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Me and Maria Part 2

Seducing your friend is pretty easy actually...
Maria watched me and I saw her eyes drop to my underwear before she quickly looked back up to my eyes.

"Are you serious?" she asked a little harshly, and I was afraid I had made a huge mistake.

I had all the confidence in the world at that point, though. She and I had been friends for a long time. There had always been a weird attraction that was unspoken.

We were closer than sisters and would do everything together. At parties, we tended to dance with each other. Grinding ourselves together while the guys wished they were one of us was a regular thing.

Sometimes we'd talk about sex and it was clear she was a little wild. Maria, at the time, had had sex with a couple different guys and had even made out with a girl while she was drunk.

I was pure; the only action I'd gotten was my hand and my fantasies. Maria knew this and would always tease that she was going to tell some guys that I watched porn so they'd actually be interested in me.

Sometimes we'd talk about lesbian sex too. She told me about making out with that girl, how much she both loved it and regretted it. She said that sex with another girl would be easy because you'd know what each other felt. She said she wanted to try it at some point.

I knew everything about Maria. I knew what turned her on and how far she would go to have a good time. I knew I could do this.

"Just do it for me! We're alone and you always make fun of me about being a virgin and I swear I won't tell anyone! I know you've thought about it.." I babbled whenever I was nervous and this was pretty nerve racking.

Sitting here in a tank top and my wet, barely-there panties was a little embarrassing. And if Maria had said no, it would have ruined our friendship and my dignity. But she didn't say no.

Instead, after a pause, Maria crossed her arms, each hand grasping the bottom of her tank top, and she lifted it over her head. She had to tug a little to get it over her boobs. Her hair looked ruffled after it came back from behind the top. She was bare and her hair made her look primitive.

"I always think about it," she said while tossing the top across the room.

I was pretty shocked as she stared into my eyes; we were six feet from each other, in a room we always hung out in, but I felt so close to her in a foreign tundra. My heart pounded harder as Maria quickly walked over to me and shoved me back onto the couch. She was standing over me for a second, looking my athletic body up and down as I returned the favor.

I thought about what she'd said, how sex would be easy. But I didn't even know what to do.

"Take off your tank top," she said as she started rubbing her breasts.

I was frozen for a second more before I came to my senses.

"Wait, we're doing this?" I asked, causing Maria to raise her eyebrow. 

"Of course, we're doing this!" I answered myself as I started to strip.

I took off my top a lot less sexy than she did, simply taking my arms out and raising it above my head before throwing it aside. My boobs were tiny, A cups, grapes compared to Maria's. I unclipped my bra and let it fall on the couch. Maria's eyes were intensely focused on mine when I got it off.

She wasn't wearing any makeup but her eyes were smoky, intense.

Of course, I kept rambling. "You're so hot right now. So now what? Do we uh..."

Maria leaned over, placing a finger over my lips. I looked her in the eyes, silent now. She held her finger there as she straddled me. I could feel the heat coming off from her. I put my hands around her waist and held her, because she had once said that turned her on. Her lips slowly descended on mine and I welcomed them. With this exchange, it was clear: Maria was the dom, I would be the sub.

I had kissed a boy before, but Maria knew what she was doing. Her mouth moved on mine with a precision, like she knew exactly what would get me going.

I was getting wet from the excitement and I was very aware of her pussy so close to mine, even though we had clothes in the way.

Maria grabbed my hair and tugged a little as we kissed, and I started rubbing her back and pinching her amazing ass. She was forceful, forcible with her actions. She had me in her palms at that moment. The way she pulled my hair like we were beasts was enough to let me know Maria had a hidden freak in her. And I was about to be the focus of that freak.

I thought this was hot enough, but then she surprised me by sliding her lips down to my neck. Timidly, I moaned a little as she kissed my throat and continued on down. I felt goosebumps rise all over my body. Suddenly, I felt as though my clothes were constricting and I threw back all thoughts of the porn I had watched. This was so much better.

"Lay back," she commanded me, and I slid down more on her couch, to where my legs were protruding off of it. Maria put her feet back on the floor and leaned over me, each hand rubbing a breast as she kissed my navel.

I covered my face with my hands as I moaned more. I thought I sounded like an idiot but I couldn't stop. 

The way she teased me the same way I did myself, by ignoring my nipples. Her hair lay messily near my belly and tickled every time she moved her head. And the feeling of her breath so close to my...

Suddenly, Maria's hands dropped to my waist and I couldn't feel her lips on my stomach anymore. I uncovered my face and saw my friend biting her lip, staring at my striped underwear while her hands traced the waistband.

