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More than a Lodger...Part 7

Sam makes a move on Laura in her own shower…Tom watches before they all joined in.
More than a Lodger…Part 7

It was mid-morning when Laura awoke. She had heard Sam and Tom virtually all night long, all night that is, until she fell asleep. They seemed to be going at it hard and fast at one point. Laura smiled as she remembered the words that Sam shouted out, “Fuck, what a cock…” as she remembered.

Laura rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Jerry had left ages ago, it was his golf day and he wasn’t about to miss that in a hurry. Laura headed for the en-suite shower, she stepped inside and immediately loved the feel of the warm water flow over her body. She reached for the shampoo and found it was empty. Laura reached for the towel and dried herself quickly in order to fetch the spare shampoo from the other bathroom.

The bathroom door was shut, Laura knocked on the door not knowing who was inside, she was still naked and slightly wet and didn’t feel the need to cover up, not with Tom or Sam in the house anyway. But she did feel the need to knock first.

“Yes…” shouted Sam.

“Sam, I need some shampoo, do you mind if I fetch it?” asked Laura.

“Come on in,” replied Sam.

Laura entered the bathroom, she took one look at Sam finishing off in the bath before walking over to the bathroom cabinet on the other side of the room. Sam stepped out of the bath as Laura walked by.

Sam watched as Laura opened the bathroom cabinet doors and stretched to reach the shampoo on the top shelf. Before Laura had her hand on the bottle, she felt two hands touch her hips first then stroke their way to her waist. Laura felt a body press into her bum, a female body, but she knew it was Sam anyway.

Laura then felt two hands slide up her waist which then cupped her breasts. Sam revelled in feeling Laura’s large breasts. She raised them up and dropped them gently back down, keeping hold of them all the time, then she wiggled them from side to side with her palms of her hand gently rubbing against Laura’s nipples as she did so. Sam then encircled Laura’s nipples with forefinger and thumb and gently tweaked on them. Sam smiled as she heard Laura gasp. She had found her secret, she thought, Laura loved having her nipples tweaked.

With that in mind, Sam started to find secret number two. She had guessed it would be her ears or neck or shoulders. Sam kept tweaking Laura’s nipples all the time she planted butterfly kisses on Laura’s back and shoulders. Laura was sighing all through the attention she was getting. Most of her sighs were however, in tune with her nipples being stretched or pulled or twisted. Actually, Sam noted, they were more like gasps when her nipples were twisted.

Sam then started to kiss Laura’s neck. She pushed into Laura in order to get closer to her. Her own pussy was pushing into Laura’s bum as she fondled her breasts and kissed her neck in long sweeping strokes. Laura was sighing twice as much and Sam rewarded herself with a smile as she found Laura’s second sweet spot.

Sam hadn’t stopped feeling Laura’s breasts from the minute she walked into the room and reached for the shampoo. By now, Laura’s own pussy was pressing into the sink, her hands were stretched out in front of her, palms against the tiles high over the sink, and her legs were slightly parted. Sam was right behind her with both her arms around her and the palms of her hands fondling her breasts. She was kissing Laura’s neck, earlobes and shoulders; peppering her upper body with kisses so gentle and sweet that Laura loved every one of them. Laura also loved the feel of Sam’s breasts on her back pushing into her as she caressed her. Sam made every effort to give Laura, what she called, her full workout.

Laura’s eyes were closed. This was heaven on the biggest scale ever, she thought.

The kisses were endless, the caresses superb, the tweaking and pulling of Laura’s nipples was exquisite and was undertaken with such ingenuity and timing. Each time Laura sighed or moaned, Sam would wait a good twenty seconds before doing the same. In between was a mass of caresses and holding of her breasts.

Then a hand left Laura’s breast. It dropped onto her waist, then it slid onto her bum and spent the next few minutes caressing her wonderful arse.

Sam had started to moan slightly into Laura’s ear as she kissed her neck. Her kisses were no longer pecks but full on kisses as if she was tonguing the neck in front of her. Sam had become far more sensual.

Sam had started to want Laura, badly. She wanted to please her, wanted to make her feel good, make her body squeal with delight and yes, she wanted to make her cum, and cum hard.

Hardly a word had been said between the girls all the time that the caressing and fondling had taken its course.

Now, Laura could feel the urgency in Sam’s breathing and knew that Sam was longing to bring her off to what she knew would be a wonderful orgasm.

With her hand still caressing Laura’s bum, Sam shifted slightly to one side and with a gentle push she slipped her hand between Laura’s thighs. Her finger slipped over her very wet pussy and up into its folds.

