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Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife 10

Bubble bath, scented candles, strawberries/champagne Lynda gives Sunita a special treat with a twist
Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife - 10

Don Abdul ©2010

Sunita had gone out earlier to attend some pre-arranged social function in the city, so Lynda had been left on her own for about four hours. After she awoke from a nap, she cranked up her iPad and read a hot erotic story to keep her occupied just so she doesn’t go crazy with anticipation as she fantasized about their impending night together.

As the story built up to a crescendo, and her heroine neared her orgasm, Lynda was tempted to reach under her short silk robe and give her tingling wet pussy a good rub, but she resisted the urge because she didn’t want to detract from the intensity of her lovemaking with Sunita when she returned. By the time she finished her reading, she was in such a state of arousal that even the slightest movements left her on the edge of an orgasmic precipice as her swollen wet pussy flesh rubbed on her very ripe and erect clitoris sending bursts of electricity through her body.

She laid still and counted to 100, and then she took a quick sideways glance at the clock on the bedroom wall. ‘Sunita would be home any moment now,’ she thought and then slid out of bed to set things up for the big surprise she had in store for her Indian hostess and new lover.

She worked at it for about 15 minutes and then she was distracted by the house phone which chirped happily cutting through her reverie. It was Sunita and she wondered if Lynda was awake; “of course silly, who could possibly fall asleep with all the excitement of awaiting your return? You best grab a magnum of Champagne and come on over.”

“Mmmmm! Sweetie, flattery will get you everywhere,” Sunita said laughing softly at the other end of the line. When she dropped the phone, Lynda gave the romantic scene she had created a once over and having been convinced of its perfection, she went over and posed against the bedroom door frame from where she had a commanding view of the front door of the guest suite as she laid in wait (with her short and sexy silk robe completely open at the front and advertising her drop dead gorgeous body and clean shaven pussy), for her Eastern temptation to waltz in.

There was a soft cursory tap on the door and then when it swung open, Lynda’s breathe was taken away by the beauty of her hostess. It wasn’t however until the door was firmly shut with the back of her heel that the beautiful eastern lotus began to unfurl. Sunita who had on a silk robe not so different from the one worn by her house guest struck a rather seductive pose and then opened her sexy silk lavender robe and revealed the sexiest lingerie Lynda could ever have imagined such a seemingly meek Indian housewife would wear.

Her cupless bra was so perfectly suited to her breasts and her body that it appeared as if it was a wonderful body painting job. It perfectly framed her big juicy breasts and made her big ripe nipples seem even juicier. Lynda’s eyes were focused back and forth between her brown areolae and nipples until she was near completely hypnotized. She was however rescued by her strong desire for more.

Licking her lips in anticipation of clamping her mouth over her lovers breasts, Lynda’s eyes traveled further south. She gasped as she beheld the very sexy matching lavender silk thong with the split crotch worn by her lover. It was definitely a Victoria’s Secret creation, but it did very little to keep any secrets from Lynda’s lusty eyes.

Her eyes lingered as the erstwhile shy Sunita recomposed her earlier pose, widening her stance and affording the extremely aroused Lynda a better view of her sex through the split from of her sexy lingerie thong. Lynda’s eyes caressed the short mat of soft jet black fur that framed her lovers glistening slit. It was a sharp and arousing a contrast to Lynda’s smooth shaven pussy.

Convinced she had the undivided attention of her horny American lesbian lover, Sunita continued to the next phase of her teasing treat by walking raunchily towards the erotically perplexed Trophy wife.

‘Oh but of course! The sexy bitch is a tease; her ancestors gave the world the Kama Sutra, the most comprehensive manual on the art of sex,’ Lynda’s mind multitasked even as she looked up from Sunita’s very wicked 3-inch black heels which fitted in so harmoniously with her lingerie and her sensuously painted lips.

She had a certain sensual spring in her steps as she cat-walked towards Lynda with her tits bouncing each step. By the time she finally arrived a few inches before her guest, Lynda’s pussy was dripping wet and abuzz with so much sexual electricity that she could have lit a light bulb.

She set down the bucket of Champagne and then fell into Lynda’s warm embrace. Lynda’s passion immediately exceeded it’s flashpoint as she felt Sunita’s luscious tight, silk clad cleavage rubbing hard against her own exposed hard nipples. It instantly reminded her of her childhood Christmases and the unrelenting desire to unwrap her presents before it was time to do so.

