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Maude/Madeleine Part 10

Lady Broadmoor takes Madeleine to her room
Lady Broadmoor’s quarters were second only to the ‘bridal suite’ in opulence. Heavy velvet curtains covered the windows; a fire burned bright in the hearth; paper-shaded lanterns cast a soft glow over the satins and velvets of the furnishings. The bed was vast and clad in silk. Two side rooms housed a privy and a tub. There were fruits and sweetmeats on a small table near the sideboard, on which stood a silver wine bucket with ice and two bottles of champagne for Her Ladyship’s pleasure.

Although I had never seen Lady Broadmoor in Mistress Pickles’ house hitherto she seemed to know precisely where everything was and I assumed that she had examined her apartments before the ball. As I poured two glasses of champagne she assembled a strange array of items from the top drawer of the chest onto the bed. There before me lay the dildo similar to that which Jenkins had first used and I myself had employed to pleasure my first Lady guest. Beside it lay a strange leather ball with black ribbons extending from both sides and a wide collar such as I have observed on greyhounds. There also several long leather straps and smaller collars whose purpose was unclear to me.

She took the glass I proffered to her with a smile. She placed it untouched on a table and reached for the collar. She still wore her veil which imparted an air of mystery to her features.

‘You will wear this for me, Madeleine. Do not be afraid, I am not going to hurt you as, perhaps, others might. Indeed some may already have done so?’

‘I have never given any lady cause to hurt me, My Lady.’

‘Not everyone needs cause my dear. Perhaps you have no experience in such matters but there are those who, like me, enjoy a little restraint in their amorous life.’

‘I shall be as restrained as you may wish, My Lady.’

‘I think perhaps you misunderstand the word “restraint” in this context.’ As she spoke, she slipped the collar around my neck. It cupped my chin and lifted it a little uncomfortably. She deftly fitted the smaller collars to my gloved wrists. 'You will not suffer any pain at my hands but you will be restrained by these devices. I enjoy a little helplessness in my lovers.’ She had me lift my skirts and petticoats and remove my shoes. She fitted two more collars to my ankles. ‘Now, sit and we will enjoy our wine together.'

Thus adorned and uncomprehending, I sat. The collar was restrictive but not painful.

‘Has any of your guests ever taken a strap or cane, such as I have observed in the drawer, to you?’

‘Indeed not, My Lady. As I have said, I have given no guest cause to do so.’

‘Then I fear you may discover that not all ladies are as gentle as I. No doubt Mistress Pickles will explain. I feel sure that some of her customers enjoy the more robust forms of entertainment.’ I recalled one evening that Grace who, you may recall, delivered the orange from her cunny, had once shown me some bruises on her arse which she claimed had been the result of a lady’s desire to “mark” her. I had not understood then nor did I, in truth, understand now.

‘However, for me the pleasure of a woman rendered helpless and entirely available to me is all I desire.' She took the curious leather ball with its ribbons and to my astonishment she lifted her gown as she sat and placed it deep within her undergarments. She closed her legs and rearranged her dress. She then engaged me in innocent conversation as we enjoyed our wine. She enquired as to the length of my residence chez Mistress Pickles and also asked if I had a particular friend in the household. I revealed my affection for Maria and she lifted an eyebrow.

‘Our “King Herod”?’ I confirmed her suspicion. ‘Hmm, I can imagine she is a rewarding lover. Come, it is time for me to enjoy you. Stand.’

She stood in front of me and slowly lifted her skirts and withdrew the ball.

‘Open your mouth, my dear.’ I did so and she placed the ball in my mouth, securing it behind my neck by tying the ribbons. I could taste her upon the leather. She stood back and smiled. ‘Perfect.’ She came close to me and licked the ball and I sensed a shudder run through her. She continued to lick and kiss the ball as she very slowly unhooked and unbuttoned the top of my gown until it fell open to reveal my breasts. She handled them gently, rubbing the flat of her palms over my hardening nipples.

