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Maddie - Part 3

A quick re-cap of the night before opens a new door for Madelyn and Mia.
Madelyn woke up to a sun filled room without the pounding head and aching body like she had the previous morning. She wasn’t hung over, but she did have that lingering tiredness. All the sex and sweating must’ve took care of the alcohol that was going through her system.

Wait, the fucking? I really hope I wasn’t dreaming…

She turned to see if Shane were still in the bed with her and much to her relief, he was. It had not been a dream and she felt more relaxed about the situation. A smile formed across her pretty face as she lay there watching Shane sleep. He pretty much looked like a God to her – from his sculpted chest and broad shoulders, to his defined jaw line; it was all sexy to her. And his slightly shaggy hair just added to all of it. She snuggled into him before draping an arm and a leg over him. She wasn’t purposely trying to wake him up, but that’s exactly what happened.

“Mmmm, good morning, beautiful,” he said as he opened his before stretching with a yawn.

“Hey there, sexy. How did you sleep?” she replied to him, looking up into his eyes.

“Exceptionally well. How about you?”

“Mmmm, great actually.” She began running her hands over his chest, feeling the defined and toned lines of his body. Her hand began to snake its way down his stomach before coming to rest on his softened cock. “Because of,” giving it a gentle squeeze before running her finger tips up and down it, feeling his length start to grow under her fingers, “this.”

“Mmmm, but before you take this where I’m sure it’s gonna go, I better use the bathroom,” he said before quickly getting out of bed and going to the bathroom.

Damn you…don’t keep me waiting too long, mister…

She lay there, humming to herself, before her thoughts drifted back to last night. Her pussy slowly began to leak as she thought back to the way Shane fucked her hard on the living room floor. She thought it was so hot being fucked in front of the other two, even if they were all intoxicated. There were no inhibitions the night before and that’s what made it so much better. And being woken up with Kyle’s tongue in her pussy was just another example of it. Her hand quickly moved to her pussy.

She started running circles around her clit, teasing her little bud with every pass before making full contact with it. An audible moan escaped her lips as her clit began to throb. You need to hurry up and get back here. She quickly dipped her finger inside her pussy and started fingering herself. She wanted something very visual for Shane when he returned.

One finger quickly became two as she sped up her fingering. She was beginning to wonder what was taking him so long. There’s no way he had to go for that long. Her busy fingers quickly made her forget about his pending arrival as they hit her spot, causing her moans to grow louder. She really shouldn’t feel the need to suppress her moans after the night she had, but then again, is it necessary for the others to hear what she’s up to? Probably not.

She began fingering herself harder and faster, her eyes closed, mouth wide open, as she did her best to contain her moans. Her free hand came up to her breasts and began pinching and pulling on her erect nipples, sending a streak of pleasure straight to her wet core.

“Ooohhhh,” she moaned out as the pleasure began to greatly increase within her tight cunt.

“Mmmm, does that feel good, babe?”

“SHIT, baby! You scared the hell outta me!” she moaned out at him, still fingering herself hard and deep. Knowing that she’s now being watched was more than enough to make her cum hard and cover her fingers with her own nectar. “Fuckkkkkk!”

Shane didn’t say a word. He walked over to the edge of the bed – fully naked, of course – before sliding back under the covers. He turned her face towards his, kissing her deep and hard, pushing his tongue into her mouth. The two began sharing an intimate and passionate kiss while her fingers continued to stay busy inside her pussy.

“Let me take care of that for you…” he suggested before moving between her legs and pulling her hand from her pussy. He leaned in and started kissing around her soaked lips before making direct contact.

“Mmmm, lick that pussy, baby…”

Shane spread her lips with his fingers before flicking his tongue up and down her inner wet folds, eliciting more moans of pleasure from the beautiful Madelyn. He pushes his tongue as far as he could into her depths before closing his mouth around her pussy, darting his tongue in and out as best he could. A few thrusts later, he began sucking on her pussy, pulling her juices into his mouth, causing her to begin shaking and shuddering out of control.

“Oh, baby! You’re gonna make me cum again! Fuck!”

His only response to her cries was to suck harder and faster on her lips before moving a free hand up to furiously rub on her clit. His efforts were quickly rewarded as she let go and flooded his mouth and face.

“Mmmmmm!” he wiped his face clean before moving up her fit body. He lay on top of her before kissing her deep and hard. She reached between them before tugging his cock hard and fast, eliciting his own moaning. She then placed the head of his cock against her opening, gesturing to what she wanted. She locked her legs around his waist before trying to impale herself on his glorious cock.

Taking her hint, he pushed in hard and deep with one fluid movement before pulling back and thrusting deep again. He began increasing the speed and lengths of his thrusts until he was driving deep and hard inside her. Her moans and screams were gaining pitch and tempo, only spurring him on to fuck her even harder. And that’s exactly what he did. He lifted her legs up by her head and started laying into her cunt.

