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Mistress in the Sex Dungeon Part 1

Olivia, the pet, gets her daily dose of punishment...
Her legs were red as she was bent over in front of her mistress. Olivia's thighs were burning, and there are red lines below her arse cheeks which were left by the cane. The pee trickled down her legs from beneath her short tartan skirt, which revealed a soft bottom and a tight, wet pussy. Slowly, the flow made its way down to her black heels and then began to make a pool on the floor. The bursts of pee were short, but almost every time the cane caught her below her cheeks. The bottom cheeks themselves were bruised and red, just the way she liked them, although this was a delightfully painful experience. Between every trickle of pee, more of her cum dribbled out of her lips, joining the pool on the floor.

Above the tartan skirt was an eighteen-year-old teen wearing nothing but a bra. Her skin was soft and tanned, which was beautiful to the eye. Yet, Olivia preferred being spanked by a cane and she loved knowing it would hurt every time she had to sit down. She was wearing a black 36DD bra, with pink frills on the edge. She had also been wearing a matching thong, but that was now gone and stuffed inside of her mistress's pussy. Following upwards, from her head grew beautiful, luscious brown hair. It was silky smooth, and soft to the touch - soon it was would be messy and wet with pee.

Still the cane smacked across her cheeks, it seemed to never end. That was the fun part! Before every hit, she had to beg for more, as she was the bitch and Ashley was the master. Her bottom was throbbing but yet she murmured between every cry, 'more Mistress, more'. Her mascara and eye liner had run down her cheeks, and her face was covered in make-up. Ashley had given her a slutty makeover, by giving her blue eye-shade, and green blusher. Her lips were ruby red and ready to be given kisses - unfortunately it wasn't a kiss she would be receiving!

Olivia had only three seconds between each hit to beg for more, or else Ashley would slap her twice across the face, and then shock her with the small electro wand. Eventually, Olivia's legs became weak, but she couldn't fall over or her Mistress would become angered even more! So, she gripped to the chair backrest she was leaning over, and took the pain. Again, more and more pee followed by squirt after squirt.

Three, two, one. Smack!

Three, two, one. Smack! More pee and more cum...

Ashley gripped Olivia's brown hair and put her down her knees. She was relieved to feel the relaxation of not having to support her own weight, but she knew there was more punishment to come. Ashley pushed Olivia's head into the pool of pee and cum and forced her to lick it up. There was no time to savour the taste, as Olivia was forced to lick it up very fast. Ashley counted down from twenty to zero, albeit it was impossible for Olivia to lick it all up in that time! Once at zero, Ashley tutted and pulled Olivia across the floor using her bra strap. Crouching to her pet's level, she grabbed Olivia's cheeks and shouted at her.

"You are such a bitch! Why haven't you cleaned my floor like you were supposed to!" Olivia continued to cry, as her pussy tingled constantly. "You'll have to finish it off tomorrow, as your breakfast." Grabbing her by the wrist, she dragged Olivia away to another room. This room was black, with no light. The windows were boarded up and above the door written in red paint was 'Sex Dungeon'. All around the room there were red candles which were lot up ready for the two entering the room. There was one double bed in the room with a mattress and in the corner was a large ring on the wall with a chained dog collar attached to it. Ashley put Olivia on the bed and bound her hands to the top of the bed frame. Ashley was now in control, so she placed a black rubber mask over Olivia's head, which had small zip holed for the eyes, as well as a zip over the mouth.

Ashley quickly took some photos of her masked lover and then admired the cute black and pink bra along with the tartan skirt. Ashley climbed onto the bed and began to lick the bottoms of Olivia's heels. She could still taste the pee from earlier and slowly enjoyed the scent of Olivia's pussy which was adrift in the air. Slowly, Ashley kissed up Olivia's thighs and Olivia let out small moans, as her legs were still in horrendous pain from the spanking. Licking along the marks of the cane, Ashley gently tapped the bruises, making Olivia toggle around and weep.

"Do you love your mistress slave?" Ashley looked Olivia in the eyes through her mask.

"Yes mistress, I love you, thank you for my punishment." Olivia's red eyes glistened with tears in the candlelight. Ashley zipped up Olivia's eyes, but left the mouth open and then got off the bed. There was silence as Olivia waited for what round happen next. She could see anything at all, but she knew her mistress would soon be coming back to give her more punishment.

Moments later, Olivia heard Ashley walking towards the bed and heard her the climb onto it. Ashley positioned herself facing the opposite way, with her crotch above Olivia's head. Olivia could smell the pussy juices from Ashley's amazing pussy. Both of them were shaved, but she had always liked the taste of Ashley's over any other girl. It was sweet and sticky and she couldn't wait to taste it again.

