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Montreal 2

How I was to meet others in a lesbian bar and club.
The following day being a Sunday, and as I had no plans for the day I kind of took stock of my situation. I had to admit to myself again that I not only liked the slutty life, but actually preferred it to the vanilla lifestyle. My ex husband had introduced me to it over the years, and we kind of lived a double life.

Sex with him had been good, we did it in every imaginable way an in a multitude of situations. I'd often taken it up my ass to please him; he was often full of surprises that helped make it fun. Bent over the hood of a car in a parking lot at 2 in the morning, when there were people around gave an added thrill to being fucked for me.

Of course the last couple of years hadn't been so good, he started to screw around on me while I was supposed to stay home and wait for him. I was sorry when he left me, I felt lost without him as he had always made our decisions for us.

Now it was Sunday morning and as usual I slept late, with hubby it had been 'my time' as he called it. He would lay there, his hands behind his head, and I could please him however I could in that position. I would play with his cock and balls, sucking one and licking both, taking my time before getting on top to fuck him. Sometimes it would be the normal on top position, other times I would face his feet and lay down so he could watch his cock slide in and out of me. Occasionally I would insert it in my rear end, and do it that way. Of course he often dictated what he wanted, and I would accommodate him.

"Was I a slut?" I asked myself, what did it matter, life with him was over anyway. Now I had to make those decisions on my own, and had mixed feelings about it. I made the decision to continue visiting the downtown bars and clubs, after all that's where I got the most enjoyment. From 11 o'clock till they closed on Friday and Saturday nights, as I didn't have to work the next day. Occasionally some overtime at work was necessary, still for the most part I could fit it in.

That afternoon I decided to take stock of my wardrobe, not my business or conservative clothes, but rather my erotic and kinky ones. I took everything out of my drawers, and spread them out on my bed. I checked my bras and those that were obviously too small, I set aside to get rid of. Same with my panties and fancy kickers, although I hated parting with anything silk.

My corsets brought back a lot of fond memories too, hubby used to strap me into them so tight that I could hardly breathe or bend over. Now I preferred the Basques, bodices and merry widow outfits anyway. They didn't hold me in like I would have liked, but what the hell, I was no spring chicken anyway.

Most of my garter belts I could still use, they were adjustable and I still had a good collection of stockings. Both hubby and I had preferred them to pantyhose and thigh highs anyway, although I wore pantyhose to work. I decided to replace those garments I could no longer use or want, with similar ones in more vibrant styles and colors. I had decided I had to get back out into the dating game more often.

I still had some fantasies I wanted to fulfill, like two men or perhaps a gang bang. Now I'd had that experience with Renee, perhaps I could even try a couple or try swinging in the same room as other swingers. I'd often dreamt about it, but hubby had always been around to limit my activities for his pleasure only. Now I was on my own, I decided I should get out more often. First thing, update my erotic wardrobe.

Renee kind of scared me in a way, to be seen in daytime dressed like I was. What if I'd run into someone from work, or possibly a neighbour from where we used to live? After all it was a very prestigious part of the city, so different from the part of town where I got the most enjoyment.

That week after work I went shopping, and began restocking my more personal wardrobe. Renee had said she wouldn't be back in town till Wednesday at the earliest. I hadn't heard from her, and I began to think for her it had been a one night stand. So by then I'd decided I'd be looking for a boyfriend again.

Thursday morning my phone rang, for some reason I can't explain it startled me. I let it ring a few times but it sounded urgent, I don't know why I felt that way. Others in the office looked over at me, so I had to pick up the receiver to answer it.

Sure enough it was Renee; I recognised that French Canadian accent. We must have chatted for more than 20 minutes, or I should say she kept talking to me for that long. She asked if I missed her, I lost the courage to say anything other than, "Yes."

Looking around the office the others were going about their business, it was like I thought they could hear our conversation. Of course that was silly, it was just my nerves were on edge. She finished our chat by saying she'd see me tonight for happy hour, and I couldn't think of a suitable excuse to get out of it so meekly said, "Sure."

Thursday was also a popular night with the professional crowd. I went there with others from our office, so when I got there and she wasn't I felt relieved. Perhaps she wouldn't show after all, but after almost an hour she arrived with a couple of her friends.

