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Lust for Lily - Part Three

Emma finally gets what she wants.
We arrived at the club to find a queue snaking around the corner.
“Crap, maybe we should just head back to yours?” I suggested hopefully.

“Don’t be daft! I know the doorman...Or rather I will do in a minute!” Lily said with a cheeky wink. I watched as she walked towards the front of the line, her slinky white dress riding further and further up her tanned legs. The lace of Lily’s thong was starting to irritate my pussy as I became more turned on, and I contemplated taking it off inside the toilets of the club.

“Come on, Emma! We’re in!” The sound of Lily’s voice pulled me from my thoughts, and I caught up to her just as she was descending a set of black stairs, lined with twinkling lights. The walls were painted black over the original stone, dotted here and there with pictures of exotic cocktails, and more bizarrely, a feature of shot glasses that spelled out ‘Racy’s’.

We finally came to the end of the staircase, which it took me a while to realise spiralled through the centre of the club.

“Oh my God, swanky or what?! I heard that they designed the staircase like that so it’d be harder for all of the drunkards to leave!” squealed Lily, clearly excited by the dark walls and colourful lights. Or maybe it was the sign advertising half price drinks for women. Hmm.

Lily pulled me over to the circular bar, where she immediately caught the eye of the bartender. Normally, I would have checked him out, but I was too distracted by the electricity running through my veins at Lily’s touch. Despite there being a few people that had been waiting longer than us, the bartender headed straight towards us and took our order, Lily’s chest acting as some sort of magnetic field.

Lily ordered us two shots each and forced me to neck them; the slight tang stuck in my throat, a reminder to myself that I should take it easy since I don’t normally drink. Before I’d even cleared my head of the fuzziness caused by the second shot, we were approached by a tall guy, at least six foot, with dark hair and green eyes. He was wearing a pair of dark denim jeans that fit snugly around his crotch, and a white shirt that was only half buttoned, revealing a six pack. I suppose you could say that he looked like a Greek God, but he was no Lily.

“Hey, gorgeous,” he said, his complete attention focused on Lily. “I’m Todd. I better call Heaven and let them know that I’ve found their missing angel.”

I rolled my eyes at the cheesiness, and turned around expecting Lily to be doing the same. Instead, she was laughing and fluttering her eyelashes, clearly caught in his trap. Sensing that I could strip naked and set myself on fire and these two still wouldn’t notice me, I sloped off to the toilets, eager to get rid of the irritant thong.

After walking around the club for what seemed like a lifetime, I finally found the unisex toilets hidden under the staircase. Like everything else in this club, the room was also in a circular shape, with a semi circle devoted to a row of cubicles, and the rest of the room devoted to sinks with large mirrors over them. Again, the walls were a deep black, and the furnishings silver. All of the cubicles were occupied, so I went to check myself over in front of one of the large mirrors. My face was flushed and my eyes bright, from the excitement or the drink, I don’t know. I pulled my phone out of the little black clutch Lily had lent me, to find a text from Ryan;

Gone pub 2 watch footie. Myt stay at Lee’s 2nite. Hav a gd time. Luv u.

Well I suppose that meant I could go back to mine without facing too many questions about why I looked so disappointed, instead of Lily’s like we’d planned, it was only around the corner from here. I doubt she’d realise I was gone anyway. How stupid had I been, lusting after her when I had a gorgeous boyfriend at home who loved me?

Just then, I looked up at the mirror to see two entwined figures entering a cubicle, one dark haired male with his pants already below his knees, and a brunette with her white dress hoisted up around her hips. I quickly dove into the now free cubicle next to them, pushing some poor girl out of the way. As I was closing the door, I shot her an apologetic glance, hoping she wouldn’t be waiting for me when I came out.

I put the lid down on the toilet, sat down and pressed my ear up against the neighbouring wall; the cubicles weren’t floor to ceiling, but the music was still pretty loud in here. I could hear Lily moaning and the cubicle wall vibrated against my face; Todd was fucking Lily, rather vigorously, up against our shared wall.

“I’m so wet!” moaned Lily, turning me on as I remembered how wet she had been in the shower. I stood up, easing the now soaked thong down my legs, enjoying the slight breeze from the air con around my pussy. I threw the thong on the floor, positive that Lily wouldn’t miss it, and spread my legs. Well, just because I wasn’t getting to fuck her myself, didn’t mean I shouldn’t enjoy her being fucked.

The moans from next door were getting louder, so I started playing with my clit, hoping to catch up so we could climax together. Considering how worked up I’d been all day, it didn’t take long before mine and Lily’s moans had blended into one, and just before I could orgasm, Lily screamed in pleasure. All of a sudden, my left foot was wet, and there was a puddle of liquid coming from the cubicle next door. Had they fallen into the toilet?

“You bitch! Look what you’ve done!”

