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Lusting Deborah

A mother's lust for her daughter's best friend leads to her first lesbian experience

As the lonely mother of a twenty-two-year-old girl, I began thinking it was time to get my love life back. But the likelihood of hooking up with another man scared me after Johnathan, Mandy's father, left us to live with his girlfriend. When he left, I vowed I would never be with another man.

Time passed and Mandy became a strong, beautiful young woman with an enviable body. She’d grown up and I knew that someone would soon want her hand in marriage. I was quietly preparing for that day and thinking what my life would be like when she left the house.

Although I was aware of online dating sites, I’d never used them. But I decided to take some time and look at what they had to offer. Eventually, I registered with a few sites and soon got responses from men — but not from anyone I wanted to meet.

Having finished school, Mandy was job-hunting and she was nearly always in the company of her best friend, Deborah Scholz, who was two years her senior. They were very good friends and if I couldn't find Mandy, all I needed to do was ask Deborah. She knew where to find Mandy.

Deborah was good-looking and I admired her for her style of dress. It reminded me of my days as a young woman. She usually wore high-neck elegant dresses, ending just above her knees, and heels tall enough to make her ass stand out. Her long black hair was usually tied in a pony-tail and she wore a perfume that seemed to linger everywhere. If I came back to the house, the smell of her perfume would tell me she’d been visiting. 

She was a regular visitor and I never objected to that. I was always content with what made my daughter happy. But, the more Deborah came around, the more I looked at her and I found myself developing a desire for her hot body.

My lust for her was rather strange because, until then, women didn't attract me. I liked men and I’d never looked at another woman in a sexual way. But, in Deborah’s case, I found myself at forty-five years of age getting constantly aroused whenever she came around. 

Each time she came to the house and pressed the bell, I was there to open the door. When she stepped inside, I would embrace her, ask how she was, and plant a kiss on her cheek before letting her in to see Mandy. When she was leaving, I would again embrace and kiss her.

I noticed that Mandy never went to the door to welcome her or to see her off. That bothered me and I wondered if they were having problems with each other.

I decided to go to Mandy's bedroom and ask her. When I knocked, she opened the door. "Hi mom," she said, left the door open and retreating back to her bed. I sat beside her.

"Is everything alright with you and Deborah?"

She looked away. "I guess so, why do you ask?" she said, looking back at me.

“Well, you don't go to the door and welcome her or see her off when she leaves."

Mandy seemed unwilling to answer. We sat in silence until I stood and said, “Fine, don't answer if you don't want to. But, when I next see Deborah, I'm going to ask her."

I went back to the living room to watch TV. There wasn't a programme that interested me so I went to the kitchen and helped myself to a glass of red wine. When I returned to the sitting room, there to my surprise was Mandy, sitting on the sofa.

"Mandy, what are you doing here?"

Usually, when she came like this, it was to tell me something she didn't like. It could be the start of an argument and, at this time of my life, I really wanted to avoid such things. I sat next to her and sipped my wine when she started talking.

"Deborah is my friend, Mum. No need to go around asking if we have problems or not." Her voice was harsh, angry even, but I tried to offer an

"I'm only worried that such good friends as you are, should be having problems."

“Mum, take what I said and do exactly as I say." She was raising her voice again. Sometimes she made me think of her father and his way of doing things. Hearing her say those words got me thinking of Johnathan’s many betrayals and how, each time I tried to talk to him, he would use those same words: Do exactly as I say.

Having Mandy say those very same words made me feel like I was living in a world where everyone was telling me exactly what to do. As if I was unable to decide anything for myself. I boiled with anger. It was rage I seemed to have bottled up for a long time and now I was ready to unleash it, to let the world know I was in control of my life.

"Who are you to talk to me like that?" I asked, raising my voice.

“Mum, you do not know Deborah like I know her. And, besides, she is my friend, not yours,” she shouted.

"I know she is not my friend,” I shouted back

“Then what’s your problem if I ask you not to talk to her about us?”

“Mandy, I have no problem with it. I’m only concerned as a mother, that's all.”

“No, no, no, mum. I don't want your fucking concern, okay?" She was way over her head shouting at me and it was just too much.

“Mandy, this is my house and if you don't like my way of doing things, you might as well get your own fucking place right now!” 

A silence fell over the house like the power supply had suddenly been shut off. Mandy bowed her head and her long hair fell over her face. I knew I’d touched a sensitive spot and she really felt it. I waited for her reaction, expecting it wouldn't be long in coming.

To my surprise, Mandy got up and, without speaking, went to her room, banging the door so that it shook the house. I knew that in the coming days, she probably wouldn't be talking to me. I closed my eyes, thinking about what I’d said. Was I too harsh? Should I have said it differently? 

