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Mary Loses Control: Part II

The trial drug leads Mary to another risky situation

“Mare? I’m home early, baby. I couldn’t stop thinking about what we talked about last night,” Jason yelled up the stairs.

I was now in a full panic. Diego and Miguel had just dropped huge loads on my face and I had’t even finished washing it off yet when I heard Jason coming up the stairs. I had made a big promise the night before and now I didn’t know how I would keep it. I was completely drained from being fucked so thoroughly and cumming so much. 

On top of that, there was no way Jason would not notice my well-used pussy. Taking two cocks like Diego and Miguel had loosened me up more than ever before. Jason had a decent sized penis but he would surely notice that I was stretched out. I had to find a way to delay this for one more day!

“Be right out, dear,” I yelled through the bathroom door.

I came out of the bathroom and got dressed quickly, putting on an outfit he would be used to seeing me in when he got home so as not to raise suspicion. Trying to buy time, I told him that was starving and wanted to eat dinner before we did anything. He agreed but I could tell that he was probably already hard in his pants from the anticipation.

Dinner was nothing if not normal. We chatted about work and the news of the day. I could tell his mind was elsewhere but focusing hard on being polite so that I would not change my mind later. I was now feeling very guilty about what happened earlier that day. As much as Jason was focused on trying to hold a normal conversation, I was trying not to blurt out a confession. Images of those two gigantic cocks pounding me kept flashing in my head. As bad as it sounds, I couldn’t help but feel a slight tingle in my pussy.

After dinner, we cleaned up and relaxed on the couch to digest a bit. Jason was being so careful to not jump the gun but I could tell he was trying to find the right moment to jump on me. Knowing thatI could not let him see or feel my swollen and worn vagina, I decided the make the first move and just blow him. There was no way my husband would turn that down or be disappointed. At his age, he certainly wouldn't want to go for a second round, either!

“Honey, why don’t you turn off the TV, sit back, and relax,” I told him. “Max won’t be home for a while and I’d like to give you a little treat.”

He looked a bit surprised that I was making the move but did as I asked. I turned to him and planted a passionate kiss on his lips. I couldn’t help but think that my lips were covered with cum from two men only a few hours ago. It was a naughty thought that excited me just as much as it made me feel bad for Jason.

As we kissed, I reached inside the waistband of his athletic shorts and boxers and grabbed his already hard cock. For the first time in our marriage, I was a little disappointed by him. He was six inches long or so, but not nearly as thick as Diego and Miguel were. I started stroking him and felt him throbbing in my hand. He was so wound up that I already knew this was going to be quick.

I felt his hands starting to explore his body and wanted to make my move before he found his way inside my pants. For the first time in years, I stopped kissing him and dropped my head into his lap. I’m sure he was stunned that his wife was volunteering a blowjob like this, but as I suspected, he was not about to stop me.

I took him into my mouth and swirled my tongue around his sensitive head. He moaned out loud at the intense stimulation I was providing. I slowly stroked him while sucking on his knob. His breathing was already getting heavy. I hadn’t blown him in years and this attention was too much for him to handle. I decided that there was no point in drawing this out so I sped up my stroking and lapped at the underside of his cock head with my tongue. 

“Mary, shit, I’m getting close. I think you should stop before I,” he warned.

I didn’t slow down a bit and prepared myself for his impending load. Not being able to take anymore, he tensed and I knew it was all over for him. I clamped my lips around his shaft and stroked him as fast as I could. He spasmed and released his seed into my mouth, shooting rope after rope into my greedy mouth. It was far more than I expected and I struggled to keep up with him, swallowing as fast as I could. I had never thought of him as a heavy cummer but this was quite the load!

“Holy shit, Mare. That was fucking insane. What got into you?!” He said, incredulously.

If only you knew what got into me, I thought with a smile.

“Nothing - I just wanted to make you happy tonight. Maybe tomorrow you can repay the favor,” I said sexily.

“Good lord, anything you want, baby,” he replied.

I knew what I had done earlier that day was wrong but in my mind, it was because of the drugs I was taking for Jason. It was not something I did of my own will!




The next morning, after Jason left for work, I examined myself and saw that my pussy was no longer red and swollen, which was good. I also dipped a finger inside myself and felt that I had recovered from the incredible stretching I endured the day before. My vagina and asshole were still a bit sore but aside from that I had recovered fully. Knowing I would be ready for Jason that night, I took another dose and got dressed.