Sam started to push her hand vertically between Laura’s thighs and she pushed them in and out rapidly, all the while making contact with her pussy lips. Her other hand was still fondling Laura’s breast and she was still planting kisses all over her neck. Sam then pushed Laura’s legs further apart. A motion that Laura was not about to stop. In fact she now wanted it, badly.

Sam thrust her hand onto Laura’s pussy, her hand palm up and her fingers curving into her pussy and sliding over her silky wet lips.

It was at this point that Tom walked into the bathroom, hoping for some slippery action with Sam. He stopped dead as he saw Sam coming full onto Laura who was pinned against the basin and wall of the bathroom.

Tom saw Sam’s hand pump in and out between Laura’s legs with controlled urgency. Each thrust of her hand was searing through Laura’s pussy lips. Tom stood there mesmerised by such wantoness. Tom found the sight to be such a lurid sexual act that caused his cock to become erect in much the same time as it took Sam to thrust her hands between Laura’s legs three or maybe four times.

Tom simply kept quiet and reached for his cock. He wanked it slowly, very slowly as he watched Sam satisfy Laura.

With Sam’s eagerness to bring Laura to her orgasm she pushed her forwards so that her breasts touched the cold tiled bathroom wall. Laura’s nipples nearly double in size at the touch of cold on her skin, then she felt what she has been craving since Sam’s hand was pushed along her pussy.

Two fingers circled on her clit. Two fucking wonderful fingers were circling on her bud and then they slid backwards and up her pussy.

“Oh…fuck that was nice…” cried Laura.

“You‘re gonna be screaming by the time I let you cum!” replied Sam.

Again two fingers rode their way up Laura’s pussy and onto her clit and then they circled it again, once, twice, three times and then back down and up her pussy. Sam stroked her fingers into Laura’s pussy maybe three or four times and then back out to do exactly the same to her clit as she did before.

“Oh…fuck…please, rub my clit please…” cried Laura.

Sam just smiled and then, with her other hand, squeezed Laura’s right nipple hard.

“Oh FUCK!” Laura shouted into the room.

“You like it like that don’t you?” inquired Sam, half questioningly. “You like it when I squeeze it…” as she said the words, Sam squeezed her nipple again. At the same time her fingers came up on her clit and she circled them around before drawing them back down over her pussy.

Tom was happily wanking his own cock and watching the teasing and ecstasy in front of him. His cock was near to bursting but Tom kept control for as long as he could.

Laura pushed one of her hands behind her and started, in a feeble attempt to paw at Sam’s pussy. Perhaps, thought Laura, that if she gave Sam some pleasure she was more likely to finish her off. It was a misguided attempt to reach her own orgasm.

Sam moved back a few inches. It actually gave her more room to manoeuvre and this time the whole palm of her hand was stroking at Laura’s pussy as her fingers touched and clawed at her clit.

Tom finally leant back on the door and with his legs slightly apart he openly fucked his cock with his hand. It was long and stiff and while grabbing it at the base he wanked it proudly to the rhythm of the women in front of him. His orgasm didn’t take that long - he watched and hoped Laura’s would be soon.

Sam finally let Laura off the hook. For Laura it had been a long hook, she loved every minute of the caressing, the kissing, the pussy teasing. But now Laura wanted to cum. She needed that orgasm that Sam had been teasing her with, for the last five minutes.

“Please, Sam, I need to cum…please…” she pleaded with Sam as she looked over her shoulder.

Sam smiled at her, then with some urgency, thrust her hand forward onto her pussy, palm upwards, she pushes all of her fingers into Laura’s pussy. Her finger thrust increased in pace as Laura took it all and started to push her arse backwards onto Sam’s advancing fingers. Then without warning, Sam took her fingers and thrust them onto Laura’s clit. She circles her clit, rubbed it and pushed two of her fingers over it as Sam leant in towards her. Sam fingered Laura’s clit hard, her other hand was on Laura‘s hips pushing them backwards as she fingered her. Sam breathed heavily into Laura’s ears as she kissed her neck one last time.

“Fuck…Yesssss…I‘m cumming, I‘m fucking cumming…” Laura cried out.

Sam pushed her fingers over her clit more and more and with such urgency that caused Laura’s knees to buckle. Laura juddered and shook as she came on Sam’s wonderful hand.

“Oh Fuck…Yessss…” cried Tom from behind the two women as his spunk shot from the end of his cock and gallantly landed on the tiled floor in front of him. The second spurt joined the first and the rest followed suit.

