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Mira - 5

My night of sexual abandon continues
‘Take Joanna to my room, Ivanova – I will probably join you later.’

Ivanova stood and offered me her hand. I took it and stood and followed her as she led the way through a large pair of oak doors to a subtly lit corridor. The carpet was thick and I followed Ivanova’s delicious body, her hips swaying beneath the red silk. About half way along the corridor she opened a black, leather covered door and led me into a large room furnished with sumptuous carpet, large deep chairs and a sideboard which held drinks bottles and glasses.

Ivanova turned and opened her robe. Her gorgeous body still showed the marks of her lashing and she stroked the marks, her eyes sparkling. She opened a drawer in the sideboard and took out a strapon which she proceeded to buckle around her hips.

‘Take a seat, Joanna and let me bring you a drink.’

I sank into one of the deep chairs and watched as she poured the champagne into two flutes and brought them across, handing one to me.

‘To pleasure.’ She raised her glass and I responded, touching mine to hers. 'Mira may or may not join us. She is very, ‘ here she hesitated for a moment, ‘how do you say in English? She is very near to the lady who owns this house.’

‘I think you mean “close.”’

‘Yes, close is what I mean. She likes you very much.’

‘I like her too.’

Ivanova smiled. ‘Yes, of course you do.’

‘Why do you allow people to hurt you, Ivanova?’

‘Because I love it; no, I need it and crave it. I am not alone in that, you know.’ She sipped more wine then placed her glass on a low table and stood, slipped her robe off completely and moved close to me. She stroked the dildo poking from her groin. I watched, spellbound as she seemed almost to find genuine pleasure in the mock masturbation. I sipped champagne as she stroked the phallus and she closed her eyes and swayed sinuously. I could not help but be aroused. It seemed that the entire evening was one of hedonistic pleasure. Her eyes opened and she reached her hand out to me and I stood and took that hand in mine. She pulled me close to her and, still stroking her cock, kissed my mouth, hard.

‘Mira will want you to be happy.’ As she said these words slowly her hand moved from her cock and began inch by inch to pull my dress up until she could reach between my legs to stroke my naked pussy. She backed towards a wall and pulled me with her then leant against that wall and guided me until her strapon was touching between my lips. She moved her hands to my backside and began to push gently into me until the dildo entered me, opened me and pushed deep inside me, curling up to caress my canal. Her mouth found mine again and now, mouths locked and hips rocking we made gentle love, standing, my dress up, she naked. I caressed her beautiful breasts and stroked her flanks. It was slow and intoxicating.

I did not hear the door open but I saw Ivanova look at something behind me and turned to see Mira with the red headed owner of the club. They stood, watching us, hand in hand. I moved to disengage from Ivanova but she held me fast. Looking over my shoulder I watched as Mira and the redhead came close and felt the back of my dress being lifted, not knowing by whom.

The redhead smiled as she saw the jewel between the cheeks of my arse.

Mira spoke. “Did I not tell you, Elena, how beautiful she is?’

A hand caressed my arse and then pulled at the plug which slithered easily from my well-lubricated hole. Ivanova turned my face to hers and kissed me harder and began thrusting into me, increasing the pace of each thrust. I bucked against her and suddenly felt the tip of something slippery but hard at my arse. I could not turn, Ivanova held my face tight as the dildo pressed against my rear entrance and slowly but inexorably entered me. I was full, two dildos working into me in time together. Hands on my shoulders and at my face held me there, my dress up, my breasts still covered by the silk of it but hard against Ivanova’s naked body. I was close to orgasm. I had never felt such arousal. Such abandon. I saw, out of the corner of my eye, Mira leaning against the wall beside Ivanova and realised in my aroused state that it was Elena who was thrusting into me from behind. Mira reached out and touched my face and it was that touch which sent me over the edge into the scream of a climax that seemed to explode in one huge eruption.