Before she could be overwhelmed by the temptation of unwrapping the gorgeous body concealed within the silk robe however, Sunita leaned an inch forward and presented a perfect pout. Lynda leaned in and kissed her. Sunita reacted as her lover thought she might and closed her eyes, surrendering completely to the magic of their kiss.

Lynda took charge and moved a hand to the other woman’s cheeks holding the kiss longer than she had initially intended. Her tongue slipped into Sunita’s mouth the instant their lips touched coaxing her to instinctively suck on it.

“Mmmmm!” Sunita moaned pressing her body closer into Lynda’s.

Lynda’s pussy twitched and tingled as she was thrilled by every joule of energy that was flowing between and through their highly aroused bodies. It all felt so perfect and then suddenly Sunita went rigid; she ceased all movement as though she had heard a sound that wasn’t supposed to be there. Lynda’s eyes fluttered open in utter confusion. Lynda wondered if her lover had suddenly developed cold feet; she however thought it best to let her sort things out on her own.

Meanwhile, as she was being overwhelmed by the rising heat in the core of her sex, the last bastion of reason in Sunita’s otherwise sex inundated mind flashed like a beacon, and she suddenly realized what she was doing.

She suddenly realized how untenable her position would be if their husbands were to return unannounced. Even if Rajiv couldn’t possibly think to look for her in Lynda’s private quarters, the other woman’s husband would surely walk in on them.

‘What would he think of what I am doing with his wife?’ she wondered. Rajiv would most definitely have a fit if he caught her with another woman right in there in their matrimonial home. She paused and then took a step back, but instead of backing away and fleeing the room, she stopped and gave Lynda’s very tempting and now semi-nude body a once over.

Something seemed to sparkle in her eyes as they seemed to come alive anew with a rekindled fire of naked lust. The very possibility of being caught in the act somehow quite strangely ignited her desire like never before; Lynda’s body was also so intoxicating that just as suddenly as her jitters had developed, her desire drowned out her fears and once again she surrendered herself into the tender loving care of the more experienced Lynda.

Lynda shrugged off her silk robe and even before it hit the floor, she moved in on her Indian lover, unable to wait any longer to unwrap her perfect present. She untied the belt of Sunita’s robe and then peeled it away from her very beautiful body. She let it fall to the floor but held on to the belt.

“I’ve got a surprise for you darling, but first you must close your eyes,” she whispered into her lover’s ears.

“Mmmmm!” Sunita cooed as she felt Lynda’s hot breathe caress her sensitive ear. She was about to inquire what the surprise might be but Lynda anticipated her query and sensually touched a finger to her luscious lips.

“Shhhhh! All will be revealed soon my love.”

Sunita was still wondering what the surprise might be when Lynda lifted the silk belt and gently blindfolded her with it. “Trust me darling, you’ll love it,” Lynda reassured her.

Blinded by the piece of silk which was fastened securely at the back of her crown of jet black luxuriant hair, Sunita suddenly felt Lynda’s sexy hands moving about her body and undressing her. Within a few seconds she felt her cup-less bra and her crotch-less thong fall away, and then Lynda took her by the hand and led her off through what she assumed was the bathroom door.


With her sense of sight now impaired by the blindfold, Sunita’s sense of smell became so heightened that her nose instantly perceived the very arousing smell of the scented candles. “Wait here and don’t move an inch,” Lynda whispered into her ear and then let go of her hand.

Before Sunita could dwell on what to expect from the crazy American, she felt the blindfold being untied and then as it fell away from her eyes, she blinked rapidly as her eyes adjusted to the dim light of the candles that burned so romantically in the spacious bathroom.

It was such a breath taking vista as her eyes took in the flowers, the bubble bath that Lynda had drawn for her and then surprisingly the silver bucket with the magnum of Crystale Champagne she had brought with her earlier. The Champagne was balanced on a wrought iron stool beside a couple of fluted glasses a platter of strawberries.

“Oh no, oh my God you didn’t — ” Sunita turned to her friend overwhelmed by the tender loving care that must have gone into creating such a beautiful romantic scenery and ambiance. Her words caught in her throat as she choked with emotions. She simply could not remember the last time anyone went to so much trouble just to please her; a fugitive tear drop trailed down her beautiful face and she began to cry tears of joy.

Meanwhile Lynda smiled as she removed the blindfold from her lover eyes and then watched her melt in the face of the magic she had created just for her. She was aware of how much Andrew and Rajiv had in common and she knew how neglected Sunita must be even though she would never complain. Being able to show her some love was a rewarding endeavor in itself but being able to fuck her and then make sweet love to her, now that was the ultimate treat and Lynda simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to secure unfettered future access to that beautiful body by linking up with Sunita on an emotional level as well.

