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How this lady was seduced by another woman.
The It was in the late nineties, 1998 to be exact and I was living in a small apartment in downtown Montreal. I'd been divorced now for over three years after 25 years of marriage. Thankfully my kids had been out of the nest and living on their own at the time of my divorce. Some think I was lucky as after my husband had taken off with a much, much younger woman, as I was left with everything. So after my divorce which was not contested, I was left with our house, the furnishings and our car.

I sold everything after, got a tidy sum after having lived there for so many years and moved into the downtown area of the Montreal. I loved the city; I thought it was a vibrant lively place when my ex and I used to socialize there till a few years before our marriage started to fall apart.

We had had a nice lifestyle, we were both professionals, he was an engineer with a good job and I was an accountant working for a large assurance company in the city. Now I was on my own again after so many years, and found it hard to adjust as I was no longer a teenager.

I was about 5' 5" and around 175 pounds; I liked to think of myself as 'Rubenisque,' it sounded better than admitting I was fat. I had a nice figure when I was younger being blessed with a nice set of jugs, 48 DD now and needing all the support they could get.

My ex and I had lived a bit of a double lifestyle for a number of years; for the most part we were conservatively dressed for work and nice evenings out for dinner, movies, concerts and visiting friends etc. But for the last few years we were together, my husband would get me to dress all slutty. Then we would go out around 11 o'clock to midnight to some of the bars and clubs in the red light district of the city.

This was a turn-on for him and me too I must admit as one thing I had always enjoyed was a good fucking. I was usually in clothes that were a little tight on me, with the shortest of miniskirts and the highest heeled shoes and boots. Boots were his favorite as well as the skimpy little bras and fancy panties and French knickers’sets he bought for me.

For sex I always catered to him, giving him whatever he demanded wherever and however he wanted it. I admit to liking it too, I loved the spontaneity and variety with him. We both liked rough sex, he would often grab me and force me to cater to him no matter where we were and I loved him for it.

We would go to a club and pretend we were not together, and I'd have to sit on a bar stool and make eyes at other men, he got a kick seeing other men make up to me. I often danced with strangers as a result and they would grope me hoping to get lucky later, then he would intervene and take me out to the parking lot and fuck me good. I loved the flirting with strangers and often would have liked to go home with them, but he was always around to make sure it didn't get that far.

Even then when he thought I went 'a bit too far' as he put it, he would slap me around once we got home. Still it would end with me giving him a blow job, as he would grab my hair and fuck my face hard. Often he would take me in my ass as well, as I said before whatever he wanted I gave into his desires, no matter how kinky they were.

I know some of you wonder why I put up with it; at times I try to answer that question as well. I suppose I was a bit of a masochist, as a lot of what happened I liked and enjoyed some powerful climaxes as a result.

Now here I was at low ebb, after three years living on my own, I'd given up trying to attract another man. I was now 50, fat and worst of all felt unattractive. For the most part I took care of my own sexual needs, I still had a healthy libido and relied on my vibrators to relieve myself.

I still went out most weekends, and occasionally returned to our old haunts. Thanks to my ex husband I knew a lot of the dives, where I would sit in a club and watch porn on the television. Occasionally I would get 'lucky' and a man would buy me a few drinks, and after I would let him fuck me but it never lasted. It wasn't even good, but for a few minutes it made me feel like a woman again.

I was still very much the lady in my professional life, and on Thursday and Friday nights after work enjoyed the 'happy hours' at a few of the lounge bars that catered to professionals. Men then were usually at their best behaviour, and although I seemed to be popular enough still had trouble getting dates.

One lounge I enjoyed going to had a pianist playing old time music, people normally gathered around and chatted. That is where I met Renee. We had often seen each other there over the preceding weeks, and other than the polite hello's never really spoke to one another. This particular night we ended up sitting next to one another at the bar and got chatting about some proposed changes to the tax act. As I was an accountant it was of some interest to me, and as I found out Renee had her own insurance and mortgage business.

