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massage at home

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girls at home, one needs a massage, fun happens
I make you lie on your front. Starting at your shoulders, I start to rub in the oil. Working out those knots as I go, digging my fingers into the shoulder blades, kneeding and soothing. Fingers and palms rubbing in circles. I can't get enough of your skin. I bend down and kiss your neck biting lightly, teasingly.

My hands move down to your spine, fingers deep into your muscles making sure you feel good. I run my fingers up your spine slowly, digging in and making sure to get the knots once again. Fingers moving in circles as they go, your making little appreciative noises spurring me on. I move lower down your legs straddling your calves, slowly digging my fingers into your arse. You push up into my hands. I lightly dig my nail in, still kneeding.
I move my hands down to the apex of your thighs, teasing your cunt, sliding my fingers through your soaking wet folds. Dipping the tip of my finger into your hole, you gasp gripping the bed sheet. Taking my finger out quickly before you start grinding on it, I move to your thighs massaging them, running my hands back and forth. Digging my fingers in, back and forth, side to side. I get off your legs, flip you over and straddle your stomach.

I massage your right breast, missing your nipple completely, using both hands on one, making sure to get every ounce. Your back arches into my hands. Your hands are on my thighs, nails digging in. I move to your left, doing the same. I then go to each nipple and tug. Hard; pinching, squeezing, pulling. I bend down and kiss each nipple, wrapping my lips around one and sucking, the other I pinch. I lightly bite, slowly getting harder, licking occasionally. I move down and straddle your thighs again.

I run my hands over your breasts, down to your rib cage, trailing my nails over, leaving red marks in their wake. Pressing on your rib cage, I lift myself off you. You open your legs, and I kneel in between them. My hands running over your stomach.

I run my hands over the front of your thighs, nails digging in, moving down to your knees. I run my fingers back up on the inside lightly, tickling as I go up towards your cunt. I reach your clit and squeeze it gently between my thumb and forefinger. You groan, hands fisted in your hair. I slip my finger down to your hole. I insert my finger slowly, teasingly. I move down to lick your clit, wrapping my lips around it and suck. Keeping my rhythm, I enter another finger. Your so wet; its insane. I bite hard on your clit, flicking my tongue back and forth. Your hands are in my hair, gripping on my scalp, nails digging in.

I start moving faster, fingers curling upwards, hitting your g spot. I suck your clit hard, biting every now and then, long hard strokes with my tongue. Your moans are getting louder. I start to work faster, harder, wanting to hear you more. Your walls start to encase my fingers pulsing around them. I lightly tug on your clit, and your hands tighten in my hair. You cum loudly; shouting my name. I carry on pumping into you, making you cum a second time. I pull my fingers out of you, looking into your eyes as I lick them clean. I crawl up your body kissing every inch as I go. I slowly kiss your lips. I move your body forward to sit behind you. I pull your head onto my chest where I start to give you a head massage. You fall asleep in a matter of seconds. I carry on and kiss your hair every now and then.

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