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Michele's pleasure

Michele and I were very good friends for quite a while. We have been a couple for about a week now, and we couldn't be happier. She has beautiful brown hair and amber brown eyes that glisten with the sunlight. She has a Nordic look about her: which I find fucking sexy...

One thing we like to do is take strolls in the park: Hand-in-hand. The subject of sex has only come up once in our blooming of a relationship. I asked if we would and she responded that it would be a "Maybe". I completely understand if she is not comfortable at first.

It is a beautiful Friday in Spring and we go to the park and walk about the trail. The wind is blowing gracefully and Michele's hair flows like an angel along with it. We pass by pretty flowers, trees, there's a river to the right, and beautiful birds are flying and singing. I love cardinals. We stop walking by one tree and find a cardinal chirping. The cardinal appeared to be looking at me as it was tweeting happily.

"Awwww. I think he likes you," Michele says.

I chuckle and agree. As we keep on walking along the trail, Michele, for no apparent reason, starts singing beautifully. I couldn't understand a word she was singing, but I swooned at her voice. Her looks, her eyes, her voice... I don't want to sound insistent, but I must have her soon...

Nearing the entrance of the park: she gives me a graceful kiss on the cheek. "A kiss on the cheek for Lovely Scout..." She said. Hearing those words come from her beautiful mouth was a natural stimulant to my arousal. Now it is definite: I must have her...

I take my left hand and squeeze her lovely ass underneath her skirt. As I felt her ass, I notice it is covered by satin panties. I Love satin panties...

She giggles and whispers, "Let's go back to my place..."

She winks and a huge gratificational bell was banging in my head. Michele is sooooo fucking hot, and I can't wait until I get what's coming to me...

I was driving and we were headed to her apartment. I kept my eyes on the road, but from the corner of my eye, it appears that Michele is pulling up her skirt and exposing her cute white panties. She runs her fingers across her pussy a few times. I pretend I don't notice so that I can just let it build up and build up... That: plus I'm not in the mood for getting in an accident...

Our hands are already all over each other by the time we make it into the apartment. We kiss passionately and our tongues taste each other lovingly. Michele tastes so sweet, and if it were candy, I would buy every one of them candies in the country.

After approximately 6 minutes of playing tonsil tennis, she stops me and says to me in a sing-song voice, "Be right back..."

I moan angrily, and she shakes her ass as she walks into her bathroom. She shuts the door but not all the way. The door opens up slightly. Michele turned on the water so she can take a shower: Without me! She has already removed her shirt, bra, and skirt. Her panties are still on and she bends over as she reaches for some lotion underneath her sink. That's it! I need On a nearby coat hanger, there is a black scarf. I just got myself an idea...

I grab the scarf and I sneak up behind her... She squeaks as I put the scarf around her eyes.

"Don't worry: it's just me," I say.

"Come on, Scout," she mutters, "I'll be right out..."

"I can't help it, Michele: you've been teasing me all day, and I just wanna have you..."

"Scout..." Michele complains.

"Shhh..." I squeeze her smoothe ass, "Let me pleasure you..."

I tie the scarf behind her head, and I caress her satin-covered-ass. I lightly smack it, and she squeaks. I smile and I spank her a lot harder.

"Ahhh!" She cries. I gently rub her right cheek and I spank it just as hard!

"AAOW!!!" She squeals, beautifully. She is trembling a little bit. I whisper in her ear, "Relax, Darling: Just give in to the pleasure..."

Still standing behind her: I adjust her hair and expose her smooth neck. I just barely lick it, and then I start kissing and licking her neck. Her body just stiffened.

"Mmmmm..." she moans.

As I continue to kiss her cute neck, I caress her tits with my hands. I rub her beautiful breasts and my finger tips roll over her very hard nipples. Her breasts look so cute in the mirror in front of me. She moans and sighs softly as she lets me touch her beautiful body. I take my right hand and lightly spank her ass once more. Still kissing her neck and fondling her breasts simultaneously: I grope her even firmer. I, then, take my right hand, slide down her navel, slip into her panties, and start lightly rubbing her pussy...

Her breathing is more erratic now: as I take my fingers and access the sweet and smooth area between her lips. She spreads her legs and lets me know that her pussy is now mine...

I whisper in her ear, "You like that?"

She meekly replies, "Yes......mmmmmm..."

I take my thumb and lightly press on her clit and she squeaks again. I giggle deviously. Now I'm triple tasking: Kissing her neck, fondling her left breast, and playing with her smooth pussy. My hand is now doused in her sensual juices. I use this chance to slip two fingers inside of her. She starts to moan more audibly. I pump my fingers in and out: alternating between slow and smooth to faster and harder.

This unorganized finger fucking seemed different to her, and I could tell by her whimpering moans. As her moans become louder and louder: I stop what I'm doing and I slip off her panties. I turn her around to face me and I get on my knees for my lover. I lean my face in, and I start licking her pussy very vigorously! She begins moaning even louder now, and whimpering more...

I lick outside her pussy, I lick between her pussy lips and I lick and suck on her fully accessible clit. She lets out an odd sounding scream to that effect, and I love it. Darting my tongue in her hole, and rubbing her clit really fast, relentlessly: her legs are starting to give way...

"Ahhh!!! UHNNN!!! Ehhh!!!" She starts screaming as I am trying to make her cum for me. As her legs are still shaking, she is now letting out some kind of hissing sound. She arches her back and she gives off some final thrusts and she finally cums with one final ear-piercing-scream... I lick it all up like the ice cream in my bowl. She still gives off some whimpering moans as I clean her pussy. I, then, stand back up and I remove the scarf from her eyes. I kiss her beautiful lips and lets her taste her pussy from me...

"That was wonderful..." She sighed. She strokes my red hair and motions her head to the shower.

"It's time for me to clean you up..." She said...

Part Two coming soon! Stay tuned!
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