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Lunch with Annie and Michelle

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We all head out of the office, Stuart and Michelle in the lead with Richard and me following behind. I can’t help but smile looking from one fine ass to the other. I glance over at Richard and he is doing the same he looks up at me and laughs saying,
“They do look good coming or going don’t they?”
“Mm-hmm, yes they do.” I reply as I lock the doors behind us.
“A word of advice Annie, if you’re going to play the submissive you really need to just keep your mouth shut and do as you’re told. I know easier said than done but...” He says with a grin.
“I know Richard my mouth has forever gotten me in trouble, but thanks for the advice.” I tell him.
“Well good luck with Michelle, I think she won’t have any problems making sure you know your place.” He tells me.
“No I don’t think so either.” I tell him with a nervous chuckle.
“Well you have a good weekend Annie. Maybe we can all get together over the weekend, what you think?” he asks me.
“Sure why not, although I think we might need to check with our master and mistress over there.” I tell him.
“Yeah true, they might keep us all tied up this weekend.” He says with a laugh.
“Mmm sounds fun. I’ll give you a call if we can get together. Bye , have a good weekend.” I tell him.
“You too Annie.” He replies as he heads to his car.
“Hey Annie you want to go out to lunch?” Michelle asks me.
“Sure.” I tell her anything to put off what I know is to come.
“Ok good. Go get us a table at our favorite restaurant. I have a stop to make and then I will be there.” Michelle tells me with a wicked grin on her face.
“Sounds good.” I say as I get in my car wondering what tha t grin was all about.
I head over to the steakhouse and of course it is busy. By the time I get us a table Michelle is there. She walks in carrying a bag in her hand and giving me that same sinful grin.
“Here I want you to go to the bathroom and put this on.” She tells me.
I start to open my mouth and she puts her finger on my lips and says,
“Not a word just go do it subbie.”
“Yes mistress.” I reply.
As I head to the restroom I can’t imagine what is in the bag.   When I get in the restroom I open the bag and see that it is a remote control vibrator. Oh this is going to be interesting I think as I remove my pants and panties and struggle for a moment or two figuring this out. I finally get everything situated right and head back out to our table.
As I walk out I see Michelle sitting there grinning with something in her hand, that I can only assume is the remote control for the vibrator. I sit back down and she says,
“Let’s see if it is working.”
She turns it on and damn but it feels good. I can’t help but moan as she turns it up higher. Against my will I start squirming in my seat as I grab the edge of the table. Thankfully the restaurant is loud and no one is likely to hear us talking or hopefully pay any attention to us.
“You wouldn’t cum right here would you my little slut?” she asks me.
“No mistress, I won’t.” I respond. Although that is exactly what I want to do.
“You better not. Today is a lesson in control for you so don’t disappoint me any further.” She tells me.
“I won’t mistress but god it feels so good.” I say as I try and stop my body from moving. “I know it does, just sit there and be a good girl for me.” She replies.
  I see our waitress walk up towards us. I think Michelle will turn it off but she doesn’t. It is almost impossible to act normal but I try as our waitress asks,
“And what would you ladies like to drink?”
Right when she ask for our drink order Michelle turns it up even higher if that is possible. I all but cry out as I try and control myself. I look over at Michelle and she is just smiling wickedly at me. I am incapable of speaking at the moment all I can do is try and not cum right here with the waitress looking at me.
Michelle places our order. I am grateful that she didn’t make me order because I am not sure if I could have done it. I feel as though at any moment I could cum. The vibrations from the toy is driving me crazy. She keeps turning it up and down. When it is turned down I am just barely ok but whenever she turns it up I feel as if I could explode at any moment. It is torture as she brings me close to orgasm over and over again.
The waitress brings our order and gratefully Michelle turns the vibrator off. I look up at her and say,
“Thank you mistress.”
She just smiles at me as we begin to eat our sandwiches. About half way through the meal I see her grab the remote again. I can’t help but say,
“Please mistress no.”
“Are you telling me what to do?” she harshly asks me.
“No, no mistress, I’m not.” I try and tell her.
“Uh-huh.” Is her only response as she turns the vibrator back on.
She is going to drive me crazy I think to myself. I am staring at her as she slowly licks her lips so seductively. Just looking at her is almost enough to make me cum. I think she knows this because when I try and look away she grabs my chin and turns my head back and she takes her finger and slowly parts my lips with it. I can’t help but start sucking on her finger as she pushes it in and out of my mouth. I start to moan around her finger, between the vibrator and her finger it is almost more than I can stand.
