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Maurice and Grecia

Two college girls, and one bedroom
I have always been misunderstood, and because of this I was always lonely. My boyfriend always wondered how he got so lucky, that I was beautiful and smart- the perfect woman.
The truth to it all was that I wasn’t happy; nothing could satisfy what I wanted. Things were too easy, too boring, too cold, too indirect, too dramatic or too cliché. I applied for college and was accepted in fall, it was too easy. I was a straight A student, I could do whatever I wanted.

Things moved slower in the winter, I always believed this; the coldness had the potential to eat me alive. I walked slowly to my dorm one Friday night, listening to the happy chirps of other friends going to a club, a date or dinner. I slipped my books into my bags, and shivered in the cold- I needed to study. As I walked the tedious walk up the flight of stairs I noticed a light underneath the door of my room. I was instantly puzzled, I lived by myself in the dorm- no one else wanted to be with me. I heard people talk about me, “check out her ass! Too bad she’s a quiet freak!” they’d laugh.

I turned the key slowly and cautiously in the slot.As the door creaked open, light fled the darkness of the corridor. Standing near the empty second bed was a girl, so interested in her hair and the mirror.She almost didn’t notice me, but she did.

She turned slowly, a bobby pin still in her mouth, as she scrunched her auburn brown hair into a plait, “Hey! Sorry, um, I’m Maurey.”She stopped to pick up a dress from the floor and started to put it on, “I’m late for my date but I’m your new roommate, and aw fuck, I’m so late.”

As the strange girl fussed over herself, I walked to my side of the room and emptied my books on the table, I felt so awkward, “I’m Grecia” I smiled- my part was done.

The girl stopped to put on her shoes, and she looked amazing. Her legs were so delectable, I felt myself gazing higher at her skirt hem, but stopped myself. My nipples were beginning to feel erect, and I was instantly embarrassed.“My real name is Maurice,” she said to me “But that’s so ugly!”
I laughed at that, “No, it’s lovely.”

“I love your hair colour; I’ve been dying to go blonde!” She stopped what she was doing and took a good look at me, “you’re really pretty you know that? You should come for drinks with me and the boys! They’d be happy I brought you!”

My heart skipped a beat, I’ve been dying to meet new people, but for some reason this seemed so awkward. “Aw, Nah. You go ahead, maybe next time” I smiled awkwardly as she left the room with a smile.

As I went to shut the door, I began to puzzle myself. Why was my clit throbbing? I haven’t felt this way since I discovered porn when I was 15. As inappropriate as it was, it was so exhilarating.

I ran to the window and closed it tightly, and as I was locking the door, I flicked the light off. I undressed myself slowly, turning myself on just as slow. I stroked my nipples, they were pulsing at me, begging for me to start rubbing my cunt-but I couldn’t- I never felt like this.

I wanted to savour this moment of horniness. My nipples need to be touched not by me, but I was so lonely, I walk toward the mirror and pressed the hard nipples against the cool surface of the dark mirror. It instantly electrified me, but I couldn’t take anymore teasing. I jumped into my covers and begin rubbing at my vagina, with such a force my upper arms began to ache. I began to feel the warm, thick juices running down my butthole, and that I know is my favourite part. I begin to curse, filling volume in my empty room. “Oh fucking cunt, I’m a dirty slut” I screamed as my clit throbbed for passion, and I engulfed in an orgasm. The wetness drenched into my sheets and the mattress. I took my wet forefingers and stroked my beautiful nipples, letting them have a taste as well, until I fell into the best sleep I’ve had in a long time.

I woke to the sound of a buzzing, and as my eyes opened, I realised it was still dark. I turned my head toward the clock: 3:45 AM. As I blinked I noticed the other side of the small room, the bed was filled and under the thick, heavy blanket was a small body moaning. I sat up in my bed, and listened carefully, she was there, in there. It was the most exciting moment, blood rushed towards my pussy and I felt myself getting wet again, and as my hand slipped down to soften the intensity, I realised I was still naked. In the darkness my eyes widened, and I looked at the beautiful girl, her moaning was still getting louder, and I recognised she was on the verge of having an orgasm. I put the quilt closer to my face, to disguise my snooping and listened as I touched myself.

“Oh, fucccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccckk” she began bouncing up and down on her bed, kicking the quilt off of herself, revealing to me her beautifully shaped body. The moonlight lit up her nipples, as they bounced around to every moan she uttered. Her back was bent into a semi-circle and her hairy pussy was being slashed and squashed into the side of a vibrator.Her feet were the quite ones, engraving her strong body onto the bed. “Ugh, fuck this.” And just like that she stopped. She threw her vibrator down, but let it slip a bit too far, making a cracking noise against the wall. She gasped and sat up, looking towards me. Her eyes seemed to ask if she woke me, but I looked as if I was still sleeping. I was slow, and reluctant to do what I did next. My heart was beating, but I ignored my brain for once, I did what my pussy wanted me to do. I leapt and took a chance. Slowly moving my blanket off me, I stood up, still naked and dripping wet after seeing her do that to herself. She almost didn’t notice me, but she did. She sat up to and let a “holey fuck” slip from her lips. Her eyes wide, almost in fear. I cleared my throat, “didn’t you cum?” I smiled at her.She looked at me and smiled, “I knew I liked you.” My heart kept skipping, I could have died right then, but I composed myself, I wouldn’t let her down. I climbed on top of her, and felt our vaginas touch, as well as our nipples. She grasped my hair, and leant in for a pash. I pulled her away and licked her lips instead, going downwards. I saw her eyes close. I kept licking down her body, through the skin of both her breasts and down past her navel.When I got to her pussy, I became crazy, I started sucking and pulling at her juices- I was so hungry!

Her swearing became louder, “Oh fuck” but then due to the intensity, she stopped, and there were only moans. As she began to tense, and her body once again became that beautiful semi circle, I felt a wave of salty hot water drip into my tongue, and mouth, she began screaming but I didn’t stop. Her hands moved down, “fuck! Oh fuck! I can’t... fuck.... take this” She grasped at my hair, pulling it, trying to pull me off her pussy. I’d like to see her try. My tongue kept going, and I bit down so hard, that we flipped over. I was becoming wet. I was now underneath her, and she was on top, I felt her legs against my ears as her juice saturated my face. And then, just like that, it stopped, and she flopped next to me, too exhausted to speak. And I stood up, and walked my naked body back to my bed, in happiness.

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