I pulled my dress down and ran out of the cubicle quickly, preparing myself to barge into their cubicle and see what was going on. Instead, I ran over to the sinks and washed my hands, just in time to see Todd storming out of the toilets, jeans absolutely soaked, and Lily stood there looking rather smug, and with a just-been-fucked-by-a-stallion glow.

“Hey, Em, where have you been? I missed you!”

Before we could discuss what had just happened, Lily dragged me over to the bar, where we proceeded to down two more shots and grabbed a bottle of WKD each.

“Come on, let’s dance!”

I didn’t really feel like dancing, I just wanted to go home and fuck myself thinking about Lily, but the way she looked at me was irresistible, so I made my way over to the dance floor with her and started to dance. I could feel the alcohol taking effect, and started to copy some of Lily’s dance moves; she was moving her body in such a seductive way, and the club lights made her dress incredibly sheer.

Jesus, how was it possible that I was still getting wet?! Where was it coming from? Lily pulled me closer, dancing up against my body. My heart started racing and we looked into each other’s eyes. She looked so naughty. It was hot. This was it. My chance to make a move. Forget Ryan. Forget my shyness. Forget my lack of experience; I wanted her.

As I leaned forward, lips puckered and eyes open slightly to see what she would do, I saw her look off in the direction of the bar. Todd was stood there with a couple of his mates, watching us dance. I could see from here the semi in his pants. Wow, no wonder Lily was moaning so much. Even though I was devastated that Lily wasn’t dancing with me like this for my benefit, I felt incredibly sexy knowing that he was getting off on our dancing.

Spurred on by his stares, I positioned myself just under Lily’s crotch, so that she was grinding against my thigh. She started laughing hysterically, amused by me teasing Todd in such a way, whilst I was trying to work out whether I’d peed myself since I was so wet.

Lily was still gyrating against my thigh, the skin bare since my dress had started to ride up because of all the movement. Although Lily was still wearing her thong, I could feel how wet her pussy was, and turning around to dance facing the opposite direction was all I could do not to jump on her.

Thinking that this was all part of some plan to tease Todd, Lily moved up against me, our bodies pressed together in the sticky heat of the club. Her pussy rubbing against my backside was heaven. Lily, still staring in Todd’s direction, felt around to my chest, and started circling one of my nipples, which were incredibly evident in my turned on state and flimsy dress.

A moan escaped my lips and Lily took a leaf out of my book and placed her thigh under my squirming pussy. I was too turned on to be embarrassed by how wet she’d realise I was. Determined to enjoy these last few moments before she pulled away, I ground myself even more forcefully against her leg, desperate to ease the wanting ache. That’s when Lily snaked her hand down my body, traipsing over my flat stomach and under my dress. She stroked through my landing strip, pulling the hairs slightly. My head was confused and I was speechless, waiting for her to stop and tell me she was joking, or act like I was the weird one for being so turned on, and that’s when she started rubbing my swollen clit.

“Oh, Em,” she whispered in my ear. Removing her hand, she pulled me over to a table where we deposited our drinks and headed for the staircase.

The fresh air outside hit me like a brick, and I realised just how drunk I was. Ready to apologise for my behaviour, I turned to Lily who hadn’t said anything since we’d been inside, only to be pulled down an alleyway and thrust up against the wall. She stuck her tongue down my throat and started kissing me passionately. Her body was pressed tightly against mine, keeping me in place. I could feel her nipples against my own and started imaging them in my mouth. We kissed like this for a few minutes, hands caressing each other’s nipples, when Lily stopped. Without saying a word, she left the alleyway. I quickly went after her, not ready to let her go when I saw her climbing into a taxi.

“Come on then, Em!”

I clambered in after her, and she immediately found her way up my dress, once again playing with my clit. Not one bit embarrassed that the taxi driver could see everything, I shouted the first address that popped into my head and started moaning loudly as Lily teased me.

She rubbed my clit in a circular motion, every now and again moving her fingers down my pussy lips to seek lubrication. She was once again thrusting her tongue inside my mouth, and I found myself begging her to insert her fingers into my deprived pussy. That’s when we stopped. Or rather the taxi stopped, and so we had no choice.

“How much?” Lily asked, ready with a five note in her hand. We really hadn’t been travelling that long.

“Oh please, this one’s on me, ladies. Enjoy your night,” he said with a wink.

We dived out of the taxi, eager to get inside and explore each other’s bodies some more, when I realised we weren’t at Lily’s, we were at mine.

I stood there panicking slightly, but then remembered the text Ryan had sent me - he was staying at Lee’s! I dragged Lily up the narrow stairs to my flat, and removed the spare key from the fake stone that we’d bought from some cheap magazine, since I’d left mine at Lily’s, hoping for an excuse to go back. Looked like I needn’t have bothered.