From then on we got to know each other quite well, and looked forward to seeing each other for happy hours. Like me she was divorced, and 'pleasantly plump' as she liked to describe herself. She was a lot more outgoing than me, had kicked her husband out a she put it for 'indiscretions.' She was also involved in shelters for abused women, which told me she had been a victim herself at one time. Probably why she was no longer married.

She knew a lot of the men who frequented the bar, and although she was an attractive lady never seemed to be interested in dating anyone.

We began seeing each other more often, as we seemed to have a lot in common. We would go shopping together on Saturday afternoons, take in the odd movie together etc. Also we shared with one another some of the intimate details of our marriages, including the sex habits of our exes. I felt I could trust her even going as far as to tell her about my husband’s kinky desires, including our midnight soirees to the dives in the red light district.

She had me name the places I used to go too, and asked me to describe some of the things I witnessed. One Friday when we were in this bar having drinks for 'happy hour, when she suggested we should perhaps go out later. Of course I didn't mind as it was something I enjoyed from time to time, but what surprised me was she asked if I would take her to a couple of the dives I'd told her about.

I agreed and we were to meet back at the lounge we were in around 11 PM, and left to go home for supper. After I made and had something to eat, I tried to think about where we could go and what to wear. I was worried what she might think of me dressed all slutty like, but then I had told her how I used to dress. After a nice hot bath to freshen up, I tried to decide what to wear.

Most of my trashy clothes if you can call them that, I couldn't get into anymore. Finally I found one of my miniskirts I could get into with a struggle, and a black push-up bra with a black waist cincher that helped hold in my expanding tummy. I had a fire engine red low cut blouse that would show my boobs off nicely, and put on a pair of black pantyhose and red stiletto shoes I hadn't worn in a while.

I checked myself in a mirror and although I still bulged in places with the tightness of my clothes, I didn't really care for the skirt as it was a pencil skirt that restricted the movement of my legs. It made me have to take shorter strides and 'clip clop' along in my high heels, sometimes having to almost 'trot' alongside my husband as we walked.

I hoped it wasn't too slutty for Renee, after all I had only seen her when we were in our daytime conservative clothes. Although we had talked about such things, I wasn't sure how she might feel about being seen in public with me dressed like a slut.

When I left my apartment I put on a top coat that would at least cover up how I looked, (Except for the red stiletto shoes my husband called my 'Hooker boots.') We met as arranged around 11 PM, and although she had a car suggested we take a taxi to wherever we were going.

From this point on it was up to me to tell the cab driver where to take us and I suggest we get off at the intersection of St. Catherine Street and St. Laurent, the edge of the red light district. At this time of night the hookers were starting to get quite active, so the street was quite lively with a bit of a carnival atmosphere I thought.

We walked to another street called St Denis, and then crossed over the road to walk back. On the way we passed a bar and went in to have a drink, after ordering we and just sat and watched others. I wanted to see how I thought she might feel sitting amongst the hookers and a lot of Johns, but seemed to be really absorbed in the atmosphere and noise. A jute box was blaring out rock and roll music; the noise level was high as customers argued, laughed and made up to their dates.

Once we left she asked if we could go where there was live entertainment, so I took her back to St. Laurent street to a bar there called, "Cleopatra's," There was a strip club on the ground floor, with a night club above it. It had been one of my husband’s favorites. The entertainment was mostly female comedians, female singers singing very raunchy songs and smacked of sex. On the way in we had to check our coats, there were a few black bow tied 'gentlemen,' who were there to make everyone 'welcome.' They were of course the bouncers hired to make sure there was no trouble.

The crowd was mixed, with also a number of Transvestites and of course the ladies who could be hired for a few drinks to accompany lonely men. As we were women one of the male attendants showed us to a table where there were two vacant seats, and after we sat down I greased a grubby palm with a 5 dollar bill. I had learned years before with my ex husband, that it was necessary to show one's appreciation for the 'personal attention.'

As we had to remove our coats Renee and I could see what each other was wearing, she smiled at me and I noticed she was also in a mini dress, dark nylons and heels. Not as daring as I perhaps but still pleased to see she was dressed for the occasion. For a moment we made eye contact, and I saw she seemed quite taken in by the atmosphere of the club.

