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How I spent my time with Lillian
I took my time getting settled in before phoning Mr. Gordon, I knew he would just bitch and bellyache about my being late for work. He would remind me time and again about how generous he was in letting me have some time off, but that he expected an extra effort from me for doing so.

After I slammed the phone down and felt bitter about it, after all I had improved his business in the short time I'd been his manager, he would have to pay for this I swore.

I got down to work, it was my nature to excel and although I was pissed off at his attitude, it was a personal source of mine to stay on top of things. I had the waitresses write a 'Thank you' on the receipts with their name, and then when tallying up the receipts I did it for each waitress separately. This permitted me to use it as a tool to measure productivity, as they were encouraged to try to get the clients to order wine with their meal or dessert after, that kind of thing. Of course some were better at it than others.

Still it meant extra work for me but I think it paid off in the long run, only now I had to work like hell to catch up on over two days receipts, as well as ordering supplies etc.

Time passes quickly when you're busy, and before I knew it Catherine was here to pick me up right at 7 PM as I had asked her. I quit what I was doing and got my coat and things and left with her, and as I'd promised told her where we were going for supper. Of course she asked me how my trip went, and showed interest but I sensed she was a little withdrawn. Even after when we dropped into our club and mingled with other friends, she wasn't quite herself and I felt my impatience with her growing.

Back home she still wasn't her usual self, and kept insisting nothing was the matter. I assumed she thought I was going to leave her for Lillian or possibly another, so tried to assure her she still meant a good deal to me. It didn't really help, and I noticed she still hadn't opened the present I'd brought back for her.

Our conversation actually turned into an argument, with me raising my voice in anger and grabbed the present and thrust it at her. Still she just looked at it and began crying, that did it for me I was so mad (and impatient) I was shouting at her. Unsure how to handle this I grabbed her hard and pushed her onto the bed, she was face down and didn't resist or even try to turn around.

On impulse I bent her arm up behind her back and as I did I spotted my hairbrush lying on my dressing table. Thoughts of other Conversations with Mrs MacDonald as well as my talk with Lillian flashed through my head, and for the first time felt punishment were necessary.

I grabbed the hair brush and began to strike her with it hard on her arse, she struggled but I had a firm grip on the one wrist I held her pinned down with. My anger was mounting as she didn't even try to get away, she just cried out after each stroke. I felt her clothes was cushioning the blows, so in frustration I lifted up her skirt and pulled her knickers down to her knees and began to pummel her bars arse and thighs.

Soon she was really crying, almost screaming as time and again I rained blows down as hard as I could on her bare bottom, and delighted to see the results of my handiwork as her skin turned crimson. Now she was struggling and screaming, her legs flailing in the air but in all honesty I loved it. It had been a long time since I'd beat someone and it was also a turn-on for me, so her cries fell on deaf ears as with renewed vigor I struck her time and again.

Then a strange thing happened, her cries of pain started to turn to moans then whimpers and finally turned to what sounded like moans of pleasure. Her arse had turned from crimson to red, and then blue patches started showing up. I now slowed down; I was breathing quite heavy myself from the exertion, and slowly released my hold on her and moved back.

I watched in amazement as she turned her head to one side I thought to look at me, but her eyes seemed to be closed and she had a smile on her lips. All anger drained from my body as I watched her, her body was swaying and I realized she was fondling herself, I placed one knee on the bed beside her and sat on one hip and touched her head.

It sounded like she was crooning to me and smiling, I placed an arm under her head and shoulders, and as I did she turned to face me and I held her close. I placed my cheek against hers and stroked her hair and whispered "I love you."

I spend some time holding her like that till I felt her enjoy herself, then it was as if she was coming out of a deep sleep, and smiling at me. I now undressed her, being careful not to touch her sore bum till she was naked. I now stripped off my own clothes and pulled back the covers and got into bed, taking her with me she snuggled up and kissed me hard.

She began to make love to me slowly at first as I let her, the pain I'd inflicted on her didn't seem to bother her. With her feet she had kicked the covers off us and was on top, I enjoyed her attentions; my arousal triggered by my beating her was now approaching a peak. Finally she brought her pussy to mine and began to fuck me, slowly at first then quite vigorously. I pressed my legs apart mindful of her sore bum as I enjoyed her attentions to the fullest. My moans of pleasure mingled with her harsh breathing, till with a cry I had the most powerful orgasm.

