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Mandy's First Time

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Mandy and Cindy's adverture of going to college
Life had been really simple in the small town that Mandy had grown up in. She lived in a perfect little house with her folks, went to the local schools and even dated a high school football player she had lost her virginity to one night at the local driven movie.

It had happened quick after some long kisses and lots of petting, but had left her empty thinking that if this was all sex was then maybe she should try her girlfriend, that was more into girls than boys.

Roger had begged her for months, and when the special night came he had been rough by ramming his medium size cock in her and almost came instantly after a few pumps. He left his spunk all over her thighs and clothing and then excused himself to go drink beer with his buddies. Mandy spent the rest of the night crying and wondering what she had done wrong.

The next few days were the same. Mandy didn’t want to go to school, but knew it was the ending of the school year. She would be going off to Denver in a few weeks to start law school. Not sure if it’s her thoughts or if the whole school knew, but her friends seemed different.

Her best friend Cindy said it was only Mandy and her perception that people talked. Cindy tried to comfort her, and even came to Mandy’s house on afternoon after school to plead with her to forget Roger, because he was a prick for what he had done to her.

While at Mandy’s Cindy had held her and caressed her hair. She lightly kissed Mandy on the face and tried to comfort her and tell her they would soon be rid of this town.

Cindy had been excepted to the University of Colorado to study medicine, Mandy to Denver University to study law and they planned to rent an apartment together. After some time Mandy stopped crying and hugged Cindy tightly.

Their faces came together and they began to kiss. Cindy had always been attracted to girls for as long as she could remember, and Mandy excepted this but liked hanging with boys. Mandy also knew Cindy had tried to have her and always wonder if maybe this would be an escape from the norm. As they kissed Cindy massaged Mandy’s breast and this was a turn on for Mandy. Soon she had forgotten Roger and his puny manhood that had done nothing for her. Denver could be fun she thought.

The next few weeks went fast.

They had graduated from high school and passed on senior prom and the senior outing, to get ready for their move to Denver. Beside, the students had made comments and faces when they saw them walking together in the halls at school.

Their time was filled with packing, renting a moving truck, getting bank accounts in order, paperwork to be filled out which took much of Mandy and Cindy’s time. They had been so busy that on two occasions they had slept over at one of the two houses.

The first time was a little awkward for Mandy but she decided to give it a try.

After having dinner at a fast food burger joint they went to Mandy’s for the night. Mandy’s folks was going to be out of town for the weekend, and Cindy promised them there would be no parties in the house.

"Only the two of us," Mandy said.

"Early day tomorrow, we’re going to pick the truck up," the two girls chimed in together.

Being tired, once the folks left, Mandy said she was going upstairs to take a shower. Cindy said she was going to watch some television.

Mandy went into the upstairs bathroom, stripped down to her little black panties and stood looking in the mirror at her full round breast. She thought how Roger hadn’t even touch them hardly that night at the drive in. Well, with in two days they would be leaving this crap hole and life would be fun.

She reached in the shower and turn on the water. Adjusting it to the right temperature she step in.

Mandy was just shampooing her hair for the second time when the shower curtain pulled back giving her a fright. There stood Cindy, totally naked, "thought I would join you," she said.

Mandy backed up against the wall under the showerhead to let the flow of water wash the shampoo from her hair as Cindy step into the shower.

Cindy reached out taking Mandy’s left breast in her hand and began to caress it. With the other hand she pulled Mandy’s head to her and the two began deep tongue kissing. Their saliva intertwining as Cindy fondled Mandy’s huge breast, pinching her nipple making Mandy moan in her throat.

Cindy finished the shower by washing Mandy’s body paying special attention to her pubic area and running her hand up and down Mandy’s anal area.

After showering they toweled off retreating to Mandy’s bedroom and sprawling out on her huge bed. Cindy pulled a makeup case from her overnight bag and laid it on the nightstand before stretching out spread eagle on the bed.

Mandy used the remote control to turn on MTV before turning to Cindy.

Cindy rolled over on her side, her head moving down to Mandy’s right breast. Her tongue etching an outline around her nipple, while her fingers filled Mandy’s wet juicy pussy. Moans rolled from Mandy’s throat.

"You are so lovely and sweet smelling tonight," Cindy said.

"OH YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO GOOD," Mandy replied.

Cindy’s tongue continued down Mandy’s body circling her navel and stopping at her pink wet lips and clit. Sucking on her clit till it became hard as a ripe red cherry, Cindy’s tongue replaced the fingers in her lover’s pussy.

Cindy reached over and took a small item from the makeup bag. Turning her attention back to Mandy she took hold of one of her legs raising it high above her. Taking the small butt plug she had retrieved, moistening it with her saliva she inserted it in Mandy’s tight butt hole. This caused Mandy to twist and try to pull away, which was soon replaced with warm moans and almost crying sounds.

Cindy stuffed three of her fingers in Mandy’s wet pussy while sucking and nibbling on her red hard cherry clit.

Mandy’s flopping and twisting on the bed with screams coming from her lungs.

"Finger fuck me," Mandy yelled out loud. "Finger fuck me deep, my sweet lover"

Cindy continued to dig deep with her fingers. Using a circular motion to dredge up more and more juices.

"Yes yes, right there," Mandy yells out loud.

Mandy starts to convulse and violently shake, while Cindy keeps working her into submission.

Mandy gushes fluid making a big wet spot on the sheets of the bed.

Cindy mashes her face against Mandy’s pussy sucking as much juice as she can take in. After several seconds of sucking, both girls collapse on the bed, breathing deeply to recover.

Mandy turns to Cindy pulling her close and cuddling with her. Mandy thinks to herself how great college will be.

This being Mandy’s first time…next time will be much better.
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