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Me and my best friend's mum Pt 1.

She saw what she wanted and got it.
Walking up to my apartment on the 4th floor very slowly I check to see if I have any mail on the way up. I surprisingly see something sticking half way out of my mailbox. Picking it up, I hastily put my hand in my pocket to try and find my keys, so that I can actually get myself into my apartment, instead of standing in the hallway. I am tired and in a daze, due to doing a 12 hour shift as a chef in a restaurant, a couple of blocks away, for my best friend's mum, Laura.

Being physically fit and very independent, it takes a lot for me to become extremely frustrated, so being quite surprised that I've given up hunting for my keys I frustratingly fall against my door trying to find the energy in me to rummage around for them one more time, but from out of nowhere I suddenly feel someone place their hand in my back pocket and pull out my missing keys that I could hear jingling about.

Turning around to find out who it was and to thank them for finding them for me, I realize it's my boss, Laura.

"Hey Laura, what's up? Did I miss something back at the restaurant?" I tiredly say.

"Not at all, Hope," she gleams with that audacious smile of hers.

"What brings you here? You live on the other side of town," I jokingly laugh.

"I just wanted to come by and say thank you for helping me out so much today, I'm forever thankful," she replies.

Being 18 I'm often told that I take on way too much for my age but I disagree, if I can manage it, why not do it, right?
Slowly placing my fingers between hers I take the keys and unlock my apartment door.

"It's totally fine, I'd do anything for you, seeing as you're my boss. Hey, do you wanna come in for a drink?" I say, whilst crawling my eyes slowly down her olive skinned neck.

"Yeah, I'd love to," she winks.

Letting her go on through first I casually glare at her firm ass pressed against her tight jeans that she is wearing so damn well. So tempted to run my hand against her ass and all the way up her nicely fitted white top I bite my lip and quickly close the door behind us both.

I can't believe it, I'm having sexual thoughts about my best friend Sarah's mum. Walking into the kitchen I turn around and ask her what drink she'd like whilst turning on the TV.

"Any alcoholic drink, hunnie. After such a long day I think I need one," she laughs.

Totally remembering what channel I had on last I dive for the TV remote in a bid to either turn it off or change the channel. It's too late, she's seen it, the channel I had on earlier, the lesbian porn channel.

Embarrassingly laughing I apologize and switch it over to CSI. Shaking my head in embarrassment as I walk away into the kitchen. I hear her get up as I go to open the cupboard with the glasses in. Turning around I find her right behind me, so close that I am in reach of her red, soft looking lips.

"I'm so sorry about that, I had totally forgotten about it," I awkwardly smile.

"What are you sorry for? I enjoyed the part I had seen, I just wish someone would make me feel like that one day, that girl being pleasured clearly was having the time of her life with someone between her legs and their tongue so far buried inside her pussy," she says whilst stepping closer towards me.

I can't believe what I've just heard, is my friend's mum coming onto me? Should I make a move? Will she reject it? Having my back against the kitchen worktop I place both my hands either side of me. Watching her close in on me my grip on the worktop tightens. I want her so bad, I want to taste every possible part of her pussy, inside and out. I start to feel my tongue go crazy inside my mouth and wanting to taste something so good looking as the well trimmed, curvy 38 year old standing right in front of me.

I've had enough, I'm having her right now. Taking my hands off the worktop and walking towards her I watch this huge smile creep across her face as I place one hand on her waist and the other one on her neck. Staring deep into her silky brown eyes I kiss her with more passion than I have ever given anything else.

Feeling her soft luscious lips against mine I slide my tongue into her warm, wet mouth and soak up every touch of her tongue against mine and every taste of the inside of her mouth. Placing my hand against her perky C sized breasts I push her against the kitchen table, lay her on it and hastily spread her legs apart. Pushing her further onto the table I elegantly climb myself on top of her and start to teasingly grind my knee against her pussy.

"Mmm, fuck me, Hope. Make me your bitch and have me anyway you want. I want you to make me feel exactly like that woman I saw on that porn channel," she whispers deeply into my ear.

Feeling so much more alive than I did about an hour ago I softly kiss my way down her neck, sucking on it from time to time. As she starts to unbutton my white work blouse I hungrily start to undo her trousers that I have longed to have off her size 10 body. My blouse comes off and her trousers do too, both throwing them on the floor I glide my tongue right up her inner thigh to her laced, black underwear and playfully run my tongue down them feeling her legs shudder beneath my touch.

Hurriedly taking my trousers off, she begins taking her white top away from her body. Finally, both of us are left in our underwear, just what I pictured. Using one finger I run it across her pussy and feel the wetness of it drenching through rather quickly. Pulling them to the side I smell the essence of her divine looking pussy and eagerly start eating at it.

Hearing her gasp so sexily I trail one of my hands up to her breasts and underneath her bra, revealing them slightly. Just as she unclips it from behind her I run one of her nipples between two of my fingers and gently pinch it, while I forcefully start to fuck her with my tongue.

"That feels so frickin' amazing! Don't stop. You're making me feel so fucking alive and I want you to taste my cum that you're gonna make me squirt very soon," she wildly gasps.

"I want you to shoot your cum straight down my throat so I have no choice but to swallow over and over again," I reply.

Having my tongue removed from her pussy I start to focus on her swollen clit, swirling my tongue around it and flicking it constantly as I begin to pound her pussy with my three fingers. Thrusting them inside her so fast that her body is constantly jolting. Something so tight like her pussy needs to be stretched every once in a while, so fucking her even faster and harder I feel her hand travel between my hair and hold my head down towards her pussy.

Pulling away I lay on my back and tell her to sit on my chest. Doing so I spread her toned legs apart and bury my face once again into her pussy as she places both her hands either side of my waist and frustratingly pushes her gorgeous pussy onto my face.

"Fuck, I'm so close. I'm gonna ejaculate, I've been holding off for so long because it feels so fucking good having your tongue and fingers deep into my pussy that is all yours", she screams.

Eating away like a starved animal I pussy pound her one more time with my tongue as she begins ejaculating so furiously down my throat. Licking her pussy clean from her juices I seductively kiss her and run my fingers through her curly, long brunette hair.

"I told you I'd do anything for you, seeing as you're my boss," I laugh, while winking at her breathless body.

"I hope you're ready because now I'm gonna make you feel like I just felt, sweetheart," she teasingly says as she walks towards the bedroom with all my sex toys that I had left in full view on my bed this morning.

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