“Don’t you dare.” She tells me as if she can read my mind.
I know longer have an appetite for anything but her. I want to devour her breasts that are all but popping out of the tight shirt she is wearing. She sees me looking at her gorgeous breasts and smiling at me takes her hands and casually rubs her breasts up and down for a moment.  
The waitress comes around and asks if we need anything else and we say no just the check. We pay the bill and are getting ready to leave when Michelle says,
“Come with me my little slut.”
I follow her into the restroom and she grabs my hand and drags me into the stall with her. She pushes me against the stall and starts kissing me, her tongue all but devouring me as her hands roam over my body. When her hands grab and squeeze my breasts I moan for her. Between the vibrator and her touch I start thrusting my hips towards her. It feels so good but I don’t want to displease her so I try and control the desire to orgasm as she continues to rub and pinch my nipples while she starts licking and sucking on my neck.
“You want to cum don’t you my little slut?” she whispers in my ear.
“Yes mistress please, please.” I beg her.
“Not yet, I don’t believe you have suffered enough yet to remember your place.” She replies.
She steps back away from me and when I reach out towards her she slaps my hands away from her. She starts undoing her pants and slowly pulls then down as she says,
“On your knees slut, I want you to put your tongue to good use for a change.”
The thought that someone might come in crosses my mind for a moment but when I see her start fingering herself I decide I really don’t care as I drop to my knees before her. She takes her finger out of her wet pussy and sticks it in my mouth, where I am more than happy to lick and suck it clean for her.
“Good girl.” She replies.
Between the vibrator and hearing her call me a good girl for a moment I don’t think I can control myself but I do as I lean forward slightly and start licking her pussy lips.   With one hand I spread her lips apart so I can lick her inner folds as my tongues darts in and out of her. She is delicious I think as I slide one and then another finger inside her. My tongue starts licking and sucking on her hard clit as my fingers fuck her slowly in and out. She grabs my head and pushes me hard against her pussy as she says,
“Oh yes, that’s it bitch fuck me harder.”
I am more than happy to comply as I push a   third finger inside her and start fucking her hard and fast with my hand as my tongue continues to lick and suck her clit harder and harder. I take my other hand and run it up inside her shirt and start rolling her hard nipple with my fingers.
“Oh yes…. that’s it…. Fuck.” She cries out as her body spasms.
  Feeling her cum for me is more than I can bear, I start moaning and unwillingly start moving my hips back and forth as the vibrator drives me wild. I want to cum so bad it hurts.
“Please mistress, please can I cum now please.” I beg her as I continue to lick her pussy trying to get every drop of her that I can.
She grabs my hair and pulling my head back says,
“Not until I say so you little bitch. Now clean me up.”
I finish licking up all her wonderful juices and then stand back up. She takes her hand and grabs the vibrator and starts moving it all around making me squirm and whimper with need and desire. I can’t help but start pleading with her.
“Oh god, please, please, please.” I beg her over and over again.
Just when I think I shall cum no matter what she stops and tells me to remove my toy. I take it off and sticking it in my purse we compose ourselves and head out the door.
“Well subbie you didn’t do too badly in there, I didn’t think you would have had the self-control you showed. You have pleased me with that.”
“Thank you mistress” I tell her. Surprised at how happy it makes me to hear her say that.
“Don’t think this gets you out of your punishment though slut.” She reminds me.
“Yes mistress,  I need to be punished. I was bad earlier today. I am sorry I promise to do better.” I tell her.
“That’s a good girl.” she says as she leans forward and kisses me lightly on the lips.
“So your place or mine?” I ask her.
“Yours, I don’t want my neighbors to hear your screams.” She tells me with that wicked grin of hers on her face.
I look up at her nervously as I say “Are you serious?”
“Yes we are always at my place, I want to go to yours this weekend.” She tells me with laughter in her voice.
“No I meant about the screams.” I tell her.
“I know you did. Trust me I will leave you begging for more. Now come on let’s go. I got to make a stop on the way so I shall see you in a little bit.” She tells me with that grin of hers that I am coming to realize means trouble for me.
“OK.” I tell her a little nervously as I get in my car.
To be continued…..
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