My breathing had picked up and my heart somehow pounded harder.

I licked my lips and jokingly asked her if she knew how much I loved her then. She looked into my eyes and smiled. 

"You're about to love me more," she said sternly. "Now stay still."

With that, she lifted my legs and completely removed my underwear in one swift motion. I was very conscious of the fact that I had a little peach fuzz even though had shaved only two days before (more for my own grooming than to impress any lover). I didn't have time to react; as soon as she lowered my legs back to the floor, her head descended to my happy box.

I put my hands by my side and looked up at the ceiling fan as Maria took me with her mouth.

I felt her lips meet my other pair of wet lips and my leg twitched a bit. She kissed me down there much the same way she did my mouth; she was precise and knew exactly what I liked. Her lips kissed around, on and in my most sacred area. The way her hair gently caressed my mound added to the feeling. Everything about the moment was perfect.

I whimpered a little when I felt her fingers open me up and her tongue enter me. Her tongue was quick but accurate, hitting every part of me. I gripped the couch as I felt her hand help her hit my clit and the special spot that I thought I'd be the only one to find. I moaned, surprised that I was lasting this long.

I was very aware of my entire body and I felt the air coming off from the fan. As the fan thump thump thumped, my closest friend licked inside of me. She tasted my very essence and I felt as though we were both focused on one goal. I put my hand on her head and gently pushed her, daring her to go deeper.

Her nose pushed against me and I felt her breath seeping into me. Her tongue traveled to places only I had been and I felt a pressure building in me faster and faster. She knew how to close the deal and she somehow got faster, somehow got deeper. The fan seemed to blur with its speed, matching Maria's motions.

I leaned forward and moaned loudly.

Maria, who I'd known for most of my life, was taking me to Heaven and when I came, it was like an angel opening the gates. I shook and shivered hard, whimpering a little as my legs bucked and I fell back deeper into the couch. I had never felt anything like that before and I was kind of upset that I couldn't have felt it for a little longer.

Sweat laced my brow and when I looked down at Maria, I saw the same was true about her. A smile was on her face and her hands still teased me down there. I smiled too and realized that we were only half way there.

"Now I want you to something for me," she said.

It wasn't really a question, but a command. And I was down for whatever she wanted.

"I want you to finger me the way you finger yourself," she said while standing and wiping her mouth.

I was still recovering but I nodded and stood. We were inches from each other.

She continued, "I want you to take my clothes off, kiss me like you love me. Then I want you to finger me like I am you." Maria was stern and was completely serious. I just nodded and took a deep breath.

"I don't know how to start," I said candidly.

She nodded and wrapped her arms around me.

"I know you love me," she whispered. "You've said it so many times. Now kiss me like you want to prove it and just go from there. Take me like I just took you."

I nodded and looked in her eyes. Her boobs were against my chest and her arms were around my bare waist. I put my arms around her and stared there for a second. Then I slid her arms off and dropped down and pulled her sweatpants off. She stepped out of them slowly.

While down there on my knees I thought of everything I loved about Maria: her kindness, her honesty, her straightforwardness. The way she just made me cum so easily. The way she told me what to do and the way I had to listen. The way she was just standing there, with complete trust in me to do her the same way.

I loved that. I loved her.

Standing, I put my hands back on her waist and she put her arms back around me. I closed my eyes and pressed my lips to hers. This time was better. I didn't feel sparks as my lips moved across hers; I felt fireworks. I wanted her to love me in the same way. I wanted her to think about this every night.

I wanted her.

My hands caressed her ass and back. Hers were rubbing through my hair. I gripped her thighs and lifted them up around me. Besides her thick ass and great boobs, Maria was thin and easy to lift. I felt her smile as we continued to kiss.

I spun around with her and put her down on the couch, still exploring her mouth. I knew what to do from there; I had seen this happening every night. My friend was a freak and I was going to treat her like one. She liked it rough, and I would give it to her.

She kept her legs around me as I moved my mouth to her ears and nibbled, my hands rubbing her bare breasts that hadn't seen enough attention so far. I felt her giggle and her head fell back as I licked her throat. Maria groaned a little and I loved it.

One of my hands traveled down to her underwear and I rubbed it gently while I sucked her neck. She started thrusting her hips forward as my other hand continued rubbing her boobs. I focused on this for a while, one hand rubbing her mound, my other on her nipple, my mouth on her neck.

I saw goosebumps rising on her and knew it was time to move on.