She came over to me and I stood up to greet her, and we gave each other to customary peck on both cheeks. She said to me, "Come join us" and they sat at a table nearby. It sounded more like an order, and I excused myself from my friends and did as I was told. I had butterflies in my stomach and hated myself for doing it, but for some reason felt I couldn't refuse.

I was introduced to her friends and we all got along OK, there wasn't the slightest hint of anything inappropriate. Renee asked me if I'd had supper yet, and I said, "No."

"Good" she replied, we're all going for some Chinese so you might as well join us. We had a couple more drinks, and then left for a Chinese restaurant. I worried myself sick that something might be said about the past weekend, but around 9 PM we parted with the usual pecks on each other’s cheeks. As we did so Renee said, "Well see you tomorrow night," and left to get her car from a parking lot. I felt relief and disappointment in a way, and started to walk the few blocks to my apartment.

The next morning I got up early, showered to get ready for work. As I got out my clothes for the day, I decided to wear a garter belt and stockings under my clothes. Why I don't know, my husband had always wanted me to wear sexy things even to work under my outer clothing. However since I'd been on my own again, I'd resorted to wearing pantyhose and more modest underwear.

Obviously what had happened to me the weekend before had influenced my feelings to feel sexy again. Although I felt I was out of shape, I still liked to feel desirable. I had been thinking about Renee and wanted to please her, reality was I couldn't put her out of my mind.

That Friday seemed to drag on until at last it was 4'30, and our work day was over. I was anxious to make my way to meet Renee again, and left quietly without saying anything to anyone. The hotel on de la Montaigne was always popular on Friday's, and when I got there it was quite crowded. A woman was playing the grand piano, and there was a vacant stool around it so I sat down and ordered a drink.

The pianist sang mostly 'torch' songs, some popular songs where she changed the lyrics to sexual suggestions. Others were simply 'dirty' songs, some of which I'd heard before. I was listened to her and enjoying the camaraderie, when suddenly a voice behind me said, "Hello."

Looking around there was Renee smiling at me. She was by herself, some others near us moved over so she could sit next to me. As before butterflies were doing a number in my tummy, praying she wouldn't say anything regarding the weekend before. But she was very professional, just making small talk as we listened to the piano player.

We took our time having drinks, I was on tender hooks and the others started leaving soon after. They all had their different reasons for leaving, shopping to do, and family’s to care for etc. At last Renee and I were left alone, quietly she said to me, "Where shall we eat, your treat."

I was kind of taken aback by her forwardness, but didn't mind too much as she had been generous with me. "Do you like Italian?" I asked.

"Whatever you decide dear," she replied, "I'm sure you know the better restaurants by now."

Gathering our coats we left and she was right, I did know quite a few of the better restaurants in the city. Outside we grabbed a cab, and I told the driver where to take us. We took out time dining, washing the meal down with a nice red wine. It was a little pricey but I didn't mind, it was one of the quirks I'd often enjoyed with my hubby. To be fashionably dressed and dine in a nice place, then go home and change to go downtown for the late evening entertainment in the lower class establishments.

Once outside I said to her, "Where to now?"

"Wherever you choose dear, I'm sure you have other interesting places we can visit?"

I was expecting her to suggest we should go home and change our clothes, but she didn't. So we took a taxi to the red light district, and once there got out and started to walk down the street. She held her elbow out and told me to take her arm; it wasn't quite10 PM yet so wasn't sure where to go.

We took out time or rather I followed at her pace, we stopped and looked at the photographs in the strip joint windows. Continuing on we came to another one that advertised, "Ladies night on Thursdays with the Chippendale dancers," with pictures of hunks flexing their muscles in the briefest jocks possible.

"We'll have to visit some evening," she mused, "I'm sure you'd enjoy that she said."

I was too embarrassed to answer her; I'd often been in a strip joint with my husband before. He would order table dances, where the young girls would gyrate their almost perfect bodies just inches from our faces. But there was no way he would agree to taking me to a place, where the dancers were young studs. Not that I would dare suggest it, as that would have got me in hot water with him.