We watched a couple of floor shows, and in between people could dace on the dance floor. There was the usual show of affection, as the clients kissed and cuddled each other more than you would find in more conservative clubs.

Renee asked if we could go somewhere else, so we got our coats and left. Right across the street there was another bar called "The Rendezvous" I think it was if my memory serves me right. It was a long bar that stretched from St. Laurent to another lane that ran parallel to it. The front half had tables to seat people and a dance floor, of course there was a band playing loud music. In the middle in front of the washrooms, there was a bar with tall stools to seat maybe half a dozen people. A TV on the wall played nonstop porn movies, my husband used to like me to sit there and watch the porn, and get a kick out of men trying to pick me up.

At the back there was a door leading out to the lane I mentioned, and near it was the pool table. I often played pool in those days and bending over to play some shots, gave me the opportunity to display my ample derriere and stocking tops. I made a lot of friends then; enjoying the attention I was given.

At first we sat at the bar, where I explained this to Renee. Then when a table became vacant in the front, we went and sat there to listen to the band and watch the people dancing. The atmosphere was typically very dark and smokey, the tables were jammed in so close that we were sort of crushed between other people. What happened underneath the tables, you can use your imagination?

On occasion in the past I had enjoyed a man feeling my thigh, and was known to have stroked the odd cock myself. It was so dark and crowded, there was not much chance of being seen and thrown out as a result. Reminiscing about the old days was starting to get me a little excited, and make me wish Renee was a man.

Quietly she leaned over so her mouth was close to my ear and whispered, "I see you like these places." In a way I was shocked to find my enthusiasm was transmitting my feelings to her and to others no doubt. Still for me it was hard not to enjoy the atmosphere, and as I said before it excited me. I was in no hurry to leave and as long as she didn't suggest we got to some other place, was quite happy to sit there and enjoy our drinks.

Occasionally she would lean over again to whisper in my ear, and quietly make a comment on some activity or persons. I felt her breath as if she was also lightly blowing in my ear, it was a feeling I liked. I thought she was just teasing knowing that I liked these places, and behaving like a man would. Soon I felt a hand on my knee; it had to be hers of course and didn't know what to make of it. I just left it there pretending I hadn't noticed, but soon felt her fingers caress my thigh. Not too much, just a little as if she was testing me for my response.

Her touch was much lighter than a mans, men tended to grip and squeeze whereas hers was gentle. With a continuous movement of her fingers, her hand moved to place her fingertips behind my thigh. I wasn't sure what to do, this had never happened to me before with another woman. Instinctively I closed my thighs trapping her hand between them, but she just left it there and waited.

It was bothering me in a nice way, I glanced at her out of the corner of my eye but she seemed to be just watching the dancers. Once I relaxed again she continued her movement caressing my thigh, I was excited and admit to enjoying the attention. Soon I felt the heel of her hand up against my pussy; I was so wet I wondered if she could feel my wetness through my pantyhose.

A man would have been pressing against it, but she just let me feel it with a slight movement of her hand. I felt I was going to cum, and scared I was going to have an orgasm there in public. As if reading my mind, her fingers started slowly making their way back down the underside of my thigh to the back of my knee. This eased the pressure for the time being, then again very slowly repeated her caress of my thigh.

It was like she held me on a plateau of pleasure, working her hand up to my pussy, giving me a moment to feel it. My breathing had quickened and I concentrated on not making any audible noises, as I often got quite vocal when aroused.

She leaned over again to whisper "you’re nice," and stuck her tongue in my ear and continued her caresses. I was scared of what was happening to me, I loved the sensations flowing through my body. We had a few drinks as well that probably helped me feel so horny, so when she suggested we leave I was only too happy to comply.

We went to the washroom for a pee before leaving, there were other women in there or who knows what might have happened. We left by the back door and she took my hand, then hurried me up to St. Catherine street so we could find a cab. I 'clip clopped' in my high heels, with my tight skirt it caused me to take short steps. It wasn't long before she hailed a cab and we got in and she said something in French to the driver and off we went.