The two women held me sandwiched between them. Their thrustings slowed and stopped and gradually each eased her cock from me. The hem of my dress fell to cover me but Ivanova did not allow me to fall, holding me tight to her. She kissed me lightly, smiling, then led me back to the chair into which I gratefully sank again. I was able now, as I recovered, to look properly at Mira. I had been wrong in thinking her sari like attire was a dress, for the skirt of it had been removed and although her top half was as before, less the shawl, she wore tight leather cut off trousers below the waist. Her luxurious black hair was drawn loosely back from her face. I took some champagne and Mira, eyes locked on mine, indicated to Ivanova to refill my glass. She did so, still naked and with that phallus protruding below her waist.

She poured wine for Mira and Elena then, without saying anything, left the room. I turned my attention to Elena. The red head had worn a long, black dress when we arrived but now she was in a dark blue dress that was entirely open below the waist. Her strapon had gone and her triangle of neatly trimmed, flame red hair glittered in the soft light. Elena moved close to Mira and they kissed passionately. When the kiss ended, Elena sat in another of the chairs and Mira came to me.

She stroked my face and then leant to whisper. “Elena has pleased you, now it your turn to please her, my little western girl.’

She pulled me to my feet, led me to Elena who parted her legs, lifting them onto the arms of the chair as Mira gently pushed me down to my knees.

Of course I knew what was expected of me. I felt as if I were watching someone else, some stranger who behaved like this, not me, but a complete unknown. I buried my face between Elena’s legs. I tongued her and sucked her clitoris, I nibbled at her lips, my hands caressing her splayed thighs. I worked my tongue deep inside her, as deep as I could.

I looked up, my mouth still pressed to her, to see Mira straddling her face, pressing her leather covered mound to Elena’s mouth, rubbing herself vigorously. The redhead was writhing now, lifting her hips to me and her back arching, moans coming from her but muffled by Mira’s body. Her orgasm followed quickly, violently and wetly.

Mira dismounted, lifted me gently and kissed my wet face. She licked me.

She said, ‘You will need a clean dress.’ Her eyes laughed at me. ‘You have been a delightful whore. We will go back to the ship now.’

Someone, I don’t know who, brought me a clean dress and Mira put back the skirt of her dress which was brought by the same girl along with her shawl. She wrapped her shawl around her shoulders and we left the club, down the steps and into the Mercedes which was waiting for us.

On the drive back to the ship and in the boat that took us to it I was able, at last, to think; to think about my behaviour, my wantonness. I was not sure I liked myself very much. It had all been so lewd, so sexual but without romance – the romance that I had always assumed I needed.

Mira read my mind. ‘You have never just fucked before, have you? You have always needed to feel a connection with the object of your lust. But tonight you yourself have been the object of lust; you have seen the darkness and your body took control rather than your mind. You loved it but your bourgeois mind says you should not have.’

She was right.

‘We have no work tomorrow.’ We were by this time walking through the ship back to our cabins. ‘I will come to you.’

I went into my suite and undressed, leaving the incredibly expensive dress I had been given in a heap on the floor. I showered and almost exhausted crawled into my bed. But I was not to be allowed to sleep. Mira came in through the communicating door. She was wearing a deliciously long, silk nightgown, almost transparent and of the exact black to match her hair which was now loose and flowing down her back. I could not see where her hair stopped and the silk started. She climbed into bed beside me and pulled me to her mouth.

‘I have had only one orgasm this evening. That was when Ivanova was whipped. I need another and you will give it to me.’

And so, and without demur, I slithered down between her legs, lifted the nightdress and gave her the climax she demanded.

She slept with me all the remainder of that night, waking me twice, once to bring me to a deliciously lazy orgasm with her tongue. The second time I was woken by something pressing on my mouth and I realised she was astride me, riding my face as she had ridden Elena’s earlier. This time, however, she reached her orgasm and once more, my face was wet. It was her wet that she licked from me.

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