Truth is known I didn't know what to say or do to her, so just was content to hold her in my arms. I had a lot to think about as she lay there, I'm not sure when she fell asleep, but I know it was long before I fell asleep as I lay there deep in thought.

In the morning I awoke early and was well rested, even then Catherine was up before me and when I opened my eyes she was there to welcome me with a cup of tea. As usual first thing natured called and I had to go to the bathroom to relieve myself, I sat on the toilet and enjoyed the relief that comes from that first piss in the morning. I returned to bed and sat up to enjoy my cup of tea, it was a relief to see Catherine was her old self again. What had troubled her before I was soon to find out, I didn't mention anything about just told her to grab her cup and come join me in bed. She was naked of course and it troubled me to a degree to see her arse all black and blue, yet it didn't seem to bother her.

It bothered the hell out of me but I had to know what was at the root of her behaviour, like I said it was not like her. Whatever it was I wanted to make it up to her. I of course thought it had to do with my taking Lillian to her meeting, then staying over another night with her. But then again she had something to do with convincing me to drive her there, and at the last minute decided she couldn't join us. I thought perhaps that was just an excuse, that for some reason she wanted to see if I would still go?

Once we finished out tea I laid down and she laid beside me, kissing and caressing me with her gentle touch it wasn't long before I was enjoying the feelings rushing through my body. Of course she could read me like a book, bringing me to the edge of an orgasm then backing off to make me wait. She repeated the process then when she felt ready turned round and placed her leg over my head to straddle me while she could give me some delightful pussy licking.

Without thinking I placed my hands on her arse to pull her cunt closer to my reaching tongue, she winched for a moment and I realised what I'd done and apologised.

"No no" she cried in pain, "Don't stop I love it, I love you." With that she began vigorously began fucking my face with her cunt as she began licking my pussy. With my own growing adrenaline I gripped her arse really tight digging my fingernails into her flesh. She cried got wilder along with her body movements till I exploded in a most gigantic climax. Catherine collapsed on top of me and I let her lay there, feeling her come down from her climax too.

Puzzled by her erotic behaviour I waited as she turned back around and cuddled up to me, murmuring "Thank you, I loved that." I said no more I just held her tight, then after an hour or so she got up to prepare my bath. Finally I had to ask her what was wrong with her the night before.

She was silent for a moment, "Well I thought you didn't care for me, I thought you would be leaving me."

What made you think that?" I asked.

"You never get mad at me, no matter what I did you just accepted it, but last night I realised you cared, you finally got mad enough to punish me. You must realize that in order to please you I expect you to correct my bad behaviour, it shows you care and want to make me a better person for you."

I didn't know what to say, I just let it sink in and rather than show my ignorance decided to let it be for now. I recalled what Lillian had said to me about Catherine, and how I was her keeper, and should 'collar her.' I never thought that by being nice to her I as not being so nice. Of course we had been together now for about a year, and I thought I knew everything about her. Yes she had told me often enough when we made love that I couldn't hurt her, and we both loved rough sex at times. This was puzzling; I'd have to talk to Mrs. MacDonald about this.

For the entire tough broad persona I (and others) put out, inside we still have some fears of feeling inadequate. I was lucky as Marlene was one lady I felt I could bare my soul too and she didn't put me down for it, in fact it was the opposite was true as she was always full of good advice. She knew all about me, I had confessed to her about my growing up, how I had bullied others to get my way. She had considered it a strength that just needed to be channelled by making me aware there were as she put it, "Leaders and followers in this world, and I needed to realise this."

Not only that she had often complemented me on how I had learned and adjusted into middle class society, and now I'd had a taste of high society to a degree with Lillian. I'd definitely have to have a chat with her soon in private.

Once our bath was over we got out and dried off, I reminded Catherine she hadn't opened the present I brought back for her. Now she got it and ripped it open, then when she saw what it was stopped short. Now she held them up, a look of complete surprise on her face as she held the silk against her cheek loving the feel of the material.

"Can I wear one today" she asked as excited as a little kid.

"Of course" I said.