Now I'd learned a bit of French living there all those years, but usually they spoke too fast for me to catch what they were saying. In the cab she held onto my hand tight, as if I might suddenly jump out and run. The Taxi finally pulled up outside a nice apartment building and Renee paid the driver and we got out. I knew I was being seduced and why I went along with this I'll never know, she had made me feel so good and sexy. She led me into the building, and rode the elevator a few floors to her apartment.

Once inside she hung up her coat then mine, then we kicked off our shoes. I was invited me to take a seat on her sofa, and she went a poured us some wine. She returned with the glasses and handed me one, and I took a sip and sat there holding my drink with both hands. I already had a glow on from our evening out, but I'd never been intimate with a woman before.

Renee was very complimentary saying what a wonderful time she had, how she had liked me for some time now. As if her thorniness suddenly welled up inside her, she took my glass and placed it on the table along with hers. Suddenly she placed one hand on my cheek, and with the other grabbed my hair and turned my head towards her.

I smelled the alcohol on her breath for a moment, then her mouth was on mine kissing me hard. I felt her tongue probe my lips, and I automatically opened my mouth to receive it. With a man I would respond right away as I loved French kissing, but she was a woman and as horny as any man would be. I loved it and within a few moments I was replying in kind, I sucked her tongue and she mine. She held me in along embrace before coming up for air, and then kissed my cheek, eyes and nose.

Pulling my head back by my hair, she kissed her way down to my neck and on down to my tits. She wasn't too gentle but I loved it, and soon I felt her hand start to undo the buttons of my blouse. I arched my back to help her searching fingers, and once it was undone popped my tits out of its bra. Now she was pleasing me first one tit then the other, giving gentle caresses and occasionally squeezing one as she placed her mouth on it. She took my nipple between her teeth and pulled on it, and when I winced from the pain, she sucked it gently.

Unlike a man she was in no hurry, soon I was moaning and crying from the sheer pleasure running through my body. My hands were wrapped around her too, as I tried to return the pleasure. Her breathing too was heavy, her eyes glazed with pleasure. During this I was slowly sinking sideways on the sofa, so she was almost on top of me.

I felt her hand on my thighs and pressed them apart as far as my tight skirt would allow. She pushed it up my thighs to find my cunt. Instead of trying to push her finger into it like a man would, gripped it tight through my pantyhose. I was wet so wet; she knew it and didn't seem to care. She pressed her mouth to mine, giving me rough kisses and rubbed my cunt with the palm of her hand.

Suddenly she stopped what she was doing, and pushed her shoulders up. Her eyes closed and her mouth open and moaning, she had what she called later, a "Tender moment." Suddenly she got off me and grabbing me by my wrist, pulled me up after her and took me to her bedroom. There she removed my blouse followed by my bra, then unzipped my skirt and I had to help her wiggle it down over my hips and let it drop to the floor. She pushed me back onto the bed, and I fell rather than sat down heavily on it.

Now I watched as she took off her own dress, followed by her bra and a lovely pair of French knickers. Smiling at me she spent a minute rubbing her own tits with one hand, and her pussy with the other. Then reaching down she gripped the waist of my hose, and in one movement pulled then down below my knees. Now she dove on top of me again grabbing me by my hair, and giving me hard kisses on my mouth as she pressed her other hand down between our bodies to fondle my pussy.

I loved the feel of her tits on mine, and wanted to touch them so bad. She had three or four fingers inside me, then playing with my clit. I was so high within minutes, the adrenaline running through my body. She removed her hand and holding me by my wrists, brought her pussy up against mine and started humping me.

She was like a wild thing, hair flying and eyes glazed as she shook her head, we both had orgasms within seconds of one another. Then with a cry collapsed on the bed beside me, and we lay there breathing heavily. She smiled at me, "This your first time with a woman?" she asked.

"Yes" I admitted.

"You liked it didn't you?"

"Oh yes" I said again, and I made a comment about how awesome it was without a cock.

"You like cock?" she asked.

Before I could answer she jumped off the bed and went to a drawer, and removed a strap-on dildo. Of course I often saw them in the sex shops, now I watched as she strapped it round her hips. After she adjusted it she came over to me, and ordered me to get on my hands and knees.