We came to a bar that I knew that was on the second floor; we used to go to it where the drinks were a reasonable price. There hubby and I could watch the nonstop porn, the television sets around the room. This we would do when we came downtown early, like Renee and I were doing now.

The place wasn't even half full of patrons, and once inside all eyes turned to us. From our business clothes it was obvious we were from a better class, and to be two women by ourselves no doubt generated a lot of conversation as they tried to figure us out.

We spent a more than an hour there, quietly chatting and watching the porn. It was addictive as there was really nothing else to look at, and it certainly didn't embarrass or seem to bother Renee. When we left there I was trying to decide where to take her next, when she took the initiative. Once outside she hailed a cab and when it pulled over to the curb, opened the back door and said to me, "Get in."

I climbed in and she spoke to the driver in French and he sped off, and just a few minutes later pulled over near a side street. I recognised it as the 'village,' and when we got out I took her arm and she led me to this lesbian bar she'd taken me to the last Saturday.

By now it was after 11 PM and quite crowded, we were met with squeals of welcome. Renee was obviously well known and liked, and a lot of the ladies referred to her as before, 'Madame or Ma'am. We removed our coats and hands took them from us, a space was cleared for us at one of the tables. Lots of the women, who we hadn't met before, came over to say hello and chat to her for a few minutes.

Renee introduced me to them as "My partner Marion," and I shook a lot of hands. It was a very friendly place and I felt very comfortable there, no doubt as we were amongst other lesbians and didn't have to worry about the wrong thing being said. A rather large lady with tattoos on both arms, lots of hoops in her ears and rings on her fingers came over to our table.

Renee stood up to greet her and automatically I stood up too, they greeted each other in French and hugged and kissed one another. Renee switched to English as she introduced me, and I was subjected to a large bear hug and long kisses on my mouth. When she released me I was able to catch my breath, someone had vacated a chair next to Renee and she sat down opposite me.

I remained standing until Renee indicated for me to sit down; they were obviously close friends and began a rapid conversation. As I said she was a large woman and in proportion with a large rack, her neck and chest decorated with a lot of gold like chains and a large pendant. Turned out she was the bar manager, picked for her ability to control any problems that might crop up, as well as her lifestyle choice.

They must have spent 20 minutes to half an hour chatting, finally before she got back up saying, "Well back to work" and before leaving us, leaned over and patted my hand saying, "Drop in anytime, you'll always be welcome here."

There can only described as a 'hullabaloo,' as the noise level increased with time and drinks. Conversations were in both French and English, and a lot of singing and laughter. A TV in one corner started playing lesbian porno movies, that nobody seemed to be paying any attention to.

Our first trip to the ladies room was an experience, there was a Ladies and Gents toilet as well, but nobody paid any attention to the signs on the doors. If the ladies room was full, then you just used the men's room. There were a few men there too, mostly Transvestites that nobody paid much attention to.

I received lots of touches, as some of the women showed interest in me. I was in a jolly good mood and not only did I not mind, but felt flattered by the attention.

I worried that Renee might get upset, but all she said was, "Flirt all you want honey, just remember you belong to me."

Quite a few of the other women were dressed quite nicely too, so we were not the only middle class women who enjoyed these activities. Most of the women I was introduced too were also from a better class. As well as from their dress styles, most were all fluent in both French and English, and there were a few like me whose French needed a lot of improvement. I was originally from the UK, and didn't have any French in school. So what little French I knew I'd picked up since I'd lived in Montreal.

Once Renee decided we should leave we got our coats, and spent about another 10 minutes saying goodnight? Once out on the street I took her arm again, and we walked a block to find a taxi. On the way she suggested we should go to my apartment, so once we found a cab I gave directions to the driver.

Like the week before she held onto me tight, I was feeling flush from the evening’s fun. I was ready for another night of the girl on girl sex, actually looking forward to it in my own apartment.

Once inside we removed our coats and hung them in my closet, followed by my suit jacket. As I w as doing so she unzipped her dress, and stepping out of it handed it to me to hang up.

"I need to use your toilet," she said and I pointed the way, and watched as she walked away from me. She was a delight to see, as she wore such erotic underwear. As she was gone and had removed her dress, I too got out of my skirt and hung it up. I was in the process of undoing my blouse when she returned, stopping short she looked at me.