First she put on the Basque and I was pleased to see it was a good fit, holding her tummy in then she put on the lovely silk drawers. Standing up she smoothed them over her hips turning around to let me see, they certainly added a look of pleasure to her ample hips. Next came the stockings and garters, she said "I thought you forbid me to wear garters because of the marks they left on my thighs?"

I smiled at that, "Yes you're right but these are much more graceful" I went on, "You can wear them now when we go out for an evening." Now it was my turn and I put on the new ensemble Lillian had bought me, and I admit it not only looked good on me, but felt surprisingly comfortable. Catherine came over to me all smiles and gave me a hug and kiss thanking me and I said to her, "Go put on a dress and pick one out for me so we can go for our usual Sunday drive and we'll have lunch out."

I was going to go into work to finish off some paperwork, but in light of what had happened decided against it to spend the day with my Catherine. Later I phoned Mrs. MacDonald and we arranged to meet on the Wednesday for lunch at her house. I knew this would further aggravate Mr. Gordon as he would be looking for his afternoon delight, but as he'd pissed me off I thought it wouldn't hurt to make him go without for a week. After all the worst he could do about it was fire me, but I felt confident the improvements I had made in managing his restaurant would overcome his ego.

I left the restaurant early so as not to have an unpleasant scene when Mr. Gordon arrived, and took a bus to Mrs. MacDonald’s house. Of course she was expecting me so as soon as I rang the doorbell Ruth answered and invited me inside. Marlene was in her living room and came and met me and gave me a big hug and kiss.

"Now what did you want to see me about?" she asked.

I felt nervous and glanced at Ruth before answering her, "Well it's very personal, and Lillian told me some things I thought I would like to discuss with you."

Looking over at Ruth she said, "Go put lunch on the table," and then when we were alone said, "If you want privacy perhaps we should wait till after Lunch," to which I agreed.

We had a leisurely lunch, for some reason the table was set for just the two of us, and Ruth was there to wait on us. I mention this because I was still not aware of the relationship between Ruth and Mrs. MacDonald. However for the time being I did not question it. After lunch we retired to her Den in the cellar, where she selected a bottle of Chardonnay and served us both a glass. I was pleased to comment on her choice of wine, based on what I had learned managing the restaurant and Marlene seemed a little surprised at this, yet pleased.

Now we were alone and settled she finally said to me, "Now what's this about."

I told her about Catherine’s strange behaviour on the weekend and admitted to losing my temper and beating her, and how the next day, instead of being upset with me she seemed to be back to normal. Then I went on and told what Lillian had told me about my being in control of Catherine, and that she felt it was time I made it permanent. I also told her she had mentioned "Collaring her," which I took to be a figure of speech.

When I felt I'd said enough she was quiet and seemed amused, as if her mind was elsewhere for a moment, then after a sip of her drink set her glass down and turned to me.

"What you have to understand Mairi is in our own little very private community, that to us you're new, and not only that but came from a very different background. Now we did our research and know all about where you came from, your schooling, your attitude then as well as your bullying habits. We know about your family, what your parents did for a living and their hobbies etc."

I gasped at this, "How did you know so much" I queried.

Again she smiled and quietly said, "We have our contacts."

At this I suddenly thought of Ms. Sharp and said so.

"Not really, although we know of her and have used her for information, she's not to be trusted and we do have others."

"Not to be trusted" I repeated?

"No she's also a bully and a braggart" she went on. "Before we get off on tangents here, let’s get back to your present concern. I tried to explain to you before about different personalities, and how we each get our satisfaction, or 'Jollies' as some people like to put it."

I nodded in agreement.

"You know I'm a disciplinarian, and enjoy punishing those who require an attitude adjustment, or just feel the need to be reminded of their indiscretions. Then there are some who endure it for the sexual urge it gives them." A lot of them have what we call submissive personalities, and find their satisfaction in a number of ways."

"Your Catherine is one; her whole life revolves around you, and tries in every way to please you. Now we know she seldom complains, and in the early days of your relationship, she did her best to teach you as much about the ways of the middle classes as possible. Doing so in a way that you responded to without you always realizing what she was doing. She was so excited to find you took to it like a duck to water."

I realized what she was saying was true, and how badly I wanted to fit in. I loved the more refined ways of the middle classes, and of course this was brought with money, Catherine’s money mostly.