I snatched her legs from around my waist and Maria whistled.

"Turn over," I commanded as sternly as I could.

Maria giggled and did. She chimed, "That is so sexy."

I smacked Maria's ass and saw it jiggle around, turning a little red as soon as my hand left the skin. Her underwear constricted it a little but I was still jealous of the size.

"Oooh," she moaned. "No that is sexy!"

I smacked the other cheek a little harder and Maria hissed and looked back at me.

"A little harder, that's fucking hot." She jiggled her ass, taunting me.

I gulped. I wasn't sure how good I'd be at this. It was going great so far, even if I had gambled on the spanking thing. But I had to give myself a mental pep talk before moving on.

You got this. I put my hands on the waistband of her panties. Just pretend you've done this many times before. I yanked down and her underwear was gone. Her bare ass jiggled a little, still red from where I'd slapped it.

To think, two hours before that I had only dreamed about this type of thing. Now Maria was almost begging me to fuck her.

I slapped her ass again, making her go "Uh!" and I gripped it instead of bringing my hand back. I rubbed the outside of her thigh and slowly made my way to her inner thigh. My other hand started fiddling with my own clit. I was horny again!

Maria looked back at me again but she wasn't taunting me; I was teasing her this time and she looked at me in anticipation.

I smiled and brought both hands to her inner thigh, just rubbing up and down. Each time I came up, I'd get closer to her lady parts. Maria was purring, looking straight ahead at the back of the couch. She was ready and so was I.

I gently pressed up on her legs, and Maria put her knees on the couch so her ass was raised a little off of the couch. Her pussy was soaking wet, dripping a little! I found this amazing and I felt my nipples go hard.

Taking a deep breath, I put my hand on her pussy. Maria shivered, waiting for me to go for it. I was looking up at her amazing, freshly shaved mound as my fingers started to tickle it. Maria was thrusting, trying to ease my fingers inside, but I wouldn't let her.

With my other hand, I massaged her butt and she purred more. She was wet enough, so I slid one finger in and out slowly. She was breathing loudly, almost whimpering. I felt like the dom as I slid another finger in and out. Two fingers was a safe bet; that's how I always came.

But Maria liked it rough.

My hand that was massaging Maria's ass started teasing her anus. Maria cried out and I smacked her butt. My fingers continued sliding in and out. Now I had three in her!

My other hand rubbed across her anus and Maria fell forward a little, head resting on the back of the couch. This raised her up higher and there was enough space between her and the couch for...

I turned around and slid my face under Maria.

"Ooooh!" she screamed as my tongue rubbed her lips.

Both of my hands were teasing her ass, pinching and smacking and fingering it, and I started tasting every part of Maria. I couldn't see much, but I felt her heartbeat and her bucking.

She didn't last long.

Maria collapsed, which was a little awkward since my face was still in her pussy. I pushed a little on her butt and she raised up enough for me to come out. I was so horny again and didn't know what to do.

I turned back to Maria who was on her knees on the couch, leaning over the back of it, panting. I was so turned on again. Her ass had my handprint, like a brand. She was mine!

"I want you to do me again," I said, and I tasted Maria's box on my lips again.

She shook her head though. Turning, Maria gestured for me to come to her. She was sweating, giving her amazing skin a nice glow. As I walked closer, Maria spread her legs and opened her arms like she wanted a hug. She looked so hot, so sexy, so open to anything. Her perfect breasts were perky and her pussy was glistening like her forehead. She recovered so quickly!

"Fuck me," she commanded. "Put your pussy on mine and fuck me."

I straddled her quickly and felt her other lips on mine. She held my back and started rocking back and forth. I started thrusting with her. It was the most amazing experience; we were one being, one entity, slowly building up our ecstasy.

We were gentle at first, but about a minute in, we were both thrusting with all our might.

Our juices pooled a little on each other and I saw Maria gripping the couch, right on the edge. I threw back my head as we came at the same time, both bucking as I collapsed on her.

We sat there, cuddled up, pussy on pussy, for a few minutes. I had done it, I had seduced her.

Maria slapped my ass a couple times and moved me off of her. We stayed naked as we cleaned up our mess, picking up our clothes and wiping the couch. Maria's parents would be home at any point so we went to her room and got under her covers.

We didn't talk much about what we had did that night until the next day. Maria told me I was a nice fuck before we dozed off and I said the same. That was it. But as we lay there to rest, Maria wrapped a leg and arm around me as we slept.

And that was all the acknowledgement I needed.

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