Once inside, we started kissing again, feeling the urgency in each other’s desire. I pulled her into the bedroom and turned on the light - I wanted to see every inch of her gorgeous body. Lily pushed me down onto the bed and straddled me. We kissed some more, and the kisses got slower as she eased them down my body. My pussy was pulsing, desperate to be seen to. She pulled the dress down over my boobs, and very gently pulled at one of my erect nipples with her teeth.

“Oh, God!” I moaned, as she started gently sucking on one nipple, and started playing with the other, passing it through her fingers again and again.

She then swapped nipples, not wanting to leave the other one out. She had her eyes open the entire time, making sure that I was happy with what she was doing. Duh.

Lily then got off the bed and started undoing my shoes, massaging my feet once they were off. Her hands slowly moved up my legs, causing me to let out an impatient moan. She ran her fingers underneath the dress and through my pubic hair, making me shiver in anticipation. Instead of pausing at my clit, her hands roamed higher, pulling my dress down and off.

“Well aren’t you a naughty girl, Em? Where’d you put my thong, eh?”

“I took it off in the toilets, it was irritating me. I threw it on the floor.”

“You dared to throw away my underwear?! I think for that, you could do with a spanking. Get on all fours, now!”

Eager to please her, I knelt in a doggy position. Her hand came down hard, but in a gratifying way against the bare skin of my arse. A further moan escaped my lips as her hand came down again, rubbing my bare arse in between slaps. She did this ten times, each time kissing the pink skin.

“I think you’ve been punished enough, now time for the pleasure.”

Before I could take in her words, she was lapping at my clit with her tongue, sending shockwaves through me. I could only imagine my juices running down her face as I became wetter and more in need of her. My breathing started getting faster, and that’s when she inserted first two fingers, and then three into me.

“Jesus you’re so wet!”

Her tongue started lapping wildly, and I could feel my orgasm building rapidly as her fingers brushed against my g-pot. Oh God, oh God, oh-

“Yes! Yes! YES!”

I came hard, my pussy clamping tight against Lily’s fingers, unwilling to let go. As the aftershocks of my orgasm wore off, and Lily was wiping her face on my dress, I tackled her to the bed, my mind set on giving her just as much, if not more pleasure than she’d given me.

I pulled off her shoes, throwing them behind me and started kissing up her silky legs. I could smell her arousal, but wanted to take my time with her. I skipped over her pussy, kissing up her arms and her neck, before gently nibbling on her ear.

Unable to wait any longer, I yanked down her dress and sucked gently on her nipples. Her moans were like music to my ears, urging me on. I circled her stiff nipples with my tongue before gently moving down her body, kissing my way down. I didn’t want to lick her pussy just yet - I was saving the best until last.

I let my fingers fall slowly over her pussy, which I could see glistening through the thong. Hooking a finger into each side of the underwear, I pulled them down over her legs, almost painfully slowly, wanting her to want me just as much as I want her. I massaged her thighs, carefully making sure to brush ever so slightly against her pussy lips.

“Fuck Em, please just touch me already!”

Not one to disappoint, I started rubbing against her clit, enjoying the feel of the pink skin against my fingers. Fuck she was wet! I gently inserted one finger into her waiting pussy, moaning myself at the pleasure it brought me, and followed with another two fingers. I could feel, as well as hear her orgasm building, and as I was pounding away I quickly chanced a fourth finger, stimulating her g-spot with as much force as I could without hurting her.

“Oh my fucking God, Em! Oooohhhhhhhh!”

With one final moan, Lily came hard, all down my arm. I realised then what the puddle in the toilets was at the club- she was a squirter. God was it hot.

“Ride my face. Now,” I ordered, not willing to wait any longer for the thing I had been dreaming of so very often recently. I lay down swiftly; my backside plunged in her arousal on the bed. She clambered on top of me, hovering over my mouth. I thrust my head up those last couple of inches to meet her throbbing clit. The taste of her was unbelievable- slightly salty but so sweet at the same time. Definitely my new favourite flavour.

I lapped at her like I would an ice cream, savouring the taste of her dripping pussy. Her pussy lips were so smooth and hairless and felt good against my face. I was going too quickly for her, eager to please, and thrust my tongue into her waiting hole, pushing her over the edge. Her juices spurted down the back of my throat, and I swallowed them greedily, wanting to take all of her inside me.

“What the fuck,” came a male’s voice over in the corner. Lily quickly pulled herself off of my face, but still remained close, hovering over my tits.

I lay there covered in a mixture of mine and Lily’s juices, unsure of how to explain myself. What could I say - she fell?

That’s when I noticed Ryan’s hard on. Assessing the situation, Ryan slowly unbuckled his jeans and pulled them down, along with his boxers, freeing his cock.

Without taking his eyes off us, he sat down slowly in the chair in the corner of the room, and slid his hand up and down his long cock. Lily and I looked at each other naughtily.

“Don’t stop on my account, ladies,” he said.

We didn’t.

The End.

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