Those thoughts kept me awake all night. I kept rolling and turning in my bed. I really didn't think I had done anything wrong. But, deep down, the feeling that Mandy could be hurt bothered me. I believed she was suffering, perhaps crying, and I got up from my bed and slowly walked to her door. I listened to find out if she was crying.

When I didn't hear anything, I went to the kitchen and got the bottle of wine
I’d opened earlier and went back to my room. I locked the door. ‘Fine,’ I thought, ‘she doesn't want to talk, I don't want to either.’

I raised the bottle to my mouth and drank. I emptied the bottle and it was about three when I finally drifted off to sleep. I woke around ten in the morning and the first thing I did was shower. That done, I put on my bathrobe and kept myself busy cleaning the house.

On my way to the kitchen, I passed Mandy's room and didn't hear a sound. It didn't bother me. Each time we had misunderstandings, she never came out of her room for days. 

As it was Saturday morning, I had washing to do. I picked up the basket of dirty clothes and took it to the washing room where I checked the pockets before putting the clothes into the washing machine. In Mandy's jeans I saw a piece of paper slightly sticking out of the back pocket. 

I opened it and read: Mum you can have your fucking house to yourself. I'm out. Don't bother finding me. Mandy.

The jeans and the paper fell out of my hands. I quickly rushed to her room and swung open the door. She wasn't there. Her bed was neat and everything was tidy.

I wanted to shout — but held on. Terrified, I called her father.

"Hello, it's a Saturday and whoever you are, do not disturb me’" Typical Jonathan. He never changed.

“Fine, Johnny but just tell me, have you seen Mandy?”

"Mandy? And who is Mandy, by the way?" he asked.

"Oh, Johnny this is no time for jokes. Your daughter has left the house and she didn't tell me where she was going." I was boiling. Jonathan sometimes joked over serious issues, like he was doing now.

"Mandy, my daughter? Do I even see her? I mean, do you even allow her to see me?”

"She doesn't see you because you’re never there,” I shouted.

"I'm never here, so why ask me? Go to the police, file a missing persons report." He hung up.

I sat down. I wasn't getting the support I needed from him.Then the phone rang. It was Jonathan.

"Dorothy? Listen carefully," he said.

"What do you want?"
"If I find out anything happened to my lovely daughter, I'll come after you.” His voice was threatening but I was used to the way he talked.

"Oh, so what are you going to do, send another whore to fight me?”

"What did you just say?"

"You heard what I said.”

"Are you referring to my girlfriend?”

"I bet she's there listening. Go suck her and fuck off.”

"Yeah, I'll send her to you so she can suck your cold pussy.” 

I immediately cut the call and crossed my legs. I was boiling with anger and knew arguing with him wouldn't get me anywhere. At the same time, though, the thought of my 'cold pussy' being sucked got me aroused. 

I felt myself getting wet and I opened my legs, put a hand on my pussy and slid a finger over the wetness that was gradually flooding my hole. I eased a finger into my wet pussy and moved it back and forth while I put my other hand on my breast and took hold of a nipple. 

My bathrobe was getting in the way of what I was doing. I removed it and sat on the sofa to resume playing with myself. The sensations mounting all over me were just too much and I decided to go to my bedroom and continue there. As I stood and picked up my bathrobe, the doorbell rang.

Surprised that anyone would be calling, I quickly put on my bathrobe and opened the door.

"Deborah dear, what brings you here?" I asked while I embraced her in my usual way, giving her the familiar kiss on the cheek.

“Hi, Mrs. Willows,” she greeted me. 

After she entered, I closed the door. "I was just going to the bedroom to relax, but thank God you're around," I said, smiling.

"No problems, Mrs. Willows. I mean, I just came by to see Mandy." 

I could feel a growing arousal in me. Deborah's hot body enticed me and I wanted her.

"Oh, Mandy? Actually, she went out. She didn't tell me where she was going but I think she’ll be coming back shortly." I didn't want to alarm Deborah and tell her that Mandy had gone and wouldn't be coming back. 

" Then, in that case, I'll wait," she replied.

"Fine, I'm going to my room. You can go ahead and wait for her in her room," I said as I led the way. At Mandy's room, I opened the door and Deborah went in, first removing her shoes.

I watched with enthusiasm as she did that and when she saw me looking at her, she smiled which made me head straight to my room. There, I took off my bathrobe and left it on the floor. Naked, I got into bed and thoughts of Deborah continued to arouse me. She had completely taken over my mind; so much so that I closed my eyes and felt like I was kissing her soft luscious lips.

Then I heard a light knock on the door.

"Mrs. Willows?" 

I stopped what I was doing. Then came a louder knock and I had to answer. My heart was throbbing at the thought of being with Deborah all alone, doing with her what I had wanted to do.

"Come in, Deborah. What is it?" I asked, not caring about the bathrobe discarded on the floor. 