"You're wearing a harness" she cooed, taking me in her arms and gave me a great big kiss. Her hands found their way down to my hips, and her fingers traced the garter straps over my silk panties. "My goodness you're adorable" she said, as her fingers continued to trace over my ass and upper thighs.

Breaking off she grabbed my hand and said, "Bed" on the way I continued to undo then discard my blouse. Undoing my bra she took it off me and pushed me down onto the bed, grabbing me by my hair as she started to kiss me. I wrapped my arms around her and unsnapped her bra, "Don't be impatient" she commanded.

Now I sensed her hunger as she began pressing her tongue into my mouth, kissing me with urgency as she pressed her torso against mine. She worked her way down kissing and licking my eyes, nose, ears and throat. She took hold of my wrists and placed them near my head, and remembering the week before I left them there as she had her way with me. She bypassed my tits kissing her way round them to my tummy, then slowly back up the valley between them. She sucked on my mounds as she bit them, then my nipples pulling on them with her teeth. The resulting pain was ecstatic, the adrenaline pumping through my veins making my moans getting louder and louder.

My husband was often rough with me when we made love, and I grew to love it too. But this was different as Renee was in no hurry, taking her time to give attention to my ample tits. She let go my wrists and grabbed my tits, holding them tight as she bit and licked them till with a cry I finally couldn't hold back my climax. She looked into my eyes grinning as I convulsed underneath her, watching the pleasure I'm sure was reflected on my face.

She continued to kiss her way down, stopping at my belly button as she licked and probed it with her tongue. She took a moment to pull my panties down, and took them off me altogether. Taking hold of my ankles she held them up, indicating for me to hold my legs up and back against my tits. I waited for the sheer pleasure I was sure was coming, but as before she was in no hurry adding to my torment. She buried her face in my pubic hair and pulling on it with her teeth.

Her mouth was right above my clit, and I wanted her to suck it, or at least lick it. She by passed y pussy to licked her way down the top of my thigh to my stocking, then following my garter strap back up, through my pubic hair again and down the other leg.

I had a hard time holding my legs up and apart like that, the pleasure was almost painful my moans turned to cries till at last I felt her lick my labias. First one then the other, nibbling on my clit for a moment before pressing her face into me. She drove her tongue deep into my cunt, licking and slurping on the juices I felt were pouring out of me.

At the moment of my orgasm I let my legs go and let them down; this angered her as she pushed them back up to my chest making me hold them again. I was crying from the pleasure being induced, it was something I'd never experienced before. Her hands were on my ass as she pressed my cheeks apart, licking and sucking me from my asshole to my belly button and back to my pussy.

Once she was satisfied she gently let my legs back down, but still apart one on either side of her body. Now with gentleness she stroked my pubic hair and pussy lightly with her fingertips. Climbing up beside me she kissed and took me in her arms, and pulled me on top of her. Now it was my turn to give her the pleasure I knew she was ready for, I sincerely hoped I could live up to her expectations, as now my lips found hers and I began to love her.

Now with my limited experience the week before I knew not to rush things, to take my time to let her feel the sensations I could induce in her body. It was beautiful as I began to control my own impatience, there was no hurry we had all night.

In a way I was surprised at how much I was enjoying the experience, after an orgasm she had continued to give me more. They were so powerful it's hard to describe how I felt after, how much I wanted to please her too. It was with mounting pleasure inside me too, and following how she had pleased me I was quickly learning so much.

Once I was probing her belly button with my tongue, out of the corner of my eye I saw her open her legs. I moved round as she had done me, her pussy looked beautiful. She was open like the petals of a flower, and shining from the juices escaping from her nether lips. I kissed my way around it just as she had done to me, then I moved round to get between her legs. As I did so she lifted her legs up and held them behind her knees, now presenting a most delicious sight for me to indulge myself.

With my weight on my forearms I placed my hands on her hips, to hold her while I licked and sucked her as she had done me. The moans escaping her lips were increasing in intensity, and then suddenly with a shout she clamped my head between her thighs. I waited while she enjoyed her climax, then when I felt her relax she lowered her feet to the bed, knees in the air as she grabbed my hair and pressed my face into her cunt.