Over and over again, his hard cock pounded her tight cunt. She lay there reveling in the amazing pleasure that was being cast about her entire body. Her toys had nothing on his magnificent cock. The real flesh and blood beat out her toys any day. And as long as she had Shane around, she wouldn’t have to use them. Fuck the toys when I can fuck him all the time…

The familiar warmth started to pool within her stomach, notifying her that she was on the verge of an orgasm. And judging by how quickly the walls of her cunt were constricting and how things were heating up, she knew she’d explode rather quickly.

“Ohhh, fuckkkk! I’m cumming, baby!”

She squeezed him tight, moaned out very loud, body violently trembling beneath his, as her pending orgasm ripped through her body. All she could do to ride out the orgasm were to hold on tightly to Shane as he kept fucking her deep and hard. Her pussy clenched around him several more times before she began to lose count of the number of times she came.

For the next five minutes, Shane kept up this brutal pace, Madelyn shaking and screaming underneath him. He knew she were cumming hard and often, but that only kept him going further. He wanted to completely satisfy the minx under him, to deliver the most pleasure he possibly could. But when he felt the end coming, he just went with it. A few more hard thrusts and he was filling her cunt with his hot, sticky seed before coming to a halt while still deep inside her.

“Wow,” they both said in unison before kissing each other.


Madelyn and Shane spent the rest of the morning lying in bed with entangled limbs. Not even the smell of the food that Mia and Kyle had cooked up could draw them from that bed. They just laid there looking at one another, engaging in playful banter, or even just simply chatting. But then the sudden realization that the two guys hadn’t drove to their place hit them. It was a sad thought knowing they couldn’t lie there all day, but there’s always time for that later, right? Conceding to the fact they had to get up and around, the two reluctantly got dressed and went to find Mia and Kyle.

“We probably should get going and get them back to their car,” Madelyn reluctantly said as her and Shane walked into the living room.

“I know, I was just thinking that as well,” Mia replied before standing up. Madelyn could tell that she wasn’t too thrilled about them leaving, but it had to be done. “I’ll drive though.”

The drive to their place wasn’t too far away, but both girls were already feeling reluctant for the boys to leave them. Madelyn was certain she’s going to see Shane again, but she didn’t know what Kyle’s intentions were with Mia. He seems like he’s interested in her, but how was she to know for certain? The only way to know is to just wait it out.

They finally made it to Shane and Kyle’s place. Mia put the car in park before everyone got out. Immediately Shane put his arms around Madelyn and held her where they stood. She quickly wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head against his shoulder. She was happy – happy for finding him, happy for the way the night turned out, happy for the way things were going, and even happy for the little unexpected encounter with Kyle in the middle of the night. She didn’t want this to end, but she also knew this was just the beginning. Hopefully the beginning of something great. And if the way things have gone thus far, she was feeling very hopeful that things would turn out that way.

She pulled away from him and looked up into his eyes with a smile before reaching up and kissing his lips.

“Thank you for the amazing night and there better be more,” she said with a wink.

“No, thank you. And don’t you worry – I plan on seeing you again,” he returned a smile that made her stomach flip.


The two quickly exchanged numbers before he and Kyle went inside. The two girls got back in the car.

“Any potential with Kyle?” Madelyn asked her roommate.

“I think so. I mean he asked for my number, so it’s looking good. What about you and Shane?”

Mia put in the car in motion to head back to their apartment.

“I’m pretty sure. He said he plans on seeing me again, so we’ll see. God I hope so though.”

“Me too. They are both wonderful guys.”


Madelyn’s attention went out the window as they went down the road. She was hoping that Kyle wasn’t going to be a douche bag to Mia and not talk to her again, but if he was anything like Shane, she was confident he wouldn’t. She would feel horrible for her friend if she landed the solid boyfriend and Mia didn’t. Don’t fret too much over it. Time will tell if he’s a douche bag or a good guy. I really hope he’s a good guy for Mia’s sake.

“I can’t stop thinking about last night. How hot was all of that?” Mia asked as they neared the apartment complex.

“Oh my God, I know. It was fucking hot! I woke up this morning and thought it was all a dream until I realized Shane was still there. But both of them were damn good…”

“Yes they were…I couldn’t help but think of how sexy it was to watch you and Shane fuck when we were in the living room. I couldn’t keep my hand out of my cunt.”

Madelyn looked over to her friend. She felt the same way. It was hard to tear her attention from her friend being fucked in front of her, even with Shane right there. But when things got rolling, her friend was just a side note to the onslaught she received. She did remember seeing Mia with her fingers busy in her pussy while her and Shane fucked on the floor. The memory of that made her wet all over again.