Not wanting to risk any sort of inadvertent arousal, I chose my least sexy underwear - just a plain white bra and white cotton panties. As I got dressed, my phone buzzed on the nightstand beside me. It was a text from my friend Jenna.

Hey - were you still planning on dropping off that dress today?

Oh, shit - I had completely forgotten about that. I was happy to have something to get me out of the house, though.

Yeah, of course. I’ll swing by around 2 if thats okay, I replied.

Jenna had been my best friend in the neighborhood since we moved here. She and her husband were about the same age as Jason and I, maybe a little younger. They were a lot of fun and we spent a lot of weekends drinking at each others house. Like me, Jenna worked from home so we agreed that 2:00pm would be a good time for me to drop off the dress I had borrowed for a wedding a couple weeks ago.

I grabbed the dress and tossed it over my shoulder. Jenna only lived a few houses down so driving there would have been silly. When I arrived, she greeted me at the door and invited me in.

“Do you want a glass of wine? I know it’s early but I’m losing my fucking mind dealing with this client all morning and I could use it!” she said, almost immediately.

“Uh, sure!” I responded. I didn’t have any calls lined up for the rest of the day so I was free to do a little day drinking.

We sat on her couch and chatted about the usual - work, the kids, neighborhood gossip, and our husbands. When the conversation turned to Jason, I suddenly felt embarrassed and guilty. I felt like I was wearing a sign that said what I had done the day before. 

“Are you okay?” Jenna asked. 

She must have seen the look on my face as I was thinking. 

“I cheated on Jason!” I blurted out.

“You what?!” Jenna almost screamed in shock.

“I cheated. But not like… I don't know. I isn’t an affair or anything. In fact, I’m not even sure I wanted to. I just… There’s these drugs and they…” I tried explaining but I couldn’t find the words.

“Slow down, Mare! What are you talking about? Drugs? You didn’t want to?” Jenna asked.

I took a deep breath and collected my thoughts, trying to think of where to start.

“Okay, here’s the full story. I’ll give you the short version,” I started.

“Oh, no, no. I want the whole story! This is crazy - I promise I won’t tell a soul!” she said.

Jenna loved gossip but was a good friend that I knew could keep a secret. So I launched into the story.

“Okay, so I went to the doctor the other day because I just haven’t been very into… sex, lately. She said it was a normal thing and gave me this trial drug - think Viagra for women. Well I took it yesterday morning in anticipation of a night with Jason, but I had no idea the effect it would have on me. It was like I was on fire all morning long. I could not stop thinking about it,” I explained.

“Couldn’t stop thinking about what?” Jenna asked.

“Sex! I couldn’t stop thinking about sex!” I yelled.

“So where did this all go wrong?”

“Well, there were these shirtless gardeners in the back yard and I kept staring at them. They looked so hot, muscled and covered in sweat. The next thing I knew, I was inviting them in for a drink and things got out of hand…” I told her.

“What do you mean ‘out of hand’?” she pushed.

“I mean… we had sex. I couldn’t stop myself. I even instigated it. It was like I had no control over my urges!” I said, ashamed.

“Wait - like with both of them? You had a threesome with two gardeners?!” she asked.

I went silent. She was not reacting like this was a big deal. She was treating this like all the other gossip in the neighborhood, just pushing for details.

“Jenna - this is serious! I fucked two guys who didn't speak English in my kitchen!” I said.

“I’m sorry - I’m just shocked. To be honest, it sounds kind of hot. I mean, if you weren’t married and all that.” she replied.

I was kind of surprised that she said that but I think the look on my face gave away that it was not a bad experience.

“Oh my god, you loved it. I can see it in your eyes!” She called me out.

“Jenna, stop!”

“What was it like? Just tell me like two details and I’ll move on to giving you advice. Promise.”

“Okay, fine. Well, like I said, I was on these drugs so it was already primed and more aroused than ever before. It was like nothing I ever experienced before. Just a constant state of… orgasm. And they we’re so…” I trailed off, suddenly feeling dirty and not wanting to talk about their cocks.

“So what? So.. big?!” She asked.

“Yes. Okay. Big. They were big.” I replied.

“How big?”

I showed her by holding up my two pointer fingers about nine or ten inches apart. Her mouth dropped open in amazement.

“How did you even take those?” She asked, laughing.