Now she directed me to what she liked, lifting her hips to rub my face against her. Finally satisfied she collapsed and let go of my hair, she called me Baby and patted the bed beside her. Once I was beside her I leaned over and kissed her, "Fuck you're good" she said, "A fast learner and it's better than I expected."

I didn't know what to say, just lay there contented for the time being. So pleased she was happy with me, it was better than all the times I'd pleasured a man. No man I'd ever enjoyed had one quarter the stamina of this woman, with a man one orgasm would be a bonus, but with her I'd had so many I lost track.

In the morning we slept late and I was awake first, I quietly slid out of bed and went and had a pee. I went and put the coffee on, and got the mugs out of my cupboard. I was like a little girl again, so pleased to have been able to please her.

She came into my kitchen as I was getting the cream from my fridge; she came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me grabbing my tits. I turned to the table to put the cream down, and she kissed me on the back of my neck. Automatically I leaned forward, and as I did she left one arm around my mid section. With her other hand, she ran it down over my ass and pushed it between my legs.

She grabbed my vulva and held it tight, "That was a most wonderful night honey," she complimented me, "You're an awesome lover and it can only get better."

We stayed naked and had our coffee, after which she suggested we take a bath together. Once it filled with hot water she slowly sank into it with an "Aah, this feels so good. I got in after her and sat between her legs, with my back to the taps I had to remain upright while she leaned back relaxing. I bathed her actually I bathed the two of us, and once she had enough stood up in the tub. Looking up at her moments before I stood up, I admired her body, although she was a little on the plump side she was still in good shape for a woman well into her 50's.

When I had dried us off, I asked her what she wanted me to wear. She has surprised me the night before, by not suggesting I should change from my business clothes.

"Well let me see what you've got," she said, and at that watched me over my shoulder. I went through my drawers and pulled out all my more seductive clothes, she had me place them all on my bed. She was pleased with my selection of garments, particularly with the French knickers, Spanish, Victorian and Edwardian styles. She had me also bring out my corsets, waist cinchers and bodices etc...

Everything was laid out on my bed except for my mini skirts and dresses, these she looked through as they were hanging in my closet. Also in there along with my business clothes, was my selection of evening dresses. Again she expressed delight to see I had so many, and commented on my good taste. I thought I could thank my ex husband for the double life we had led. I could be just as comfortable as a lady dressed for a formal occasion, or as a slut for our journeys downtown. Something we often did after an evening with friends, was would rush home so I could and change into my 'lower town' apparel.

Renee also zeroed in on my footwear; I had a good collection of footwear for formal and work. Also had more than my share of different stiletto heeled shoes and boots, in different colors and styles, again more for my husband's pleasure when we went downtown? His favorites were my boots, how he loved to fuck me in them. I had four pairs, a thigh high pair he called my 'Cavalier boots, another pair that came to my knees with the tops turned over, he called my 'Buccaneer boots.' Another two pair were more modest and came to just below my knees, one made of patent leather and tight around my calves, the other the same in a softer material. I also had a pair of ankle booties from the Victorian era that laced up over my ankles and was tight around the tops.

She selected a cream coloured corset with matching knickers, silver stockings with the seams up the back and silver shoes. Over this she had me put on a Cream coloured very low cut blouse, a navy blue pleated mini skirt. I was not asked for my opinion, just pleased she was interested in me enough to decide what I should wear. As it would be for her pleasure too I hoped.

She laced me into my corset, a lot tighter than I could manage on my own. I liked that, I loved the feeling of being strapped in really tight to hold my mid section in. Hubby could do it so tight sometimes it was hard to bend over in it. Topping it off with jewelery and make-up, again selected by her, we left to go to her apartment. There she changed into a shiny hip hugging mini dress, more appropriate for where she intended to take us.

We rested in her apartment watching the news on TV followed by the weather; it also gave us a time to chat. Often at times like this we would talk about sex, particularly about sex with previous lovers. She had a lot more experience that me particularly with other women, and I found what she told me fascinating. I'd never thought women would be into group activities of any kind, particularly women who were married to men who didn't have a clue about what their wives were up to.