Now she got on her knees on the bed behind me, and I pressed my knees as far apart as I could. My feet were still trapped by my pantyhose as I waited for her to thrust it into me. Now she surprised me again, running her finger nails up the inside and back of my thighs. Soon her fingers found my pussy again and she massaged it, slipping her fingers in and out of it to get my juices flowing.

At last I felt her bring it to my crack; she surprised me again by running the tip of the dong against my cunt. Then played with it up and down the crack of my ass. I was waiting for the thrust that I was sure that was going to come, that's what I was used to with men. She gently placed the tip of it inside my pussy lips, moving it around to let me feel it then slid it in just an inch or so. It was awesome as she slowly removed it, and then slid it in some more just a little bit further each time.

I was soon moaning pleading with her to "Give it to me," but she took her sweet time. Once it was all the way home, I felt the tip right at my cervix she began a rhythmic fucking. She had a hold of my hips as she increased the strokes, now getting more and more vigorous. She reached over me and grabbed my hair with one hand, forcing me to lift my head and arch my back.

I loved it and gave a loud cry as my orgasm hit; I wanted to fall on my face to enjoy the moment. I couldn't because of the hold she had on me, and she kept pounding away till she gave me a second climax. Now pulling it out of me she gave me a hard slap on my ass and let me go.

After a few minutes rest she leaned over to me and said, "You liked that?"

I didn't need to answer that as it was a statement of fact. Now smiling at me she said, "Go get our wine."

I took a moment to take off my hose altogether, and went and fetched our glasses of wine. When I returned she had removed her dildo, and was sitting up leaning against the headboard. I looked at her naked body; although she was plump she was in much better shape than me. We spent some time sipping our wine, giving me a chance to admire her. She had nice tanned tits with rosy nipples, and a full bush of hair around her pussy.

Finally putting her glass down, she slid down on the bed and said, "Come on now let me see what you can do."

I was hesitant for a moment then climbed up beside her; it was to be the first time in my life to make love to another woman. I knew what I liked of course, and besides I could follow what she had done to me. I started giving her French kisses, just as she had done to me. Then I moved down to take a tit in my hand, it felt thrilling as I stroked it, running my fingers over and around her nipple.

When you enjoy what you are doing it's easy to take your time and enjoy it, and enjoy it I did. She kind of lifted one shoulder and taking my head in her hands and brought my face down to her tit. Automatically I kissed it feeling the nipple on my lips; I opened my mouth and sucked on it. She directed me to first one tit then the other, as I was being given my first lesson in loving a woman.

My hands started to roam down her body, thinking this is what she wanted but she stopped me, and moved my hands back up to her tits. Now with renewed vigor, I continued to please her as she directed me. She expressed what she liked with some words of encouragement, "Ah that's nice," or "Not so fast, gently now just let me feel your fingertips."

Yet there were times when I'd be rough with her, and she didn't complain, occasionally saying things like, "I like that." Her moans of pleasure were music to my ears, knowing I was pleasing her I was surprised at the excitement I was feeling myself.

I felt her stiffen and call out; I gave her a moment till she relaxed. She grabbed me and kissed me and pushed my hands down off her tits, now I caressed her tummy taking my time as I'd realised this is what she wanted. My fingers entered her pubic hair, inches from her pussy. I lightly scratched her there, pulling on her hair gently occasionally. As I approached her pussy with my hand, she opened her legs more to make it more accessible to my searching fingers.

I was scared yet excited to touch it; I'd never touched another woman's pussy before. Of course I knew what to do, men had often fingered me and I knew what I preferred. Nervously I ran my fingers over the outside of it, she was wet and it made it slippery. My two middle fingers seemed to slip automatically between her labia's, my thumb pressed on her clit and I started to stroke her.

"Oh that's it baby" she said closing her legs for a moment to trap my hand there. Opening up again she whispered, "That's it honey you know what we like," now feeling more confident I fucked her with my fingers and thumb. Her vocal sounds announced her oncoming orgasm, and then let out a yell as it hit her hard.

At last sated she relaxed and laid there, spread eagle smiling at me. "Not bad for a beginner" she said, giving me a complement.