Deborah came in wearing Mandy's bathrobe. She came to sit on the side of the bed and I briefly closed my eyes, taking in the smell of her perfume.

"I was feeling lonely all by myself and thought maybe I could come and talk to you.” She looked like an innocent teenager.

"Oh, I'd love that. I mean, we can spend all day talking if you're not in a hurry to leave."

I saw her face light up and immediately she climbed into the bed. When she got in, she removed the bathrobe and dropped it on the floor. We were both naked. I turned and looked at her. I then embraced her and kissed her forehead.

She hugged me and took the bold step of kissing my lips. My lips quivered from the impact and I found myself locked in a sweet romantic kiss — my very first kiss with a woman. We hugged and kissed so lovingly that I was beginning to love her. The thought of being with her the whole weekend filled my mind. 

“Deborah, you could stay over for the weekend if you're that lonely and have nowhere to go," I told her. 

She nodded.

"Thank you, Mrs. Willows, I’d be happy to do that," she said, putting her head on my chest. I caressed and kissed her hair, running my lips all over her head. I was getting lost. 

She took hold of my breast and sucked hard on it, making me moan. My nipples were strong mounds and she licked them with her lustful tongue. I was writhing in my new-found pleasure and I forgot about Mandy. For once, I was living in my world and not thinking or caring about others… except for Deborah. The pleasure of her presence gave me this moment: it was my world and I was enjoying it.

Deborah sucked on my breast like she was a newborn child hungry for food. I felt that motherly attention towards her and embraced her while her hungry mouth sucked violently on my breasts sending waves of emotion throughout my body. Soon, she left my breasts, kissing her way down to my stomach. 

I gulped at every move she made, moaning with each caress her ravaging tongue made down to my stomach. Deborah used her tongue to play on my stomach, going round in circles, upwards and downwards. I could feel her fingers searching for my pussy — and then touching it.

She put two fingers inside and thrust in and out. I groaned at every thrust and spread my thighs wider for her to have better access and a full view of my wet pussy. 

She moved lower and, within moments, she poked her tongue into my pussy, first moving along the inner side of my lips and then pushing deep into my hole. I moved enthusiastically with every plunge her tongue made into my wet depths. Johnathan’s words came to mind and I wanted Deborah to suck as hard as she could on 'my cold pussy'. 

In my mind, I kept telling her, ”Oh, Deborah, suck hard on my cold pussy… make it hot and burn like fire." 

It got me so turned on that I put my hands on her head and pulled her against my pussy. I wanted to lose myself in her pussy sucking. As if she knew what I wanted, she increased her tongue fucking, sending me into ecstasy. I moaned and groaned loudly as her tongue probed greedily inside my pussy while she caressed my clitoris with a thumb. 

I kept pushing her head down and Deborah seemed to know exactly what she was doing. She made me fill my bedroom with moans and groans and, suddenly, I felt my juice coming out. I squeezed my thighs around her head and I screamed as the first stream of pleasure juice flooded out. 

Deborah got up and sat on the bed. Seeing I’d had my first spill, she put two fingers into my pussy and thrust, making my body shake. It wasn't long before I spilled more juice. My pussy became so sensitive to her touch that every little thrust had me leaking. 

I was exhausted and that's when Deborah stopped and rested with me. I was panting with pleasure for the first time in many years and I was happy. I had to thank her and I turned and pressed my lips to hers. She responded by hugging me. We kissed romantically again and my renewed arousal triggered Deborah's lust for pleasure. She inched closer, placing a leg over me and giving me enough space to push fingers into her hot wet pussy. 

I poked two fingers inside, firing up her horniness so much that she grasped my hand, moaning and groaning as my fingers moved back and forth. Deborah clung on to me, squeezing her legs as I moved faster. While I kept up the pace with my fingers, my mouth sought her tits and sucked them, sending shocks of pleasure sizzling through her body.

She turned onto her back and this gave me the chance to run my tongue along her breasts and down to her hot mound. I pulled my fingers out and spread her legs, seeing her pretty red mound in full. I was hungry to devour it and lowered my head to suck her. Deborah’s squeals of pleasure got me excited and horny again. 

As I put my mouth to her hot wet pussy, I passed a hand between my legs and touched my clitoris. I moved my tongue furiously inside her and Deborah’s moans and screams aroused me deeply. I started moaning in between sucking and using my tongue to fuck her. 

Finally, I felt her coming. Her juice then gushed out while she screamed loudly. And, seeing her cum triggered my own juices and I also gushed. When it was over, we lay exhausted and feeling good.

We spent the whole day in bed before Deborah told me she was going home. I accompanied her to the front door and, embracing her, gave her a long kiss.

"Thanks for passing by, Deborah,” I said, smiling at her, “and thanks for everything.”

"I'm so grateful to you, Mrs. Willows. I had a nice time." 

She embraced me and went out. I looked at her as she was leaving. I wanted to see her again, to be alone with her.

