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Me and Maria Part 1

Me and my best friend and my temptation..
I used to be so convinced that I was completely straight, "all beef and no sushi". This was my mindset when I was a teen. However, as most girls going through or who have gone through puberty can tell you, I sometimes had lesbian thoughts about my friends, especially my friend Maria.

So a couple years ago, when I was 17, me and Maria (17 years old at the time, Latina, perfect ass, 36b size breasts) were hanging out at her house, on the couch, in her living room. We had on sweatpants and tank tops, not even planning on going out. She had pulled up something on Netflix that we were watching intensely. Like I said before, she is a Latina and so had the best skin ever, and her ass was amazing. So when her parents left and she stood up to go lock the door behind them, I checked her out. She was beautiful and I loved the way the sweatpants cuffed her ass while it jiggled with each step. Man, lesbo thought after lesbo thought came through. 

So she came to sit down and we started joking around, but in my head I was thinking about some of the lesbian porn I had started watching the week before. Girls seducing their friends and then fingering their soaking pussies together. Others depicting a brave lesbian seducing a completely straight girl with a massage that ended with her eating out the straight girl as they both moaned with pleasure.

I felt myself get wet so I rushed to get a blanket from her closet to cover myself up, pretending to be “freezing cold”. As soon as I sat down on the couch again, I covered myself with the blanket. Maria was on the other side of the couch so, slowly, I started rubbing myself through my pants. I was super soaked! But Maria all of a sudden slid closer. My mind went a thousand places but she was apparently “freezing cold” too. My hand still wandered a little down there but Maria suddenly got oh so close and I didn’t want to get caught, so I kept my hand still. I didn’t know, however, that I already had been caught.

Her arm brushed mine a little, causing goose bumps to rise. She softly whispered in my ear and asked “What are you doing under here? Masturbating?”

Of course, first instinct is to deny, deny, deny and make a joke of it which I did. "Are you kidding me? You think I just Jill off randomly?" But she had seen me clearly.

“Come on, I saw your reflection in the window, you’re playing with yourself right now aren’t you?” I mentally bashed myself. This had never happened before. Anytime I got that feeling down there, I'd close the door to my room, slip under the covers, and play music loudly or turn up the television. No moans heard and if someone barged in, no hands caught moving.

Still, deny deny deny. So Maria, still unconvinced, stood up quickly and yanked the blanket off me. I immediately take my hand from my happy place but my legs are still slightly opened and she’s staring down there. “Perv!” I said as I looked down at the wet spot on my sweatpants. I had gotten that wet! I mentally bashed my head on a concrete wall. I shouldn't have done this with her right there!

“Damn girl, Zac Efron gets you that horny?” she asked (we were watching High School Musical, but I hadn’t even been paying attention). I angrily said no as my eyes wandered to Maria’s boobs as she was adjusting her tank top. She wasn’t huge but they were big enough to jiggle a little, especially since she had no bra on, I noticed. I moved my legs closer together as I got even more wet, somehow. Her nipples were hard! My mind went a million directions, sucking her bare tits dry, rubbing her chest down until she came. I winced a little (which in hindsight, isn't the best thing to do while looking at your friend's boobs!) as I tried to erase those thoughts, failing, then trying to replace them with "straight" thoughts. Hard, long cocks. Hand jobs. Things that, for some reason, had no effect on me at this point..

Maria covered up quick, with an appalled face. “Are you looking at my boobs??” She looked genuinely shocked, which made me giggle a little.

I smiled. “Well your hands were just wandering there, with those horny nipples of yours!”

She laughed and sat back down. “Because Zac Efron makes me hot. You never told me, what got you so worked up?”

I grimaced. I should have just said it was just Zac that had me going but that was too late. I thought about some of the lesbo porno’s I had seen where one friend seduces the other. This was my moment of truth, and I really wanted to experiment with her sooo..

“I saw your ass jiggle when you walked to lock the door, and just couldn’t help myself.” I said with a straight face, voice trembling a little.

Maria laughed and said “Wow!”. When she saw I wasn’t laughing she gave me a look. “You serious?”

I gulped and nodded. “I’m gonna be honest, I’m a little curious about..girls..” As I said that I pulled down my sweatpants and showed Maria my wet panties.

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