“I was so goddamn wet down there that it wasn’t even an issue. It was a tight fit but they slid right in.” I was feeling a little relief telling her about this. 

I as we continued the story, I loosened up and let out a few more details. She was a good friend and didn’t make me feel bad, even though I deserved it. The more we talked, the more it felt like just a crazy thing that happened because of the drug and not an act of betrayal.

I even told her about how they finished on my face minutes before Jason came home! She thought that was pretty funny. As we talked, I kept telling her more and more - what it was like to suck them, how they made me feel so full, the anal, the DP, everything! The more I talked, I felt myself becoming warmer and warmer. Worse than that, I could feel myself getting aroused as I shared the sordid details of getting tag-teamed by a couple gardeners.

“Okay - we need to change the subject before I get too hot!” Jenna said.

“Ha! This makes you hot. Are you serious?” I asked, a bit curious.

“Girl, I thought this shit only happened in porn. I’m only human. Thinking about what it would be like to experience something like that does things to a person!” she replied.

“Well, as ashamed as I am, I’d be lying if I said talking about it didn’t bring back some of those feelings,” I admitted.

I wasn’t lying either. I could feel a growing dampness in my panties and was thankful to be wearing black leggings and not gray ones. 

“Is it the drugs?” she asked.

“Yeah - ever since I started this treatment, the slightest mention or thought of sex spins me out. And it just compounds. The fact that we just talked so much about yesterday really affected me. And now that we are talking about the effects themselves, its, like, multiplying. I think I should go,” I said, embarrassed.

“Can I help?” Jenna asked.

“What?” I asked, confused.

“I asked if I could help,” she said, staring at me.

“Jenna, don’t joke around,” I replied.

Without warning, she leaned in and kissed me full on the lips. There was an instant spark and my flame was fully ignited. I kissed her back before I could even think twice about what was happening.

She broke the kiss after a couple seconds and suggested we go to her bedroom. I ignored her request and kissed her again, pushing her back on the couch, pinning her under me.  The bedroom seemed so normal and plain. I wanted to do whatever was about to happen right here on her couch.

I’m not sure what was going through her head at this point. I was too far gone to consider anything other than the physical connection. I felt her hands on my face as she kissed me. I was lost in the heat of the moment with one hand holding the side of her face and the other massaging her left breast through her t-shirt. She moaned as I made contact with her nipple through the fabric, giving it a little squeeze. 

The next few moments were spent feverishly peeling each other’s clothes off until both of us were just left in our underwear. She was wearing a black satin thong that perfectly accentuated her small, firm ass. The matching bra hugged her slim frame and gently pushed her C-cup breasts together. She was a sight to behold. I’d always considered her pretty, but standing here in front of me, I could see hot goddamn stunning she really was. Her long blond hair fell down over her petite shoulders and was already slightly messy from out make out session. We were both upright on our knees, facing each other on the couch. 

For a few seconds, it seems as though we were just taking in each others bodies. Neither of us had ever been with a woman before so there was a sense of confusion and wonder in the air. No words were spoken though, as if we were worried that talking would break the spell we were both under.

That moment felt like an eternity. In those few seconds, the tension seemed to mount and reach a peak. In another instant, we were back at each other, kissing passionately with our hands roaming all over each other’s bodies. Like the day before, my loins were on fire! I felt her hands on my ass, pulling me into her and I returned the favor, grabbing two hands full of her tight, luscious cheeks. 

Her lips were so soft and sweet - so unlike kissing a man. Jenna was passionate, yet gentle in a way that only a woman can accomplish. Unable to control myself, I brought my right hand from her ass around to the front. I felt the heat coming from between her legs as I pressed my palm into her mound. She groaned and immediately returned the favor, eliciting a moan from me. 

Our hands were a bit clumsy. Despite working with equipment that was familiar on our own bodies, Jenna and I had never touched another woman like this before and I could tell that both of us were not entirely sure how to proceed. I threw caution to the wind and began rubbing her through her panties. She was squirming at my touch so I must have been doing something right. I decided to trust my instincts and just do to her what I do to myself when I masturbate.

Losing patience, I pushed Jenna back on the couch so that she was on her back and I was over her. Using one hand to hold myself up, I reached between us and slid my hand inside her thong for the first time. I felt her smooth skin, finding out that she was completely shaved. I pushed lower and found her moist slit and worked my middle finger between her folds. She inhaled quickly at my touch.