“That’s right. And I think the whole idea of being watched just added to everything. I was so fucking turned on at that point.”

“I haven’t came that quick ever. Well, not since the first time something like that happened. Damn, I’m getting wet just thinking about it again.” Mia pulled into the parking space and put it in park. Neither girl moved. “Like really wet.”

“I’m not gonna lie, I’m soaked right now as well.”

The roommates looked at each other. Something was happening. Did they just turn each other on? As Madelyn looked at Mia, she realized she was turned on because of her, because of the thought of her watching while she was being fucked. Butterflies began fluttering in her stomach; thoughts of being with her roommate were emerging. Could she actually do it? Could she sleep with Mia knowing the potential of what she had with Shane? Or would he even care if she fucked her roommate? And who would make the first move?

As if she could read minds, Mia reached over and grabbed Madelyn by the back of the head and pulled her in for a kiss. Madelyn froze for just a second – mainly caught off guard by the sudden move – before she gave in to the kiss. Mia’s tongue forced her lips apart and she willingly allowed it to slip in and explore her mouth. Their tongues dancing, Madelyn reached over and cupped Mia’s face as the kiss grew with intensity and passion. Was this really happening?

Mia was the first to pull away. Neither one said anything. Nothing needed to be said. They looked at each other before realizing what needed to happen. Not saying a word and continuing to hold the silence, they both got out of the car as fast as they could and sprinted up the stairs and into the apartment, both burning with major desire for the other.

No sooner than the door was shut, they were all over each other. They began tugging at each other’s clothes, desperate to get them out of the way. The clothes came off quicker than ever, and by the time they were to Mia’s room, they were both completely stripped down, still kissing one another. Mia flung her door open and drug Madelyn to the bed before pushing her down and climbing on top.

The kiss continued as their hands began to explore each others’ body. Mia ran her slender fingers over Madelyn’s breasts, making sure to tease her nipples, before pinching and pulling on them. Madelyn let out a soft moan as Mia moved from her mouth to start kissing around her neck. The sensations were incredible. She wasn’t sure if it were the taboo nature of the girl on girl sex, or if it were the fact that they are roommates, but whatever the reason, she was feeling extra sensitive to the touches and felt extremely turned on. Her leaking juices were already running down over her ass before Mia had even reached her nipples with her mouth.

Mia attached her mouth to Madelyn’s hardening and nipple and began sucking on it before proceeding to the next one. Each bite, flick and suck, sent chills and shivers coursing through her frame. Moans of pleasure escaped her lips, her head rolling back and forth, her eyes rolling in the back of her head, her pussy on fire. She had never been this turned on before, turned on by another female for that matter. Even through the throes of incredible passion, she hadn’t felt that two of Mia’s fingers were busy inside her pussy.

“Oh my God, this is so amazing!” Madelyn moaned out as she felt Mia’s fingers exploring her wet depths while her mouth alternated between nipples, only further driving her crazy.

“Mmmm, that’s it, baby girl…I feel your cunt tightening around my fingers. Just let it go…” Mia hissed through a mouthful of breasts as she only fingered her friend harder and deeper while her thumb found her aching clit.

“Oh SHIT!” She screamed out, her eyes tightly shut, her breathing becoming very labored. “Oh fuck, I’m cumminggggg!”

Her hips began rolling against Mia’s hand as her orgasm hit her very hard, yet Mia didn’t let up. She continued to probe her pussy, hitting her spot with every thrust of her finger. And just when she thought her friend was done, she began kissing down her body until she reached her bare pussy.

Mia looked up at her with a naughty grin before extending her tongue to reach Madelyn’s clit. Her fingers continued what they were doing in her pussy while she stiffened her tongue to flick it up and down her aching clit. She couldn’t believe that her roommate, her best friend, was licking her pussy. She had fantasized about it a few times, but didn’t think it would ever happen. She was just too chicken to approach her roommate about the subject of experimenting with each other. This just opened a whole new door for both of them. If either happened to be feeling horny and the guys weren’t around, then they could just confide in each other. This thought sent another orgasm ripping through her body as she looked down to see Mia sucking on her clit.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! OH MY GOD!” her screams ripped through the air, but Mia didn’t let up.

Madelyn arched her back, her hands tugging at her nipples, Mia’s mouth and fingers increasing their intensity with her cunt, and yet, the only thing she could do was let it all happen until she couldn’t take anymore. She made the effort to push her best friend away, but to no avail. She wouldn’t budge and this only caused her pussy to further go crazy and clench Mia’s fingers very tight as yet a third orgasm crashed over her. At this point she was lying there shivering as Mia finally released her from her clutches and lay beside her.

“How was that, baby girl?” Mia asked, pushing the matted hair from Madelyn’s face.

