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Lust for Lily - Part Two

Emma gets naughty...
“Oh my God! You must be the new girl! Thank God you’re here, we’re rammed and it’s not even dinner time yet! I’m Lily.” Lily ran over to me and grabbed both of my arms just above the elbow, smiling at me as though I’d just made her cum a thousand times.
I stood there, shocked at how familiar she was being. Oh if only she’d put those hands somewhere else. Vaguely aware that I was drooling, I introduced myself. “Hi ,I’m Emma.” I only hoped that my answering smile was just as dazzling as hers.

“Oh I know who you are! You’re wearing your name tag.”

Looking at my confused face, she pulled at the name badge on my plain vest top, gently brushing against my incredibly stiff left nipple, sending a current of want directly to my pussy. Oh my.

She let go of my arms and spun around, heading towards the counter, talking as she went. I was too stunned to move; I was surrounded by the smell of her. A mixture of fruity perfume, mint and sweat. I’ve never thought to use 

this word to describe a smell before, but it was sexy.

“Earth to Emma! Did you hear anything I just said? Dave has just popped out, as usual, and asked me to show you the ropes. Sit down for five minutes and I’ll come over when it’s cleared a bit.”

I sat down in what must have been the only seat left in the cafe, at a small sticky table shoved right next to the door of the gents’ toilets. I watched as she moved around the cafe, squeezing to get past the customers at the cramped tables, sometimes brushing up against them by accident with her breasts or arse. I wished she’d squeeze past me like that.

Ten minutes later, when only a third of the customers remained, she came and sat down opposite me. She pulled a clip out of her hair, letting it cascade down her back and over her huge breasts.

“That’s better. Anyway, it’s dead simple. The customers tell you what they want, you write it down, take it over to the food window and give it to Martha, Dave’s sister. She’ll ring the bell when it’s done, you grab it and give it to the customer and then make sure they pay before they leave. All tips are put together at the end of the day and divided between staff, and most importantly Dave doesn’t like his staff to sleep with the customers. They can touch and you can flirt, but nothing else.

“Now, this is the most important thing. What are we doing tonight?”

Fucking. “Erm, what do you mean?”

“Well, where are we gonna go? We need to celebrate your first day! I fancy going to that new club Racy’s, it’s meant to be cheap. What about you?”

I fiddled with a loose thread at the bottom of my top. What was I supposed to say- that I needed to get home to my boyfriend and tell him all about my first day? Did I even want her to know I have a boyfriend?

“Yeah sure, just let me text my housemate and tell her I’ll be out tonight.”

“Oh you may as well come back to mine when we close, you can just borrow something of mine. I’m sure I’ll have something that’ll fit you.” She smiled at me as she rose to grab a customer another drink.

I quickly typed a text to Ryan,

Goin out with grl frm wrk 2nite. Dnt knw when I’ll be back.
Luv u.

It wasn’t long before my phone vibrated with a text back:

Go out n enjoy urself. U deserve it. Luv u.

Oh, you bet I will.


My first day at work went well, with only a few cups and plates broken, but I made a tenner in tips. Lily was basically giving me her life story as we strolled to her flat just around the corner from the cafe. She lived above an estate agent, and as we walked through the front door, I could feel my pulse racing. It smelt of air freshener and sex.

The door opened directly into her living room, which was all girly with bright pink walls and artificial flowers everywhere. The floor was laminate which meant the cool of the room was a nice break from the freak heat wave outside. Even at 7pm, the sun was still out and it was about twenty degrees, and both me and Lily were covered in a sheen of sweat.

“I’m just gonna jump in the shower, make yourself at home. You can get in after me.”

I sat down on the couch and picked up the remote to flick through the channels. The TV turned on, and that’s when I realised I was using the remote for the DVD player; there was all of a sudden two blondes on the screen, fingering each other vigorously. I heard a sound behind me and turned my head just in time to see a flash of bare arse and red thong.

Shit! I couldn’t believe Lily just caught me watching lesbian porn! I sat there debating whether to go and explain or not, not wanting to make a fool of myself in front of my brand new friend. I decided to go and tell her that it was an accident.

I made my way through a surprisingly long hallway; there was a door on the left and a door on the right, both slightly ajar. I could hear the shower running and fought with my conscience over whether to sneak a peek or not. This was my chance to see Lily naked! I might never get a chance like this again! Careful not to make a sound on the creaky laminate flooring, I inched closer to the door, ready to jump back in case she caught me.

The bathroom was tiled completely, and the shower was exactly opposite from where I was stood. I saw the same red thong that had been haunting my thoughts all day strewn just a couple of feet from the shower. I eagerly glanced up to see one of the sexiest sights ever. Lily had her back against the tiles, head back and eyes closed. The water from the shower was flowing down her big tits, nipples erect at the touch of the water. She had one leg resting on a low shelf in the shower. Her hands were what caught my attention the most though. One hand was rubbing in a circular motion against her pink clit, not a pubic hair in sight, whilst the other was pumping away inside of her, following the rhythm of her other hand.

The puddle that had been in my knickers all day felt like a river and I slid my hand down my pants, caressing my swollen clit. From my view by the door, I could see her pussy glistening, from either the water of the shower or her own juices, I didn’t know.

As she increased her rhythm, I increased mine, leaning against the doorway for support. I didn’t dare close my eyes out of fear that I’d wake up and it would have all been a dream, and because I didn’t want to miss the best show I had ever seen. I slipped three fingers into my sodden pussy, surprised at how ready for a great big, throbbing cock I was, when all I really wanted was her tongue to lap at my clit over and over again.

A loud moan escaped my lips, too loud to be disguised by the sound of the shower and I jumped out of the way just as Lily was opening her eyes. SHIT! First she had caught me watching porn in her living room - had she also caught me fucking myself whilst spying on her?!