Finding her little button, I flicked my finger tip across her sensitive nub which caused her to tense and moan loudly. As I did so, Jenna reached up between us and slipped her hand inside my panties. As she crossed over my manicured bush and contacted my inflamed pussy, I moaned into her mouth and kissed her back even harder than before to show my appreciation. 

The scene was unreal at this point. I was on top of my best friend and we hand our hands in each other’s panties working hard to make the other cum. We were both panting and trying to reach orgasm as quickly as possible. Her touch was electric and each stroke of her fingers over my slit sent shock waves through me. 

I suddenly felt the strong urge to taste her. Breaking our kiss and removing my hand from her panties, she looked up at me with a questioning look.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

I placed a finger on her lips as if to say ‘shh’ and reached down to grab her panties. She instinctively lifted her slip hips off the couch allowing me to pull her thong down her silky legs. I looked down and got my first live look at a woman’s vagina. Sure, I had seen them in adult videos but seeing Jenna’s up close and in real life was so much more arousing. I could see her wetness and even got a faint whiff of her arousal from a couple feet away.

I was in no mood to play games or tease so I scooted down the couch so that my face was now just inches above her steaming pussy. Jenna looked down at me with anticipation and slightly lifted her hips up to present herself. I dove right in and took a deep, long lick from her asshole to her clit. She groaned and reached down to grab a fistful of my hair in her passion. 

I was sure to take notice of her scent and taste, as I had never experienced another woman’s sex before. It was sweet and a little sour too. It was intoxicating in a way that I now understood how some men love to do this. I lapped at her and inhaled deeply, making mental notes of this new sensation.

I was light on technique but made up for it in enthusiasm. Despite my husband going down on me for years, I never really paid attention to what he was doing. So now that I was giving, I just tried different things and stuck to what seemed to cause Jenna to react the most. Her pussy was running like a faucet so I must have been doing something right! 

With each lick, she moaned and reacted with her body. I could tell that her orgasm was approaching quickly because her breathing was becoming heavier and her moans had changed to a soft string of profanity.

“Oh, fuck, Mary. Yes, that’s it! Lick my fucking pussy!” she babbled.

Wanting to push her over the edge, I locked my lips around her clit and sucked hard. Her hips just about bounced off the couch at the intense sensation. I also reached up with my right hand and pushed my middle finger into her hungry pussy and curled it up towards the front wall of her insides. I knew this always drove me wild and hoped it would have the same effect on her.

Her breathing became panting and her stomach was tensing up. I knew this was the sure sign of an impending orgasm and kept doing what I was doing. I sucked her clit and flicked the tip of my tongue over it as quickly as I could. Jenna’s body told me that was the right move. I wiggled my finger inside her and waited for her release. There was no way she could last much longer.

My assessment had been right and all at once, her orgasm tore through her tight little body and she screamed in orgasmic bliss. Her legs slammed shut, trapping me between her legs as I continued eating her throughout her orgasm. Her climax seemed to go on for a while and finally she hit a point where she was calming down. 

In my experience, an orgasm like that was enough to put me out of commission for a few minutes. That was usually Jason’s cue to climb on top of me and jack hammer me until he shot his load. Jenna was not me, though. The intense orgasm seemed to only wake her up even more. Before I could even move away from her, she was on me and pushed me back so that our positions were now reversed. I was laying on my back with my legs spread and Jenna was above me with a renewed hunger in her eyes. 

She looked down and my damp white, cotton panties and grabbed them with both hands. I lifted my hips to allow her to slide them off but she had other intentions. With a firm grip, she ripped the thin material from my body, tearing them to shreds in the process. It was incredibly hot to witness.

Leaning down, she kissed me deeply, tasting her own juices on my lips. Her hand was immediately between my legs and working two fingers into my dripping snatch. Using that classic ‘come hither’ motion, she was contacting my g-spot on her first attempt and I thrusted my hips up to meet her strokes.

As we kissed, her fingers never stopped and she was even now using her thumb on my clit. I was buzzing with sexual desire. She used her other hand to pull my bra down, releasing my tits over the cups. She then bent down and took my right nipple into her mouth and sucked it greedily. My nipples were incredibly sensitive to begin with but with the drug and my heightened arousal, this attention was enough to send me right up to the edge of an orgasm.