Lynda hadn’t quite anticipated the depth of Sunita’s emotions, and even she soon became overwhelmed by her lover’s teary appreciation of the love. She pulled the naked Sunita into a warm embrace and then kissed her on the forehead doing nothing more than whispering sweet little nothings reassuringly and then finally saying, “I know honey, been there done that and now I have a closet full of tee shirts — among other things,” giving her a naughty wink.

Strangely enough that statement made Sunita laugh, it sounded so ironic that the word ‘closet’ came up as it did. ‘I suppose I’m a closet bisexual then,’ she thought as they both began to laugh. Their laughter faded away and they began to kiss and caress each other with Lynda once again taking charge.

She took Sunita’s breasts in her soft hands and pushed them together and then slowly brought her warm wet mouth to her right tit, lightly biting her nipple and sucking it. She sucked in her nipple harder, areola and all making Sunita moan softly as she sank her fingers into Lynda’s hair.

Sunita’s tingling pussy was visited by Lynda’s hand even as she tormented her nipples, moving from one to the other. She cupped the other woman’s fleshy mound and moaned softly through her mouthful of tit when she felt the sensation of the mat of short pubic hair brushing against her soft palm.

She reached even lower with her three fingers and then using only the two on either side parted Sunita’s furry slit and rubbed it with her big finger only. Sunita sucked in her breath sharply as her cunt flooded over under Lynda’s expert hand movements, and she moaned and writhed as she sank her fingers deeper and began to massage Lynda’s scalp.

The scalp massage turned Lynda on so much she soon stopped sucking Sunita’s breasts. It didn’t really matter though as Sunita was so wet and excited she was having a hard time breathing. Lynda removed her finger from Sunita’s dripping wet pussy and licked it raunchily while the other woman watched through lust-dimmed eyes.

Lynda kissed her some more, sharing with her a taste of her own pussy juice. The taste of pussy seemed to unleashed a primal hunger in both woman as they fondled and grabbed at each other amidst moans kisses and groans. Lynda reached out and cupped Sunita’s buttocks kneading each cheek as their kiss deepened.

Sunita melted as Lynda moved her fingers across her open hot wetness and slid a finger inside her once again making her gasp and moan even louder. Sunita was burning up with the fire of her own passion as Lynda continued to kiss her and then returned to suck on her nipples as she played with her hot and very wet pussy using just the heel of her hand and her fingers.

Sunita’s wide hips were moving, pushing relentlessly towards Lynda’s hand; she had her own hands on the trophy wife’s head, and was hair pulling her closer to her breasts. Suddenly Sunita heard a noise she didn't recognize at first. That noise was in fact the sound of her transitioning from a moan through a louder moan to a scream as she was gripped tightly in the throes of fast approaching orgasm.

Her hands dug deeper into Lynda’s rich head of hair, holding her head firmly against her breasts as her back arched and she yelled out, "Oh my God — I am Cumming!!!!" Her well toned vaginal muscles closed up around Lynda’s fingers, holding them captive in a vice-like grip as her cunt juices flowed down her lover’s wrist and arm. Lynda’s hand shook under the force of Sunita’s trembling body as her pussy spasmed until finally her tremors receded. She swooned slightly as her legs weakened but Lynda caught her just in time.


Lynda helped Sunita to sit on the edge of the bath tub while she checked the temperature of the bath water, and then after adding more hot water she helped her settle into the bath tub. She kissed her on the lips briefly and then whispered, “I’ll be right back.” She didn’t leave right away though; instead she reapplied the blindfold over Sunita’s eyes. The sexy Indian was more at ease on that occasion than she had been the first time, and she rested her head on the bunched up towel at the edge of the tub, and settled into her nice hot bath and relaxed.

Meanwhile, Lynda immediately set about filling up the fluted glasses with champagne, and then she moved the stool within easy reach of the bath tub. She lifted a glass of bubbly to Sunita’s ears and just as she built a mental image of the hundreds of little bubbles escaping from the bottom of the glass, Lynda teased her senses by holding a piece of sliced Strawberry under her nose.

“Mmmmm! You’re going to spoil me darling,” Sunita said in a soft and emotionally tender voice.

“Thank you,” she concluded her voice a little shaky; Lynda blushed several shades of red as she reveled in the other woman’s genuine appreciation of her effort in making the evening so special for them both.

