth, my face was covered in her delicious juices as she rode my mouth. My pussy was also incredibly wet; I could feel the moisture running down my ass and onto the couch. I could feel her running her finger up and down my ass crack and getting it wet, then I felt her pushing in, touching my tight little hole she pushed her finger in and I felt unbelievable pleasure as her mouth followed to cover my hot pussy.

I wanted to cum and even more than that- I wanted to make her cum. I started working my tongue faster, occasionally grazing her hard clit with my teeth, which made her hold onto me and grind her pussy faster over my mouth. I kept tongue fucking her and grazing her clit, I felt her moan into me, her finger fucking me faster- I moaned too. The room filled with our muffled sounds of ecstasy.

I felt she was close, her pussy muscles tightening on my tongue. I wrapped my mouth around her clit and bit it gently- she screamed her back arching, her hands and mouth leaving me as she was covered by wave after wave of pleasure, her pussy releasing load after load of juice which ran down my face and into my mouth. my own hand went to my pussy my fingers entering and fucking my slit, my palm hitting my clit on each in stroke. She kept screaming and the intensity of her pleasure and my fingers brought me over the edge. I let out a scream which was muffled by her hot wet flesh and exploded.

When her orgasm subsided she collapsed onto me breathing heavily. we lay like that our bodies intertwined until she shifted to lay on top of me, her head nestled against my breasts, and fell asleep .

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