How may I convey my feelings to you? I felt a certain frisson of fear for I had never been thus muzzled before. Nor had I felt the tightness of a collar either at my neck or around my wrists and ankles. It was natural for me now to be revealed naked or partially naked to a guest. It was why they came to the household. But there was something sinister in the bonds that she had placed on me and I did not comprehend their purpose.

Walking slowly around me she removed my clothing until I stood in my undergarments, unable to speak. I noticed that her breathing was deeper, her bosom heaving a little unnaturally in her gown. She touched my bare shoulders, my thighs and ran her hands over my silk bloomers and deliciously between my legs to open the silk and touch my core. She turned me to face the iron bedstead and using the straps I had seen fastened me quite securely to it at wrist and ankle.

Once satisfied I was in no position to escape she sat on the bed in front of me, her clothes arranged perfectly around her. I could see she was aroused and she stroked her breasts, pushing down the bodice a little so her teats were visible. They were hard and she rolled them between her gloved fingers. I felt a familiar wetness between my legs despite my situation. I watched as at last she unlaced her bodice and her full breasts finally came fully into sight. They were neither firm nor pendulous, but hung a little, their hard points staring directly into my face. She cupped them.

‘Would you like to feel these between your lips? Would you suckle me?’ I nodded. ‘In time, perhaps.' She lifted her skirts and spread her legs wide and, opening the gusset of her fine silk pantaloons, revealed her dark triangle of hair and spread her nether lips. I could see the glister of moisture there as her finger stroked between them.

‘Would you lick me here? Would you allow your tongue to caress these lips?’ Again I nodded. ‘But you cannot, can you? You are helpless and your tongue is denied the freedom of movement.’ Her finger entered her and she closed her eyes momentarily. She intruded upon herself for what seemed minutes before slowly removing her ball gown and petticoats. Now she was entirely naked above the waist, aside from her gloves, and only her pantaloons and stockings covered her legs. Her nipples were, if possible, harder than before and once again she squeezed them between her fingers. She stood and moved beyond my vision. Then she returned and now the dildo was protruding from her undergarments. She held it in her hand I could see the ribbons tight around her skin beneath the veil of silk that covered her. She knelt on the bed and touched the shaft to the ball in my mouth.

‘Your mouth may not be open to me but everything else is,’ she whispered. She clambered off the bed and stood behind me. I felt her finger stroking between my lips and then that delicious sensation of being entered. She did not curl over me but stood and slowly her pace increased, her hips pushing in and pulling away. I could imagine the feeling as the velvet ridge rubbed against her nub. Oh how I wanted to touch my own but I was so restrained that I could not. She read my mind.

‘I love to know that you cannot move, cannot pleasure yourself.’ I felt the shaft withdraw from me and then press against my other entrance and, slippery as it was, pressed against me, overwhelming my defences and plundering me there. Now she curled over me and her hand found my nub. Her body tensed as did my own. With a guttural cry she lifted off me then drove into me as she was overwhelmed by her crisis. That climax did not distract her from my pleasure and the relentless in and out continued as did the strumming upon my nub. I arched my back in an explosion of incredible intensity and screamed through the ball strapped in my mouth.

Later, now free of my bonds, I lay beside her and suckled at those gorgeously hard nipples. Her hand gently pushed me down between her widespread thighs and I suckled at her nub as my fingers explored deep within her. She was entirely naked now and my hair lay across her thighs as she arched her back and once more emitted that cry that is a reward for my labours.

Later still, I woke to find her in a similar position, lapping delicately at me. I lifted my knees and she licked and suckled and her finger curled up into me. Raising my head I could see she had one hand under her belly and I knew she was pleasing herself too.

I was awoken yet again but this time by a sudden influx of light. Jenkins, I saw, had opened the curtains. Of Lady Broadmoor there was no sign. The evidence of our lovemaking lay scattered all around the bed, the straps, the ball, the dildo. My clothes where were she had left them.

‘Well, Madeleine,’ Jenkins said quietly, ‘it seems your lady had her pleasure.’ She bent over me and kissed me warmly, her hand running freely over me. ‘And it seems she introduced to some of the darker mysteries.’ She turned me and ran her hand over my back and arse. ‘No marks, she must be a kindly lady.’

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