Part of her yearned to jump into the bath with her lover, she longed to touch and caress Sunita as the bubbles were dancing around her gorgeous breasts. Lynda was struggled to calm her desires and allow the sexual tension to continue to build up as she knew it was the best bet for the kind of orgasm she craved that night. Choosing to await delayed gratification was not at all easy under the influence of the sensual smells from the candles, the sensual music that wafted ever so softly through hidden speakers; she wondered if she’ll be able to cope once chilled Champagne was added to the already lopsided equation.

She poured a glass of champagne for herself as well and then as she handed a glass of the drink to Sunita in the bath, she looked so beautiful and irresistible that Lynda shrugged and resolved, ‘Oh hell what the fuck! I guess I’ll just let lady lust run her course and see things go from there.’ She took a sip of her drink and then set her glass down, and then she fed Sunita bits of strawberry.

Meanwhile, Sunita was in a state of emotional high; she felt so loved and wanted and the music, being fed Champagne by another person who knew exactly what to do and say, and where exactly to touch her for maximum impact, all of those things together made her feel like she had died and gone to heaven where she was indeed spending a romantic eternity of sensual bliss.

When Lynda took away her empty glass of bubbly and then began to wash her body sensually with a combination of soft sponge and her warn soapy hand, Sunita’s breathing altered as she moaned and gasped, as her mind willed Lynda to go on further south and wash her most intimate places. She easily reached a second orgasm as Lynda washed her pussy and also slipped a finger into her tight rear passage to the first knuckle.

When she was all done, Lynda pulled out the plug and the bath emptied, and then she rinsed the soapiness off her lover before handing her the large towel from the stack of fresh towels on the nearby cabinet.

Meanwhile Sunita couldn’t help but wonder what Lynda was doing as she dried herself. She had half expected her to do the honors of drying her body, but when she didn’t make a move to help she had cocked her ear keenly to try and decipher what the naughty sexy woman was up to. Her heightened sense of sound and her sixth sense picked up on Lynda’s breathing in between the tracks playing on the hi-fi, so she knew she was still in the room. She also didn’t want to spoil the fun by removing the blindfold as she was quite enjoying the little sex games her lover was playing.

She was still trying to figure out the situation when Lynda took her hand and then led her out of the bath tub and back into the bedroom. She sat her down on the edge of the king-sized bed and began to rub lotion on her body; she applied it so soothingly all over her body right down to each little toe. Sunita was both so aroused and relaxed as she enjoyed the wonderful tactile treat.


Lynda stood back briefly and checked herself out in the nearby dresser mirror and wondered how her sexy lover would react when she saw what she had in store for her. She took a deep breath and then approached Sunita and then helping her up onto her feet.

“Now darling, I’m going to make sweet love to you and then fuck you really hard and good, are you up for it baby?” she asked Sunita. The other woman was so breathless with anticipation she could only nod her head. Lynda immediately embraced her and then began to kiss her tenderly on the neck and then on the lips. Unlike before however, their kiss this time was more deliberate and leisurely with Lynda setting the pace. She stuck out her tongue halfway into Sunita’s mouth, and teasing the other woman into sucking on her tongue, and then reversing the processes with Lynda herself returning the favor.

The ladies started to moan and gasp as they simultaneously groped and then caressed each others bodies except this time it wasn’t a journey of discovery as was their first encounter in the locker room shower. It was more a re-acquaintance with familiar territories.

Sunita was completely lost in the heat of their kiss until she felt Lynda force her right thigh between her own; she felt something hard rubbing against her silken thigh. She flinched slightly and Lynda looked at her face and saw the furrow on her brows just above the blindfold.

Sunita’s quizzical look wasn’t lost on her, and she decided that was the perfect time to let the cat out of the bag literally. She swiftly removed the blindfold and watched with amusement as Sunita’s eyes widened in shock.

Lynda gave a soft throaty laugh and said to her lover, “Well, I did say I was going to fuck you hard and good; I do love fucking hot sexy women with my strap-on dong, so tonight I’m wearing it specially for you sweetheart.”

Sunita still found those sorts of words coming from another woman sort of taboo, which turned her on even more. She gulped hard and then licked her lips hungrily and then she moved her hand between them. She almost couldn’t believe what she was doing as she felt between Lynda’s legs to find the big life-like hard rubber cock ready to posses her sex.

She gasped and then squeezed it, and she purred and then whispered as she launched herself into Lynda’s loving embrace, "Oh please darling take me now!"

Lynda kissed her as she laid her down on the soft satin sheets, and then moved slowly and deliberately between her legs without saying a word. She knew what to do and how to do it, no more words were needed. Lynda began licking her lovers dripping wet pussy lips, and within minutes she had Sunita heading down the path to another earth shattering orgasm.