I moaned loudly and gently pushed her head away so as not to cum too quickly. I wanted to let this build as long as possible. Jenna seemed to take that as a hint that I wanted her to return my oral favor. That wasn’t my intention but I certainly would not argue. She smirked at me and began kissing her way down my body - small kisses planted every few inches from my neck to my tits to my stomach. 

She paused momentarily when she got to my pubic hair. It was like she was fully realizing what she was about to do. Her fingers were still buried inside me so it was not like we had not already gone too far. I don’t think she had second thoughts for very long at all, as she was placing her soft lips on my wet cunt only moments later. Unlike me, Jenna took her time. I dove right in with a deep lick and she placed soft kissed up and down my overly aroused slit while she slowly pumped her fingers in and out of me. 

I lifted my hips to initiate some deeper contact but she countered and backed away playfully. I looked down at her with desperate eyes and she just smiled. Apparently she had her fun and was ready to stop her teasing. In the next second, Jenna stuck her tongue out and placed it directly on my exposed clit. I groaned with the intense pleasure she was providing me.

With her fingers still working my insides, she took her time on my clit. Whereas I locked on and sucked her little button as hard as I could to incite her orgasm, she used her entire tongue and took slow, measured licks. It had the effect of not setting me off immediately and I could feel an enormous orgasm building deep inside me.

I was tensing my muscles and breathing heavily as my orgasm built. I knew it wouldn’t be long now and Jenna seemed to know this as well. She picked up the pace on her fingering and quickened her licks a bit too. It wasn’t much but it was just enough to start my final countdown. 

“Jenna, I’m gonna… I’m so close… please…” I was stammering, not completing sentences or making a lot of sense.

As a finishing move, Jenna formed an ‘O’ with her lips and sucked my clit between them. At the same time, she doubled the efforts of her fingers inside me and attacked my G-spot. Finally, the dam burst and my orgasm took over. I spasmed on the couch and yelled loud enough that I’m sure a nosy neighbor could have heard. God bless her, Jenna rode out the entirety of my orgasm, never stopping her oral and digital manipulation until climax subsided. 

As I came down, panting and out of breath, Jenna planted a wet kiss on my lips. I tasted myself on her and noted my own musty, funky taste that was similar yet so different than Jenna’s. Perhaps it was the combination of both our juices on our lips that made it so memorable, but it was something I knew I would never forget.

She broke the kiss and looked down at me. I looked up at her and we both immediately broke into laughter.

“What the fuck did we just do?!” she said, giggling. 

I looked down at our bodies, both covered in a thin sheen sweat and wearing nothing but bras at this point. 

“Well, personally, I just came harder than I ever had in my life. And I’m pretty sure I ate my first pussy,” I said, laughing.

“Oh my god, Mare. That was my first time with a girl, too. That was so hot! I may never go back!” she said.

As she spoke, I looked at the clock behind her on the wall. 

“Jen, what time does Richie get home from school?” I asked, suddenly concerned.

“Um… usually around 3:30 or so? Why?” Jenna replied.

“Because it’s fucking 3:25!” I yelled.

“Oh fuck! Hurry get your clothes on!” she shrieked.

I scrambled to gather my scattered clothing and put them on. I grabbed my shredded panties and held them up for Jenna to see. She laughed and shot me a ‘whoops’ look and shrugged. I pulled my yoga pants over my bare ass and felt the soft material hug against my still-wet pussy.

Jenna was doing the same, trying to get dressed quickly before her son came home.

Suddenly the door burst open and her 12 year old son walked in and yelled a friendly ‘hello’ to us. Minutes earlier and he would have been traumatized! 

“I think I’m going to get going,” I told her.

“Good idea. I’ll call you later!” she chirped. 

As I walked home, I was still buzzing from the close call and insane orgasm. I suddenly remember that I still had my wifely duty to fulfill tonight after promising my husband some fun the night before. I smiled and thought about the fact that there was no way he could ever match what I had experienced in the past two days. It saddened me a bit but those experiences were once-in-a -lifetime things. 

I should have felt worse but in my mind, I was doing all of this for him. I was enjoying sex again and even looking forward to it! I’m not sure how long I would keep taking the drugs, if at all. I only had one dose left and who knows if it was even going to be approved. I was going to email the good doctor when I got home and see what she could do for me. 

For now, I was going to get home, clean up, and get myself ready to rock my husband’s world. Despite the earth shattering orgasm I just had, I was more than ready to ride his dick to another and make him cum harder than he ever had before.




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