I felt thrilled and excited as I lay beside her; she had one arm under my neck just holding me. Thoughts of the evening and the events that had led up to my seduction were going through my head. Next thing I knew it was late the next morning, almost lunchtime to be exact...

She was up drinking coffee, and hearing me told me to go grab a cup and join her. I did as I was told and seeing as she was naked, I didn't put any clothes on to cover my nudity either.

"Well what did you think of our night together," she asked.

I must have blushed and didn't know how to answer her, I averted her eyes I tried to think of an answer.

"Let's take a shower," she said "Then I'll take you to lunch."

She put on a nice ensemble and a pair of thigh highs, that was all covered up by a nice dress. All I had of course was my slutty clothes from the night before, clothes I normally wouldn't be seen dead in during the day. I mentioned this to her but all she said was "you'll be fine," and gave me a pair of black thigh highs to replace my smelly and torn pantyhose.

It was no use arguing with her, it was her apartment and I was far from mine. At least my overcoat would hide my attire from the public, we left her apartment and she got her car out telling me to get in. I hoped she would drive me home so I could at least get a change of clothes.

But no, as my protests fell on deaf ears as she drove east on St. Catherine street. We passed the intersection where the taxi had dropped us off the night before, and on down to that part of town know as 'The village.' Of course I knew of it as this is where the gays hung out, but except for driving through it in the past had never stopped there.

She spotted a parking space, and we got out and she led me to a restaurant. It was a very classy place and very French, we had to remove our coats and check them. I was never so embarrassed, and tugged at the hem of my short skirt to try to pull it further down. Once we were seated I felt better, but as sure everyone in the place looked at me. I'm sure the tops of my thigh highs were showing my skirt was so short, all Renee kept saying was, "Relax."

I kept my eyes on my food as we ate, too embarrassed to look anywhere else except at Renee. Once we were finished we got out coats and left. Now covered up again I felt better, only she started us walking in the opposite direction from where her car was parked.

"Where are we going" I asked?

"For a drink" she said.

I was beginning to realise this was her way, she just decided what she wanted to do and it seemed I had no option but to follow. "I'd like to go back to my apartment" I said firmly.

"Nonsense" she replied, "You'll feel better after a couple of drinks" and kept walking. Unsure of myself I found myself running after her, having to take short steps because of my tight skirt. I 'clip clopped' after her in my high heels and she led me down a side street to a small bar.

Once inside a lot of the patrons there said hello to her, calling her Madame or Ma'am. We joined another couple of ladies she knew and introduced me. It was obviously a lesbian bar. Renee introduced me to other women who came over to say 'hello,' and they were very nice. Being a Saturday afternoon it was quite crowded, and I soon relaxed and enjoyed the drinks.

We left after a couple of hours after Renee announced she had to go. This was news to me that she was going to be gone, to visit some relative in another town. She drove me to my apartment block, and stopped to let me out. I opened the car door and as I did felt her hand on my thigh. "Thank you" she said, "I hope I can see you again?"

I stood on the side walk and watched her drive away, not knowing what to think. Once inside the security of my apartment I took off my coat and looked at myself in my full length mirror. I saw my chubby self in my garish red blouse, and my too tight black mini skirt. I had that middle age bulge, saw the indents where my bra straps were cutting into my flesh.

I removed my blouse and struggled out of my skirt, then removed my bra. I looked at myself looking back at me in my black waist cincher and thigh highs. My tits were saggy hanging over my bodice; I took one in each of my hands and hefted them. I thought of Renee, she wanted to see me again but I didn't know. She had been demanding, but wanted and enjoyed making love to me.

Of course I could have refused but I didn't, and admitted to myself if had been a lot of fun. Even that afternoon when I felt so embarrassed, to be seen in public dressed as a slut was not like me. Yet I did get some pleasure from it, after all Renee had been with me and it didn't seem to bother her what I looked like.

Now she said she wanted to see me again, I didn't know what to think. Like me she had been different in the late night clubs, from where we had met for the happy hours. She was certainly possessive, but my ex husband had been like that too, and I had enjoyed it.

I removed my bodice and in just the stockings and shoes, went and sat on my sofa. It had been fun, a lot of fun and I had a few days to think about seeing her again.

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