Sunita moaned, gasped and groaned under Lynda’s mind blowing oral ministration. She loved every bit of how the Trophy Wife had taken complete control of her body. Lynda upped the ante by sliding her fingers in her love hole while licking her labia and circling her engorged clit. When she began to suck on Sunita’s clit in earnest, she gasped out loud and moaned a breathless whisper, “Oh my God! You're about to make me cum. Oh yes, suck me harder. Mmmmm, make me cum with your tongue.”

The usually prim and proper Sunita was mouthing off dirty sex talk without shame as she begged Lynda for more. “Lynda, honey please take me, eat my pussy harder make my juices run free.”

She drove her cunt relentlessly into Lynda’s face until the other woman was tonguing her furry muff and then sucking and nibbling on her clit between her lips. “Oh fuck!” Sunita screamed out loud as she fell off the cliff edge into the bottomless pit of her earth shattering orgasm. Her back arched and her ass almost lifted clear of the bed as her body trashed about wildly in the throes of orgasm.


Sunita wondered if it was the champagne or the strawberries, she couldn’t tell which but something was definitely going on in her body tonight. Although she had had three orgasms that night, the last being just 15 minutes earlier, she was feeling quite turned on again as she laid cuddled up to Lynda. She had to spoon behind Lynda as her strap on cock would have poked unforgiving at her ass if their places were reversed,

They began to kiss and play again until Sunita was moaning and gasping as Lynda fingered her pussy and when she adjudged her ready she eased her onto her back and then immediately began eating her pussy. The women transitioned into a 69 position with Sunita getting her first opportunity of the evening to give back some pleasure to her doting new lover.

Lynda’s pent up sexual need was set loose, and Sunita’s fingers and tongue soon brought her to a thunderous orgasm in just a few minutes of the passionate cunt lapping. As wave after orgasmic wave crashed through her body, Sunita licked up her juices until she herself was getting rather high on pussy juice.

Once her tremors had receded, Lynda reclaimed the initiative and guided her 8-inch strap-on cock in Sunita’s mouth, "Come on baby; suck it.” Sunita sucked on the latex cock with such shameless enthusiasm; she had it covered in her spittle as she took it as far as she could in her throat, as she did part of her wished her husband would show more interest in her abilities in the oral sex arena.

Lynda pulled back her hips and eased the rubber cock out of her lover’s hungry mouth. She gently eased Sunita back down onto the bed with her legs spread wide open; it was crystal clear she was about to get fucked real good, and she rather looked forward to it. As she trembled with lust however, the sheer size of the thing inspired some fear in her gut as well.

Her eyes pleaded with Lynda to be gentle, but by then even she could sense the transformation in Lynda’s sexual persona. She had somehow become the ‘bull dyke’ who just laughed, mounted her forcefully, and drove the cock deep into Sunita's twitching, needy pussy. Although her lovers transformation scared her, it also excited her greatly like most novelties do and soon she was wincing and moaning as she savored the mixture of pleasure and pain, until the distinction between the two became blurred as Lynda fucked her harder faster and deeper over and over again.

“Come on bitch, get on all fours. I want to take you from behind,” the bull dyke commanded at the housewife. Sunita knew she should be offended at being called a bitch, but coming from Lynda, the words actually quite sounded very arousing. It made her feel like a slutty little naughty girl just like in her fantasies. She presented her ass, and the rubber cock slammed into her again.

All at once a wave of orgasms flooded through Sunita's heaving body, and then it was over as Lynda pulled her rubber cock out of her well fucked creamed over pussy and laid right next to her.

Lynda was herself again, the switch in sexual persona was so uncanny, and it was as if the bull dyke never existed ever.

"Oh my God this is most romantic night I’ve had in ages. Thank you so much Lynda,” Sunita whispered her gratitude even as she thought of her lesbian liaison, ‘why does it feel so wonderful if it is supposed to be wrong?’

Lynda pulled her even closer as they cuddled, “No, thank you darling for giving me the opportunity to feel so sexy, and wanted and truly appreciated again.”

“Oh, that is so sweet of you Lynda; I never quite realized how much fun there was to have until you came along… and when the old boys return from their business trip it will be so sad to see you go,” Sunita said in an emotion laden voice.

Lynda couldn’t trust herself to speak without breaking down too, so she just hugged Sunita tightly and focused on the heat that was gradually rising in the core of her sex. The men were due back the following evening, and she was determined to make the most of whatever little time they had left together.

To be continued….

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