"We kept our eye on you, which is why I made a point of getting to know you, and must admit we are very pleased to see how you've improved yourself."

"You keep saying we," I interrupted, "Whose we."

"Oh there others" she went on, discretion is of the utmost importance to us as you must now realize."

"What others?" I said.

"That you don't need to know," she said with finality.

"Lillian," I persisted.

"No, but she did show interest later on, and it was on our recommendation that she invited you to drive her to Edinburgh." I must tell you she was very impressed with your demeanour in public, said you were the perfect lady at all times. Even the two friends of hers you met for dinner was suitably impressed."

I admit I felt quite a glow on at hearing that, but I was aware of my conduct in public, and watched and learned from others too.

"Yes I liked Lillian very much" I admitted, "Not demanding or pushy in any way, if fact talked to me and treated me as an equal in every way."

Marlene took a break to refill our glass with wine but I detected the smile that said to me, "You're not telling me anything I don't already know."

"OK enough about you, back to Catherine, as I said she's a submissive and as such if she doesn't get any feedback from you in any way she worries. So when you phoned to tell her you were spending another night with Lillian, she felt she was losing you that you didn't really care for her." Losing your temper and beating her was the best thing you could have done, to her that meant you cared, that you were mad at her and felt strong enough to punish her for it. If you didn't care you wouldn't want her to improve. Of course your gift to her helped reinforce your love for her in her mind, then when she saw you had a similar outfit for yourself, that could have sent her over the moon."

"Something else I should mention," Marlene went on "We noticed your taste in clothes changed too thanks to her, less slutty and more conservative, particularly in public. Of course what you or your partner wear to one of our private sessions is different, but then we all know and accept our differences in that regard too. Its how we're perceived by the public that matters a great deal to us, as I've said repeatedly, discretion is of the utmost importance to us."

"It was suggested by another one of our friends," she went on that you're an old soul in a young body, and now you've chosen to wear rather older styles of underwear, it does seem to fit the pattern."

I was most surprised at this and said, "Is there anything you don't know about me?" Obviously this came from Lillian, not that it really mattered but I did mention it.

"Yes Lillian told me about your trip to the lingerie shop and your choice of a gift for Catherine, and she was particularly pleased you selected something similar for yourself. She really has taken to you; you may have made a friend for life there."

I assured her it did not bother me what others thought, but did welcome comments from my friends. I said to her, "I'm thinking of inviting Lillian to supper on the Saturday evening, would that be appropriate?"

"Why yes of course" said Marlene with another of her smiles, only you're moving up in the world dear, it's not supper for her, it's Dinner, if she accepts which I'm sure she will, invite her for 7PM for a pre Dinner drink, with the idea of serving Dinner between 7:30 and 8 O'clock." "Also dress for dinner by wearing something nice and preferably formal, she'll love that."

We were about finished what I wanted to talk about, then for some reason she asked how things were going with my employer. I gave her an update on how I'd made improvements to the business, not leaving out the fact I gave him his reward on Wednesday afternoons after the restaurant closed for the day. With Catherine working at the library till after 4 PM made it an ideal time. Then I told her about how he reacted to my taking more time off than I had asked and didn't get back till almost noon on the Saturday. "And now today" I went on, "He's probably furious I wasn't there this afternoon when he arrived, and I won't be surprised to find I won't have a job after tomorrow."

"No he's not likely to do that" she said, he'll play the heavy weight with you, just smile and agree with everything he says. In a few days he'll get over it and want his nookie to continue, trust me I know men." Marlene went on to say, do you ever talk to his wife?"

"Yes" I replied, “Occasionally when she phones looking for him."

"Good" she continued, Invite her to lunch, and get to know her she can be a great friend in smoothing out wrinkles like that."

Catherine arrived around 4:30, apparently Marlene had arranged for her to swing by from her work to pick me up. She stayed for a few minutes and joined us in a glass of wine along with Ruth to finish the bottle off then we left to go home.

The next day it went just like Marlene said, so I acted like a lamb and let him be king for the day and got on with my work. After all next Wednesday was still a long way off. I did what she said and next time I spoke to his wife on the phone, I made small talk with her and invited her to lunch so we could meet. She sounded pleased and said she would let me know when it was convenient.

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