I ran back into the living room, stopping by the kitchen on the way so that I could wash my hands. I didn’t want there to be any evidence of my masturbation if she came in here and questioned me. Not that I could do anything about my soaked underwear.

Lily stayed in the shower for another couple of minutes and then I heard the water shut off. I hope she didn’t see me. I didn’t want to lose my job or a potential new friend! She came into the living room wearing a towel which I knew for a fact would have displayed her shaved pussy if it had been an inch shorter.

“The shower’s free now. There’s towels and stuff in the bathroom and feel free to use my shampoo and stuff. I’ve put some of my underwear in the bathroom for you. I’ll be drying my hair in the bedroom and once I’m done, me and you can pick what we’re going to wear tonight.”

With a gleaming smile, she turned around and headed for the bedroom, long hair sopping wet, leaving little splash puddles on the floor.

I walked slowly towards the bathroom, secretly hoping to catch another glimpse of her in her bedroom, but the door was shut fully. Disheartened, I headed for the shower, noticing on my way into the bathroom that the latch on the door was broken, hence why it was open!

I shut the door as much as I could, not wanting Lily to feel like I was displaying myself to her, and shrugged out of my sticky clothes. As I was pulling my boy shorts off, I made a mental note to throw them away as soon as I was home; the stains of my day’s lust would never come out in just one wash. Suddenly the door opened and I quickly grabbed a towel to hide my naked body.

“I forgot to show you how to work the shower,” Lily said as she brushed past me, still in her towel. “There you go. Just come into the bedroom when you’re done.”

I waited until she was safely back in her bedroom before I dropped the towel and hopped into the shower, sincerely hoping that she hadn’t seen me naked. I have a decent body, I'm slim with reasonably sized breasts with small, pink nipples and I take care of my area - I get a Brazilian every 4-6 weeks, leaving only a small amount of light brown pubic hair, but I wouldn’t say I was as hot as Lily.

She was something else. Just thinking about how hot she was had me soaking once more. No. I couldn’t fuck myself in her shower, that was rude. Instead, I grabbed her shampoo and began turning it into lather in my hair. I then grabbed her Body Shop Satsuma shower gel and started rubbing it into myself. First my arms and legs, then my breasts, then my.... oh what the Hell.


I got out of the shower, satisfied that I’d managed to bring myself to orgasm without too much noise, and quickly dried myself off.

I caught sight of the underwear Lily had left out for me; a sheer black lace thong and bra set that left very little to the imagination. I looked at them nervously, regretting not taking my beauty therapist's advice and trying the whole no pubic hair thing. Shit! I didn’t want her to see my pubes, but I couldn’t exactly go out there wearing nothing.

I put the underwear on and glanced at myself in the full length mirror. Even though Lily was at least two cup sizes bigger than me, the bra fit surprisingly well, and the thong made my arse look like something to be proud of. I didn’t usually wear a lot of black underwear, but I thought I might start - I looked kind of sexy.

Trying to forget the fact that my pubic hair was on show for the world to see, I knocked on Lily’s bedroom door.

“Come in!”

I walked in to find Lily stood there, hair dried and cascading down her back, wearing nothing but a white thong, which was even more see through than mine (a near impossible feat). Through the material I could see the outline of her pussy lips, and I drew my eyes away quickly, scared that if I looked at it any longer I’d end up with a rather noticeable puddle in my underwear.

“You look hot in that bra! That’s one of my old ones before I had my boob job, you can keep it if you like.”

Taking on the persona of a horny male, my eyes were drawn to her perky boobs. Her light brown nipples were slightly stiff, most likely due to the fan in the corner that was blowing cold air around the room. I quickly found mine were following suit. Lily caught me looking, and walked over to me with purpose.

“Don’t they look so good? I was so happy when they came out just how I wanted them! Do you want to feel?”

Before I could answer, she’d grabbed both of my hands and placed them over her boobs, squeezing them slightly to encourage me to have a good feel. The emotions running through me at that very moment were overwhelming; shock at how comfortable Lily was with having a practical stranger touch her so intimately; envy of her amazing body confidence; and pure animal lust for this sexy stranger that was inviting me to touch her boobs. My hands took on a life of their own, and started squeezing her boobs, moving onto her nipples.

“Don’t they feel so lifelike? Ooh that feels good, you tease! Ha! Come on, we best get ready. I think I have just the thing to make us look even sexier than we do now. You’ll have to take off that bra though.”

I dropped my arms and reached behind me to undo my bra. As I let it drop, I half expected Lily to touch my breasts; though not as big and perfect as hers, my nipples were calling out for a little TLC. Instead, she brought two dresses out of her wardrobe, both exactly the same apart from the colour - one black and one white.

She threw the black dress to me, and I pulled it on over my head, admiring the way the strapless fabric clung to my body. I looked towards Lily and found she was sat on her bed, pulling on a white pair of stilettos. As I was picturing her tanned legs wrapped around my head, I noticed a large, pink vibrator on her bedside table. Lily noticed what I was looking at and laughed. She picked it up and turned it on.

“Feel how powerful it is! I had my first penetrative orgasm with this. You can borrow it later if you like,” she said as she threw it back down on the bed. “Come on, get your shoes on and let’s go! I‘m ready to get drunk!”

I pulled on the matching black shoes, excited at the prospect of having something inside of me that had given Lily so much pleasure. I wish I had the confidence to just grab her and have my way with her.

As we were about to walk out of the front door, Lily pulled me to her in what I thought was about to be an incredibly passionate embrace, but was really her pulling me around so that I could see us both in the mirror behind her front door.

“We look so fuckable! I can’t wait to see what fun things we get up to tonight!”

Neither could I...

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