"Open your mouth slave," said the Mistress, and Olivia obeyed. Olivia was surprised when Ashley forced a strapon straight into her mouth without notice. Ashley choked Olivia for a few seconds and then removed the manhood. Olivia caught her breath and then the cock went straight back in, Ashley lent forwards and pulsed in and out of Olivia's mouth. Her head was near her slave's pussy and as she pulsated, she lent forward and took a big sniff of Olivia's lips. She then licked her slave's clit until Olivia was wriggling around in delight.

Reaching under the bed, Ashley pulled out a dildo vibrator and a butt plug. She used Olivia's juices as lube and placed the butt plug up her own ass. As it entered her she gasped and she forced the strapon down Olivia's throat. The spare vibrator she then used on Olivia. She used it slowly at first, playing with the clit, but then began to push it in and out her slave's vagina. It made loud sloshing sounds as it found its way inside and Olivia eventually found her hips were thrusting up and down in pleasure.

She was coming close to orgasming, so her mistress continued to fuck her.

The vibrator caught Olivia's clit once more and her pussy erupted into a shower of cum which shot across the room. Ashley got off from Olivia's face, and Olivia began to cry in delight. The orgasm continued and more and more squirt shot out. Ashley put her face in front of the pussy and got many mouthfuls of sweet cum. As she continued to swallow, she fingered herself and smelled her own juices as they dribbled from inside of her.

Returning to Olivia, she positioned herself over her slave, and guided the strapon into the pussy before her. She removed her butt plug and allowed Olivia to have it in her mouth and they fucked. Pushing the strapon further and further in, Olivia moaned in delight. Her thighs and lips were tingling and Ashley could she her nipples poking up from behind her bra. The mistress reached behind her slave and undid the break allowing her mighty breasts which were perfectly formed to lay across her stomach. Leaning forwards, Ashley sucked each nipple individually, and tasted the sweat that was running down them.

Olivia sighed each time the strapon entered her and she could feel its long length push further and further up inside of her cavity. It's girth stretched her tight lips, but it was more pleasure than pain. Ashley untied her slave and got her up onto her hands and knees. It was ball gag time. The mistress put the gag around the mask and into Olivia's mouth. There were two little nose holes in the mask, so Olivia could still breathe. Pushing the tartan skirt up, Ashley found Olivia's tight red ass, ready for more punishment. Spreading the cheeks made the slave cry, as the bruising was intense.

Taking her finger, Ashley opened up her slave's ass and felt around inside. Slowly, she inserted two more fingers and then her pinky and her thumb. Olivia gasped when Ashley forced more inside of her, and her cheeks continued to sting. Eventually Ashley had forced her fist inside and she moved it around, making Olivia very wet. Instantaneous gushing followed, as Olivia let cum and led erupt from her swollen pussy lips. The fist was then removed, but followed by the cock. The strapon had such a length that Olivia thought it would never end! Once Ashley was comfortable she took Olivia by surprise - she gripped her hair and then fucked her as fast as she could! Olivia was out of breath within seconds and Ashley shows no mercy. Many spanks followed as the mistress fucked her slave, and Olivia screamed and cried with pleasure.

Ashley reached forward and played with Olivia's pussy. Her hand was covered in cum, so she licked it as her slave kept receiving its punishment. Olivia screamed from behind her gag, and murmured for Ashley to keep going. Eventually, Ashley was tired, so she pushed the slave over and pulled it onto the floor.

"Olivia? Slave? Your punishment for today is nearly complete. You have made my life so good! I work through the day and then come and punish you every night! You're my good slave!" Every day, Olivia who was actually Ashley's girlfriend stayed at home. She was forced to wear the same clothes every day. She had the same skirt in a few colour, but the bra was always the same, as were the heels. She has to crawl around on her hands and knees and drink from a bowl of water. She is not allowed on the furniture and must pee in the garden. The slave sleeps in the sex dungeon, chained to the ring on the wall.

Once the mistress had finished talking, she stood the slave up against the wall. Taking off her slave's tartan skirt, she walked over to her bed and tidily laid it there. There was a tap on one wall which was connected to a hose,s so Ashley turned it on and picked up the hose. Pressing the trigger, cold water shot out of the hose at a great speed. The water cover the slave and soaked her. The slave was still wearing the gag and her mask, but she screamed as the cold water numbed her pussy and nipples. Once finished, Ashley got down and licked the slave's pussy, which brought the feeling back and eventually a nice warm gush of cum.

Ashley's face was nice and sticky and she was content. The slave was then ordered onto its knees, and was chained to the wall using the dog collar.

"Go to sleep now, I will take off your gag." Ashley took the gag, and left the mouth hole open. Olivia had no sight the whole time, so she went straight to sleep on the floor. Ashley blew out the candles and lay on the bed in the Sex Dungeon. Using the vibrator, she teased her pussy slowly, until she reached a very violent orgasm. She covered the bed in cum and then pissed all down her own legs. The bed was covered in stains and that's exactly what made her happy. She knew tomorrow would be just as good when she had to take her slave out for a dog walk around the town... She liked to humiliate Olivia, which is exactly why Olivia was an obeying slave...

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