“That…was,” her body still shaking, trying to come down from the powerful orgasm, “…too much. What did you do to me?”

Mia broke out into a big smile, “I think I just gave you the best orgasms you’ve ever had,” she finished off with a wink.

“Holy shit…I’m pretty sure you’re correct. I don’t remember the last time I came that hard…” she trailed off as she looked over to her friend, her body finally starting to calm down.

“That makes me feel really good,” she began before pulling her in for another kiss, “cause I’m pretty sure this is gonna happen again.”

“God, I hope so…”

Madelyn rolled on top of Mia, the kiss becoming hotter and hotter. She felt eager to return the favor, to return the crazy pleasure that she felt. She wasted no time on her friend. Within a few seconds, her lips were already attached to her cunt, her tongue burying itself as far as she could get it. Mia’s moans began to fill the room, only encouraging Madelyn to go harder and faster. She closed her lips around her pussy lips and began sucking her running juices into her waiting mouth.

With her free hand, she started rubbing her protruding clit, causing her hips to thrust upwards as her hands began to tangle themselves within Madelyn’s hair, pushing her face tighter into her aching pussy. Madelyn increased her efforts, wriggling her tongue inside her friend’s cunt, her fingers moving quickly over her clit.

“Fuckkk, yes!” Mia screamed out.

Madelyn pulled her face from her cunt before moving up to take her clit into her mouth. She pushed two fingers deep inside her tight pussy and seeked out the rough spot that makes herself go crazy. She figured if she could remotely resemble what she does to herself, then she should be able to get Mia off. This only enhanced her efforts.

She sucked hard on her clit, her fingers working at a fast pace in her pussy, while an idea struck her. She collected some of her friend’s juices with a finger and began to work it into her ass. By the time her middle knuckle made it in, Mia was already thrashing about.

“OH fuck! That’s sooo good! Finger my ass, baby!”

And finger her ass is what she did. Her finger sank further and further in her ass. She slowed down the fingers in her pussy so she could concentrate on getting her finger further into her very tight ass. When she finally embedded her finger, she began to wiggle it around, causing more moans and movement. She slowly started thrusting in and out of her friend’s ass, gaining speed as she went. Her fingers in her pussy began matching her thrusts while her mouth continued the same level of sucking as it had prior to her anal adventures.

She loved hearing her friend moan. It made her feel extra good about herself knowing that she were able to cause the same pleasure she had received. And when she felt her friend tense, go silent and then flood her face, she knew that she done her job. A smile came across her face as she drank in her friend’s cum while continuing her efforts. If she received multiple orgasms, then so was Mia. It was only fair and the right thing to do. And as if someone suddenly turned on a stereo that was stuck on eleven, Mia screamed out again with another bed shaking orgasm. The sudden scream startled her, but she still wasn’t letting up on her quest to drive Mia into total oblivion. It was her goal to deliver more pleasure and orgasm than she had received. Even if that meant being there for awhile.

She gradually started sucking harder and harder on her clit, her fingers in both holes going harder and faster, as yet again, another orgasm struck her friend hard. Her body rocked and violently squirmed around. Madelyn loved this, and to prove that, she only went harder and faster.

“Oh, Maddie! Enough, enough! My pussy is so fucking sensitive! Shittttt!”

The orgasm rocked her hard before Madelyn decided her friend had enough. She pulled away from her pussy and proceeded to lie next to her just the same as she had done. She pulled Mia to her and held her tight as her body continued to shake from the orgasm. She helped her friend ride out the waves, and when she finally calmed down, they just lie there.

“Oh my…that was amazing…” Mia softly said, finally calmed down from the orgasmic high.

“It was very amazing…I can’t believe we haven’t done this before…”

“I know, it’s crazy on what we’ve been missing. To think of all those horrible dates that we were on and coming home horny and lonely. We could’ve taken care of each other.”

“I know, but there’s still opportunities for that. Even if neither of us have a bad date, we can still sleep together. What’s it gonna hurt, right? It’s not like the boys can’t join in with us.”

“That would be hotttt…”

Madelyn and Mia lie there, wrapped in each others’ arms, naked, for the rest of the night. The two girls hadn’t slept so damn well in the longest time, and that could partially be due to the fact that they both brought each other to exhausting orgasms. But either way, they both woke up the next morning feeling content, satisfied and well rested.

They should’ve felt bad for blowing off Shane and Kyle to spend the whole day fucking each other in various parts of the apartment, but they figured there would be plenty of time for them to indulge in the cock that they loved so much. But, for now anyways, they wanted to explore their new found relationship and confide in the multiple orgasms that they provided for each other.

As for letting the two guys join in on their fun, well, that’s definitely saved for a future date. A very near date from the looks of things…

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