“Deborah," I called. 

She turned. "What is it, Mrs. Willows?”

"Should you feel the need to pass by sometimes, just let me know, okay?" 
I was trying to be diplomatic as I didn't want my true feelings for her to fully emerge. But I was already missing her. 

"I will, Mrs. Willows." She smiled and then walked out of my sight.

I was happy but a feeling of guilt started to creep into my mind. And it stemmed from the fact that Deborah was my daughter's best friend. While my daughter had warned me to stay away from her, I’d allowed the feelings I had for Deborah to take precedence. 

Guilt turned into feelings of betrayal and this suddenly got me worried. I started to ask myself questions. How will I face Mandy? What will be my relationship with Deborah from now on? Will Mandy suspect anything? 

I couldn't answer these questions but only wait to see how events would
unfold. And wait for Mandy to be in touch.

I went to my room and lay in bed to get some rest. I’d switched my phone off while Deborah was in the house so that we wouldn't be disturbed. Now I switched it on and there were several unread messages, all from Mandy.

I quickly called her.

"Hi mom," she answered in a sad tone.

“Mandy, are you alright?" I asked, happy to hear her voice. 

"Yes, I am. I'm fine.” 

"Well, where are you? Won't you come home so we can talk?" I asked, one hand on my chest.

"I was so angry this morning, I just left without telling you. I'm sorry, mom —“ her voice trailed off. Then she said, "I'll be home in about an hour.”

"Come darling, I'm waiting for you," I said. 

When she got home, I gave her a long hug, squeezing her and not wanting to let her go.

“Mandy, I thought I’d lost you," I said, eventually releasing her.

Mandy stared at me and then sat on the sofa. I followed and sat beside her, placing an arm around her shoulders.

"I was angry and wrote you a note,” Mandy said. “I regretted why I wrote it and wanted to tear it up but I couldn't find it.” 

I couldn't tell her that I’d found it. "Don't worry, you'll find it," I said. 

She looked at me as if she needed my forgiveness. I embraced her and let her know that she was my daughter and that nothing could separate us.

"Don't make me receive threats from your father again," I said.

“Why, what happened?" she asked, leaning away from me.

"I called to ask if he’d seen you and he said I should make sure his little
girl doesn't go missing." I sighed as I said that. Looking at her, I noticed she was staring at me in a strange manner. It got me thinking that, perhaps, she went to see him.

“Mandy, don't tell me you went to see him.” 

Mandy kept quiet. As she wasn't talking, I decided to let her know that Deborah had come looking for her.

“Oh, and by the way, your friend Deborah passed by looking for you." 

A frown swept across her face. She moved away from me and it surprised me that her attitude changed at the mention of Deborah.

"Mum, what did she say she wanted?"

“Well, she came to see you and I couldn't tell her that you’d disappeared." I couldn’t tell if Mandy was okay with my explanation, but I knew something wasn't right.

"And what did you tell her?" she asked. Her questions were beginning to seem more like an interrogation. I was uncomfortable.

"I told her to wait in your room, of course. Anything wrong?”

"And did she go or stay?”

I was getting nervous but calmed myself. "Mandy, would you mind telling me why you’re asking all these questions?" 

She got up and her long stare got me blinking and confused. "Mum, I told you Deborah is my friend. You don't know her as well as I do.”

“We’re not going to go through this again, are we?” I asked.

"I don't want that to happen but please stay away from her." Mandy was imploring me and I found this strange.

"Mandy, what is it you have against her that you don't want me to know?”

She took one look at me and said, “She's told me how much she wants you and that she’s hoping it will happen soon." 

I froze. Deborah had desired me all along and my daughter knew it.

"It's why I don't welcome her and see her off when she comes to the house,” Mandy added.

I slumped onto the sofa, confused. I looked at my daughter who was going up to her room. I wondered if her annoyance was because she had feelings for Deborah — but Deborah wanted me. Was she jealous? Was she in love with Deborah? I thought I knew my daughter quite well. And, right at that moment, looking at her, I didn't know what to think.

“Mandy." She stopped and gazed at me. "Tell me the truth, do you love her?" 

My heart was pounding fast. I didn't want to hear that my daughter was into women. I wouldn't know what to tell her father. Would it mean facing more threats from him?

"No mum," she said. I was relieved and wanted to get up and embrace my daughter and inwardly thank her. However, it wasn't necessary as her next words came as a great shock to me. "But she's daddy's girlfriend. That's why it bothered me." 

I stared at her, unable to say a word.

"I should have told you earlier,” she added. “Anyway, now you know." 

I sat on the sofa, motionless, watching Mandy as she walked off to her room and closed the door. 

The revelation got me recalling what her father had told me earlier about his girlfriend: "Yeah, I'll send her to you so she can suck your cold pussy.”

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