Sam spun around to see Tom wanking furiously over the tiled surface. She smiled at him as he unloaded his balls onto the bathroom floor.

Laura eventually climbed down from the walls and relaxeed into Sam’s body. She too turned around and saw the remnants of Tom’s efforts now trickling down over his hand and balls and dripping on the floor.

“Come on you…it‘s my turn now…” said Laura as she pulled Sam by the hand and headed for the door.

It was all Tom could do to get out of the way of two stampeding nymphomaniacs.

Laura headed straight for her bedroom with Sam in tow and smiling all the way. Tom followed as quickly as he could.

As soon as Tom rounded the door he heard orders from Laura.

“I want you on your back with your legs behind your ears…you are going to have such a fucking licking, young girl…” she exclaimed as she pushed Sam onto the bed.

Sam was grinning from ear-to-ear as she crawled up the bed on her back and then her legs fell backwards and she hooked them behind her head.

“Fucking lick it then!” she exclaimed as she watched Laura lower her mouth to her wonderful pussy and start to lick at it.

Sam’s head fell backwards as Laura’s tongue touched her pussy, she let out a few sighs and moans as her pussy was covered with tongue. Laura flicked at her clit a few times which brought groans from Sam’s mouth as she wiggled her arse in Laura’s face.

Laura was on all fours licking at Sam’s pussy, and Tom was fully erect once more looking at Laura’s arse hovering over the end of the bed. Tom didn’t know whether to just fuck her pussy, or watch the two of them.

Laura was in her element licking on Sam’s wonderfully wet pussy. Sam had been dripping all the time she was bringing Laura off. So it was no surprise to Sam that her pussy was now absolutely soaking wet and flooding Laura’s face.

Laura started to tongue fuck Sam, her tongue thrusted in and out of her pussy. Sam started to pull on her own nipples as the sensations rose inside her.

Finally it was too much for Tom to take. Watching was bloody wonderful, but he needed a fuck. He stood behind Laura, and in seconds, his cock was deep inside her and he fucked her slowly trying not to disrupt her rhythm with Sam.

Laura groaned her delight at the Tom’s intrusion, into Sam’s pussy. She doubled her efforts on Sam’s pussy and finally stopped her tongue fucking. It was time for some clit, thought Laura.

Laura felt the wonderful orgasmic sensations build inside her for a second time as Tom’s cock pushed into her. First though, it was Sam’s turn. Laura lifted her face and started to lick at Sam’s clit.

“Ooooo…fuck…yessssss,” cooed Sam as she watched Laura flick and lick her clit. Sam was breathing words of encouragement out at Laura, who’s sole purpose in life was to make Sam cum really hard.

Laura licked Sam’s clit while Tom fucked his cock into her, she clamped her mouth down on Sam’s clit and sucked on it hard.

Sam was suddenly blown into another dimension as her clit exploded under Laura’s sucking.

“Fuck…fuck…yeah,” cried Sam, “Oooo, fuck, that‘s it…I‘m fucking cumming…” she announced, to no-one in particular.

Sam’s eyes closed. Laura sucked on her clit hard until Sam’s orgasm had fully exploded inside her. Laura weathered the shuddering of Sam’s body and kept her mouth on her clit. Eventually Sam had to unwind her legs and push herself away from Laura’s mouth, the sensations were too much for her now, very sensitive, clit.

“Now you can fuck that cock into me hard…” said Laura as she looked over her shoulder to Tom.

Tom needed no more telling. He fucked his cock urgently into Laura’s cunt for as long as he could. He wanted Laura to cum first but he wasn’t sure he would make it.

“Oh! Fuck…yessss, that‘s it,” cried Laura.

“Fucking, me, too…” cried Tom as his cock erupted for a second time that morning. His spunk pushing its way into Laura’s pussy as he continued thrusting into her.

Sam pushed herself up onto the pillows and watched as Laura and Tom fucked themselves to orgasm. She smiled at them both as Laura was pushed face down onto the bed and Tom’s cock thrust up inside her, pouring his spunk into her wanton pussy.

Eventually after Laura expended her orgasm and Tom’s cock wilted, she looked at Sam.

“That was a fantastic licking, Laura,” said Sam.

“I so much needed to taste you after that finger fuck you gave me…” replied Laura.

“Well, I’m fucked and exhausted watching you two, I need to taste breakfast!” exclaimed Tom.

“Is anyone else hungry?” he asked as he pulled his cock from Laura’s dripping pussy.

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