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Model Behavior

Model Lauren shows newbie Joanna the ropes
Joanna sat in her car, rigorously reading through the piece of paper in her hands. 'Subject: LADS MAG SHOOT' it read at the top. Nervously, she ran through the checklist to make sure she hadn't forgotten anything.

"Well conditioned hair, check. No excessive fake nails or makeup, check. Body piercings removed, check. Identification, check Waxed pubic hair, check.... if shaving counts," she murmured to herself.

There was no use going through the email now anyway; she was there, and already a few minutes late. After one last glance at herself in her rearview mirror, Joanna hopped out of her car and made her way up to the large L.A. mansion that stood before her.

The house looked like those out of expensive music videos. The grand open space hosted a number of sculptures elegantly placed between modern furniture which stood proudly on a light marble floor. However, this all went unnoticed by Joanna who'd had her focus immediately drawn to how intimidatingly beautiful the other model was. Joanna herself was a very stunning girl; with olive skin, long dark hair, striking green eyes, and a slender, yet curvy frame with perky 32Cs, she was very much used to being the hottest girl in the building. Here, she didn't even think she made it to hottest in the room.

"Ah Joanna, you're late," came the voice of what seemed to be the photographer's P.A., "Leave your stuff here with me and go up to the first room on your left to get your bikini."

The urgency of it all didn't help ease Joanna's nerves. She'd done sexy shoots for past boyfriends before, but never anything professional, so she'd hoped they'd go easy on her. She entered the room and panic began to set in as she saw two more stunning models. They were casually chatting without an inch of clothing on, completely confident in their sculpted bodies as a makeup artist brushed over them with bronzer. Joanna gazed in awe as their perfect breasts bounced freely whenever they giggled.

"Hi, you must be the new one, Joanna?" one of them said, introducing herself as Lauren.

Observing her luscious, dirty blonde hair, intense brown eyes, and perfect handful sized breasts Joanna realised she had now found the hottest girl in the building.

"At least she's nice." Joanna thought as she shyly nodded, beginning to finally feel relaxed.

As soon as the girls stepped out to the amazing outdoor pool, the photographer sternly directed them on where to pose. Joanna reclined in a sultry position on the ground, eager to impress the seemingly impatient photographer.

"Come on girls I want sexy not tired," he moaned. After a few snaps he put the camera down. "Right, you at the front, chest out more! And you, arch your back," he demanded. "As for you, new girl," he said pointing at Joanna, "Do you know where you are? Have you heard of the word sexy? Your tits even look bored, make your nipples hard like everyone else's so we can see them through the bikini."

Joanna was absolutely mortified. How could she look sexy now when all she felt was the urge to burst into tears. Embarrassed and very much aware of all the eyes on her, she began to slowly rub her nipples.

"For fucks sake, where do they get these incompetent girls, Lauren sort her out please," the photographer groaned.

Lauren strode over and kneeled down in front of Joanna.

Noticing the tears starting to well up, she whispered, "Don't take it to heart, you definitely are sexy."

Joanna had to admit, there was something about Lauren that made everything she said sound good. Hearing those words however, made her feel strange, almost enticed. Lauren began to slowly undo Joanna's bikini top and pull it down, letting the tight material run over Joanna's nipples. She then began to stroke them, watching them with those intense eyes.

"Do girls turn you on?" Lauren asked under her breath.

"No!" a shocked Joanna responded, feeling herself tense up again.

Though she could not help but feel that she was lying a little. She'd never even considered girls before, but here she was in front of everyone being fondled by one. She couldn't deny that beneath the shame and embarrassment, this surreal experience was turning her on. Lauren began to suck on a nipple, slowly caressing it with her tongue while twisting the other between her fingers. Joanna gave a heavy gasp.

"Well it looks like you've got sexy down now," joked the photographer slowly picking up his camera again, not daring to stop Lauren who was clearly in her element.

Heavy breathing began to sound, but it wasn't coming from Joanna or Lauren. One of the other models had decided to make her nipples harder too it seemed, while also slipping a hand down her bikini bottoms. Lauren took this as a sign to up her own game, and delicately pulled the string tying Joanna's thong together. Feeling her entirely naked body exposed for all of the horny crew members and models to see was almost enough to make Joanna climax right there and then. Lauren kissed her softly from from her stomach to her inner thighs. Joanna knew the wetness from her vagina was glistening in the hot sun, and hoped that would be tempting Lauren to lap it all up. But Lauren knew how to tease, and more importantly, knew it would be worth the wait. She took off her own top revealing her large, erect nipples. She bent back down, taking one of her breasts in her hand and began to rub her own nipple against Joanna's sensitive clit.

"Sure you don't like girls?" she said with a slight cockiness in her tone.

By now everyone had gathered around them. The men stood over the two, violently rubbing up and down their shafts, eager to make the most out of a situation they all knew would never arise again. Even the model who had been pleasuring herself was now leaning over Joanna trying to get a better view, her face so close to Joanna's breasts that she couldn't resist sucking them herself. Joanna could tell she was dripping wet at this point, and she knew Lauren wasn't going to lick it up until she admitted that she wanted it.

"Eat me!" Joanna begged, embarrassed that she had succumbed so easily.

To her relief, Lauren was just as keen to follow the order. Joanna could see her juices glistening on Lauren's perfect nipples as she got into position, and realised that she wanted nothing more than to lick it off for her.

With the other model still relentlessly flicking Joanna's nipple with her tongue, Joanna knew it wouldn't take much to make her cum. However, she was feeling a different sensation to her usual orgasm build up. This was stronger, more stimulating, and she hoped it would last for as long as possible.

She felt Lauren's warm mouth slowly cover her hole, moving her tongue around and inside, hungrily taking in her juices. She moved up to the clit sucking it, while lightly tickling it with her tongue. Various moans were coming from the group at this stage, but none could overpower the sound of Joanna's screaming when Lauren let two fingers slide fast and hard in and out of her, rubbing every ridge on her walls. Joanna began to feel warm splashes of cum across her stomach as the guys successfully finished. Joanna's hips thrust up deeper against Lauren's mouth. Joanna didn't feel like this was a normal sensation at all.

Her body became overwhelmed with a tingly numbness and her legs began to go weak. Cum sprayed from her vagina covering Lauren's face and chest. Joanna began to shake and pant as her body slowly recovered from its ecstasy. Before Joanna could cringe at the realisation of what she had just done in front of all of these strangers, Lauren came over to her, kissing her so that she could taste her own juices.

Being the considerate girl she was, and given the situation she was in, there was only one thing Joanna could think to say, "I always return a favour."

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