Of course I told her about some of my early experiences with men, then how I met the man I married and he opened new doors for me with his kinky ways. He liked rough sex and I was turned on by it too I told her, often the rougher the better. The only problem was he kept me for himself; he was a very jealous man. Yet when we went 'slumming' he loved to watch me flirt with other men, but I was never allowed to go out with any of them. I admitted to her how there were times when I would have loved to go 'all the way with someone,' but he was always around to make sure I didn't stray.

"You ever have more than one man at any time," she asked?

"No," I replied.

"You ever want to," she went on.

"Oh yes I often wondered what it would be like, I'd even had fantasies about a gang bang. He would most likely have killed me if I even suggested it," I continued. "You have no idea of how jealous he was, yet to others he sounded like the most understanding and perfect husband."

Time was moving on and once she felt ready to go, we put on our coats to go and have supper at a restaurant. We had a casual meal then dropped in at this pub she liked; there we spent another hour or so before leaving for our final destination for the evening.

We took a cab north on St. Laurent street till it came to our destination. It was a well lit past of the street with many bars and clubs, where the neon lights seemed to be beckoning passersby to enter. Renee led me into a narrow hallway, then up a steep stairs to a doorway at the top. Renee opened the door and we were greeted by two ladies who spoke to her, (again in French). She opened her purse and got out a card he showed to the ladies, after which they turned to me and again Renee said something to them. I had to show identification, (my driver’s license) that they studied then asked to enter my name etc. in a book.

First we had to check our coats, then went and found a table and ordered drinks. This as it turned out was a lesbian club, and as we were early we enjoyed a drink listening to a band. I was quite taken in by the variety of ladies there, some obviously gay with butch hairdo's wearing slacks. Others looked like normal women; at this point I was still fascinated to see women who to me looked 'normal.' Not only that, but very sophisticated ladies as well.

I found it hard not to stare at some of them, and wondered if I would run into anyone from the company I worked for. Silly I know as Montreal is such a large city; it was highly unlikely I know. I was obviously tense and Renee took my hand, gripped it telling me to relax. I wasn't the only one showing a generous amount of boob and thighs; still I felt more than a little self conscious.

The place filled up rapidly, and soon we were joined by other friends of Renee. I was introduced to them and without Renee saying anything they switched to speaking English. Obviously they recognised my accent, which I appreciated very much. They were very friendly and I soon relaxed, as we enjoyed getting to know each other. Soon after another lady arrived and after coming over to say hello, grabbed another chair and joined us at our table.

There were quite a few others who recognised Renee and took a minute to say hello, and as always I was introduced to them. With some of the women, I did seem to be the object of their curiosity. Soon we began dancing and for me, it started with my lover Renee to a nice slow waltz. We started taking turns dancing with each other too, two of the ladies I remembered were called Gail and Amber. We were all similar ages in our 50's, and none of us had movie star figures.

There was also a lot of disco dancing, where we all got up together in a circle and jitter bugged to the fast paced music. There were lots of shouts and squeals of pleasure from a number of the ladies, as we swivelled our hips in time to the music. I enjoyed a number of drinks and soon lost any inhibitions I had, my pleated skirt flashing around my hips, and showing off my fancy Knickers to anyone who happened to enjoy the sight. I didn't care I was having fun, as were the others. Occasionally we would rest from the gyrations. The lights were dimmed very dim, and with a rotating ball of glass mirrors, gave a very seductive atmosphere.

In the crowd our hands caressed each other, legs pressed between legs as ladies would get amorous with each other. There was no apparent jealousy dancing with others, although Renee did remind me again, "Flirt all you want, just remember you belong to me." It reminded me of that song, "Save the last dance for me."

By the time it came to leave, I felt like I'd known them for a longer time. I felt Gail and Amber gave me a special hug, saying how pleased they were to meet me. We all had such a good time and outside as we were about to part with the usual kisses, they invited us to dinner at their house.

Renee told the cab driver to take us to her apartment; I was pleased to hear that as I felt ready for another loving session. And I was so happy to have met so many other lesbians, Renee told me more than once now that I pleased her, and that I 'belonged' to her.

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